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I'm Your Doom - Episode 11&12



I'm Your Doom - Episode 11&12

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}


Jericho also entered and the first thing he noticed was the cat that snuggled out of Marigold's bag. 

"What the heck!!" He screamed and slapped the kitten off as it jumped on him. 

"Milky!" Marigold immediately carried her up as it made a painful sound. 

"What's that?" Jericho asked with wide eyes. 

"It's a cat! A cat! You were so harsh!" Marigold snapped. 

"Cat? What was it doing inside your bag?" Jericho asked. 

Marigold rolled her eyes. 

"It's mine,okay?" She scoffed,rubbing Milly's fur. 

"Can you put it back in your bag?" Jericho asked. 


"Don't ask me! I hate cats!" Jericho shouted. 

"You almost killed her! You should apologize first!" Marigold snapped. 

"Apologize? To that thing?" Jericho was shocked. 

"She's not a thing,she's a living being" Marigold said. 

Jericho scoffed.

"Is she crazy?" He mumbled. 

"I heard you and I'm not crazy,I just saved your @ss from your bitch" Marigold said. 

Jericho faced her. 

"Hey" He called softly. 

"What" Marigold frowned. 

"Do you know....,no girl ever spoke to me this way?" He asked. 

"I'm Marigold,not just a girl" Marigold said. 

"Fine,you can go out now. She's gone" Jericho mumbled. 

"I'm going nowhere,you taking me home. I am so sure what I did surpassed the ten euros you claimed I owe you,so do your job by taking me home young man" Marigold said. 

"My job? Hey,do I look like your boyfriend or something?" Jericho asked. 

Marigold scoffed. 

"Then,can you just put that thing inside your bag? I can't even breathe....." He was still talking when Milky jumped on his laps again. 

"F*+*k!!!!!" Jericho screamed and grabbed a metal stick to use on her.

"Stop!" Marigold shouted and immediately carried Milky. 

"Inside your bag or I'm going to kill it" Jericho said. 

"Meow" Milky let out an innocent sound. 

"Don't mind him,He's a tiger who eat cats,so stop playing with him" Marigold said. 

"If I'm a tiger,then what are you? A cat? Not even a cat but a kitten" Jericho said. 

Marigold rolled her eyes and opened her bag wide for Milky to enter which she did. 

"Happy now?" 

"Where do you live?" Jericho asked,starting the car. 

"I've never drove a girl to her house" He muttered. 

"So where do you take them to?" Marigold questioned. 

"Hotels,to have fun" Jericho smiled. 

"Obviously" Marigold mumbled. 

Minutes later,She told Jericho to stop the car and he looked around. 

"Where's your house?" He asked. 

"I will walk home from here,just about four houses from here" She replied.

"Oh,I guess your parents would scold you that a guy brought you home" Jericho chuckled. 

"What about you? Your parents don't scold you for fucking around?" Marigold asked. 

"Are you getting down?"  Jericho asked. 

"Oh yeah,thanks for the ride" She waved and got down. 

Jericho drove off immediately and Marigold walked home. 

"I'm back!!" She said loudly. 

"Welcome baby,come down for dinner soon" Mrs Scott answered from the kitchen. 

"Thanks mom,I'm actually starving" Marigold ran upstairs,she took Milky out of the bag. 

"Get Kate to feed you" Marigold told her and the cat ran out immediately. 

Marigold took her diary and was about writing when she got a call from the girls group. 

"Girls guess what!!!"  Yuna screamed. 

"What happened bitch,don't spoil my ears" Alice said. 

"There's a party coming up on Saturday! Organized by the Social students organization!! It's gonna be hot,like it's hosting in one of the biggest hotels in Paris!" Yuna screamed. 

The girls all groaned. 

"What,you guys aren't impressed? Why?" Yuna asked. 

"I was about eating when you called" Sawyer said. 

"So what? Is it bad if I inform you about the coming party? You guys should start looking for what to wear,I'm searching already" Yuna said. 

"I absolutely have nothing to wear,I've never attended a party" Marigold mumbled. 

"Be my guest soft bread,I'm gonna come over to pick for you" Yuna said. 

"Don't let Yuna pick for you Mari,that girl can even walk naked,she's not the best option" Alice said and Marigold laughed. 

"I know" She said. 

"You know that's not true,it's not my fault I have a good fashion sense,unlike someone I know. So Marigold,when should I come over?" Yuna asked. 

"Maybe Friday?" Marigold asked. 

"Cool cool! Later babes,muaaah" Yuna hung up. 



Jericho opened the door and Franco smiled. 

"Hi buddy" He blinked cutely. 

"That's disgusting,what the fuck" Jericho snapped and Franco laughed.

"Were you waiting for me or not?" He asked. 

"I was waiting because I'm hungry and you promised to bring food" Jericho replied. 

"That kinda broke my heart,wow" Franco muttered. 

"Did you bring food or not?" Jericho asked.

"So If I don't bring food,you won't let me in? What type of friend is this? We can easily order for food and eat" Franco snapped. 

Jericho scoffed. 

A girl came out and Franco looked at Jericho. 

"It's not what you're thinking,she's a maid" Jericho said. 

"I wasn't thinking about anything actually" Franco shook his head. 

"Welcome sir" The girl bowed. 

"Stop acting nice and and try to dish out the meals he brought" Jericho said. 

"Be nice bro" Franco groaned and smiled at the girl,he gave her what he was holding and she walked away. 

"So she's living here with....."

"Live with who? She's leaving soon" Jericho said,leading the way upstairs. 

"Why did I even ask when I know the type of person you are?" Franco scoffed. 

"Wow,this place is so nice! Should I start staying with you?" He teased. 

"If you want...."

"Wow,you're becoming nice these days" Franco chuckled.

"But then,did your dad called you to check on you?" He asked.

"Like he care" Jericho scoffed. 

"Oh" Franco muttered. 

"Well at least now you are free from your step mom,I'm actually scared of her" Franco touched his chest. 

"Are you gonna sleep over?" Jericho asked when they entered the bedroom. 

"Seriously? I didn't plan that,maybe next time" Franco replied. 

Jericho nodded. 

"I was just kidding anyway" He scoffed. 

"When will you admit that you love me so much?" Franco asked and Jericho chuckled. 

"Stop making yourself happy" He said. 

The maid walked into the room. 

"I just finished setting the table sir" She said. 

"Thank goodness,I was hungry" Franco said.

"You didn't eat?" Jericho asked. 

"I said we should have dinner together,why would I eat? I keep to my promise okay?" Franco said and went out. 

Jericho smiled and followed him.



Yuna rushed into the room and closed the door loudly. 

"Yuna! When will you learn how to knock before coming inside for heaven sake? Don't give me heart failure please" Nadia groaned. 

She was taking off her clothes. 

"Sorry sisi,I came to show you something" Yuna said and fell on the bed. 

"What is it this time?" Nadia asked.

"You've heard about the Saturday party right?" Yuna asked. 

"I'm not interested....."

"Nah,you're attending that one or forget you have a kid sister" Yuna said. 

"We can cut off ourselves from this second actually" Nadia scoffed. 

"Come on sis!" Yuna groaned. 

"You know I'm not interested in all that" Nadia said. 

"Come on,aren't you lonely? You're living a very boring life,you don't have friends,you don't hang out,you don't have a boyfriend,I checked your Instagram and it's almost four months since you posted,how are you going to have a boyfriend?" 

"Is boyfriend an achievement to you?" Nadia asked. 

"Well at least it's fun,you should have a nice sex" Yuna said and Nadia laughed. 

"Anyway,you're coming with me to that party,no matter what you say. I'm looking for some s+xy outfits for us already" Yuna said. 

"I will think about it" Nadia muttered. 

"That's why I'm looking for clothes,you won't follow me with your baggy p+nts and crop top,those styles are outdated,try something new" Yuna said. 

"Are you the big sis or me?" Nadia asked. 

"I was supposed to be the first child but because you wanted to come out to study like a maniac,you bribed me with apples" Yuna replied and Nadia laughed.

"So you accepted bribes? That's so low of you" Nadia said. 

"I know,but anything for apples" Yuna replied. 

"How many apples by the way?" Nadia asked. 

"Three of course,that's why you're three years older,think about it" Yuna replied,making Nadia laugh again. 

"Sis come over and check these out" Yuna called.

Nadia walked over to her and sat beside her. 

"Wow..they look s+xy" she said. 

"I know right? Imagine wearing this gown on that s+xy body of yours,every boys head would turn for Sure" Yuna smiled. 

"It's gonna be too short...."

"Oh please shut up,that's the main deal! Stop being boring,you Have a perfect shape,your legs are so long and s+xy,you should be killing boys" Yuna groaned. 

"I rather kill my studies,thank you but nope" Nadia said. 

"Oh lord,why did you give me a boring sister?" Yuna mumbled. 

"Let's see another one" Nadia said. 

"Okay" Yuna immediately said and showed her the second outfit. 

It's a dress this time around,a backless gown and the front was cut to the laps. 

"How about this? It's also s+xy" Yuna said. 

"Backless? I can't wear this,another one" Nadia said. 

Yuna kept scrolling and found another gown,a short gown with corset at the top. 

"How about this?" 

"I think this is better,I can try" Nadia nodded. 

"Oh finally,my neck" Yuna groaned. 

Nadia's phone rang and she took it,a call from Reid. 

"See you later" Yuna stood up and went out.



Xavier was driving along the highway road when he suddenly saw Prof Annie by the road side beside her car,he parked his car and came out. 

"Miss" he called and she turned. 

"Oh,Xavian" she smiled. 

"Is there something wrong?" Xavier asked. 

"Yeah,coming from an outting and this silly car decided to break down here,I've called my mechanic and he doesn't seem close at all. I was about calling a taxi" Annie explained,taking her bag from the car. 

"I can take you home" Xavier said and Annie looked at him.

"No,I can't let you do that. Thank you" She said. 

"I insist,please let me drive you home" Xavier said and collected her bag from her. 

"Oh...thank you" She mumbled and followed him. 



Richard sat down in front of his laptop,it was so boring. He entered the secret chatting app he downloaded some days ago. 

It's an app where you meet people and chat with them anonymously,he opened it because he was bored. He could remember sending a message to someone but got no response. 

"Gosh my life is so f+cked up" He groaned. 

"Wait....someone replied" He said and immediately checked. 

It's the one with the name..HP 

Richard's name is...Blazy. 


HP: Hello. 

"Wow,that's great. Is this a boy or a girl? How should I reply back,I feel so silly" 

Then he started typing. 

BLAZY: Would you like to be friends??

He sent and immediately closed to laptop



"Can you hurry up?" Alice groaned. 

"I'm coming babe,come on" Yuna said,trying to apply some powder on her face while walking. 

"I can't believe this,you're gonna fall soon,and I won't care. Who the hell put on make up before class?" Alice scoffed. 

"It's not make up,I couldn't sleep well so I think I have some dark circles below my........" She bumped into someone as she walking. 

"Ouch! Oh gosh"she looked up and froze the moment she saw Franco. 

"Are you okay?" Franco asked. 

Yuna blinked,she wanted to talk but she couldn't find the right word. 

"You don't need make up" Franco smiled at her before walking away. 

Yuna turned like a zombie to stare at his back,she came back to reality when Alice burst into laughter. 

"You heard him right?" Yuna mumbled like an half dead person. 

"He said...I don't need makeup,that means...he said I'm pretty right? Franco said I'm pretty,right?" Yuna asked. 

"Stop overreacting and let's go to class,pkeee" Alice laughed. 

"My crush just said I'm pretty!. I'm in tears!"  Yuna screamed and some students walking chuckled. 

Alice grabbed her hand and started dragging her away as Yuna kept on sobbing dramatically. 


A lot of students were there cheering up the players. Richard is part of the football team so Marigold and Sawyer came. 

"Why are we here?" Sawyer asked. 

"Richard told me to come cheer up for him" Marigold smiled. 

👥 Richard!!!!

👥 You're the best!!!

The girls were screaming from every angle.

"Doesn't seem like he need one more voice here,the girls are already crazy for him" Sawyer said as they found somewhere to sit. 

The game was on and everywhere was silent until Jericho showed up. 

The girl's attention moved to him immediately,he was walking with Catalina beside him. 

👥 Jericho need to join a team in school.

👥 I don't mind paying to watch him

👥 He's so hot

Marigold looked at him and when Catalina glared at her she immediately looked away. 

The ball suddenly rolled to where Jericho was and he started using the ball to do some crazy juggling and freestyle,his hands inside his pocket.

👥 Wow

👥 That's fire

👥 *Claps*

👥 My Jericho is good at everything.

"Jericho! Pass the ball here!" One of the players called. 

Jericho looked up and his eyes fell on Marigold who was also staring at him. 

"Hey kitten" he called with a smirk,pointing at her and all eyes fell on Marigold. 

Catalina glared. 

"This is for you" He winked and kicked the ball. 

All eyes followed the ball to a distance till the ball entered directly into the net. 

👥 It's a goal!!!


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