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Golden High 2024 - Episode 49&50




Golden High 2024 - Episode 49&50

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


"Hug me please" Chelsea sobs. 

Theodore didn't move,he just stood there staring at her. 

She got up. 

"I'm sorry,I made you angry,I deserve the silent treatment but I don't want it anymore" She said and moved closer to him. 

"So,stop ignoring me" She said. 

Theo sighed and hugged her gently. 

"Stop crying " he muttered. 

"I missed your hug....so much" She mumbled, hugging him tightly. 

Theodore just left her alone to do her thing untill she was satisfied. 



"Pookie" Isabella called Theodore and he looked at her. 

"You've been quiet,is something wrong?" She asked. 

Theodore shook his head. 

"You are not talking to me,I feel so sad" Isabella pouted. 

Theodore sighed. 

"I'm sorry,you were saying what?"

"Would you like to meet my parents on Monday? I will tell them you're my boyfriend" Isabella said. 

Theo smiled and nodded. 

"I don't mind" 

"What about you? Am I going to meet your parents?" She asked. 

"They won't be coming" Theo replied. 

"Oh" Isabella said. 

"Actually" Theo started and Isabella looked at him. 

"Chelsea and I... kind of made up"  he said. 

"So?" Isabella asked. 

"You are not bothered?" Theo asked. 

"Why should I be? You two are friends" Isabella said. 

"Oh....I just thought you might feel bad...."

"No I don't feel bad,as long as there are boundaries" Isabella said. 

"What boundaries?" Theo asked. 

"Like......kissing your cheeks? You two do that alot" Isabella said and Theo chuckled, getting interested. 

"And then what?" He asked. 

"You can hug her,but not a tight one like the one you and I share....I don't mind if you two joke and laugh with each other, it's not my business, she's your Best friend,you should care for her and have fun with her,I don't mind" Isabella said and Theodore couldn't just stop smiling. 

"You really think it's that easy? You won't get jealous when I'm with her?" He asked. 

"I don't think so, you're not going to kiss her" Isabella said. 

"No I won't " Theo said. 

"And you won't make out with her....."

"We've never done that,what are you talking about " He laughed. 

"Then I don't mind " Isabella said. 

"You're so cute barbie " Theodore said. 

"That doesn't mean I like her" Isabella said. 


"Because she doesn't like me either" Isabella replied. 

"So you want me to act nice to Someone you don't like?" Theo asked. 

"You two were friends before you fell in love with me,right?" Isabella asked. 

'No' Theo said inwardly. 

"Fine, don't worry I won't do anything to make you mad,I Love you so much"  He said to her. 

Isabella smiled and pecked his lips. 

"Teddy bear,you are getting cuter everyday,I feel like squishing your face" She said. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"That's all you feel? You don't feel like eating me raw?" He asked.

"Stop!!" Isabella shouted and he laughed. 

"What have I done again...."

"You know what you did,come one Foxy. You know I'm too innocent for all these" Isabella pouted. 

"But you understood?" Theo asked. 

"No I don't" She immediately snapped. 

"Do you wanna kiss me?" Theo asked, staring at her lips . 

"What about you?" Isabella smiled. 

"I don't want just kisses alone,I want more" Theodore muttered. 

"We can't do that" Isabella said. 

"I know,I'm gonna wait untill you're ready" 

"Five years?" Isabella grinned. 

"Ten years" Theodore said and she laughed. 

"That's crazy" 

"I've waited more than that,you can't even understand" Theodore mumbled. 

"Who did you wait for?" Isabella asked,cupping his cheeks. 

"You" Theo said. 

"Oh wow,so you've been waiting since God created this beauty in front of you?" She asked. 

"I guess" Theo said and they both laughed. 


The test result just came out and their ranks have been pasted,so fast. The students already bombarded the result board to see theirs. 


Rank 1...Theodore Andrew...99.7 points

Rank 2...Isabella Williams .....88.9 Points

Rank 3...Maxwell John...79.0 points

Rank 4...Leonard Kenneth....77.5 points

Rank 5....Phoenix Phillips......76.9 Points

Rank 6....Angelo Park.......73.8 points

Down like that. 

"Wow,for the first time,I beat you Phoenix" Leo said proudly. 

"Congratulations" Phoenix chuckled. 

"Wow,Theodore is insane for that point" Angelo muttered. 

"Isabella Passed Maxwell,what a miracle" Phoenix chuckled. 

They searched for Chelsea's name. 

"What the heck!" The three of them gasped. 

For the first time,Chelsea's rank dropped from 10 down to 15. 

"What happened" Leo mumbled. 


Theo entered the class and walked straight to Chelsea. 

"Follow me" He said to her and walk out again. 

Chelsea took her lips in and followed him 

They both entered into an empty class. 

"What happened?" Theodore asked. 

"What,do you mean?" Chelsea asked in a low voice. 

"From ten to fifteen? Why?" Theodore asked. 

Chelsea sighed. 

"I.....couldn't focus" She mumbled. 

"And what made you loose your focus exactly?" Theo snapped. 

"You know the answer....."

"I shouldn't be the reason why Chelsea,I shouldn't....."

Chelsea hugged him. 

"This should be enough for now" She muttered. 

"I missed you" She said. 

Theodore sighed. 

"Chelsea,let's talk about this"

"I don't want to,I'm going to do better next time,so stop ignoring me" Chelsea said. 

"We've talked about this Chelsea,I won't ignore you again,we are good now, can't you believe that at least?" Theodore groaned. 

"Really? You're not mad anymore?" She asked. 

"No I'm not,so we are back as best friends,and please next time you have a problem with any subject or topics,tell me. I feel so bad and guilty right now" He mumbled. 

Chelsea smiled and noddded. 



Some parents are getting to the school already, only the Grade 12 parents though. Each grades have different visitation day,in order to prevent too much crowd. 

Maxwell entered the Principal's office as met his mom waiting. 

"Max!" She called and went to hug him. 

"You didn't have to come" Maxwell mumbled. 

"I missed you" she sajd. 

"Why is your face like that?" Mr John asked. 

"Nothing" Maxwell replied. 

"Is it because of the new rank released?" 

Maxwell Said nothing. 

"It only means you didn't prepare for the test, you're lagging behind,so don't pour your frustration on your Mom who's happy to see you" Mr John snapped. 

"Take it easy with him" Mrs John said and Pat Maxwell's hair. 

"I know you will do better next time,I trust my son" She smiled.


"Mom,meet my best friend " Angelo said as he dragged Theodore closer. 

"We got close the moment I resumed, he's the top student in our school" Angelo smiled and Theo bowed. 

"Awwwn, he's so handsome" Angelo's twelve years old sister said. 

"Thank you cutie " Theo smiled and the girl blushed. 

"Move away from him" Angelo snapped. 

"What's your name?" Angelo's mom asked. 

"Theodore " 

"I really want to know my son's best friend and now I'm meeting you, only to find out you're not just handsome but brilliant too, amazing " she said and Theo chuckled. 

"Thanks mum" Theo said. 

"Can I have your number? You're my new crush" Angelo's sister brought out her phone. 

"Hey!" Angelo yelled at her and she ran off,he followed her. 

"I don't blame her " Angelo's Mom smiled. 



Two Cars drove into the school,A limousine and a Benz at the back. 

The students were whispering among themselves already. 

Th guards came out of the car behind and rushed to Open The limo. 

Mrs Andrew stepped down from the car and came out. 

👥 wow, who's she?

👥 Whose mom is that?

👥 She's so Young and beautiful!

👥 Is she a model? I love her outfit. 

Mrs Andrew started walking while the guards followed her. 

Meanwhile, Isabella was pacing around. Her parents are not in school yet. 

"Girl " Someone called from the back and she turned immediately to see Mrs Andrew. 

"Hello ma'am " She greeted with a bow. 

"Do you by any chance know Theodore?" 

"Theodore Andrew? 


'Gosh! This is Theo's mom!' She screamed inwardly. 

Isabella was about talking when Chelsea showed up. 

"Mom!! She screamed sn rushed to hug her

"My baby,you became More cute" Mrs Andrew said, hugging Chelsea again. 

'is she Theo's mom or Chelsea's mom?' Isabella thought as she moved back. 

"What about your boyfriend?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

'Boyfriend?' Isabella swallowed. 

"Oh, there he is " Chelsea Said when Theo showed up. 

"Son!" Mrs Andrew called excitedky. 

"Why are you here?" Theo asked. 

"Hey!" Chelsea knocked his Head. 

"That hurts " Theo groaned. 

"Let's find somewhere else's," Mrs Andrew said holding them both. 

Theo turned to the guard and they all stopped. 

"Go wait in the car and stop following us around,I will walk her back to you " Theo said.. 

They bowed and walked away. 

Theo didn't see Isabella so he left with Chelsea and his mom. 

"Chelsea, your mom won't be coming but I brought enough for you and Theo" 

"Don't tell me you brought clothes for me,you might have to return them" Theo said. 

"Rude brat" Mrs Andrew scoffed and faced Chelsea with a smile again. 

"That was nothing " Isabella muttered to herself. 



Theo was already walking his mom back 

"Mom,I want to tell you something" He said. 


"I have a girlfriend" Theo said. 

"Huh? Aside Chelsea? "

"Mom, Chelsea is not my girlfriend" Theo groaned. 

"You two broke up?"

"We never dated" Theo said. 


"I don't like your reaction,I shouldn't have told you,Summer too"

"I'm sorry son,I'm just surprised,come on..so who's your girlfriend?"

Getting to the school parking lots, Theodore saw Isabella and her parents,also about biding good bye. 

"Mom,look at them over there,Wanna go?"

"Of course,I should know my son's girlfriend, bring her home when school is on break " Mrs Andrew said and Theo smiled. 

They walked over to Isabella and her parents. 

"Oh.. isn't he The boy you pointed at earlier? Her mom asked an Isabella nodded shyly. 

"Oh, pretty girl, it was you" Mrs Andrew said. 

Like that, the family exchanged pleasantries. 



Leo was quietly listening as Angelo gist him about how Theo met his parents. 

"Your sister has good eyes honestly" Theo said. 

"Shut up" Angelo laughed

"Leo? Why aren't you saying anything?" Theo asked. 

"So you met his mom? And I told you I want you to meet my dad too" Leo said and Theo gasped.

"I forgot"

"Guess I'm The third wheel" Leo scoffed and stood up. 

"Leo wait, that's not true....." Theo said but Leo walked away. 

"Why is he so angry? It's not that deep" Angelo said. 

"No,we planned to meet his dad together, it's my fault,I forgot" Theo said. 

"Should I get mad that you two planned without me too?" Angelo asked. 

"Stop it..….. I will go talk to him" Theodore also Left The cafeteria. 

He met Theo in the locker room. 

"Hey, I'm sorry" Theo muttered. 

Leo ignored him. 

"I just.,...I have no excuse,so let's meet them together next time,and besides I can't wait to come to your house and have fun together,so don't get mad" Theo said. 

"Fine" Leo muttered and Theo smiled. 



Isabella's room was upside down, everywhere scattered, She was searching for something desperately sn almost in tears. 

"I can't lose that bracelet,Theo won't be happy, where did I keep it? I'm so careless" She sobs as she searched everywhere for it. 

She stood up and wiped her tears. 

"Locker room?" She suddenly mumbled,she didn't think twice before running out of her room. 

She ran off, getting to the locker room,she opened hers and started searching again but couldn't. 

"I'm screwed,what if he break up with me because of the bracelet, it's too expensive to get lost so easily" she sniffs. 

She left the locker room and bumped into a girl. 

"Oh, what are you looking for?" They girl asked. 

"A Silver bracelet" Isabella immediately answered. 

"Oh,the one Theo gave you that day"

"Right " 

"I think I saw it somewhere around the swimming pool " 

"Oh, thank you " Isabella said and immediately ran off,not even thinking of how the bracelet must have got there, She just want to see it. 


"Where is She? It's f**king late" Theo said worriedly,he didn't find Isabella in her room and she's not picking hiss calls either. 

Chelsea came out of her room and saw him. 

"Hey,I was about going to see you" She walked to him. 


"You Said if I have a problem with any subject or topic,I should come to you" She smiled 

"Can you wait? I'm trying to call Isabella" Theo said and Chelsea said nothing. 

He continue trying but still no answer,he sighed out. 

"Why are you so worried? She might be with her friends " Chelsea said. 

"I want to believe that,but I'm restless " Theo said. 

"What about me? Should we do it next time? Chelsea asked. 

"It's fine,I guess I'm overreacting" Theo kept his phone and she smiled. 

"My room or yours?" She asked. 

"Yours" Theo replied and they both went in. 


Isabella got to the swimming pool area but no sign of the bracelet. 

"This can't be happening" She mumbled,, breathing tiredly. Her hair looking so rough. 

She sighed out,

She suddenly heard a quick footsteps, The moment she made to turn, someone pushed her into the pool and the water splash up and back inside the pool. 

Isabella was gasping for breath and struggling in there. 

She actually can't swim.


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