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Golden High 2024 - Episode 51&52




Golden High 2024 - Episode 51&52

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



Isabella coughed from her sleep. 

"Babe!" Dakota and Cindy rushed to her on the bed and she opened her eyes slowly. 

"You're finally awake,I was worried" Dakota said. 

"What happened?" Isabella asked,trying to get up. 

"You don't remember anything?" Cindy asked. 

Isabella thought for a minute and suddenly gasped. 

"My bracelet!" Her eyes widened. 

"Can't believe you're thinking about bracelet at this point,do you even know what's going on at all?" Cindy snapped. 

"What are you talking about?" Isabella asked. 

"Someone pushed you into the pool,you were unconscious all night,you just woke up" Dakota said. 

"What?!" Her eyes widened and she suddenly remember running to the swimming pool hall while searching for the bracelet. 

"You're right,someone pushed me" She mumbled. 

"They haven't gotten the person yet,the person wore a cloth covering the whole body,The CCTV was on thankfully tho" Cindy sighed. 

"Where's Theo? How did everyone find me?" Isabella asked. 

"It was Adriel who saved you,fortunately he always go there most nights,I don't even want to imagine what would have happened. And Theo is in the control room,he's been worried about you all day,but I think you should rest now" Cindy said. 

Isabella sighed and fell back on the bed. 

Who would hate her so much to the point of thinking of getting rid of her so badly?



Summer came in together with Theo,they met other students there also. Angelo and Leo included. 

"Nothing to show yet?" Summer asked. 

"No ma" The guys in charge replied and Theo sighed impatiently. 

"Wait" Angelo suddenly said. 

"What,did you see something?" Theodore immediately moved closer. 

"The shoes were visible" Angelo said. 

"Oh...that's right. But can we really find out using shoes?" The men in charge asked. 

"Of course,they don't look like some popular shoes and....wait.....they are girls shoes" Leo said. 

"A girl?" Summer asked like she's surprised. 

"Wait......those shoes...." Adriel mumbled and they all looked at him. 

"What about them?" Theo asked impatiently. 

"She said it's a rare type,and....I've never seen them on any student in the school" Adriel said. 

"Who the f*+*k are you talking about?" Theodore snapped. 

"Violet" Adriel uttered. 

"What?!" Everyone gasped. 

"That bitch" Theo Fold his fist.and immediately walked out. 

"Don't let him go! Get him!" Summer immediately shouted. 

Angelo and Leo ran after Theo,before he could think of running,they grabbed him from the back. 

"Hey!!! Let me go!!" He yelled. 

They ignored him and carried him. 

"Drop me this second!! Angelo!!" 

"We can't let you do anything silly" Angelo said. 

"I might kill you once you drop me a minute later,drop me now!!" He yelled. 

They ignored him and walled to one of the empty stores in school,they dropped him there and locked the door. 

"You two will regret this!!!" He banged the door loudly. 

"Fuck!" He roughed his hair and punched the wall before sitting on the floor. 

His mind went to Isabella and exhaled. 

"I'm such a useless boyfriend,I failed to protect you again" He mumbled. 



The whole school already heard who the suspected culprit is and they are all talking about it,surely going to be the only topic of discussion for the day. 

"I said it wasn't me!! Why would I do that?! I don't have any reason to push her into the pool!!!" Violet cried as the school guards carried her out of the director's office. 

She was given a suspension until it's confirmed that it was really her or not. 

"It wasn't me!! Let go of me!!" She kept on crying. 

The students watching the scene. 

👥 I still don't believe this

👥 But why would she push someone inside the pool?

👥 I think it's because of Theodore

👥 She's so shameless

👥 I wish she get expelled

👥 Such a wicked girl



Isabella was on the bed when Jeremy came in. 

"You're awake" He said. 

"Yeah" Isabella muttered. 

"I'm glad" he said and sat down 

"Don't you think it's time?" Jeremy asked. 

"Time? What time?"

"To break up with him of course,all these keep in happening because you're with him,you can't continue getting hurt every week because of him" Jeremy said. 

"Who said it's because of him?" 

"Isn't it obvious?! You know Isabella,you fucking know the reason why all those girls hate you so much,its all because of him..."

"I will handle things my own way,so stop it" Isabella mumbled. 

"Handle what?! I heard a girl once pushed you down the stairs! You survived that,now you got pushed into the pool when you don't even know how to swim?! What would have happened if there was no one around to save you?! Are you thinking at all?!" Jeremy yelled. 

"Leave" Isabella said. 

"I was expecting you to say that,you love him so much anyway...."

"What's the difference between you and those girls?! You fucking had him beaten on the rooftop! Because of me!! What's the difference? You think I don't know? You're also heartless and wicked,you're not the same Jeremy I knew,so please shut up and leave me alone,get out!" Isabella shouted. 

Jeremy stormed out of the ward. 


"What's going on? The school is so loud" Isabella asked immediately Cindy came in with her lunch. 

Phoenix and Cleo also came with her. 

"Hey girl,how are you now?" Phoenix asked. 

"I'm fine" Isabella smiled. 

"I was scared last night honestly,I'm glad Adriel got you fast" Cleo said. 

"Thank you" Isabella muttered. 

"What's going on? The noise is too much" Isabella said. 

"They found out who owns the shoe the supposed culprit wore last night and it belongs to Violet,she's the only one with that type of shoe in school" Phoenix replied. 

"Violet?" Isabella asked. 

"You shouldn't be surprised though,you know how she is" Cindy said,pushing the table closer to her,she already set the food on it. 

"I know she's crazy but she doesn't look like someone who would do that" Isabella said,picking up the chopsticks. 

"Don't trust anyone" Phoenix scoffed. 

"Where's Theodore?" Isabella asked as she ate. 

"Heard he got locked up" Cleo replied. 

"Huh?! Why!" Isabella shouted. 

"You know him,he wanted to go meet Violet" Cindy replied. 

"Oh" Isabella mumbled sadly. 

Thinking about the bracelet made her lose her appetite,but then the door opened and Adriel came in. 

"Hey superman" Cindy called. 

"I need my costume" Adriel said proudly and they laughed. 

"I owe you one,thank you" Isabella said when he got close. 

Adriel opened his palm and the silver bracelet made a quick glow. 

Isabella gasped,she took it immediately. 

"How did you get this?!" She screamed. 

"You were holding it in the pool when I brought you out" Adriel replied. 

"Was I?" Isabella tried to remember. 

It's true,while drowning she saw the bracelet laying below the water. 

"You're such a lover girl,I'm jealous of Theo" Adriel sighed. 

"Phoenix is standing here" Cleo said and Phoenix shot her a a glare which made her laugh. 

"Thank you Adriel" Isabella said. 

"You're welcome" he replied. 


Theodore was still sitting on the floor of the storeroom,in his head he was thinking of the best way to deal with Angelo and Leo,on the other hand he was missing Isabella badly. 

He suddenly heard the door getting unlocked from outside and he stood up immediately. The door opened and Chelsea came in. 

"Hey" She called. 

"Gosh,I thought it's those motherfuckers" Theodore groaned and Chelsea chuckled. 

"This is the best option they know,we can't let you kill that girl" Chelsea said and they both walked out. 

"Did she confess?" Theo asked. 

"She said that wasn't her" Chelsea shook her head. 

"Of course she would lie,I will see you later" Theo said and ran off. 

Chelsea sighed,staring at him running toward the school clinic,she bite her lips and also went her own way. 

Theodore entered the room where Isabella was,everyone already left,just Isabella who was now fast asleep. 

Theodore closed the door gently,trying not to wake her up. 

He walked over to her and sat down beside her. 

"You got here before anyone" Isabella mumbled and opened her eyes. 

"I'm sorry" Theodore immediately said. 

"Heard you got locked" Isabella said. 

"Let's not talk about that,are you okay?" He asked. 

She nodded. 

"So you lost your bracelet and thought you have to look for it that same night? Why would you leave your room all alone when it was so late,I can't even count how many times I've told you to stop walking alone when it late,when are you ever going to listen to me? Can you stop being so stubborn for once? You should have just ignored it and sleep peacefully" Theodore scoffed. 

"So you don't miss me?" Isabella pouted. 

"So everything I said doesn't make sense?" Theo asked. 

"Why not scold me later? I've not seen you since last night" She pouted. 

Theodore scoffed. 

"Fine I'm sorry,but you don't expect me to ignore the fact that I couldn't find the bracelet" 

"What's so important about it to risk your life....."

"Because you gave it to me...okay? It's my first time receiving such expensive gift from a boy,and aside that,I love you so much,I don't want you to get hurt if I tell you I lost it because I was too careless..."

"I won't get hurt,so next time,don't repeat this again. Do you even know how scared I was? I almost went crazy last night when I saw you unconscious,I was so scared" Theodore said. 

"I'm sorry" Isabella mumbled. 

Theodore stood up from the chair and kissed her forehead. 

"You should go take your bath" He mumbled. 

"Do I smell?" Isabella frowned. 

"No,it's because of the water that got dried on your clothes and hair probably,I will take you to your room" Theo said. 

"You said I should go take my bath,why are you following me?" Isabella immediately asked. 

"You have some naughty thoughts in your head" Theo pushed her head and she laughed. 

"You're going to carry me all the way,I don't think I can walk" Isabella pouted. 

"I was expecting that" Theo said. 

"Why?" Isabella asked. 

"I know you would be very tired already,you've been running in my mind all day" Theodore said and her cheeks turned red. 

"Stop it!!" She screamed,covering her face with her hair. 

"Tell me you don't like It" Theo said. 

"I like it,I'm shameless" Isabella said and Theo laughed. 

She climbed on his back and he left the ward with her. 


"How's she?" Maxwell asked Lionel,just coming from the suspension room


"No one is allowed to see her" Lionel exhaled and fell on the ground. 

"You think she's not the one?" Tristan asked. 

"She would never do that,she's quite crazy but not that heartless,I'm sure something is wrong somewhere" Lionel said. 

"So what are you gonna do now?" Maxwell asked. 

"I have no idea" Lionel shook his head. 



Chelsea entered and met Angelo and Leo having a conversation,she walked over to them. 

"Guys" She called and they looked at her. 

"Had lunch already?" She asked. 


"Let's go together" She said. 

"Wow,really? You're not mad at us anymore?" Angelo asked. 

"Are you going or not" Chelsea snapped. 

"Sure let's go,I miss eating with you" Leo smiled. 

Chelsea returned the smile. 

The three of them walked out of the class


"Hey" Adriel grabbed Phoenix's hand as she entered the locker room. 

"What is it this time?" She asked. 

"Are you still mad at me?" He asked. 

"No I'm not,can you leave me now?" Phoenix asked. 

Adriel sighed and let go of her hand. 

"I'm sorry about what she did,I promise it won't happen again" He said. 

"Not like you and I are dating,why should you apologize?" Phoenix scoffed. 

"She came to you because of me,and I'm sorry about that" Adriel said.  

"Fine" Phoenix rolled her eyes. 

"So,friends again?" 

"When were we ever friends?" She snapped.

"Okay....would you like to be my friend now?" Adriel asksed.

"I will think about it" she replied. 



Dinner was over about thirty minutes ago,Theo was alone in his room,battling with a strong headache. 

He was sitting down on the floor,holding his head like he would pull it off his throat. 

He could hear his head banging loudly,like his own subconsciousness whispering to him,it felt like his own thought but at the same time doesn't feel like his own. 

The headache subdued and he stood up to check his face in the mirror. 

He could feel different emotions rushing in his mind all at once,he was just happy some minutes ago while having dinner,how come another part of him is filled with anger that he doesn't even understand??

Theodore placed his hand on the table,still staring at himself. 

"Am I going crazy?" He asked himself but it doesn't seem like it. 

He left the mirror and took his laptop to search why he was having two opposite feelings and emotions at a time,but the results are too confusing to even read. 

"Gosh" Theo sighed and dropped the laptop. 

His phone started ringing,a call from Isabella. 

He wanted to pick up the call and at the same he wanted to ignore. 

"Ignore what?!!" He yelled frustratingly. 

"I'm loosing my mind,okay" He inhaled and exhaled. 

That was strange,he would never think of ignoring Isabella's call,never,so what was that?

"Am I still mentally stable?" He groaned and called her back. 

"Hey Teddy,how about a walk with me?" Isabella asked. 

"Where are you? I'm going to meet you" 

"In front of the boys dorm,come downstairs" Isabella said. 

Theo stood up and grabbed a jacket before going out of the room. 


"I love the breeze so much" Isabella sighed. 

They are walking hand in hand. 

"Me too" Theodore muttered. 

"Do you want to eat anything?" He asked and she immediately nodded. 

"Let's get some drinks in the school community fridge" Isabella suggested. 


They both walked there and got their drinks. 

They were on their way back when they saw Paris and she walked over to them.

"When is the director going to cancel Violet's suspension?" She asked. 

"Until they are sure if she did or not,and if no evidence to prove her innocence,her parents will be invited" Theodore said and she sighed sadly. 

"Thank you"  she muttered,but as she walked past them,they both saw her face clearly,she smiled. 

Isabella and Theodore exchanged glances. 

"That gave me chills,it was cringe" Isabella touched her chest. 

"Same..." Theo mumbled. 

"why was she smiling?" Isabella asked. 

"Barbie" Theo called. 


"Come with me" He said and grabbed her hand,she didn't ask any question and just followed. 

They walked straight to the CCTV control room.

"Is there another problem?"

"Can you go back to the swimming pool footage last night?" Theodore asked. 

Isabella was also confused,but didnt say a word.

The man Theo went to immediately brought out the footage. 

"Can you zoom closer?" Theo asked and he did. 

"Barbie" Theo pulled Isabella closer. 

"Do you notice anything?" Theodore asked. 

"No" Isabella Shook her head. 

"That person used hoodie to cover her face but I can see a little bit of her hair...she's a black haired" Theo said and Isabella gasped. 

"Violet is a blonde" She said. 

"Violet is actually taller than this if I'm not lying also. And finally....Do you notice that she intentionally showed those shoes?" Theo asked. 

"Also...that's not Violet's walking step...wait!!" Isabella's eyes widened and they both faced each other. 

"It's Paris" They said at once.


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