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Golden High 2024 - Episode 45&46




Golden High 2024 - Episode 45&46

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


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Theo opened his eyes on the bed,he looked around and found no one,just as he was thinking,the door opened and Isabella came in. 

"Foxy" She called and immediately ran to him. 

"I thought you left me" Theo pouted. 

"No I didn't,I...." Before she could speak,Theo grabbed her hand and pulled her to himself,she fell on the bed,by his side. 

"Don't stay away from me again,I might go crazy" He said,his arm around her waist as he hugged her. 

Isabella smiled and raised her hand,she use her two fingers to show the bracelet in her hand. 

Theo immediately sat up with wide eyes. 

"How...did you get that?" He asked. 

"I gathered all the beads on the floor,and fortunately I have some elastic cord for bracelet in my room,so I remade it,what do you think? I think I tried,it looks good. I don't know how the former one looks like but I just want to help,what do you think?" She asked. 

Theodore smiled,staring at her face and getting lost in it. 

"Say something,you don't like it?" Isabella asked. 

Theo hugged her. 

"You don't know how much this mean to me,I love you" he said. 

Isabella smiled and hugged him back. 

"I love you too pookie" She said. 

Theo broke the hug and caress her face,like she's a baby. 

"Angelo and Leo just left" Isabella said,giving him the bracelet. 

"Thank you" Theodore smiled and took it from her,he stared at it and then kissed it. 

"Who gave you?" Isabella asked jealously. 

"Someone really special" Theodore looked at him after he kept it safe in his pocket. 

"Someone special? Who?" She raised her brows. 

"I can't tell you" Theo said. 

"The bracelet looks cheap tho" Isabella scoffed. 

"Yeah I know,but it means a lot to me" Theo smiled. 

"Indeed" Isabella looked away. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"Are you jealous?" He asked. 

"No" She snapped. 

"Oh...she's jealous" Theodore teased. 

"But if you're so jealous,why did you remake it?" He asked. 

"Because you were so mad and sad,I guessed it's really important to you and I can't help watching you sad,that's why" she muttered. 

"You're so cute barbie" Theo touched her cheek and she smiled. 

"Our test is tomorrow" Isabella said and got down from the bed. 

"You better do well or I'm gonna spank you this time around" Theo said. 

"What if I want you to spank me?" Isabella asked. 

"What?" Theodore laughed. 

"Don't you feel like spanking? For real?" She turned her back. 

"Sexy barbie" Theodore muttered and she smiled. 

Theodore got down from the bed also. 

"Let's go to class,I'm all good now" He hugged her from the back. 

"Okay" she said and faced him instead. 

"You said we should go to class" 


"Why is your hand still on my butt?" Isabella asked. 

"Ohhh.....I didn't mean to" Theo immediately moved back. 

"Let's go" She chuckled and they walked out together. 



"He haven't said a word till now,do you think he's planning anything?" Lionel asked as he walked beside Maxwell to the basketball court. 

"Planning what?" Maxwell asked. 

"I don't know either,I just feel like he might want to avenged,isn't it strange that he totally ignored what we did?" Lionel asked. 

Maxwell sighed and tapped him.

"He's not going to do anything" He said. 

They got to the outdoor basketball court,most of the team were there already,the coach stood in their front. 

"Why here? It's sunny" Theo complained.

"Because we have a game with another school tomorrow and we are using this place" The coach replied. 

"What?!" They all gasped in shock.

"A game?! You didn't tell us before"

"I just got the news also,and besides should this be a shock? We practice almost everyday,it's just a game not a match,so prepare well enough today" The coach said. 

"I'm going to give you just thirty minutes to practice,then I will give you your positions for tomorrow's game,take your spots" He clapped. 



"Here" The principal gave Isabella a booklet. 

"Give it to Miss Summer" He said. 

"Okay sir" Isabella bowed and left,she walked over to the director's office and gently knocked. 

"Come in"

Isabella opened the door and went in,she closed the door again.

"Good afternoon ma,I was asked to bring this" She said,showing Summer the booklet in her hand. 

"Oh,give me that" Summer said and she moved closer. 

Summer took it from her and looked up. 

"Wait,aren't you...Isabella?" She asked. 

"That's .....me" Isabella mumbled,wondering why she asked. 

Summer lean on her seat. 

"What's your rank in class?" She asked. 

"Three" Isabella muttered. 

"Really?" Summer asked and she nodded. 

"Then you should be able to help me with these,I have a lot of work to do so I'm kind of stuck,can you help?" She asked,showing her the big book of records. 

"Of course,I will like to help" Isabella smiled. 

"Great,take a seat then,I will tell you what to do" 

In few minutes,Isabella was all busy. 

"I heard about what happened in school the other night,you and Theo" Summer suddenly said and Isabella looked up. 

"Do you think it was proper in a school?"She asked. 

Isabella bite her lips. 

"And then,you shouldn't be using such bracelet during school hours" Summer added. 

"Oh" Isabella immediately removed the bracelet. 

"Besides,don't you think these are just distractions? He might distract you,I don't want you to loose focus"

Isabella shook her head. 

"I'm not going to be distracted,and besides,He's strict sometimes when it comes to studying,same to me,I won't let him loose focus because of me" she said. 

Summer sighed. 

"If you say so" She smiled. 

Isabella nodded and continue what she was doing.



Phoenix was sitting in between in poles,studying. One thing about her,she always find it hard to study in her room all alone. 

"Hey" She heard Adriel's voice and she turned to see him sitting beside him and smiling. 

"What are you doing here?" Phoenix asked. 

"I came here because I saw you" Adriel replied and she scifced. 

"You can see I'm busy,so don't disturb me" She mumbled. 

"So you're not gonna chase me away?" Adriel asked. 

"Not in the mood" Phoenix said and he smiled. 

There was silence until a sudden breeze blew and Scattered Phoenix's hair. 

Adriel immediately helped her pull it back from her face,Phoenix looked at him. 

"Sorry,I didn't mean to touch you" Adriel said. 

"Thanks" Phoenix mumbled and his eyes widened. 

"Did you just....said that?" He asked. 

Phoenix said nothing

"Gosh" Adriel mumbled excitedly. 



Isabella opened the door and was surprised to see Theo standing. 

"Is there something wrong?" She asked. 

"I couldn't sleep" Theo shook his head. 


"I'm sleeping right beside you" Theo entered,cutting her off. 

"Wow" Isabella mumbled and locked the door. 

"Were you sleeping already?" Theo faced her. 

"You can't sleep in my room," Isabella said. 

"Huh? Why?"

"Bribe me" She rolled her eyes. 

"I will teach you taekwondo" Theo said. 

"What?! Is that a bribe?" Isabella laughed. 

Theo smiled and moved closer to her as she lean on the wall. 

"I couldn't sleep because I was missing you" He said. 

Isabella smiled and hugged him. 

"But let's learn taekwondo" she whispered.

"Huh why now?" Theo asked. 

"Isn't it a bribe? Or are you thinking about something else?" Isabella asked. 

"Okay you caught me" Theo groaned. 


"Okay okay,I'm gonna teach you" he said. 

"Great,is it okay to learn in my pajamas?" 

"Yeah sure,but can I get a kiss first?" Theo asked.

"No,let's get to work" Isabella said and Theo sighed. 

""You're so wicked barbie" He pouted. 

"I know" Isabella smirked. 



The boys from the other school already arrived and they are in the courts waiting for the game to start. 

Isabella came out of her room to see Cindy and Dakota already waiting for her. 

"Morning guys" She smiled 

They both stared at her in confusion and also speechless. 

"What are you wearing?" Cindy asked. 

"What's wrong with my dress?" Isabella asked. 

"A lot" Dakota said. 

Isabella was wearing the hoodie Theo gave her with a baggy pants with sneakers,she even covered her hair completely with the hood. 

"Why are you wearing all these? What happened to all those sexy tops and skirts?" Cindy asked. 

"My boyfriend will be playing,so who am I going to look sexy for? No one,I just need to cheer for him,let's go" Isabella smiled and walked in front of them. 

Cindy and Dakota exchanged glances. 

"Did Theo cast a spell on her?" Cindy asked. 

"Can't doubt that" Dakota mumbled and they followed him.

They entered the court and it was getting filled up with students already. 

Someone suddenly hugged Isabella from the back,she smiled when she perceived the sweet scene. 

"Teddy Bear" She called and turned for face him.

"Wow...what are you wearing?" Theodore chuckled. 

"I covered my body because I don't want anyone to provoke you by staring at me,you need to concentrate" Isabella said. 

"Wow" Theo nodded. 

"You did really well,I would go crazy if I see anyone touch you so I love your outfit this way,perfect,you look hot" He said. 

"Stop being dramatic" Isabella snapped and he chuckled. 

"We are about to start,I just couldn't stop myself from coming the moment I saw you,see you later"

"I love you" Isabella said but Theo was already gone. 

She pouted,staring at him till he got to where other boys were. 

"Sit down,He's not running away" Cindy pulled her on the seat. 

"It's the boys from Bright High school" Dakota said. 

"The same school we are competing against in the coming quiz?" Isabella asked and she nodded. 

"Wow" Cindy mumbled.

Violet and her crew got a seat in front of them. 

Soon,the game started,students cheering up for their different schools. 

Theo was given the post and center position and he was doing so well. He got the first five points in a roll.

👥Go Theodore!!

👥 Go Theodore!!

"Wow,He's so handsome" Some girls from the other school said among themselves.

Isabella scoffed. 

Cindy and Dakota laughed. 

"You're just getting started with your jealousy" Cindy said.

"Leave me alone" Isabella scoffed. 

Maxwell got a point for their team and screams filled the air again.

The game ended and Golden High won,the students stood up crazily,screaming at the top of their lungs. 

Golden high got 30 points while Bright high school got 20. 

Theo: 11 points

Maxwell: 5 points

Lionel: 5 points

Leo: 6 points

Angelo: 3 points

They continue celebrating till the students started leaving one after the other,Bright High school students aren't leaving yet. 

Their drivers aren't ready,so they are busy walking around and exploring the school. 


Chelsea came to the class as soon as the game entered,she came to get the book she left in class yesterday. 

She was still trying to find it when she heard some steps behind her,she immediately turned to see the unfamiliar face,He's a student of Bright high school. 

"Hi" He smiled. 


"What's your name? You're pretty" He said. 

Chelsea raised her brows and choose for ignore him. 

"Hey,I'm talking to you" He moved closer and touched her. 

Chelsea turned. 

"Don't touch me,that's disrespectful" She snapped. 

"I asked for your name...."

"I don't want to tell you,can't you just leave me alone?!" Chelsea shouted and made to walk away. 

"Hey" The boy grabbed her hand and pulled her back. 

"I hate people shouting on me" He said with a frown this time.

"Let me go you idiot!" Chelsea shouted. 

He pushed her against the wall with a mean look on his face. 

"What are you gonna do if I don't let you go?" He asked as Chelsea struggled to free herself.

"You're going to regret it" She said. 

"Who's going to make me regret it?" He laughed and raised his hand to hit her. 

Chelsea closed her eyes in fear but then she heard a bang sound across the class which made her open her eyes.

The boy was on the floor with some chairs falling over him ,she turned immediately and saw Theodore. 

"Theo" She called but he didn't look at her,he walked over to the boy who just managed to get up. 

"Should I make you regret it? For real?" He asked. 

The boy laughed. 

"I see she's got someone,that doesn't make her less a b*tch i can f*ck tho" He said. 

Theodore punched his face and his lips burst. He grabbed his collar. 

"Repeat what you said if you want to die" He said and punched him again. 

"Fine!! I'm sorry,let me go already!" He said loudly. 

"Apologize to her if you love your eyes" Theodore pushed him to Chelsea. 

Chelsea couldn't even look at him with the blood. 

"I'm sorry"he said. 

She nodded.

"F*ck off" Theo said and the boy walked away. 

Theodore dust his palms and made to walk out. 

"Theo" Chelsea grabbed his arm. 

He threw it off. 

"That was nothing" He muttered without looking at her and walked out. 

Chelsea bite her lips. 



Theodore was walking alone when five boys surrounded him,bright high school students as expected. 

He saw the one he beat up earlier standing somewhere else and he scoffed. 

'Gosh,can't believe I'm going to fight today,can't stay away from trouble' he mumbled to himself. 

"What do you want?" He asked.

"How dare you touch him?! Who do you think you are?!" One of the boys asked. 

"Hey dumb soul,step away from my boyfriend!" They heard the female voice and they all turned,including Theo,it was Isabella. 

She walked closer and stood in front of Theo. 

"What are you doing?" Theo whispered and she raised her hand up for him for shut up which he did. 

"Stay away from him" She said to the boys and they laughed.

"Seriously? Are you that dumb to think of supporting him in this situation?" One of them asked. 

"I will answer with this" Isabella said and without thinking twice,she jumped and kicked the one who talked,it was a heavy kick because he was thrown on others and they all fell. 

Theo's eyes widened. 

"Don't tell me it was last night taekwondo" He said. 

"I'm a fast learner as you can see" She said,still folding her fists while looking at the boys who were surprised. 

"Gosh,you're so sexy Barbie" Theo said. 

"Barbie isn't just Sexy....Barbie Is dangerous sometimes. From now on,I will be the one to protect you,I won't let any other girl do that" Isabella said. 

Theodore smiled. 

"Let's teach them a lesson together" he winked and Isabella nodded but before they could turn to the boys already,they already ran off 

They faced each other and laughed out loudly. 

Theo tried to kiss her. 

"Buzz off" She pushed his head. 

"Hey,what did I do?"

"Why acting so hot and sexy while playing earlier? You made the girls drool over you,cheater,I wore hoodie because of you! You even pulled off your jersey and the girls were screaming and drooling,I hate it" Isabella said. 

"Next time I will wear hoodie to play" Theo said. 

Isabella pushed him and he laughed. 

"Okay I'm sorry,come on" He groaned. 

"Piggy back ride" She said. 

Theodore squatted in front of her immediately and she climbed on his back. 

She kissed his neck as he started walking. 

"Can you ride anything? Like a bike?" Isabella asked. 

"I have a bike back home" Theo replied. 

"Whoa! Can you teach me how to ride?" Isabella asked. 

"I could teach you how to ride....but..."

"But what?" Isabella asked curiously. 

"You might find it hard to walk after that" Theo replied and Isabella's eyes widened. 


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