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I'm Your Doom - Episode 7&8



I'm Your Doom - Episode 7&8

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}


After this chapter,there will be no grace of you not completing my requirements and me posting,I won't even think of typing it talk more of trying to change my mind and post. 

So it's better you do the necessary and use the hand you've been using to scroll while reading and drop a comment under this chapter,like the post and complete my shares,very necessary. 

Tomorrow will determine if you want constant posting or you want twice a week. 

Marigold came out to meet Richard waiting for her,the school nurse helped her removed the glasses that entered her legs. 

"You waited" She said and Richard turned at once. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

Marigold nodded and noticed his clothes. 

"You got changed?" She asked. 

"Yeah,can't wear the bloody clothes in school" Richard replied,looking at her leg where a small plaster was attached to. 

"So how did you go home and....."

"I ordered for them,my house is one hour away from here baby face" Richard cut in and she chuckled. 

Xavier walked in looking so mad,Marigold expected it anyway,the video was posted all over the school social. 

"Hey brother" She smiled. 

"Don't smile at me,did you get hurt badly or not" Xavier snapped. 

"It's nothing bad,just some glasses...."

"That bastard" Xavier mumbled and turned to go. 

"Brother!" Marigold immediately rushed and crossed him. 

"Don't do that,he didn't do anything to me" She said. 

"It was his fault that you got hurt...."

"No it wasn't,it was mine,I interfered,I'm sorry but don't go to him,I don't want to be seen like a cry baby whose brother fight for,I don't want you to fight because of me,I promise it won't happen again,I promise" Marigold rushed her words while breathing hard. 

"And why did you even interfered in the first place? Why can't you just stay out of trouble,this is your second day for damn sake" Xavier snapped. 

"I'm sorry,I'm going to change" Marigold said. 

Xavier scoffed and looked at Richard. 

"It's not his fault either,he didn't call for me" Marigold immediately said. 

"If you're going to keep putting her into trouble,stay away from her,I don't f**king joke with her" Xavier told him. 

"That won't happen" Richard smiled. 

Xavier rolled his eyes and walked away. 

"Oh my heart" Marigold exhaled and touched her chest. 

"Wow.....he's quite scary when it's about you" Richard joked. 

"Right?" Marigold mumbled. 

"I would do the same too if I have a sister,but unfortunately I have none" Richard said as they walked out together. 

"Then,do you have a brother?" Marigold questioned. 

"None...only child...boring childhood. Still boring" Richard said and Marigold laughed. 

"I stayed with my granny since I was ten,so I and my brother only lived together for ten years before I left. I was alone with my granny,it was boring at first but then,I found out how to make it lively even without siblings" She simpered and Richard looked at her. 

"How?" He asked. 

"Friends of course,good friends,not bad ones tho" She replied. 

"I don't keep friends,I have none" Richard mumbled. 

"We could be friends if you want,so it will be less boring" Marigold encouraged. 

"I would love that" Richard smiled.

"Cool...oh...I have class,see you later Richie" She waved and ran off. 


"Where were you since last night?" Franco asked Jericho. 


"You ignored my calls,what the hell" Franco snapped. 

"Sorry about that,was not in the mood to talk" Jericho muttered. 

"Where were you?" Franco asked. 

"A club" Jericho replied. 

"Why? Did you fight with your step mom again?"

"I moved out" Jericho said. 

"Huh? When? You didn't tell me"

"I moved this morning" Jericho replied,bringing out a lighter and his weed. 

"Hey,this is a school hallway" Franco took it from him immediately. 

Jericho rolled his eyes. 

"You need to take it easy,you seriously broke Richard's car?" 

"Who's Richard?" Jericho looked at him. 

"The guy you broke his car" Franco replied. 

"Oh...His name is Richard,maybe he's not that important,never heard of him" Jericho grunted. 

Franco shook his head frustratingly and turned away from him,his eyes fell on Nadia,walking with a guy,Reid. They are in the same department,He's the only guy one would ever see her with. 

Franco kept staring at her. 

"It's embarrassing,staring at her that way" Jericho spluttered. 

"I'm jealous of him" Franco muttered. 

"Then go talk to her,what the heck. See you later" Jericho scoffed. 



Melissa walked into the class with Cassidy and Paige beside her and the students started congratulating her. 

*Congrats Melissa

*You deserve it

"Thank you" She smiled and blew them kisses. 

She just got announced to be a featured model alongside with another young female artist on the full cover of the most popular magazine in Paris. (Le Point)

*Can't believe they ditched Catalina and choose her

*I'm so happy for her

*Her face card never declines. 

*Catalina thinking they would choose her coz of her followers number

Catalina slammed her hands on the desk and stood up,the hall became quiet. 

"Mention my name one more time and I'm going to f*+*k you up,I sw*ar,you should know what I can do" She threatened. 

"Because they Ignored a diamond for a penny stone doesn't give you right to talk to her,do you understand!!" Rylie also shouted,She's Catalina's only friend. 

"And who's the stone you're talking about excuse me?" Melissa asked. 

"A girl named Melissa who used her pussy to get a contract," Rylie snapped. 

"If it's easy to use your pussy,try it bitch! The world doesn't revolve around your friend who buy followers!" Cassidy yelled. 

"Who bought followers? Isn't it obvious that your dumb dimwit is trying her best to be me? But sorry,you can't be me coz I'm already Catalina" Catalina flips her hair.

"Bullshit" Melissa scoffed. 

The lecturer walked in and the girls glared at themselves before settling down. 


Xavier walked out of the hall with Kelly,it's the last class of the day. A girl suddenly ran over to Xavier. 

"Hi Xavi" She smiled. 

"It's Xavier" He snapped coldly. 

"Oh...Xavier" The girl bite her lips. 

"What is it?"

"Would you go on a date with......"

"I'm not interested" Xavier said bluntly and walked out of her sight. 

"Dude,that was harsh!" Kelly followed him. 

"I don't care,they should stay away already,I'm not interested in that shit" Xavier snapped. 

"Oh please,even if you can't date,then just...."

"Not interested either" Xavier said. 

"Are you gay or something?" Kelly asked. 

"Should I f*+*k your ass then?" Xavier asked him. 
"But...you aren't gay,I was kidding" Kelly stuttered. 

"I can start with you" Xavier said. 

"Hey!!!" Kelly yelled. 

Xavier scoffed and checked the time. 

"Oh..I need to meet Prof Annie" Xavier said. 

"Are we meeting tonight?" Kelly asked. 

"I will come over,ready to beat you on that game" Xavier said and Kelly laughed. 

"I will be expecting you" he said. 

Xavier walked away,straight to Prof Annie's office. 

He knocked on the door. 

"Come in" Her voice came from inside and Xavier entered. 

"Hey Xavian" She smiled,walking back to her seat. 

"Hi miss" Xavier smiled. 

Prof Annie is the youngest lecturer in the school,A computer expert,she's just twenty four and a brilliant one at that. Her American accent is so sweet to listen to,she's so pretty,slim,tall like a model. The students never get tired of staring at her anytime she walks,with her short skirts and tucked in shirt,a well styled and neat ponytail,she's just beautiful. 

"You told me to come after my classes ends" Xavier said. 

"Yeah right" Annie smiled and sat down. 

"I have a lot of works stuck up for me and I need your help,you're the only one I trust with my PC" She said. 

"Oh" Xavier mumbled. 

"Come over,I'm gonna explain to you what you gonna do,so tell me if you can help or I should get someone I can pay for the work" She said. 

Xavier walked over to her side and she adjusted her PC for him to see clearly before she started explaining. 

"What do you think?"

"It's alot of work...but I can wait and help" Xavier said. 

"Trust you" She smiled. 

Xavier immediately texted Marigold to find her way home. 


"oh no" Marigold sighed sadly after reading Xavier's message. 

"Hey Babyface" Richard suddenly showed up. 

"Richie" She called excitedly. 

"Wow,you sound so happy to see me" Richard chuckled and strokes her hair. 

"I think my brother is staying in school to do something,so I'm going home alone" She said. 

"I can give you a ride" Richard suggested and she smiled. 

"I would Love that then" 

"Great, let's go" Richard nodded and she followed him. 

"Oh, it's another car" Marigold said when they got to Richard's car. 

"Yeah,that one was taken away and I had someone bring another one from home" Richard replied. 

"Wow, that's nice" Marigold smiled and entered. 

"Do you wanna go home straight or somewhere else?" Richard asked, driving out of the school. 

"Somewhere else? Where?" Marigold questioned back. 

"To eat,I didn't get to eat in school" he replied and Marigold shook her head.

"I have alot of things to do at home, maybe next time" she mumbled. 

"I don't mind" Richard smiled. 

"Wait,you got hurt in the morning, how's it?" 

"I'm fine,I don't pass out coz of wounds" Richard said and Marigold covered her face. 

"That was funny, honestly" Richard laughed. 

"Don't laugh at me,I was just shocked" Marigold pouted.

"Okay,not laughing anymore" Richard smiled. 

Minutes later, Richard stopped in front of the Scott's mansion and Mari stepped out. 

"See you tomorrow Richie,and thank you for today" She waved. 

"No problem Babyface" He smiled. 

"Wait,I don't have your number,am I allowed to text or call you?" He asked. 


They exchanged contacts and she went in. 



Jericho got down from the bike and frowned when he saw the cars in the compound,he walked to the door to input his pass code but it was unlocked. He entered anyway. 

"Yeah,right there, Nice" A man in his forties was busy directing some guards arranging the house. 

"Clent?" Jericho called and he turned. 

"Young master"Clent immediately bowed which made Jericho scoff. 

"Stop calling me that,it gives me headache" He said. 

Clent smiled. 

"How did you find out about this place? Jericho asked. 

"The guards,why didn't you tell me you were moving?" Clent asked. 

"Because I don't want to" Jericho replied. 

"I told you to call me if you need help..."

"You work for Mr Brown not me"

"He's your father,no matter what Young Master " 

"No,he has just one son and every one knows that" Jericho said. 

"Okay, good job everyone. You can leave now" Clent ordered and the guards walked out. 

"How can you move out without planing? But don't worry I've set up everything needed, your room, kitchen,and every other fun place in the house, this living room Is amazing also. I bought a lot of equipments for the game room too in case you want to have some fun........"

"There's nothing fun about life" Jericho cut in. 

Clent sighed. 

"You will need them One day" He smiled. 

Jericho rolled his eyes and walked to the kitchen,Clent followed him. 

"I filled up the fridge with your favourite drinks and fruits,I already told the maids to get some groceries, One of them will come to stay......"

"I don't need food here,I don't need a maid either, can't I just live quietly? I don't want anything, just go" Jericho snapped. 

"Then,at least there should be someone who clean the house......"

"Twice in a week,and she won't sleep over " Jericho said. 

"Noted" Clent smiled. 

"And ..I saw that the compound is empty,I got five cars,here are the keys, please call If you need more " he dropped the key on The table. 

"Dispose my bike and get me another one by tomorrow,you can leave " Jericho said after taking water from the fridge,he went upstairs. 

Clent sighed out loudly. 

"I need energy booster" he mumbled. 



"What?! 30 Euros?!" Marigold gasped out after the cashier told her the price of the cheesecake she just got. 

"That's expensive" she mumbled.

"There are cheaper ones if you want" The cashier smiled. 

"I want this" She mumbled, checking the money in her hand,just 20 euros and she didn't bring her credit card. 

A familiar scent filled her nose and she looked at the person who stood beside her, It's Jericho. 

She looked at what he came to buy, some bottles of wines,it was the male attendant carrying them. 

"Five hundred Euros sir" 

Jericho paid and went out without sparing Marigold a single glance. 

"Young Miss, what do you want to do now?" The cashier asked. 

"I will be back" she said and hurried outside. 

She met Jericho outside,about entering his car. 

"Wait!" She stopped him and he turned coldly. 

He frowned, staring at her from her legs to her head. 

"You know me right?" Marigold asked.

Jericho ignored her and almost opened the door.

"Can I get ten euros from you? I want to buy something badly but my money is not complete " she explained. 

"And why should I give you my money?" Jericho asked. 

"Because I said please, please " Marigold begged. 

Jericho scoffed. 

"What do I get in return?" He asked. 

Marigold swallowed. 

"You can have this " she took off her necklace. 

"That looks cheap, I don't want it" He said. 

"But... it's More than ten Euros " Marigold mumbled. 

Jericho hand her his card and told her his pin. 

"Three minutes" he said. 

"You're so nice!" Marigold grinned and ran in. 

"Nice? Me?" Jericho chuckled. 

Two minutes later, Marigold came running out. 

"Here, thank you" She smiled. 

Jericho took it from her and entered his car. 

"Can you give me a ride?" Marigold asked. 

Jericho looked at her. 

"No" He said simply. 

"Why?" Marigold asked curiously.

"I don't like virgins" He said and drove off. 

Marigold bashed her lashes, staring at his car till it was out of sight. 


Richard just finished freshening up and back inside the room when the door opened and his dad came in. 

"Welcome Dad" he greeted. 

"Your HOD told me you missed all the tests last week" Mr Robinson said. 

"Not all....just some" Richard mumbled. 

"Are you going crazy?! What happened to graduating with the best result?! I told you not to miss any marks until you graduate,you think I'm just going to put you to take over my company like that,I don't want people saying you're there by privilege that's why I want you to study Business,why would you miss your test?!" Mr Robinson yelled. 

"I'm going to do well in the exams" Richard uttered. 

"Can that make up with the marks you missed already?! Huh!"

Richard said nothing. 

"Hubby " Mrs Robinson entered. 

"Better talk to you son,he should study hard and get rid of any crazy friends he's planing to keep, they will only ruin his life" Mr Robinson said and stormed out of the room.

Mrs Robinson looked at Richard. 


"I don't want to talk to you mom" Richard muttered. 


"What's the use of talking to you?! You can't even talk to your husband! Who f**king said I want to work in an office?! That company? I don't want to,I don't want to study Business,I don't want any of the Life he's forcing me to live,I Just want to live the way I want,is that too much to ask? I can't even have friends because he only think negatively, you're Just here, you've never done a thing,so what are you going to say to me?" Richard asked. 

"I'm sorry...."

"Leave or I'm going to leave for you " Richard snapped. 

Mrs Robinson sighed and gently walked out. 

Richard sat down on the bed and wiped the little tears rolling down his eyes. 

His phone buzzed and he took it, He just got a text. 

BABYFACE: Thank you for today. 

He smiled and immediately texted her back,then she texted back again. 

Richard lie down on The bed, smiling brightly as he chatted with Marigold, forgetting that he was sad a minute ago. 


Marigold was walking with Sawyer to the first class for the day when suddenly Catalina stopped them, standing on their way with Rylie. 

Sawyer raised her brows. 

"What's going on?" She asked. 

"Shut up, I'm not here for you" Catalina snapped and faced Marigold who was still confused. 

"What were you doing with My Jericho yesterday?" She asked. 

"Jericho?" Marigold asked. 

"Don't try to act,I saw you with him in front of a supermarket" Rylie snapped. 

Marigold scoffed. 

"So you told her? Like a messenger or what?" Marigold asked. 

"Hey! See this little witch" Rylie yelled. 

"You've not answered me, what were you two talking about?" Catalina asked. 

"I don't think I owe you any explanation,you have no right to question me" Marigold said. 

"How dare you!!" Catalina yelled and raised her hand to slap her. 

But someone grabbed her hand from the back. 

"Don't do that" the male's voice said.


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