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I'm Your Doom - Episode 3&4



I'm Your Doom - Episode 3&4

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}


"Are you okay?" Richard asked while helping Marigold up. 

"I think I am" She smiled and picked up her Camera,luckily the camera fell on the flower close to where they  fell. 

Xavier came that very moment. 

"What happened here?" He asked. 

"Oh..it was....a little accident" Marigold replied. 

Xavier looked at Richard. 

"Are you her brother? Do you know me?" Richard asked. 

"Yeah" Xavier mumbled and Richard smiled. 

"What happened? Why were you two on the ground?" Xavier asked. 

"Jericho's bike" Richard replied. 

"Jericho?" Xavier called the name like it's something offensive and Marigold wondered why. 

"You mean he hit my sister with his bike...."

"Almost,it was a a mistake,trust me" Marigold immediately tapped his chest and Xavier looked at her. 

"I told you to follow me in and stop the damn pictures you were taking" He snapped. 

"I'm sorry" Marigold mumbled in a sad voice. 

"Get in the car" Xavier said. 

Marigold waved at Richard. 

"Thank you...bye" She said. 

"Bye" Richard smiled and waved back,she entered the car and Xavier drove off. 

"You're not mad at me right?" Marigold asked after few seconds of silence. 

"Eat your cheesecake,I'm not mad" Xavier replied and she smiled. 

She took the cake and inhaled the scent. 

"Smells so nice" 

"So you're still addicted to cheesecakes?" Xavier asked. 

"Is there any other thing I can be addicted to?" Marigold asked with a mouthful of the cake. 

"Stop being a baby" Xavier chuckled and wiped her bottom lip with his thumb. 

"Who's Jericho Brown? Sounds like you both know him" She asked. 

"Don't ask about him" Xavier replied. 


"He's not someone you should associate with,when you see him you run,okay?" Xavier said. 

"Is he that bad?" Marigold asked curiously. 

"Bad is an understatement,He's dangerous. So stay away from him" Xavier said but that only made Marigold more curious. 

She didn't say anything more though,she focused on her cake. 

As soon as they got back home,Marigold greeted her mom and went into her room. 

"Milky" She called and immediately carried her. 

"I know you missed me" She said,kissing her. 

"Some cake for you" She sat on the bed and dropped the remaining cake for Milky which she ate up instantly. 

"Good girl" Marigold smiled,Milky left her arm and sat in the middle of the bed. 

"I'm not sleeping right now" Marigold said and began taking off her clothes,she changed and sat on the bed,Milky stick next to her. 

"I guess you really miss me a lot" Marigold smiled as Milky kept on climbing and jumping all over her, she cupped her little face. 

"A kiss" 

Milky rubbed her head on her lips instead and Marigold laughed. 

"You're so rude" 

She picked up her phone and started searching about the school. Oak Valley University. 

"I'm so curious and also nervous Milky,I wonder what the school is like" She sighed out and dropped her phone. She took her diary and started writing about her experience so far in Paris. 

✍🏻Nevertheless,I miss Korea,and I miss granny. 

She concluded before falling back on the bed to sleep. 

"Milky come here" She called and the kitten jumped on the bed,right beside her. 

"Goodnight milky" She smiled. 



Marigold hurried out of her room and went downstairs,Xavier was already going out. 

"Don't tell me you're leaving me behind!" She shouted and ran after him.

"You need breakfast at least" Mrs Scott called back. 

"Don't worry about me mom,I will sort out myself" Marigold said and ran after Xavier.

"I have a morning class" Xavier said,opening the car for her. 

"Wow,didn't expect you to be so serious,brother. I'm touched" She touched her chest and Xavier laughed. 

"I'm so nervous...can't wait to see the school" Marigold groaned. 

"It's the best school In paris so don't worry" Xavier said. 

"I know,I'm just....gosh" Marigold said. 

"Do I look good enough?" She asked,checking her outfit. 

"You look pretty,really pretty" Xavier replied and she blushed. 

"You're so sweet" She hit him playfully. 

After about one hour drive,Xavier was in front of the school. 

"Whoa" Marigold gasps,the environment and the first sight made her speechless. The name of the school written boldly on it. 


"This is amazing"She clapped as Xavier drove In through the tied drive way. 

"Wow!!" She said more loudly. 

"It's just like I read" Marigold mumbled,still looking around. 

"You haven't even got down yet" Xavier chuckled and finally pulled over in the parking lots. They both stepped down from the car,Marigold arranged her hair which was dealt with by the Breeze before carrying her bag. 

She was dressed in a mini gown,she wore an ankle boot matching her dress. She looked so beautiful and classy,yet cute like a doll. 

"I would have loved to wait for you to do everything but sorry I can't,you can just ask some students where the HOD's office is right?.. "

"Don't worry about me brother,,I love you,go on" Marigold waved. 

"Call me if you have any problem" Xavier said. 

"I love you" Marigold repeated. 

"I love you more" Xavier kissed her head and walked away. 

"Finally" Marigold breathe in the air before she started her walk,while admiring the beautiful buildings and surroundings. 


Somewhere in school,Catalina was holding her phone with the holder,she was live on Instagram. 

"Hi Catalians" She smiled prettily. 

The live started just ten minutes ago and about One million followers are watching already. 

"It's your girl again,recording life at Oak Valley,best university you will ever find" She said and laughed.

She's the school queen,English student,year three. She's the most popular and prettiest,she's an Instagram influencer and also a model,she's got twenty million followers on Instagram,she even got more popular when it was discovered that her mom is an actress,a popular one at that. 

Catalina kept walking around,while posing prettily on the screen. 


* You're so pretty Catalina

* I love your new hair

* Oh gosh I love Oak Valley

* Can you please show us what you're wearing today?! Fashion queen

"Oh what I'm wearing" Catalina smiled and looked around,she saw a junior student and immediately called her. 

"Can you hold this for me?" She asked. 

"Of course" The girl smiled,it's obvious she's a fan. 

"Thanks" Catalina gave her and moved back,showing her full outfit. 

* She's so hot!

* Oh I love the shorts

* That shoe is mad expensive

* Catalina I love you!

* Can you please let's see Jericho? I miss his face

* Jericho please,I want to see him. 

"Don't worry guys,Jericho isn't in school yet" 

👥 Hi Catalina!!

👥 Morning!

Some students screamed as they saw her. 

"Morning" She smiled brightly. 

On another side is Melissa,also doing her own live video,she's the second most popular student in school,also an influencer,she's got followers too but not as much as Catalina,she have ten million followers. 

She was just talking with her fans when she saw a lost Marigold. 

"Guys,I think she's a freshman,she seems lost" Melissa chuckled and walked over to Marigold. 

"Hey" She called and Marigold turned,she looked at the video and then back to Melissa.

* Wow!! 

* She's so pretty

* She looks like a doll

* What's her name?

* She really have a cute face

"Lost?" Melissa asked. 

"No" Marigold shook her head. 

"Oh,are you new here?" Melissa asked. 

"Yeah...probably" Marigold replied. 

"Your name?"

"Marigold..Hi" Marigold waved to the camera and walked away. 

"Wow...isn't she so cute?" Melissa chuckled and continued. 



Marigold sighed out loudly,she just finished submitting all the necessary documents and now walking to her first class of the day,even though she was thirty minutes late already. 

She was given a map to direct her path in the school. The English faculty building seems to be complicated. 

"Okay...hallway" She mumbled and immediately climbed the stairs to the hallway. She was already walking along the hallway when she suddenly heard loud screams downstairs which made her turn instantly. 

👥 Jericho!!!!

👥 It's Jericho!!!

"Jericho?" She mumbled and rushed to the to the stair rail to take a look,she saw Jericho coming on his bike making the loud sound. 

"It's him" Marigold uttered,staring as Jericho removed his helmet and the students went crazy. He used his fingers to arranged her hair and started walking,not caring about the students calling and screaming his name,some even ran after him. 

She watched him climbed the stairs leading to where she was,she kept on standing there until she saw him approaching her. 

Marigold stood firmly,admiring the perfection of the perfect coming. He's tall,hot,sexy,his walking steps are to die for. His face is perfect,too perfect,the mole on his nose side added to it,the way his hair were bouncing like they were following the beats of songs. 

Jericho walked past her without sparing her a glance,she had to shake her head once to come back to reality. 

"What is he? I thought only Koreans are perfect,is he one?" She turned again to continue staring at him but he was already gone. 

"I have class,f*+*k!" She picked a race immediately. 



Mari walked out of the LH tiredly,she yawned hungrily until a girl suddenly tapped her.

"Hi" The girl smiled. 

"Hello" Marigold also smiled.

"We took the last class together,I'm Sawyer" She said. 

"Hi Sawyer,I'm Marigold"

"Mind being friends?" 

"No I don't" Marigold said. 

"Then,let's go eat together,we can talk while eating,I'm starving" Sawyer said. 

Marigold smiled and they both walked to the Campus Canteen. 

"Everywhere in this school is just perfect" Marigold said,admiring the canteen. 

"I'm telling you,I love it" Sawyer said. 

"Sawyer! You bitch!" Two girls ran over to them. 

"Oh,Marigold meet my two besties. Alice and Yuna,they are in their second year,I know you're thinking in your head how come we are friends" Sawyer smiled. 

"No no it's cute" Marigold immediately said. 

"Who's this soft bread?" Yuna asked,touching Marigold's hair. 

"Course mate" Sawyer replied. 

"Awwn,Nice to meet you" 

They all got their food trays and went to sit. 

"I'm sure you're going to enjoy this school,there are lots of fun,trust me" Alice said. 

"I really can't wait" Marigold smiled. 

"There are lots of gists from us,we are going to tell you every details you wanna know" Yuna said. 

"Thank you" 

"Marigold?" They all heard the voice and looked up to see Richard. 

Alice and Yuna gasped. 

"Richard" Marigold called excitedly and stood up.

"Wow,I wasn't expecting to see you here so soon" Richard said and stroke her hair which made her laugh. 

"I will see you around,enjoy your food" Richard said. 

Marigold smiled,watching as the girls were screaming out his name as he walked. 

"Did you...just spoke with Richard?!!" Yuna screamed. 

"What do you mean?" Marigold asked. 

"That's one of the school kings! Are you joking?! Did you see all those girls screaming? Gosh I'm sweating,help" Alice sighed,Marigold still looking confused. 

"Don't worry,we are going to tell you deeply,for now let's enjoy this food" Yuna said. 

They suddenly heard more screams and they looked up again. It was Jericho and Franco that entered,the girls going crazy for Jericho. 

* Jericho!!

* I won't mind you f*+*king me for free!

* He's so hot damn

"What the f*+*k" Marigold mumbmed.

"You've not heard anything girl" Sawyer laughed. 

Melissa came to Jericho and kissed him.

"Oh...he's got a girlfriend" Marigold mumbled,recognizing her at once. 

"Girlfriend? Jericho?" Alice and Yuna laughed. 

Almost immediately,Catalina walked in angrily and dragged Melissa back with her hair. 

"Are you crazy?!" Melissa scresmed. 

"Stay away from him bitch,your pussy stinks!!" Catalina yelled. 

The students started murmuring. 

Marigold watched as Jericho went to sir with Franco not minding the two girls killing each other coz of him. 

'What type of guy is he?' She thought.



Marigold was walking around,exploring the school on her own,she was holding her camera this time around,taking pictures of random stuffs. 

She suddenly sighted Jericho behind a pole,smoking. 

"He smokes too" Marigold mumbled. 

But even while smoking,he was smoking hot and sexy,she didn't even know when she raised her camera and started taking pictures of him. 

Jericho finished smoking and walked away,he didn't see her. 

Marigold's eyes followed him till she couldn't see him again. 

'Run when you see him' she remembered Xavier's words. 

"Will I be able to do that?" She asked herself as she started looking at the pictures she took. 



The lecturer was already in class when Jericho came in,but he wasn't lecturing yet,Xavier was standing next to the lecturer showing him some stuffs,He's the course rep. 

Jericho on the other hand only attend classes once in a blue moon,but still he's the top student in the department,followed by Xavier. 

A rare fact is that: If you're looking for the best enemies in Oak Valley,you won't have to think twice before picking Xavier and Jericho. 

Everyone in school know about their unknown beef,they hate each other with passion. 

The girls started shifting for Jericho who walked in with the usual cold look on his face,his two hands stuck in his pocket. He ignored the girls and saw a seat,a bag was on it but the person wasn't there. 

Jericho took the bag and threw it away,he sat down and crossed his legs. 

Xavier finished with the lecturer and walked to where he was sitting only to find Jericho there and his bag gone.

"Hey" He called. 

Jericho ignored him. 

"Xavier your bag over here" A girl called,picking up the bag from the floor. 

Xavier grabbed Jericho's collar 

"Did you loose another pound of your sense overnight?" He asked angrily. 

Jericho chuckled,seeing Xavier's angry face was like the sweetest thing in the world that moment. 

"Xavier,sit down" The lecturer said. 

Jericho kept on smiling while staring at Xavier's angry face. 

"Crazy psychopath" Xavier released his collar and went to sit with Kelly,his only friend. 

Jericho adjusted his shirt. 

The lecturer started and seems like everyone was focused and busy jotting down points. Only Jericho was without anything,does he even have?? 

Twenty minutes into the lecture,Jericho checked the time and stood up. 

"Where are you going?" The lecturer asked. 

Jericho ignored him completely and walked out of the hall. 

"Bastard" Xavier spat. 

"Your favorite seat" Kelly chuckled. 

"Can't sit there again,his madness might be contagious" Xavier said. 

Kelly laughed. 



"Bye Mari,I will add you to our group chat,so let's talk tonight" Sawyer said,waving at her. 

"I would love that,thank you" She smiled. 

The girls left her alone,she already spoke with Xavier and he said she should wait for some minutes. 

"He's such a serious student" Marigold chuckled. 

"Marigold" She heard Richard's voice and turned immediately. 

"Hi Richie" She smiled. 

"That made my heart skip" Richard touched his chest and Marigold laughed. 

"Are you waiting for your brother?" Richard asked. 

"Yeah,what about you? You're going home?" 

"Yeah,should I keep your company?" Richard asked. 

"I don't mind,it's going to be boring all alone" She pouted and they started walking together,until Richard's phone rang. 

"Oh...I'm sorry Mari,I need to go" He said. 

"No problem" She smiled. 

"Bye baby face" Richard stroked her hair before running off. 

Marigold bite her lips and tapped her hair. 

"Focus" She immediately said and walked to one of the school libraries. 

She sat down. 

"I'm so bored,what should I do?" 

She brought out her drawing book and her pencils. 

"What should I draw?" 

The first thing her mind went to was Jericho. 

It's the first time she want to draw a human,she never tried it. 

She took her pencil and started from the tip,thinking about his visuals and then drawing. 

She was done within ten minutes and it came out so perfectly. 

She quickly put the mole on his nose. 

"Not complete without it" She smiled,staring at her work. 

She suddenly heard someone yawn which made her heart skip a beat,she turned and Jericho sat up from the bench next to her. 

Marigold's eyes widened,how come he was there and she didn't notice? 

Jericho's eyes fell on the drawing and she immediately closed it,He looked deeply at her face which made her swallow,how can someone be so hot?

Marigold's heart beat was abnormal that very moment as she stared at him,the way his hair covered one part of his eyes,the earrings,his cologne. He's just.....damn

"Is that me?" Jericho asked with a mischievous smile playing on his pink lips. 


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