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I'm Your Doom - Episode 1&2



I'm Your Doom - Episode 1&2

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



A grey jeep entered the big compound and finally stopped right in front of the building. 

"We are here young miss" The driver said and Marigold yawned tiredly,flight all the way from Korea down here wasn't easy at all,she wanted to pass out. 

She lived with her granny in Korea since she was ten,but just two months ago,her granny died. She had to wait up to this moment because of her university entrance exam and finally got admission into the most popular school here in Paris.  

"Daebak!!" She groaned almost forgetting the little white kitten on her laps. 

"Oh Milky,we are home" She carried her and opened the door,as soon as she stepped down,she saw her mom coming out. The driver was already offloading her things from the car booth. 

"Mom!!" Marigold immediately dropped Milky and ran to her. 

"Baby!! I missed you!" Mrs Scott screamed,hugging her tightly.

"I missed you too mom,a lot" Marigold pouted. 

They broke the hug and Mrs Scott cupped her cheeks.

"Baby got cuter than the last time I saw you,you're so cute,my baby" She hugged her again. 

"I'm no longer a baby mom,I'm nineteen now and I will be a college student in few days" Marigold said. 

"You're still my baby,come on in. Let's go,I was so right in time,I just finished preparing food,you should freshen up and then eat" Mrs Scott said. 

The housemaid was already packing her bags inside the house with the help of the driver. 

"You know her room right?" Mrs Scott asked. 

"Yes ma'am" Kate replied. 

Marigold carried Milky and went in with her mom.  

"Where's brother?" She asked. 

"School,but I'm sure he will be back soon,he promised not to stay out late because of you" Mrs Scott smiled,touching Mari's hair. 

"Kate,please show her the room. Hurry up and go get fresh,I will dish out your food"

"Love you mom" Marigold kissed her cheek and followed Kate upstairs. 

She was showed the room,her bags already completed there. 

"Thank you" Marigold smiled and closed the door,she looked around and smiled. 

"I love it,Milky what do you think?"

"Meow" The little cat jumped down from her hand and started walking round the room. 

"I guess you love it,me too" She smiled cutely and fell on the bed. 

"I'm so tired I can't even remove my clothes!" She groaned,closing her eyes. 

"But I'm starving too" She immediately got up and went to open the empty closet. 

"Gosh,I have a lot to do" She shook her head,she undressed first and walked to her bag,she took one of her towels and went into the bathroom only to find three beautiful towels in there. 

"Oh,amazing" She smiled and dropped the towel,she stood under the shower,the first splash of water on her body made her smile. 

"Finally,Best friend I missed you" She moaned.  


Xavier entered the house and was about going upstairs when he heard Mrs Scott's voice from the dinning room . 

"Mom I'm home!" He said loudly and went to meet her. 

"You're back son...."

"Wait,what's the food for?" Xavier asked.

"Because the princess is back,what else?" The tiny voice behind him made him turn at once. 

"Mari!" He called. 

"Oppa!" Marigold also called and jumped on him as they hugged each other. 

"Oppa? Since when did you start speaking korea?" Xavier dropped her. 

"I regret not learning fast......"

"You're not a Korean anyway,quit it" Xavier roughed her hair. 

"I missed you so much brother,alot" She said,settling to sit down 

"Me too,I'm so happy you're finally here,you look more pretty" Xavier sat opposite her. 

"I was about saying that,you look so tall,handsome and masculine,how many girlfriends do you have now? I'm sure they won't let you rest" Marigold said excitedly. 

"Stop being curious and eat" Xavier said. 

"I'm eating already,so tell me....."

"I don't have a girlfriend,happy now?" Xavier asked. 

"I'm not happy,you should get one already" Marigold pouted. 

"I will think about it" Xavier said and Mrs Scott shook her head 

"You've been saying the same for three years already" She said and Marigold laughed. 

"Mom you don't really have to do that" Xavier mumbled. 

"Are you scared of asking a girl out?" 

"Hey,quit talking about girls. Freshman classes already started,you should be asking me about school" Xavier said. 

"I just want to have fun,gosh" Marigold rolled her eyes. 

"I wonder how Paris is like,I can't wait to experience everything" She muttered. 

"I'm going to take you out on a drive tonight for a start,trust me you will love it"

"You're the best brother in the whole world,trust me" Marigold grinned. 

"I know" Xavier chuckled. 

"Dad called,it's so sad to know he's not in the city right now,I missed him more" Marigold pouted. 

"He should be back by weekend,it's a business trip" Mrs Scott replied. 



Jericho entered the house nonchalantly,not caring the fuck about what was happening in the world,not after another careless driving which almost got him locked behind the bar. 

He saw his dad on the couch in the living room and acted like he didn't see him,he wanted to just go upstairs. 

"Jericho!" Mr Brown called angrily and Jericho groaned. 

"Geez,not again" He mumbled and managed to turn. 

"You have nothing to say?! Really?! You really want to spoil my reputations right? That's what you're after! You're not my only son but it's you every fucking time,what is your problem!!" Mr Brown yelled angrily. 

Jericho said nothing,he just stood there. 

Mrs Brown came downstairs after hearing her husband's voice. 

"You're going to just keep mute?! Do you know how many times you almost got locked for your crazy attitude?! Do you know how I got my money do you!! You should have gotten locked up if didn't save your @ss......"

"Who sent you?" Jericho asked. 

"What?! Who sent me?...."

"You should have left me there! F+ck" Jericho snapped. 

"Jericho!" Mrs Brown shouted. 

"Caution your husband,high blood pressure is real" Jericho muttered. 

"How dare you!" Mrs Brown shouted. 

"It's always funny the way you two always pretend to be concerned whenever it comes to you spending some shit you called money. Isn't that the only way to get your damn attention?!! And all you care about is your reputation,,I still wonder how you always manage to save my @ss,I thought the plan is for the public to know you have only one son,are you scared I might mention you as my dad one day? Well sorry,I am not even ready to show you off either,so stay in your place and let me do what I want" Jericho scowled. 

"Why would I show the world you're my son? Give me a reason,you're a disgrace to this family,I can only be proud of a son who is hardworking and not useless like you!" Mr Brown snapped back. 

Jericho chuckled and brought out a wrapped stick of weed. 

"Jericho don't you dare do that here" Mrs Brown said. 

"Not like I'm your son for you to tell me what to do" Jericho muttered and light up his weed. 

The door opened and Felix entered. 

"Oh,your perfect son is here" Jericho smiled but the smile changed into a frown almost immediately,he puffed his smoke into the air and went upstairs. 

"Is there a problem?" Felix asked. 

He's the first son,and all the love is gathered around him,he manages the family company and he's well known among older billionaires. Mr  Brown show him off every opportunity he gets that some parents even get jealous. 

"Your brother,can you at least talk some sense into him on how to behave?!" Mr Brown said. 

"I don't even want him to influence my son,let him be" Mr Brown said. 

"I will talk to him mom,don't get worked up" Felix smiled and pecked her cheek. 

"Dad,I have a lot of News to share,I will be back" He said. 

"I can't wait son,I'm always here" Mr Brown said proudly


Jericho was in his room already,he was smoking aggressively when the door opened And Felix entered.


"Get out"Jericho snapped before he landed. 

"Can you at least respect me......"

"F+ck off!" Jericho snapped.

"Fine" Felix sighed and turned to go.

"Close the door behind you" Jericho said. 

He disposed his weed ashes and went to take his phone on the bed,countless messages and when he started checking one by one,they are different nudes sent by different girls. 

Jericho sighed and threw his phone back on the bed,he walked into the dressing room and then entered the bathroom. 

Minutes later,he returned back into the room with just a towel around his perfect white smooth skin. He looked so sexy,on the side of his tummy is a tattoo of a beautiful rose flower and on his back is another tattoo of a red eyes dragon. He pulled back his wet hair which covered his right eyes,he has one tiny black mole on the side of his nose close to his eye making him even more handsome. 

He heard the buzzing sound of his phone and he went for it,he opened the new text,it's from Franco,his only and best friend. The only person who can deal with his attitude. 

FRANCO:  Mom made some gimbap and beef bulgogi,she want me to ask if you could come over.

Franco's mom is a korean and she prepares these food alot,Jericho love Korean meal a lot so she never forget to call him anytime she make some,she would even pack the food and send Franco to give Jericho if he doesn't show up. 

JERICHO: Thirty Minutes. 

He dropped his phone after he texted back and went to get dressed. 

He walked into bedroom when he finished dressing up looking crazily expensive even though he was being simple,his thick hair dropped on two sides of his face,covering his two eyes a little,leaving just the middle. He picked up his phone and walked out of the room. 

He got downstairs and met his dad and Felix chatting,he ignored it and walked toward the door. 

"Where are you going?" Felix asked. 

"Stupid question" Jericho scoffed and went out,closing the door loudly behind him. 

He walked to the garage and climbed on his superbike,he used the helmet and rode off. 



Franco opened the door and groaned when he saw Jericho. 

"You said thirty minutes dude,I was starving,you know I was waiting" Franco said. 

"You should have just ate" Jericho said and entered. 

"Where's mom?" He asked. 

"Kitchen" Franco replied and walked to the kitchen immediately. 

"Jericho!" Mrs Jenkins called happily. 

"Good evening mom" Jericho smiled. 

"You two should take your seats,I will serve you right away. I made your favorite" Mrs Jenkins said. 

"You're totally the best" Jericho said and Franco scoffed behind him.

"Don't be jealous son"

"I can't be jealous of this brat mom" Franco said. 

Jericho sat down and Franco also did.

"Don't tell me you fought with your parents again" He said. 

"No" Jericho muttered,hanging up a call before it even started ringing. 

Mrs Jenkins served the delicious looking food on the table.

"Whoa" Jericho smiled,picking you a fork. 

He took one of the gimbap and shoved it into his mouth. 

"Hmm" he moaned and nods his head.

Another call came on his phone and he groaned before hanging up. 

"Where the hell are they getting my number?" He scoffed. 

"What do they want ?" Franco asked.

"My d*ick" Jericho stated without thinking twice. 

"Dude!" Franco laughed. 

Jericho rolled his eyes and continue eating. 

"You should give them what they want" Franco said. 

"Am I supposed to be picking randomly?" Jericho asked and Franco laughed. 



"Wow!! That's so pretty!!" Marigold screamed excitedly in the car,Xavier was driving while Marigold was busy taking pictures of anything she sees with her camera. 

She love taking pictures and she's very good in drawing also. 

"Are you planning to become a photographer or what? Why a camera?" Xavier asked. 

"You can't understand the joy brother" She smiled and took a picture of a tree. 

"I mean,when I checked earlier,I couldn't find a single picture of human there" Xavier said. 

"I don't take human pictures" She replied. 

"I see" Xavier chuckled. 

Marigold saw a cheesecake shop and immediately stopped Xavier. 

"I want some cheesecake" She pouted. 

"Let's go get it then" Xavier said and parked the car. 

"No,I will stay here and take more pictures... "

"It's late for f+ck sake,continue tomorrow" Xavier groaned. 

"Just these last ones" 

Xavier scoffed and they both got down from the car,she lean on the car while Xavier went into the shop. 

Marigold continue taking her photos randomly,she walked away from the car and was about taking the picture of a flower tree in front of her when a strange guy appeared on her camera screen and she dropped her camera. 

The boy smiled at her and waved.

"Do you take pictures like this every time?" He asked. 

"I didn't take your picture" Marigold cleared. 

"I know.....I'm Richard" He smiled,offering her his hand for a shake. 

'He smiles alot' Marigold said inwardly. 

She was about taking his hand when a bike appeared,coming directly toward her with full speed,Her eyes widened. 

"Hey!" Richard immediately grabbed her hand the moment the bike was about knocking her down. He fell and Marigold fell on top of him. 

"Fuck" Richard spat and they both turned to see the biker stopped,he raised the helmet face shield and looked at them. 

"Jericho Brown" Richard mumbled,folding his fist. 

Marigold said nothing,she only focused on the biker.  

Jericho released a remorseless smirk and covered his face again before riding off in full speed. 


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