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I'm Your Doom - Episode 5&6



I'm Your Doom - Episode 5&6

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}


"Is that me?" Jericho asked with a mischievous smile playing on his pink lips. 

"I....That was....." Marigold stuttered,not knowing what to say,not when he was staring deeply into her eyes.

The only thing which saved her was her ringing phone,she checked,immediately he saw that it was Xavier,she stood up without thinking twice,she packed her stuffs in a hurry and ran out of the library. 

Then she answered the call. 

"Yes brother? Where are you?" 

"Car" Xavier replied and hung up. 

Marigold walked to the parking lot and met Xavier waiting beside the car. 

"Did I keep you waiting for too long?" Xavier asked and she pouted. 

"Buy me something delicious" She mumbled. 

"Deal,get in" Xavier smiled and she immediately entered the car,her mind went to Jericho again and she sighed. 

Back in the library,Jericho was still in there,sitting down like nothing happened. Catalina walked in and went straight to him. 

"Knew you would be here" She smiled. 

Jericho also let out his never sincere smile,staring as Catalina began to undress in front of him,his expression didn't change from the way it was,like he wasn't impressed but still his eyes on her. 

"I missed you" Catalina said and sat down on his laps. She kissed him hungrily,like he was some sort of sweet that she wanted to consume at a go. Jericho got up and carried her,he placed her on the nearest table,Catalina didn't break the kiss,his fingers didn't waste time before sliding three inside her at once. 

"F**k right there" Catalina moaned as she broke the kiss. 

"Oh gosh Jeri!" She screamed,splitting all her juice on her fingers after some minutes. 

Jericho stared at her face and slide his fingers into her mouth,she sucked on them,licking up all the cream. 

"F**k me,please,I'm crazily horny for you right now" She said. 

Jericho ignored her request and walked out of the library. 

'Hey! Jeri! Jericho!" Catalina ran after him,forgetting that she was naked,she already got out before she remembered. 

"That sexy jerk" She bite her lips and went back in to get dressed. 



✍🏻 He spoke to me today,I still can't get his voice out of my head,he sounds so sweet and cute. His face look so innocent too,I still wonder why brother told me to stay away from him,I don't want to believe he's dangerous like he said....

Marigold finished writing in her diary and closed it up. She brought out the drawing of Jericho and stared at it for a while,she shook her head and rolled it and put it somewhere. 

"Hey Milky,come over here" She called and the kitten came jumping to her. 

"Good girl" she smiled,lifting her off the floor before going out of the room.

She got downstairs and met her mom in the living room,Kate was in the kitchen. 

"Hey mom" 

"How was your first day?" Mrs Scott asked. 

"Eomcheongnan" Marigold nodded. 

"And what's that supposed to mean in the language I know?" Mrs Scott asked and Marigold laughed. 

"It was great mom" She said and dropped Milky. 

"Where's brother?" 

"He went out" 

Marigold got busy with her phone,she checked to see that she was already added to the group chat and her smile widened. 

SAWYER: How about we go to Marigold's house?

YUNA: Really? Soft bread,should we come? 😏

MARI: Stop calling me soft bread😩


"Mom,my new friends want to come over,can they?" Marigold asked her mom. 

"Of course,why not" Mrs Scott replied. 

"Thanks mom"

MARI: You girls can come over,I'm gonna text the address. 

SAWYER: Oh finally,I was dying of boredom

ALICE: Get a f+ckmate at least if you can't date,stop being boring. 

MARI: What's...f+ckmate??

 YUNA: Somebody tell me that question was a prank,she didn't just asked that. 

SAWYER: It was a prank

YUNA: How did you know?

SAWYER: you said someone should tell you it was a prank. 

Marigold laughed. 

ALICE: I just finished getting dressed,Baby drop the location and leave these two idiots. 



Mrs Brown(Ember) entered Jericho's room and Jericho turned with the roller seat he was sitting on,his back resting flatly as he stared at her blankly. 

"You should know better,coming into another person's room without their permission is crazy,Mrs Brown" Jericho said calmly. 

"You think this is your room?" Ember chuckled and moved closer to him.

"For me,I think you're a step out of this house,your father is getting to the last drop already" She said. 

Jericho smiled. 

"Do you know why I always love it when your husband isn't around?" He asked. 

"Because you always show your real self,like hell I hate it when you try to act like you're a good step mom,this Is who you are Ember" He chuckled. 

Ember glared at him with hatred. 

"Don't stop this crazy act of yours,never. As long as it benefits my son and I,keep acting crazy and useless so your father keep hating you,don't ever try to change,I love it this way" She said. 

Jericho chuckled. 

"Change? I think that's the only matter we both agree on since I got to this house,I'm not going to change,don't worry about that" He said. 

"And you might want to get out of our sight completely,seeing you everyday make it hard and disgusting for me,I'm sure you can do that also,right?" She smiled. 

Jericho chuckled. 

"Don't ever try to be a perfect son,never" She said. 

"You should just disappear like your dead mother,what do you think?" She smirked and walked out of the room.

Jericho rolled his eyes and light up his weed and began smoking. After doing that to his satisfaction,he got dressed and left the house. 



Franco sipped from the glass of wine while scrolling through Nadia's Instagram page. She's a student in Oak Valley but she's a final year student and is hardly seen,you will never find her getting involved In any school drama. 

The only reason she's popular in the school is because of her brilliancy,she's in the mass communication department. 

"She hardly post" Franco groaned,scrolling through the same old pictures and videos. 

He sighed and almost sent her a message,he typed it and then wiped it off again. 

"I'm going to die if she snub me" he shook his head and dropped his phone. 


He heard the TV from the living room and his eyes widened. 

"What? Mr Brown?" He jumped down from where he wss sitting and walked to the living room,his mom was there. 

"You heard that right?" Mrs Jenkins said. 

"This is amazing,finally someone we know" She smiled

"Not good" Franco mumbled and immediately dialed Jericho's number,it rang many times but he didn't answer nor return the call. 

"He never answer calls" He scoffed. 



Hot pop music going on in the background,half naked girls dancing,strippers all over the place luring men with their hotness. 

Jericho was somewhere in there,two sexy girls rocking him as he smokes wildly,another one all over his face like she was gonna swallow him. 

"You're so f*+*king hot" She moaned, touching herself in front of him. 

Jericho smiled,she removed the weed from his lips and smoked out of it then blew it on his face. 

"I love wild girls" He uttered. 

"Then,shall we get a room? I want to fuck your dick" The girl said. 

Jericho smiled and ignored what she said, Franco's call kept on coming but Jericho ignored it. 

From where he was sittings,he saw a girl dancing in front of her boyfriend,he stood up. 

"Where are you going?" The girls asked but he didn't answer,he walked over to them and gently spanked the girl's ass,she stopped dancing and faced him,she gasped out loudly. 

Her boyfriend frowned. 

"Hey dude,are you crazy?" He asked. 

Jericho only faced the girl. 

"Wanna come with me?" He asked. 

"Where?" The girl asked. 

"Just.... what you're thinking" Jericho replied. 

"Hey!" The boyfriend shouted. 

"Shut up, you're just one of my many flings anyway" He girl snapped at him and focused back on Jericho. 

"What do you mean by one of your filings?" He asked but she snubbed him. 

"Let's go" She said to Jericho and he smiled. 

Like that she followed him out of the clubhouse. 

"Where are we going?" She asked with a smile. 

"A nice hotel" Jericho replied. 

"You're so hot" The girl said and kissed him. 

Jericho entered into the car and she also did, then be zoomed off. 



Marigold was sitting on her bed watching and listening as the girls tell her about Oak Valley. 

"Hottest boys in our school,and in number one is highly taken by..."

"Jericho!!" Sawyer and Alice screamed. 

"They were crazy about him" Marigold mumbled. 

"Tell me you're not" Sawyer grinned. 

"No" Marigold immediately said and they laughed. 

"Number two... Xavier,and then three, Richard,I'm still wondering how you got to know Richard when I've been dying to talk to him,I'm in pains" Alice cried out. 

"Do you need handkerchief?" Yuna scoffed. 

"And number four is Franco, he's Jericho's only friend" Yuna smiled. 

"Her crush" Alice completed. 

"Oh,I see why she's Smiling" Marigold chuckled. 

"And then,you should know Xavier and Jericho are sworn enemies " Sawyer said. 

"But,why?" Marigold asked curiously. 

"Nobody knows, you've not experienced it,but I'm sure you are going to see them arguing soon,they don't like each other and they are in the same department" Yuna said. 

"Wow, Jericho studies Computer Engineering?" Marigold asked. 

"Not just that, he's the top student, weird right? But he's really Bright " Sawyer said. 

"Wow " Marigold muttered. 

"What about Richard? And Franco?" She asked

"Richard studies Business,I heard his parents are Rich and it's possible he's taking over the family business as expected, Franco is in the Data Science department " Alice told her. 

"And Jericho's parents?" Marigold asked. 

"Nobody knows,but with the look of things,He's a rich kid too" Yuna said. 

"So, Jericho doesn't have a girlfriend?" 

"If Jericho date,then I'm sure the world is coming to an end. He's a fucker, don't fall for him. You can crush but don't fall deep, you're gonna get hurt, he's a bad boy,be warned! Soft bread" Yuna said. 

"Take that little advice, don't get closer,your heart is gonna break. And besides there are lot of girls on the line, you're too pretty to be crushing on him" Sawyer winkrd. 

"Mari?" The door opened and Xavier entered. 

The girls all gasped loudly. 

"Hey brother " Marigold waved. 

"Oh....have fun" Xavier said and walked back. 

"Xavier is your brothers?!!" They all screamed. 

Marigold chuckled. 

"Why are you so lucky!!" Yuna cried. 

"Give me your brother's number,that face is a waste without someone like me as a girlfriend" Alice said. 

"Shut up,I asked first" Yuna snapped and Marigold laughed. 

"Go ask him yourself, he's going to scold me" She said. 

"Girl you're boring" They scoffed. 



"Morning Dad" Felix greeted as Mr Brown joined her and Ember on the dinning table. 

"Morning honey" Ember smiled. 


The maids finished serving and Left,the family started eating. 

"I'm sure you have alot to do today dad,the internet has been hot since last night's news,I have a really good feeling about this" Felix smiled. 

"Of course, most people seems to Love you,the only problem we have is Jericho,you should really stay out of his trouble these days,I think you should stop bailing him out,you have your reputation to protect" Ember said with a smile. 

"I know,I won't allow that either" Mr Brown said. 

"But what if it happens? You know how stubborn that kid is, prevention is better than cure" Ember said. 

"If he misbehave again,then I won't have a choice than to send him out of the country " Mr Brown said and Ember smiled. 

Mr Brown stood up and immediately his PA took his briefcase. 

"Remember you have a meeting today Felix " 

"Of course dad" Felix smiled, watching as Mr Brown walked out. 

He faced his mom. 

"You don't have to talk about Jericho to dad..."

"You don't know anything son,so stop talking,I can never allow that child get close to my husband,even you" Ember said. 

Felix sighed. 


Mr Brown got outside and the guards opened the door for him. 

"Jericho didn't come home last night? Where's he?" He asked. 

"Some guards were packing out some of his stuffs from his room this morning Sir " 

"He moved out? All of a sudden?" Mr Brown asked. 

"Yes sir"

"Did that boy cause ay trouble again?" He immediately dialed his number and Jericho answered. 

"Yeah...Mr Brown?" He could hear Jericho's chuckle from the other side. 

"Heard you moved out" Mr Brown said. 

"You sound happy,and yes I moved. But don't worry,I didn't steal your money,so don't be worried" Jericho said. 



Can't believe he's not in school and he's not picking up my call,wow" Franco scoffed as he walked. 

Marigold was walking with Sawyer to their first class when suddenly they saw Melissa slapping a girl who mistakenly stepped on her shoe. 

They made the girls kneel down in front of her and wipe the dirt even after slapping her. 

"I thought.... she's nice" Marigold said. 

"Don't be fooled, Melissa and Catalina only act nice for the camera, their fans. But outside that,they are the craziest bitches in the school,stay away from their trouble" Sawyer said. 

Marigold was about speaking up when they suddenly heard a loud sound,some students gasped. 

They immediately ran to see what was going on. 

Jericho just finished speaking with his dad on phone,he was actually still on the bike and staying in the driveway, Richard who was just driving in with his car hit Jericho from the bike and he fell off from the bike. 

The students gasped and started rushing closer. 

👥 Hope he didn't get hurt

👥 Oh no my Jericho. 

Jericho got up and removed his helmet,he was fine. 

Richard came out of the car and their eyes met. 

"Are you going to move out of my way or not?" He asked. 

Jericho scoffed.

"Apologize for your crazy act" He said. 

"Apologize? Why should I do that?" Richard asked. 

"You hit me with your fucking damn car!" Jericho snapped. 

"I don't want to apologize " Richard said calmly. 


"Coz if it was you,you won't apologize either " Richard said. 

Jericho chuckled and pulled his hair backward,the next thing he did was throwing his helmet on the car windshield glass. 

The students gasps out loudly as the glasses broke into pieces. 

Jericho moved closer to Richard who was standing still without moving. 

"That sounds good... don't you think?" He asked with a smile and picked up his helmet again,he looked at Richard blankly and broke another window glass from the car. 

Some of the broken glasses, entered Richard's arm and he started bleeding. 

"Richie!" Marigold ran there. 

She faced Jericho. 

"You're acting wicked, please stop" She said. 

"Acting wicked? That offensive" Jericho muttered. 

"I'm not acting wicked,I'm wicked and insane,you haven't heard my news? I thought it spreads so fast,I'm disappointed" Jericho said. 

"I didn't hear anything" Marigold said,her eyes fell on Jericho's arm,he also got some cuts. 

"Your arm" She touched him. 

"Stay back!" Jericho throw her hand off and she lost balance and almost fell on the broken glasses on the floor,Richard caught her and fell on the glasses instead. 

The students gasped again.

👥 That's gonna hurt

👥 Someone do something please 

Jericho looked at them and tried not to laugh. 

"This scene....looks familiar, don't you think? You two look good together" He smirked and dropped the helmet on the floor before getting on his bike and rode off. 

"Ahh" Marigold moaned. 

"Are you okay?" Richard immediately asked, forgetting his own injury. 

Marigold got some glasses on her leg,she shook her head slowly before passing out. 

"Hey! Marigold!" Richard called.


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