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Golden High 2024 - Episode 55&56




Golden High 2024 - Episode 55&56

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


Isabella's silent m0@ns sounded sweetly in Theo's ears as he kept pouring wet kisses all over her neck on the bed. He started taking off her blouse,he was about doing it completely when he stopped. 

Isabella opened her eyes. 

"Should I continue?" Theo whispered. 

Isabella scoffed and pushed him off her,he fell on her side and chuckled. 

"What's funny?" Isabella snapped. 

Theo wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer,their eyes on each other. 

"I learnt taekwondo because of you" Theo said. 

"What?" Isabella laughed. 

"So I can beat anyone who try to mess with you" Theo said and she blushed. 

"Sweet mouth"Isabella muttered. 

"But I'm not lying" Theo said. 

"I believe you" She said. 

Theo moved closer and placed his head on her chest. 

"I've always wanted to do this" He mumbled and closed his eyes. 

"I know you've always been a pervert" Isabella scoffed. 

"It's better than a pillow,so soft and comfortable" Theo mumbled.

"Shut up before I push you away you pervert" Isabella said. 

Theo smiled sheepishly and kissed her breast. 

"Hey!" Isabella yelled. 

"What,did that make you feel something?" Theo opened his eyes. 

"You should go to your room" Isabella pushed his head. 

"You felt something right?" Theo asked. 

"Leave" Isabella said. 

"I'm sleeping here tonight" Theo muttered. 

"Never,get out" Isabella tried pulling him up. 

Theo grabbed her waist and she fell on him. 

"Why can't we just sleep together? Hmm?" He asked cutely. 

"I don't have a reason,just go" Isabella said. 

"Come on Izzy,I am too lazy to get up now,let's sleep together,please please please...."

"No" Isabella said. 

Theo sighed. 

"Fine" He muttered and got down from the bed. 

"Goodnight" Isabella said. 

"You really mean it?" Theo suddenly asked with a cute smile. 

Isabella opened the door. 

"Goodnight" She said and pushed him out. 

"Babe wait..." She closed the door on his face. 

"She's so harsh" Theodore muttered sadly and made to leave,only to meet Chelsea standing,she was watching all along. 

"Oh,you are not sleeping yet?" Theo asked. 

"Does she treat you this way? Coz it's like you've gotten used to it,with this expression of yours,why did she push you out like that?" Chelsea asked. 

"Oh,it's nothing serious" Theodore said. 

"Nothing serious? A girlfriend pushing her boyfriend out is nothing  serious? So you two can't sleep in a room? Or probably you still want to sleep on the floor and her,on the bed?" Chelsea snapped. 

"Chelsea,it wasn't that serious like you're taking it" Theo cautioned.

"So it was a joke?" Chelsea asked. 

"She must have her reason" Theo muttered. 

"You must think I'm easy then" Chelsea said. 


"Because I never threw you out anytime you wanted to sleep right beside me back then,do you think I was easy back then?" Chelsea asked. 

"Of course not,we are friends,it's not a new thing......"

"Goodnight" Chelsea muttered and walked away. 

Theodore sighed out. 

"Why is she so angry?" He muttered and also left. 



Phoenix turned to Adriel beside him and found him asleep. 

She sighed and also stretched,she was so tired but she have a plan to finish up some parts tonight. She looked at Adriel again and lean closer,she wrote something on his face and her eyes moved to his lips. 

"Cute" She mumbled and carefully pecked his lips before she continue reading. 

Adriel's eyes opened after that and raised his head like nothing happened. 

"Are you still reading? You should stop now,I will walk you to your room" he said

"I thought you were asleep" Phoenix said. 

"I just woke up" He replied. 


Adriel started packing their books and they both stood up and left the library. 

"Goodnight" Adriel said when they got to the girls dorm. 

"Goodnight" Phoenix replied and left. 

Adriel smiled and bite his lips before running off. 



"The reason why I called you guys is because I just got an information" The teacher said. 

Only the students participating in the quiz are present. 

They all listened attentively. 

"Five more schools have been added to the quiz" 

"What?!" They gasped. 

"Which means,you have six competitions right now,you have to beat five to enter the finals and then beat the last one to bring home that award" The teacher said. 

The students exchanged glances and began to murmur. 

"This isn't the time to murmur,forget about friends or enemies right now,you all need to work together,no matter the beef...there should be unity first or we are gonna fail woefully,trust me." 

"So please,study harder with your partners. The quiz is less than 24 hours now"

"Yes sir!!"

"Each reading partners should come out one after the other to tell us the topics they have covered so far" The teacher said and went to take a seat. 

Phoenix and Leo stood up first. 

After about an hour,it was all over and everyone walked out of the lab. 

"I need to use the restroom" Leo said. 

"Me too" Adriel muttered. 

"I should just leave then" Theo said and turned to go. 

Adriel grabbed his hand.

"Let's go together" He said and dragged him along with them. 



"School is so boring today" Chelsea muttered. 

"The class is even more boring" Angelo said. 

"I wonder when Leo and Theo will be back" Chelsea scoffed. 

"What can we do for fun today? Let's think" Angelo said. 

"Pizza party?" Chelsea asked.


"Yeah,when it's lunch time,let's go to the pizza shop,all of us. You,Leo,Theo,Cleo and Phoenix" Chelsea suggested. 

"Perfect,I love it. Let's add Adriel to the list or he's gonna fume if he later finds out" Angelo said And Chelsea laughed. 

"But who's paying?" He asked. 

"Don't worry,Theo will take care of it" Chelsea said. 

"Perfect" Angelo muttered. 



Theodore entered the office and closed the door gently. 

"Teddy" Summer stood up from her seat and walked over to him.

"Are you okay?" She asked

"Yeah I'm good" 

"Are you ready for tomorrow? Are you sure you're gonna do it?" Summer asked. 

"Of course,why are you asking." Theo questioned. 

"I'm just worried,so what about the headache?" 

"It's been three weeks since I felt it,maybe it's finally gone" Theo said and Summer nodded. 

"I hope so" she said. 

"You didn't tell mom right?" 

"No I didn't" Summer replied. 

"Okay,bye" Theo said and walked out of the office.

As soon as he got out,he bumped into Chelsea. 

"Hey" He smiled. 

"We've been waiting,come on" Chelsea said. 

"Waiting for me? Why?" Theo asked. 

"We are having a pizza party,come with me" She winked and took him away. 



"And here comes the man of the day!"Angelo said as Chelsea and Theo approached the table. 

Everyone clapped. 

"What do you mean by man of the day?" Theo sat down and picked one piece out of the many pizzas on the table. 

"You're paying" Cleo replied. 

"What?!!" Theo immediately dropped the pizza and they laughed. 

"Come on"Chelsea sat beside him. 

"You brought that idea right?" Theo looked at her and she nodded. 

Theo took the pizza again. 

"Wow,it's been long since I ate this" He smiled. 

"The pizza is really so good" Phoenix said. 

"To those going for the chemistry quiz competition,I hope you enjoy it like this pizza" Cleo said. 

"They are definitely bring that award,I trust them"  Chelsea said. 

"And I heard all the students in Grade 12 will be present there to watch" Phoenix said. 

"Of course,you should be there to witness how we teach those people some chemistry" Adriel said. 

"I know right" Angelo laughed. 

"I should order some drinks right?" Leo asked. 

"Yeah please" 

"This part taste more sweet than the one I just ate" Chelsea said. 

"Really?" Theo asked. 

"Open up,I'm gonna feed you" Chelsea said and Theo opened his mouth. 

She fed him and he ate slowly. 

"What do you think?" Chelsea asked. 

"It's the same actually" Theodore muttered and Chelsea pushed his head which made him laugh. 

"Oh...Isabella is here" Leo announced and they all looked up. 

Isabella walked over to them and sat down on Theo's laps. 

"So you were here all along" she said. 

"I'm sorry" Theo smiled. 

She pecked his lips. 

"Get a room!" Adriel and Leo shouted. 

"Show off" Chelsea muttered and continue eating her pizza. 

"Did you say something?" Isabella asked her.

Chelsea rolled her eyes and raised her head. 

"Did you hear anything?" She asked. 

"Oh,you must be mad that I came to meet my boyfriend,did I disturb your moment together?" Isabella asked with a smile. 


"She started it!" Isabella snapped at Theo. 

"Started what,did I say anything or you're just here to spoil the fun? Isn't that a show off.?" Chelsea asked. 

"Chelsea" Theo called. 

"Caution your girlfriend" Chelsea said. 

Isabella chuckled. 

"Caution your girlfriend? And how should he do that? By slapping me or what do you expect?" She asked. 

"A slap should be okay too,at least enough to bring you back to your right sense....."

"Chelsea!" Theo shouted. 

"Hey.....what did you just say?" Isabella asked,rushing toward Chelsea.

Theodore immediately carried her and left with her. 

"Chelsea that wasn't nice" Phoenix said. 

"I don't care" Chelsea snapped. 

"Drop me!!" Isabella shouted and Theo put her down. 

"You heard your so called best friend right? I don't know why she's always so mad when I am with you,but she feel like she can spend time with you in peace?" She asked. 

"I'm sorry...."

"Of course,you should be sorry on behalf of your favorite person" Isabella scoffed. 

"I'm not sorry on her behalf,I'm just sorry" Theo sighed and roughed his hair. 

"I told you myself that I don't have any problem with you two hanging out,but if she thinks she can keep on giving me attitude whenever I am with you,then I won't want you two together anymore,tell her that. I don't want to be like her and ask you to choose between us,I'm not that dumb to do that. But if she wants to hang out with my boyfriend in peace,then she should go learn to tolerate us together or she should look for a boyfriend for herself and stay away from you! Don't f+cking make me mad than this" Isabella said angrily. 

"Are you mad at me?" Theodore asked. 

"Go back to your friends" Isabella said. 

"No,we can just....."

"You didn't think about"we" and "us" when you were there,so why now?" Isabella cut in. 

"I'm sorry" Theo bite his lips. 

Isabella rolled her eyes and walked away. 

Theo returned to the pizza shop. 

"Did you two settle?" Adriel asked. 

"Yeah" Theo mumbled and took his phone,he gave Leo his card and told him the pin,he walked out. 

Chelsea stood up and followed him. 

"Theo" She called and he stopped. 

"Are you mad at me?" She asked. 

"I heard you said show off when she came" Theodore looked at her and she rolled her eyes. 

"Because it was a show off" Chelsea said. 

"A show off for what? She's my girlfriend and she have the right to be with me anytime she wants,don't you get it?" Theo asked. 

"You can't spend all your time with your girlfriend,you have friends at least before you started dating her,she should give you some breathing space" Chelsea scoffed. 

"I asked for her permission to keep on hanging with you" Theo said and Chelsea looked at him.


"You heard me,and she said I can. And the craziest part is....I won't want her to have a male friend coz I don't think I will be able to watch her play around with him,I'm not that patient,so that's why I'm going to respect her decision if she changes her mind,so please stop giving her those attitudes,I'm not forcing you to like her,I don't care if you like her or not,she doesn't like you either and I'm not ready to try to make you guys like each other,I don't care. But there should be limits,you know what I'm saying" Theo said. 

"Fine" Chelsea muttered. 

Theodore nodded. 

"Later" he said and walked away. 



All the students were already standing beside the bus taking them to where the competition is holding. They are all dressed neatly in their uniforms,same shoes and their hair neartly done. 

Only Theo wasn't present yet. 

"What about Theodore?" Violet suddenly asked. 

"You know him,He's gonna check himself out like hundred times to be sure if he's still the most handsome or not" Leo said and they all laughed except Maxwell and Lionel.

"He should be here before the driver get here though" Phoenix said. 

Isabella was busy dialing his number but got no response. 

"I will call Chelsea to go check him" Leo said and immediately Called Chelsea. 



Theodore was on the floor,his bag scattered on the floor,he just finished getting ready and about to leave the room when suddenly the headache appeared from no where. It was so bad that he couldn't even open his eyes to pick up his phone,he just sat down on the floor in the same position,holding his head. 

Tears rolling down his eyes. 

Each second,the pain would grow even more,it was as if someone was hitting his head continuously with a plank,it hurts so much. He's being like that for almost thirty minutes and still no difference. 

The door suddenly opened and Chelsea entered. 

"Theo....." She stopped when she saw him and her eyes widened. 

"Theo!" She screamed and rushed over to him. 

"What's wrong? What happened?" She bent in front of him and touched his head. 

Theo managed to open his eyes but his vision were as blurry as fuck. 

"Theo,talk to me" Chelsea said,almost In tears. 

"Barbie" Theo called. 

"Hug me" He muttered. 

"Hug.." Chelsea muttered and hugged him. 


 Chelsea broke the hug.


"Kiss me" Theo muttered,his eyes still closed. 

Chelsea swallowed and stared at his lips,she cupped his cheek and slammed her lips on his own without thinking twice. 

Theodore opened up and kissed her back,Chelsea held his shirt,and deepened the kiss,their tongues colliding sweetly in their mouths,she m0@ned when his hand moved down to her waist. 

That moment,the door opened and Isabella entered. 


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