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Golden High 2024 - Episode 43&44




Golden High 2024 - Episode 43&44

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



Phoenix entered into the room and found Chelsea sitting on her bed in tears,she was hugging her pillow to herself as tears rolled down her eyes.  

Phoenix sighed and sat down on the bed,staring at her,not knowing what to say. 

"Hey,you shouldn't cry. I know how much you like him okay? I know it hurts but just...try to get over it. He's got a girlfriend now,you need to get over it and talk to him as his best friend,I know you Chelsea,you've been sulky and quiet all day,it's unlike you,you shouldn't be hurting yourself because of your ego,just go talk to him for peace sake" Phoenix said. 

Chelsea shook her head. 

"I don't want to" She mumbled and wiped her tears. 

"I'm going to get over this,I won't talk to him,I don't want to" She repeated. 

"If that would make you happy,then do it" Phoenix stood up. 

"Goodnight babe,I need to study so I will see you tomorrow" She said and Chelsea nodded. 

Phoenix smiled and left the room. 



"Honestly,this is unfair" Theo said and Isabella looked at him. 

"What's unfair?" She asked. 

"It's unfair that we are studying on our first night" Theo mumbled and she laughed. 

"You're so cute" She said. 

"If you think I'm cute then let's end it here and....."

"Our test is coming,not just the quiz,come on don't be lazy" Isabella said. 

"Gosh,when your girlfriend study too much" Theo mumbled under his breath and looked away. 

"I heard you" Isabella said. 

"I don't care,you're already treating me bad,I want you" Theo said. 

Isabella laughed and closed all the textbooks in front of her. 

"I'm all yours" She said and Theo grinned. 

"Come here" He grabbed her hand and pulled her to himself,making her sit on his laps,their eyes on each other. 

"What,why are you staring at me so sweetly?" Isabella blushed shyly. 

"Because you're pretty,too beautiful that I always loose my mind when I'm next to you" Theo said. 

Isabella smiled. 

"Is it true? Am I your first love?" She asked. 

Theo nodded,pulling her hair backward. 

"Really? That means,since we got to highschool?" Isabella asked. 

Theodore chuckled. 

'Way back before that' he said inwardly. 

"I don't believe you" Isabella scoffed. 

"Why? Because you never noticed? I don't want to talk about the past,so let's forget about it" He said. 

"Okay boss" Isabella chuckled. 

"What about my nickname? I won't forget that today,never" Theo shook his head like a child with his eyes closed. 

"I have a lot" Isabella said 

"What?!" He opened his eyes at once and she giggled,she touched his cheek. 

"Tell me" Theo said curiously. 

"Honestly,I haven't decided yet....."

"I will choose by myself" Theo cut in. 

"Calm down" She laughed. 

"I'm losing patience here,please" 

"Okay listen" Isabella cleared her throat while Theo listened with interest. 

"I want to call you..Pookie Because you're so cute" She said. 

Theo smiled. 

"Cookie Kiss,Because your smooches are sweeter than chips" 

"Gosh" Theo bite his lip. 

"Champ,Because you always protect me,Squishy, Because I want to make  you mine" 

"I'm yours,you don't have to ask me" Theo said like a crazy guy in love. 

"Teddy Bear: Because youe name is Theodore and I don't wanna let you go" 

"I might just die" Theo said 

"Stop being dramatic!" Isabella shouted,trying not to laugh. 

"Fine,continue" Theo said. 

"Foxy: Because you are so smart,Boo thing: because you're my boo,my boyfriend,Knight: because you will always be right beside me and..Mon Chéri because,I'm in love with you" She concluded. 

Theodore was quiet. 

"Why the silence?" Isabella whispered. 

"Should I buy the world for you?" Theo asked. 

"What?! Stop!" Isabella laughed. 

"I love them all,all" Theodore said. 

"But I love Foxy and Pookie most" Isabella mumbled. 

"Call me whatever you want,I don't care" Theo said. 

Isabella smiled and cupped his cheeks,she slowly placed her lips on his own. 

Theo responded to the kiss. 

Isabella broke the kiss first. 

"Why? I want more" Theo immediately said. 

Isabella smiled. 

Theodore stood up,she wrapped her legs around his waist,he dropped her on the reading table and went in between her thighs. 

"I can't control my happiness right now" He muttered. 

"Why do you like me? I was always mean to you" Isabella mumbled. 

"Your mean face was Sexy to me" Theo said and Isabella blinked. 

"At least your mean words made me hear your voice" Theo added. 

"I feel like a bad person" Isabella mumbled sadly. 

Theo pecked her lips. 

"It's all in the past right?" He said. 

Isabella kissed his forehead. 

"I promise to be the best girlfriend,you can break up with me if I don't do well....."

"This isn't a contract,what do you mean by if you don't do well?" Theo cut in. 

"I just think.....you don't deserve someone who doesn't cherish you,other girls are...."

"I don't care about other girls,I only see you" Theo snapped. 

"Don't compare yourself to them" He added. 

"Sorry" She pouted and kissed his eyes. 

Theo was about kissing her when Phoenix and Leo came in. 

"I knew it! I knew these two won't study any damn thing,gosh" Leo groaned. 

"You're taking it too personal,calm down"  Phoenix said and they laughed. 

Theo dropped Isabella on the floor. 

"So you guys came to study together?" She asked. 

"Yeah,it will be fun" Leo said. 

Theo nodded. 

"Hi guys" Adriel showed up. 

"Gosh" Phoenix bite her lips. 

"I'm here to study" Adriel smiled. 

"What happened to your friends?" Isabella asked. 

"Long story" Adriel muttered. 

"They ditched you?" Leo asked. 

"Something like that,stop asking me,it's embarrassing" Adriel said and Isabella chuckled. 

Theo pulled her closer. 

"Laughing at another guy's joke makes me jealous" He whispered and Isabella faced him. 

"Huh?" She asked with wide eyes. 

Theo nodded with a pout. 

"Gosh" Isabella chuckled and pushed his chest. 

Theo chuckled. 

"Let's be serious now guys,we have no time" He said seriously this time. 

"I made a little outline of some topics that are mostly asked during chemistry quizzes and competitions" Isabella said. 

She opened her laptop and all of them gathered to see. 

"How did you get them?" Leo asked as she scrolled through the screen. 

"I watch alot of them" Isabella replied. 

"Wow,that's gonna be so hard" Phoenix said. 

"Not at all" Isabella smiled. 

"If we study all these and the rest study another part,we should be good to go" Theodore said. 

"That's if they decide to cooperate" Leo said. 

"Why not? We want to win this badly,Adriel,you should talk to your classmates" Isabella said. 

"I will try" Adriel muttered. 



Maxwell,Tristan and Jerry were together with Lionel. Doing nothing in particular,they just came here immediately after dinner. 

"I can't believe he did that in front of everyone,what was he trying to prove?" Tristan scoffed. 

"He must think he own the school or something,dummy" Maxwell scoffed. 

The door leading to the rooftop opened and they all turned,thinking it's a security but then Jeremy appeared. 

"Dude,you should just appear anyhow anywhere" Lionel groaned. 

Jeremy walked straight to Maxwell. 

"Are you seriously not going to do anything?" He asked. 

"About what?" Maxwell frowned. 

"You gave up,but I can't. I can't let him have her so easily,I can't" Jeremy run his fingers into his hair. 

"Is there anything you're thinking?" Maxwell asked. 

"Let's mess with him" Jerry said. 

"How?" They all asked. 

"I want to beat up that guy so badly,I still can't get over it. He act like he's too strong to handle,I want to see him fall on his knees and plead" Tristan said. 

"You think that's ever going to happen? When I say that dude is a psychopath,believe me" Lionel said. 

"What the fuck are you talking about?  Are you scared of him or something?" Jeremy snapped. 

"No I'm not,I'm in,whatever you are planning,I want to see him on his knees also,but.....he's a fucking psychopath,trust me. You should have seen the way his eyes were piercing into my soul like he would kill him" Lionel said. 

"I want to see by myself then" Maxwell said. 

"I have a plan" He added with a smirk. 



Theo entered the director's office and Summer welcomed him with a smile. 

"Someone look so handsome this morning,what's the secret? Who did you dreamt about?" he asked. 

"I couldn't Even sleep all night" Theo scoffed. 

"I heard about what happened last night" Summer suddenly frowned. 

Theo sighed and sat down 

"How could you propose to a girl in such manner? You Even called the guards to bring something? You got her a silver bracelet? How much was it?" Summer askes. 

"I didn't reach my limit" Theo replied. 

"So what?! Don't play with me,I know how your limit is okay?! You have to buy a lot of expensive shits before you reach your limit so you have no excuse,that bracelet is expensive Teddy,did you tell the girl you gave how much you got it? Maybe she wound cherish it more" Summer said. 

"I don't want to do that" Theo said. 

Summer rolled her eyes. 

"I thought it was Chelsea tho" She muttered. 

"No she's not" Theo said. 

"I heard she's a girl in your class,Bella? I don't think I like her" Summer said. 

"You don't Even know her,and besides you don't have to like her" Theo said. 

"Seriously?" Summer chuckled. 

"I'm serious......."

"I thought you liked Chelsea" She said. 

Theo looked at her blankly. 

"Okay sorry sorry" Summer said. 

"Bye" Theo rolled his eyes and walked out of the office. 

"Isabella" Summer sighed. 



"Gosh,it's glowing so expensively,I'm so jealous" Cindy said as they both checked out Isabella's bracelet. 

Dakota tried touching it.

"No,don't touch"Isabella immediately said. 


"I don't want anything to happen to this bracelet,or I will cry" Isabella said. 

"Girl in love" They teased and her cheeks turned red. 

Theo came in and her eyes fwll on him but he didn't look her side. 

"Guys! Who else notice the recent glow of our class boys?" A girl suddenly asked. 

"I know,they just keep getting handsome" Another girl said. 

"Let's give them some ratings" 

Two girls walked to the front of the class and took a white board maker. 

"Top five most handsome boys in our class" She said. 

Most students were interested in what they are doing while others don't seem to care. 

Theo placed his head on the locker and closed his eyes. 

"You don't wanna see your rating?" Angelo whispered into his ear. 

Theo said nothing. 

"Starting from number five we have" 

They started writing the boys names and their ranks in visuals,up to the first on the lists. 

1: Maxwell

2: Theodore

3: Angelo

4: Jeremy

5: Angelo

👥 Noooo!!!!

The students screamed. 

"This is just my opinion,what's wrong." The girl asked. 

"Theodore should be number one,nobody else"

"Right,Change the names please"

"I think Leo is more handsome than Jeremy tho" 

"Leo should be number 3"

"Personally, i think Angelo should be number two,Maxwell can be number three"

And that was how everything scattered. 



"Theo,the coach is waiting already,come on" Angelo and Leo called Theo who was with Isabella in her seat. 

"Go go,your friends are waiting" Isabella said. 

"Later" Theo winked at her bafore going after Angelo and Leo. 

"Go on guys,I'm gonna drop something in my locker" He said. 

"Be fast"

He jogged over to the locker room,he opened his locker and removed the bracelet from his pocket and stared at it for a minute before putting it in the locker,he closed it and walked out again. 

Tristan and Jerry came in together and walked to Theo's locker,they took the bracelet and went out. 


Chelsea entered into Summer's office and Summer immediately stood up. 

"Oh my baby" She opened her arms for Chelsea who immediately went to hug her. 

"You don't look good,I expected that" Summer broke the hug and touched her cheek. 

"I'm fine" Chelsea muttered. 

Summer sighed. 

"Everything is going to be fine okay? You're pretty,and besides,my brother is such a brat,you deserve better,not that spoilt brat" Summer said. 

"That won't make me feel better" Chelsea mumbled. 

"I know,it's a pity you like a spoilt brat" Summer said and Chelsea chuckled. 

"Focus on your study and forget about him,you know I always like you for my brother,but he's just too silly not to know how we both feel,so let him be,okay?" Summer said. 

Chelsea managed to smile and nod before leaving the office. 



Theo opened his locker to pick his bracelet but it was nowhere. He almost scattered everywhere when he saw a note in his locker. 


Theo ran out immediately without thinking twice. 


"Are you sure that bracelet will bring him here?" Jeremy asked. 

"I know,I've seen him countless times staring at it,definitely something important to him" Maxwell said. 

Just then,Theodore arrived,breathing heavily. 

"Oh he's here" Tristan smiled. 

"Where's the bracelet?" Theo asked,he walked closer to them. 

Maxwell raised it up and acted like he was going to cut it. 

"Stop right there" He said and Theo stopped,his heart skipped a beat seeing that.

"Don't you dare do it,don't dare" He said. 

"Threatening won't work" Lionel scoffed. 

"What do you want?" Theo asked. 

"Nothing much,let's beat you up" Jerry said. 

Theo was kinda confused at first. 

"You heard that right? We want you to know how those punches feels like,then you will beg on your knees,that's all" Maxwell smirked. 

"Are you crazy?" Theo asked. 

"Then say bye to your precious bracelet" Maxwell tried cutting it.

"Stop!!! Okay! Do what you want,just don't cut that.....please" Theo said. 

"Great" Lionel grinned. 

"I will just watch" Jerry chuckled. 

Maxwell and Jeremy walked over to him first. 

"Let's start with this" Maxwell said and punched him on the face three times,Theo fell on the floor roughly. 

"That feels so good" He smiled and moved away from him. 

"Guys,your turn" He said and immediately the four of them started hitting and stomping on him. 

Theo didn't do anything to defend himself,his eyes were only on the bracelet. 

"That should be enough" Maxwell amjmed. 

Theo wiped his bloody lips. 

"I see this tiny stuff is true important to you" Maxwell grinned. 

"Give it back" Theo said and tried going to him. 

Tristan and Jerry held him back so he could not move. 

"No" Maxwell said and right there,he cut the bracelet and all the beads scattered all over the ground. 

Theodore's head banged three times,it was as If he was running mad in his system,seeing the beads all over the floor,his head bang so much that it hurts,his veins struggled in his body,he closed his eyes,groaning painfully. 

*Kill them.....kill them..

The voices in his head started whispering. He opened his already red eyes filled with anger and the first thing his eyes fell on was the pocket knife under one of the benches. 

"Why is he like that?" Lionel immediately asked in fear,he shifted back. 

"He's angry" Maxwell muttered. 

Theodore groaned,holding his head to stop the voices. 

*They deserve to die,kill them. 

His eyes on the knife but then successfully looked away. 

"Run" He muttered. 


"Run away from my sight,run away!!!" He screamed. 

They didn't wait either,they ran off. 

Theo sat on the floor,still battling with his head and at the same time the anger of seeing what he cherish getting destroyed made him even more mad,but the more he get angry,the more his head bangs. 


"I told you guys,you saw that right,his eyes were the same as that day,He's dangerous" Lionel said on their way. 

Chelsea heard that. She grabbed Jerry's hand. 

"Where are you coming from?" 


"Theodore" She mumbled and immediately turned,she started running to the rooftop.

Meanwhile,Isabella saw the boys coming from the rooftop also and she got worried that they might be up to something,she was already on her way so she was faster. 

She got to the rooftop and saw Theo on the ground. 

"Theodore!" She called and ran to him. 

"Hey,open your eyes,talk to me....hey!" He cupped his cheeks. 

"My head" Theodore mumbled. 

"Huh?" She asked,tearfully. 

"Hug me" Theo said and she immediately pulled him into a hug. 

"Closer" Theo grabbed her waist and pulled her closer,inhaling her scent. 

Then his pain started to reduce,his heart race reduced too. 

"Are you okay now?Theo" Isabella asked. 

Theo already closed his eyes and fell asleep. 

Chelsea finally got there,she stopped running immediately she saw Theo in Isabella's arms. 

She stood there,breathing heavily from the fast run. 


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