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I'm Your Doom - Episode 13&14



I'm Your Doom - Episode 13&14

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}


Jericho looked up and his eyes fell on Marigold who was also staring at him. 

"Hey kitten" he called with a smirk,pointing at her and all eyes fell on Marigold. 

Catalina glared. 

"This is for you" He winked and kicked the ball. 

All eyes followed the ball to a distance till the ball entered directly into the net. 

👥 It's a goal!!!

👥 Jericho is so good!!

👥 But who's that girl he scored a goal for?

Jericho smirked at Marigold who was speechless before walking away,Catalina followed him,not without glaring at Marigold also. 

Richard on the other hand couldn't take his eyes off Marigold either,until another boy from his team tapped him to get him back into the game. 

"What was that for?" Sawyer asked Marigold. 

The students are still staring at her and whispering among themselves. 

"I....have no idea" Marigold shook her head.

"Really? You mean you two don't know each other and he scored....."

"I didn't say that,we talk...but he doesn't seem to be so interested to do that,you know what I'm saying" Marigold replied. 

"Oh" Sawyer mumbled. 

They focused back on the field. 

After the game,Marigold and Sawyer got up just like every other students,ready to leave. 

"Baby face" Marigold heard the voice and she immediately turned,knowing who it was. 

"Richie" She called excitedly. 

"You really came to watch" Richard smiled. 

"Of course,it was fun" Marigold said. 

"But that wasn't even a real game,we were just playing around" Richard chuckled. 

"But it was fun,seriously" Sawyer said and Marigold nodded. 

"Thanks...do you wanna have a drink together?" Richard asked. 

"I will just leave,see you later Marigold" Sawyer walked away and Marigold followrd Richard. 

They got to the shop and Marigold faced Richard. 

"What are you going to have? It's on me" She said. 

"On you? Why?" 

"Because I want to buy you a drink after the game" Marigold replied and Richard smiled. 

"Thank you baby face" He said. 

After getting their can drinks,they left the place. 

"Are you enjoying the school so far?" Richard asked. 

"Yeah,it's interesting. Most especially the lectures,I love them so much,I just love everything" Marigold smiled.

"That's great,unlike me" Richard muttered. 

"Huh? Why?" Marigold looked at him after drinking from her can. 

"I don't like anything about school,but then the course is more crazy,I just....you can't understand" Richard muttered.

"I understand,did your parents choose what to study for you?" Marigold asked. 

"Yeah"Richard muttered. 

"I'm sure they want the best for you though" Marigold said. 

"This is why I said you can't understand" Richard chuckled.

"Oh..." Marigold saw Xavier and Kelly. 

"I will see you later Richie!" She said and immediately ran after Xavier. 

"Hey big buddy" Marigold said immediately she got to him.

"How come you're not in class?" Xavier asked.

"What about you?" Marigold raised her brows. 

"I asked you first"

"Well I went to watch the football game" Marigold replied. 

"Oh wow" Xavier chuckled and roughed her hair. 

"Who's she?" Kelly whispered. 

"Marigold" Marigold said,since she heard Kelly's question. 

"Oh.....wow,you're so pretty....ahh"Xavier grabbed Kelly's ear and dragged him away. 

Marigold chuckled and went her own way. 

"Dude what is this?" Kelly groaned after Xavier released his ear.

"That's my sister" Xavier replied. 

"Oh...I didn't know you have a sister" Kelly smiled.

"Now you know,so keep your eyes off her or ya dead"Xavier said. 

"I understand" Kelly smiled.


Franco was walking alone on his own along the hallway when suddenly he heard his name. 

"Franco!!!!" The person screamed so loudly that Franco's eyes widened and he turned back.

The five girls ran over to him at once. 

"You're so handsome Franco!"

"You're my crush to be honest,can we take a picture together?" Another one said. 

"But...I'm...not....a celebrity" Franco mumbled,looking confused. 

"You're handsome" They grinned. 


"A picture please" 

"Okay" Franco nods. 

He was posing with them for the camera when his eyes fell on Nadia carrying some stuffs. 

"I really need to go now,bye" He said. 

"Bye!!" They waved,watching him walk away in a hurry. 

He ran after Nadia. 

"Hey" He called and she turned back.

"Oh,hi"She muttered,seeing the unfamiliar face.

"Let me help you with that" Franco said and took the basket from her before she could think of saying no. 

"Thanks" Nadia smiled awkwardly when they started walking side by side. 

"My name is Franco,third year" Franco said. 

"Oh wow,nice meeting you,I'm ....."

"I know you" Franco cuts in.

"Oh" Nadia bit her lips,she inhaled and exhaled,she was so nervous that she was almost wishing she can just disappear at that moment. 

"I can just take it from here,my class is just...."

"Don't worry" Franco smiled.

Nadia took her lips in.

Reid suddenly showed up. 


"Reid" Nadia called excitedly,finally someone she's familiar with. 

Reid looked at Franco with a weird gaze. 

"You can bring that" He took it from Franco.

"Thanks Fra.......Frankie? Sorry I forgot your name,is it Frankie?" Nadia asked. 

"Franco" Franco said. 

"Thank you Franco,see you around" she said and immediately walked away with Reid. 

"Wow" Franco mumbled,staring at her till she was out of sight completely. 

"Gosh she smells so good I almost....stop it Frank" He mumbled. 

"Hi Franco!" He heard some girls and he smiled at them,the moment they tried walking over to him,he immediately walked away. 

"What the hell,I'm not in the mood today" He scoffed.



Marigold just left the library where she normally Find Jericho,but he wasn't there. 

"Where is he" She sighed out,since she saw him at the field in the morning,she haven't set her eyes on him. 

She was still walking when she suddenly saw him,but he wasn't alone,he was with a girl and they are both kissing each other hungrily. 

Marigold stopped walking and she swallowed,she couldn't see who the girl was,it was Jericho facing her side. 

Marigold kept on staring as the girl was snuggling into Jericho's arm and how he was squeezing her @ss. 

Richard suddenly stood in front of her. 

"Richie" Marigold called in surprise. 

"You shouldn't be watching a scene like that" He said. 

Marigold chuckled.

"I was just....about passing there" She muttered. 


"I'm serious" Marigold said. 

"I believe you" He laughed. 

Jericho broke the kiss with the girl and his eyes fell on Richard and Marigold,Marigold also saw him looking at them. 

Jericho smirked and brought out his weed to start smoking. 

"Let's talk later Richie" Marigold muttered and Richard nodded,watching her walking away. 

He turned toward Jericho who already chased the girl away,probably because he was tired of her. Their eyes locked and Richard gave him an angry glare. 

Jericho chuckled and kept on smoking. 

Richard walked away. 

"Dude,I told you to stop smoking when you're in school" Franco took the weed from Jericho the moment he got there and dropped it in the ground,he matched it and looked up.

"You should learn how do control this addiction of yours" Franco said.

Jericho rolled his eyes.

"Where have you been?" He asked. 

"Don't tell me you missed me" Franco grinned. 

"Stop that" Jericho muttered and started walking away. 

"Why can't you just admit it for once?!" Franco groaned and followed him. 


"Where did you go to Soft bread" Yuna asked as Marigold joined them on the table. 

"To look for Jericho?" Alice grinned. 

"No"Marigold immediately snapped.

"We were planning something before you came" Sawyer said. 

"What's that?" Marigold asked curiously. 

"Movie date tonight" Yuna smiled.

"I would love that! What time are we meeting?" Marigold asked.

"6pm" Yuna replied. 

"I can't wait then" Marigold smiled and took the soda in front of Alice to drink. 

Her mind went back to Jericho and she immediately shook her head.

'Stop thinking about it' she said to herself. 


Prof Annie met with Xavier while walking and she stopped. 

"Oh Xavier" She smiled.

"Good afternoon"Xavier said. 

"Thanks for last night"She said. 

"That was nothing,you don't have to thank me" Xavier said. 

"I should,my mechanic just brought my car few minutes ago,which means I would have just keep on standing there last night so I should thank you"Prof Annie said

"You brought a taxi to school?" Xavier asked.

"Yeah,I had no choice" Annie replied. 

"Miss Annie" Another young male lecturer showed up. He's a science lecturer.  

"Oh Dr Ruben,I was on my way to your office" Prof Annie left Xavier and he continue staring as she walked over to Ruben.

Xavier was there glaring at him.

"I was going to you're also,is there a problem?" Dr Ruben asked. 

"We need to talk,but don't be tensed" Annie smiled. 

"Oh thank goodness you said that,my heart beat already increased",Ruben said and Annie laughed,they both walked away. 

Xavier scoffed and also left. 



"Goodnight baby girl!"

"Goodnight girls!"

"Goodnight Soft bread"

Marigold also waved back at her friends as they all left,they just came out of the cinema,she's the only one who's going a different way,reason why they aren't leaving together. 

"I had so much fun" She sighed out loudly and started walking,hoping to get a taxi soon. 

"Jeri!! Jericho!!!!" 

Marigold heard someone calling that name and she turned around,she saw Jericho walking out of a clubhouse and a girl running after him. 

"Jeri!! Wait up!" She grabbed his hand as he was about getting on his bike. 

"What do you want?" Jericho asked coldly. 

"You really can't do this to me,you can't break up with me" The girl cried. 

"Break up you called it?" Jericho asked and chuckled shortly. 

"We weren't dating,what are you talking about?" He asked. 

"I broke up with my boyfriend coz of you!" The girl snapped. 

"Oh,your boyfriend. I thought you said he was just one of your flings if I could remember" Jericho said. 

"That was because of you!" 

"I never asked you to break up with your boyfriend,that's not my fault" 

"But I like you alot,you can't just ditch me this way,you're hurting my feelings" The girl cried. 

Jericho saw Marigold who was also standing and watching the scene,he looked away from her and faced the girl in front of him. 

"I need to leave,stop this drama of yours" He said. 

"Tell me what you said was a joke,you can't be serious. Do you have a girlfriend? You can't throw me away like this please," 

"Jericho" A familiar voice called from the back and he turned to See Marigold. 

"You made me wait" She said and Jericho raised his brows.

"Who's she?" The girl asked. 


"My girlfriend" Jericho immediately said. 

"Tell me you're lying" The girl said in tears.

"Let's go babe" Marigold said and moved closer to the bike.

Jericho climbed on and handed over another helmet to Marigold,she climbed on and Jericho rode off,leaving the girl standing in tears. 

There was silence for about five minutes before Jericho spoke up.

"Why did you do that?" He asked,,reducing his speed so he could hear her voice.

"What did I do." Marigold asked

"You know what I'm talking about" Jericho said. 

"I needed a ride home" Marigold muttered. 

"You came to watch a movie on your own or with your boyfriend?" Jericho asked 

"What boyfriend?" 

"You know who I'm talking about....."

"I Came with my friends" Marigold replied. 

"I see" Jericho uttered and increased his speed at once. 

Almost immediately the rain started falling,a heavy one.

"F**k!" He groaned. 

"My house is still far" Marigold said,holding unto him. 


"Let's go to your place if it's closer" she replied. 

"I don't take girls to my place" Jericho said and stopped the bike. 

"So where do you take all those girls to?" Marigold asked.

"The best place for them" Jericho replied. 

"Get down" He said. 

"You're leaving me alone? Why?" 

"Get down kitten" He groaned. 

Marigold came down and Jericho also did. 

They ran into a place where shield was. 

"I will get you a taxi so you can leave" he said. 

"What about you?" Marigold asked. 

"I can't leave my bike in the middle of the city,do you know how much it costs?" Jericho scoffed. 

"Then I'm not leaving too" Marigold muttered and he looked at her.

"What are you talking about?" He asked. 

"I'm staying with you,I can't leave you alone here,it's late" Marigold said and Jericho laughed. 

"Is this a joke? Are you worried about me? Me?" 

"Is it a sin to worry about you?" Marigold asked. 

Jericho chuckled and immediately stopped a taxi. 

"You can go..."

"I told you I'm not leaving" Marigold said. 

"Are you serious right now...."

"Yes I am" 

The taxi driver horned and Jericho told him to leave. He faced Marigold. 

"Hey,what are you doing? Aren't you bothered? It's late,you should go home,your parents will be worried" Jericho said. 

"So you will stay here alone because nobody would be worried about you?" Marigold asked and Jericho blinked. 

"Stop acting like your parents won't be worried too and let's find solution together" Marigold said.

"Nobody will be worried" Jericho said and she looked at him.

"Why? Your parents......."

"I don't have parents" Jericho cut in and Marigold's eyes widened. 

"So,quit asking or talking about my parents" He added. 

"I'm sorry" Marigold muttered. 

Jericho looked around and his eyes fell on a motel across the road.

"Let's check that out" He said. 

They entered the rain and crossed the road together,getting to the motel,it was already occupied so they left. 

"What do we do now?" Marigold asked. 

"Kids!" A lady suddenly called,just some distance away from them. She was holding an umbrella,she must have saw them. 

"Good evening ma'am"  Marigold greeted. 

"Looking for a place to stay?" The lady asked. 

"Yes,the motel is occupied...."

"Come on,leave the rain,come with me" 

Marigold immediately grabbed Jericho's hand when he wasn't making any attempt to move.

They followed the lady,she owns a bookstore cafe. 

"I have a room you can stay until the rain stops,please feel free" 

"Oh thank you ma'am" Marigold bowed. 

"I will be back" Jericho muttered. 

Marigold immediately grabbed his hand.

"Where are you going?"

"To bring the bike" Jericho replied and left. 

"You two look so good together,is he your boyfriend?" The lady asked. 

"No,he's a senior in my school" Marigold smiled. 

The woman showed her the room.

"Stay here,I will bring you something hot" 

"Thank you so much" Marigold entered and looked around. 

Minutes later,Jericho came in.

"Damn" He mumbled,taking off his soaked jacket. 

"Sorry" Marigold said and he looked at her. 

The store lady brought a plate of just prepared ramen and two cups of coffee. 

"Feel free" She said and went out again. 

"Aren't you going to eat?" Marigold asked Jericho who was staring out of the window. 

"I'm not hungry" He muttered without turning back. 

Marigold took the cups of coffee and walked over to him. 

"Here" She gave him. 

He took it from her and they both lean on the wall while sipping. 

"Why's no one calling you?" Jericho asked.

"I switched off my phone" Marigold muttered and Jericho raised his brows in shock and confusion. 


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