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Golden High 2024 - Episode 53&54




Golden High 2024 - Episode 53&54

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



News of Paris' expulsion already went viral in the whole school,they were even more shocked to know the reason why she did what she did. 

According to how she confessed,she didn't do it because she hated Isabella,she only did it to implicate Violet. Mainly because of Lionel,she wanted to get rid of Violet and have Lionel all for herself. And since everyone knows Violet hate Isabella,that's the surest and fastest way. 

Paris' parents already arrived to take her away,the students all came out of their classes to watch her leaving with her bags. 

👥 I still can't believe this

👥 I thought they were friends

👥 Because of Lionel?

👥 Is she insane?

👥 What if Isabella died in the process?

👥 I'm so ashamed on her behalf

Everyone suddenly kept quiet when Violet started walking toward Paris,they knew it was trouble. 

Violet stopped in front of Paris and made her stop walking too. 

Without even saying a word, Violet raised her hand to her face and slapped her,she slapped her the second time and third time. Paris didn't move. 

"I hope we never meet again" Violet said and walked away,pushing her out of the way. 

Paris bit her lips,she continue walking away with all eyes on her. 



The door opened and Theodore came in,Summer raised her head and smiled..

"What's the news this time?" She asked.

Theodore sat down in front of her and sighed out. 

"Huh huh...that sounds so loud and deep,what happened?" Summer asked with concern and dropped her phone. 

"I think something is wrong with me" Theo muttered. 

"What's that?" She asked. 

"I just feel ...I don't even know how to say it,but lately my head keeps banging and there's this crazy headache from nowhere,hitting me every time. I even hear voice in my head,I think that's my imagination,but I always think of doing things I normally don't want to do,and it's crazy" Theo said. 

"Things you don't want to do? Like what?" Summer sat down properly. 

"I can't say it" Theo shook his head. 

"Why? Why can't you say it?" 

"Coz it's too violent to even think of" Theodore replied and Summer's eyes widened. 

"Are you kidding me right now?" She asked. 

"But don't worry,I know how to control it,but I'm scared I might fail to control it one day." Theodore muttered. 

"Why are you just telling me?"

"Because I thought it wasn't a big deal,but recently...I don't know,the headache is just too much,it's like I don't own my head,it's just,,sickening" he shook his head. 

"You can go,let's talk later" Summer said. 

"Fine...and....don't tell mom,I'm fine,I just needed someone to talk to" Theodore said and walked out of the office. 

Summer took her phone immediately and dialed their mom's number. 

"What's good?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

"Mom there's a problem" Summer said at once. 

"Don't scare me,what's the problem?"

"Theodore just left my office right now and he talked about hearing a voice in his head and having mixed negative feelings,like mom,he literally told me he's been thinking of doing some violent stuffs" Summer said. 

"What?! What does that mean?"

"Mom I think it's happening,,you know what I'm talking about" Summer said. 

"But....it's it too long to think that way...."

"Call dad,let's talk when I get home" Summer said and hung up. 



"Gosh! I feel so great!" Phoenix groaned after he finished her first ice cream cup. 

"I heard Violet went to slap Paris" Cleo said. 

"Goodbye gift I guess" Angelo said and they laughed. 

"I'm so glad it's not because of me this time around,like I was going crazy when I heard it's Violet" Theodore said. 

"I know that feeling" Leo laughed. 

"Where's Chelsea?" Angelo asked. 

"Of course she won't be here" Cindy chuckled. 

"Why?" Leo asked. 

"Because I'm here" Isabella smiled. 

"Oh,you two aren't talking yet?" Phoenix asked. 

"Why should we talk? We are not friends" Isabella said. 

"But Theo....."

"Don't mention my name please,remove me from that circle,my mental health is very important,they should do what they want" Theo said and they all laughed. 

"Honestly,I don't pray to be you" Angelo laughed. 

"Why not? Just live life to the fullest" Leo said. 

"I can see it in your eyes,you're a bad boy" Dakota said. 

"No I'm not" Leo chuckled.

Adriel came in. 

"Hey superman!" Cindy called from their table. 

Adriel smiled and walked over to them. 

"Can I join you guys?" He asked.

"Of course" Leo smiled,shifting back a seat for him.

He sat opposite Theo. 

"Theodore should thank our Superman well enough for saving his sweetie" Cindy said. 

"I already did" Theo replied. 

"It's not enough tho" Adriel said. 

"What else do you need? My head?" Theo asked. 

"Let's be friends...."

"I'm not interested in another headache" Theodore cut in.

Leo and Angelo grabbed his shirt at once.

"You mean we are headaches?" 

"See what I'm talking about" Theodore sighed. 

"Don't worry,I'm more mature than them"Adriel said. 

"Hey,do you want to die or what," Angelo snapped.

They laughed. 

Theodora looked at Isabella whose head just fell on his shoulder. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"I'm invisible to you right now" She mumbled. 

"Of course not,are you not having fun?" Theo asked. 

Isabella shook her head.

"I want to be with you alone" She said. 

"Wooooowwwwww" Everyone said. 

"That's so romantic" Leo clapped. 

"Shut up" Theo snapped. 

They all laughed again. 



"Foxy,aren't you done yet?!" Isabella called. 

Theodore was busy getting ready,they are going for dinner together. 

"Almost done" Theo replied from the dressing room.

Isabella stood up from the bed and sat down in front of his study table. She saw his portfolio and decided to check. 

Theodore came out just then. 

"What are you trying to see?" He chuckled. 

"I'm just trying to kill my boredom since my boyfriend takes time in dressing up" Isabella replied with looking up. 

"I should look good for my girlfriend" Theo replied from the back.

"What....you're seventeen?" Isabella faced him. 

"Is it bad?" Theo asked. 

"No,it's just...."

"What's yours?" Theo asked. 

"I'm eighteen" Isabella replied. 

"Oh...Chelsea too" He muttered. 

"When did you start schooling?" Isabella asked. 

"When I was....maybe five?" 

"Not in Korea?" Isabella asked.


"Obviously....Korea education system is different,like it's a rule or something. You start schooling when you're 6..elementary school is six years,so you leave when you're close to thirteen,middle school is three years,age 13 to 15. And finally highschool Is from age 16 to 18" Isabella explained. 

"I know" Theodore chuckled. 

"So you started living in Korea at what age?" Isabella asked. 

"When I was....was it eight or nine? I can't really remember" Theo replied. 

"So when did you and Chelsea became friends?" 

"As soon as I got to korea of course,her mom and mine are close friends,so she was the first friend I had when I got here...or...should I say only friend? Something like that" Theo smiled.

"I see" Isabella nodded and closed the book. 

"Let's go" She stood up. 

Theo kissed her cheek before they walked out. 




"The stars are so bright?" Chelsea groaned. 

"Yeah" Theo mumbled. 

They are both sitting down on a bench. 

"It feels so good to sit with you right now,I want more!" Chelsea screamed. 

"Hey,it's late already" Theo chuckled. 

Chelsea Faced him. 

"The quiz is on friday,are you nervous?" She asked. 

"No I'm not" Theo shook his head. 

"I trust you tho,those students are gonna fear you" Chelsea said and Theo laughed. 

"Stop exaggerating" He pushed her head. 

"But I'm saying the truth,they will be like,oh who's that alien?" Chelsea said. 

There was silence after that. 

Chelsea placed her head on his shoulder and Theo looked at her. 

"Is this the only reason why you want to come here?" He asked.

"Will your girlfriend get mad?" Chelsea mumbled. 

"You need some spanks" Theo scoffed and she chuckled. 

"Just few more minutes before we leave" She closed here eyes. 

"Do you remember the first time we met?" Theo asked. 

"Yeah,you were so small and tiny,I was taller than you" Chelsea replied. 

"Okay that's embarrassing" Theo said. 

"But now I have to be on my toes to hug you,life is so unfair" Chelsea scoffed and he chuckled. 

"You won't ask me why I was so small?" Theo asked. 

"Does that matter?" Chelsea opened her eyes. 

"But i'm curious,you've always been a rich kid,so it was weird" Chelsea said. 

"Well,I was told I was always sick when I was a child,like...really sick that I would be hospitalized for months before getting well,that was why they took me out of Korea" Theo said. 

"That's sad" Chelsea said. 

"But then,strangely,I don't seem to remember all those times" He sighed out. 

"I think it's better that way,forgetting painful memories is really good,I'm so glad you became such a stubborn,strong,happy and handsome boy" Chelsea said. 

"Oh that makes me emotional" Theo touched his chest. 

"Shut up" She pushed him and they both laughed. 

Chelsea closed her eyes again,her head still on his shoulder. 

"Ten minutes,I will wake you up" Theo said. 

"Okay" She smiled. 



Isabella was standing in the balcony staring at the stars. 

"I'm so lonely" She groaned and checked her phone to see If Theo called but nothing like that. 

"Nice one Theodore,,you're so dead when I see you" She scoffed and went back onto her room. 

She brought out the photo album her mom gave her,it's an album of her old photos,when she was younger. 

She took a snack and started eating as she checked. 

"Oh wow,I was so cute" She smiled. 

She opened and it's a picture of her again,but then something caught her attention,the bracelet around her wrist. 

"That looks familiar" She mumbled.

She almost gave up to open but then her brain opened. 

Wait...this is the same bracelet Theodore has. 

It's like the bracelet was made for her because it's a rare type. 

She took the picture with her phone and send it to her mom. 

"Or...am I mistaken?" She mumbled and dialed her mom's number. 

"Hey honey"

"Mom I just sent you a picture,check" 

"I saw it,what's up?"

"That bracelet..."

"Oh.....you made it yourself,I don't know where you threw it tho,why asking? It looks ugly and cheap,what do you need it for?"  

"Thank you mom" she hung up and immediately walked out of her room.. 


Theo and Chelsea were walking toward the girls dorm when Isabella showed up. 

"Hey barbie" Theo pulled down Chelsea's hand from his and waved at Isabella. 

Isabella walked closer. 

"Follow me" She said and eyed Chelsea before walking away. 

"Goodnight" Theodore said. 

"Yeah bye" Chelsea muttered,watching as Theo ran after Isabella and they entered her room together. 

"What's going on?" Theodore asked. 

"Can I see your bracelet?" Isabella asked. 

"That voice doesn't sound cool,did I do something wrong?" Theo asked. 

"The bracelet first" 

Theo brought it out and Isabella checked the picture on her phone again,it's the same. 

"Oh,that's you" Theo smiled,also looking at the picture. 

"You sound like you know me" Isabella faced him.

"Yeah" Theo muttered. 

"But the,bracelet are so identical...."

"That's because you gave me" Theodore said and Isabella raised her brows. 

"How? When I've never met you before highschool?" She asked. 

"You forgot,probably"

"Where did you see me or met me?" 

"Germany" Theo replied. 

Isabella went mute for a minute before speaking up. 

"I remember going to Germany with my parents once when my aunt had her first child,but it's been years,I was like....was it...maybe I was seven back then? How did you remember?" Isabella scoffed. 

"How can I forget? It was at the hospital...that day" Theo replied. 

"Hospital?...so what did I do? How did we met?" Isabella asked. 

"Back then,I was six...I was in the hospital because I was sick and we met"




A tiny six years old boy walked out of his ward with his drip stand,he felt so excited to finally walk around the hospital,he was in coma for three straight months and woke up just a week ago. 

"I love the breeze" he smiled at the nurse walking with him..

"I'm so glad you love it,I'm so happy you're awake" The nurse said with teary eyes which the little boy didn't notice,he was just too glad to be outside. 

"Can I go alone from here?" He asked. 

"I can't leave you alone Theodore,it's dangerous,you can hardly walk properly" The nurse said. 

"Don't worry about me,let me go alone. I won't tell mom and dad,please"

"Okay,tell me your direction so I can come find you when you're getting late" The nurse said. 

"Just down there" 

"Okay,be careful" 

Theo smiled and walked away. 

He was still walking when a group of boys surrounded him,he stopped walking. 

"Wow,you guys are so tall" he said,smiling innocently. 

"So why do you look this way? Are your parents too poor to feed you?" One of the boys asked. 

"No that's not true,I'm just sick,and my mom told me I will be fine soon" Theo smiled. 

"So,why are you carrying this around?" They asked,pointing at the drip. 

"I don't really know.....it makes me feel better" Theo mumbled. 

The boys exchanged glances and one of the kicked the drip stand. 

"Don't do that" Theo immediately said. 

They laughed and kicked it again until it fell,they started with Theo also,laughing and bullying him. 

"Mommy!" He was on the floor crying his eyes out. 

"You silly brat!!!!" A tiny voice suddenly shouted from the back and all the boys turned. 

It's a girl standing in akimbo with her cute ponytail.

"Wow,she's pretty" 

She walked over to them like a small cute little model. 

"What do you think you're doing to a sick boy? People in this place are so rude" She said and looked at Theo who already stopped crying. 

"What are you still waiting for! Should I kick you too?!" She yelled. 

"I'm going to call the securities on you" 

The boys immediately ran off 

She sighed and bent in front of Theo. 

"Hey,are you okay?" 

Theo nodded.

She helped him up,she was so much taller than him. 

"You look so sick,you should stay in your room and not come out,you should rest" She said as they started walking together. 

"I just like the breeze" Theodore muttered. 

"What's your name?" 


"Isabella,my aunt just had a baby boy" she smiled. 

"Oh" Theo said. 

"Isabella honey! Come over we are going home" her mom called from a distance. 

"Oh,I need to go. Theodore" She waved. 

"Bye" Theo smiled and also waved. 

She was about leaving when she turned again. 

She removed the bracelet on her wrist. 

"Let's pretend this is a good luck charm,I wish you get well soon" she said and wore it around his wrist. 

Theo chuckled. 

"I'm never going to loose it" He said. 

"It's not a big deal" Isabella chuckled. 

"I know how to keep things safe,it won't get lost" Theodore said and Isabella smiled. 

"Do you stay here?"

"No,we will be going back to Korea in few days. Bye Theodore,fighting!"

Theo stood there,staring at her as she ran off,she entered their car and they left. 



Isabella was speechless. 

"Honestly.....we didn't spend twenty minutes together...but for me....it felt like hours...and.....it was love at first sight" Theo said. 

"So how did you find out it was me?" Isabella asked. 

"You don't even know how crazy I went,searching all over social media for Isabella when there are thousands of people with that name....but the day I found out about you....I saw you post a picture of you as a child...and that was how" Theodore said. 

"You're a psychopath...you remember all those moments,you just made me remember,I literally don't even know what happened to me when I was ten and you remember when you were six?" 

"Actually....I kinda lost my memories before my surgeries,,,so the first memory I made after the surgery was about you,so how do you expect me to forget?" Theo asked. 

"I never imagined that cute tiny boy would be my boyfriend" Isabella said. 

"I've always wanted that pretty girl to be my girlfriend" Theodore said and Isabella smiled. 

"I love you" she said. 

"I love you more" Theodore replied and their lips locked.


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