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Golden High 2024 - Episode 41&42




Golden High 2024 - Episode 41&42

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


Theodore met Isabella inside an empty class,she was sitting on a chair still looking the same,her hair scattered and her eyes red. 

"Izzie" Theo called and she turned,their four eyes locked. 

"Why are you here?....I thought you left me" She said and stood up. 

Theo shook his head and walked over to her,he pulled her into a hug. Isabella sniffs and hugged him back. 

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" Theo asked. 

Isabella broke the hug. 

"She want me to stay away from you" She said. 

Theo sighed. 

"And we both said mean things to each other,she slapped me first and I also did the same" Isabella mumbled in tears. 

"Again.....it's all because of me...." Theo sighed and run his fingers through his hair. 

Isabella wiped her tears. 

"I'm sorry.....it's my fault,you keep on getting hurt because of me,Romina,Violet and now her...it's all because of me,I'm sorry" Theo said. 

"It's fine,you always get hurt because of me too....."

"That's my choice okay? Not your fault,I choose to do that,you never forced me to defend you,so don't blame yourself. But right now,I'm......just sorry" Theo mumbled and started arranging her hair. 

"I bet my hair look ugly now,I don't want to see my pulled out hair" She shook her head. 

"No,your hair is still thick and long. It's pretty" Theo said and she smiled. 


He touched her cheeks after he was done with her hair and sighed. 

"Should I just teach you how to fight?" He asked. 

Isabella laughed. 


"I think I should,do you wanna learn? Taekwondo is the best for you" Theodore said.

"Maybe when we finish our exams,I'm not in for all that,I don't like fighting,I don't have strength" Isabella mumbled. 

"I know,you're too slim to even think about it" 

"Hey,I'm slim but not too slim in the right places....."

"Don't tempt me" Theo snapped and she laughed. 

"But don't worry,you don't have to learn. From now on,I'm going to protect you no matter what,I won't allow you get hurt because of me again" He said. 

Isabella smiled and nodded. 


"I seriously can't believe you right now,you told me you got over him! You can't go around fighting with Isabella,we both know he likes her a lot,you know too Chelsea,you know how aggressive Theo always get when it comes to her,you know Chelsea" Phoenix said. 

"Are you on my side or another side?" Chelsea asked. 

"I'm on your side okay? But that's not stopping me from telling you the truth,you told me yourself that you want his happiness,so what went wrong again?" 

"I don't want to talk about it,we are done anyway" Chelsea mumbled,wiping her tears. 

"Done? You mean you won't try to apologize....."

"I did nothing wrong,don't tell me to apologize" Chelsea snapped. 

"You were wrong for confronting Isabella to stay away from Theo Chelsea,you need to admit that,and you telling him to forget about you,who the h*+*k does that? You two mean a lot to each other......"

"Not anymore! Okay?! Not anymore so leave me alone if you're going to keep on making me even more mad!" Chelsea yelled and walked away. 

"Wow" Phoenix mumbled,she also left. 



Theo was busy playing with the ball all by himself,Angelo and Leo were also there doing random stuffs with different balls. 

"You should make up with Chelsea" Angelo said. 

"I don't want to" Theo mumbled and threw the ball into the hoop then caught it again. 

"What do you mean by you don't want to? You're going to keep up this crazy energy?" Leo asked. 

"Call it whatever you want okay? I can't keep up with her threatening me about her not talking to me,who the h*ll does she think she is? I don't even talk to my parents everyday and I don't give a damn,who is she to act like I can't do without her?" Theo said calmly while messing with the ball. 

"Your parents aren't here Theo,and you've been friends with her for years...."

"Well I have you guys" He looked up. 

"And if you also wanna buzz off,ion care either,Leo,you and I were in the same class for two years without talking to each other,we can go back to those times......"

"What the f*+*k are you saying? Dude come on" Leo groaned. 

"Quit talking about her,I've made up my mind,I'm quite stubborn and crazy because I don't listen to people's opinion once I get to my tip" Theo said. 

"What about Chelsea,will she be fine....."

"I didn't bring up the break up,she dared me. She's the one who always say those sh+ts,,,she won't talk to me again if I do this,I should forget about her if I do that...am I her puppy? I don't even listen to my sister and parents that much,I hate it when people try to think too high like they own me,I don't care who the f*+*k you are. Even my sister doesn't do those sh*ts Chelsea does,and I'm done with her already,f*+*k the friendship" Theo spat. 

Angelo and Leo sighed out. 

Just then,they saw Maxwell and Lionel coming and they all turned at once. 

"I thought you're the perfect boyfriend,but you've been making her cry,every time" Maxwell said. 

Theo rolled his eyes and made to leave.

"I'm still talking" Maxwell grabbed his arm and pushed him back. 

"I thought you would do better than me,isn't that why she left me?" Maxwell asked. 

"Touch me again and you're dead" Theo muttered and made to leave. 

"So what will you do?" Maxwell grabbed his hand. 

Theo twisted his hand almost immediately and was about kicking him but Angelo and Leo held him back. 

"You know what will happen,they are just trying to put you into trouble again,control it" Angelo said. 

Theo exhaled and freed himself from them. 

He walked away,Leo followed him. 

"You two are getting senseless every single day,get a life and stop acting like double D" Angelo said and passed their middle,pushing them away before following Leo and Theodore. 



Phoenix was busy studying when suddenly someone sat down on the desk in front of her,she looked up and a frown appeared on her face when she saw Adriel. 

"You are really so serious" He said with a smile. 

"Why are you here? You can see I'm studying" Phoenix glared. 

"Can't you spare me just ten minutes?...."

"No I can't,get lost" Phoenix snapped. 

"That's too harsh,I just want to talk to someone" Adriel muttered. 

"Go talk to your friends,we are in anyway close" Phoenix said and stood up. 

"Wait wait" Adriel jumped down from the desk. 

"Don't tell me you're leaving because of me" He said. 

"Your presence irritates me" Phoenix said. 

"Wow" Adriel muttered. 

"Fine,I'm going to leave. So keep on studying,don't go" He said. 

Phoenix sat down back but then Adriel sat beside her. 

"Hey!!" She yelled and sprang up,she lost balance and fell back. 

Adriel caught her immediately and she fell on his laps with wide eyes. 

"F*+*k.....I'm sorry! That wasn't my intention" Adriel said. 

Phoenix stood up from his laps and he also got up. 

"I'm sorry,I promise I won't disturb you again,okay?" 

"Whatever" Phoenix snapped and walked away. 

"I screwed up everything....damn" Adriel punched the air. 


"Are you okay?" Dakota and Cindy asked Isabella as she packed her stuff,school just ended. .

"I'm fine,you don't have to worry about me" Isabella said. 

"Oh thank goodness" Dakota sighed out.

"Why did you sigh so loudly" Isabella chuckled. 

"I thought you won't talk to us,for real" Cindy said. 

"You guys did nothing wrong" Isabella said and they all walked out of the class. 

"I'm so glad we got no assignment today...."

"First test is on Thursday,you saw the time table" Isabella snapped.

"You don't have to remind us!!!" They both screamed. 

"Lazy b*tches" Isabella laughed. 



Theo came out of his room,he was on his way to the dinning hall for dinner but stopped moving for a second when he saw the bags on the floor,he looked up and saw Chelsea. 

She just returned all the provisions he recently gave her,she haven't touched any though. 

Theo said nothing,his eyes fell on two junior girls walking and he called them,they didn't waste a minute before reaching his side. 

"A gift" He smiled,pointing at the packages on the ground. 

"Huh? Gift?!" They screamed. 

"Of course,you can have everything" Theo grinned. 

"Thank you so much senior!! You're the best!!" 

They kept on thanking him until they carried everything and left. Theo faced Chelsea who was looking at him angrily. 

"If that's all...then...." He used his face cap and walked away,his hands inside his hoodie pockets. 

Chelsea swallowed and bite her lips,she wasn't expecting that reaction,she wasn't. She was trying hard to control her tears that very moment

She also turned to leave when Angelo saw her. 

"Chelsea" he called and walked over to her. 

"Going to the dinning hall?" He asked. 

"You don't have to care" She muttered and walked away. 

Angelo sighed,staring at her as she left. 

Theo's phone rang as he walked to the dinning hall,he checked to see Summer calling. 

*Hey sis

*What the heck did you send the guards? Why are they coming to school?!! 

*You don't have to know

*Hey! Did you use my money or yours? 

*Why would I use your money sis? I used mine

*What are you planning? Tell me I won't tell mom

Summer mumbled. 

*I will tell mom when I succeed,it's not a secret. 

Theo replied. 

*Such a brat,you better tell me tomorrow morning or I'm going to kill you 

*Fine,wish me luck

Theo smiled and hung up. 

"Luck for what?" Leo caught up with him and throw his arm around Theo's neck. 

"You will see" Theo smiled. 

Leo chuckled. 

They both entered the dinning hall together. 

"Hi senior Theodore!"

"You're so handsome Senior"

"Senior Leo,I love you"

They waved at the junior girls and found a space to sit. 

"I'm starving like I'm dying" Leo said. 

"Just die then" Theo said and Leo laughed. 

"I hate you" 

Theo looked around for Isabella and found her with Cindy and Dakota as expected,he smiled when he saw her smiling. 

"Guy you're whipped,the heck?" Leo said. 

"Is it that obvious?" Theo asked and Leo shook his head. 

"You're gone" He laughed. 

Chelsea came in alone,she sat alone,Phoenix was also sitting with Cleo. 

"Where's Angelo?" Leo asked. 

"I should be asking you that" Theo replied.

They finally got to order their food,they ordered for Angelo also. 

"May I?" Adriel asked,about pulling a seat back. 

"No you can't" Leo said. 

"Why?" Adriel asked. 

"You know why" Leo said. 

Adriel smiled and sat down anyway. 

"I just want to eat,I don't like eating alone" He said. 

"What happened to your friends? Why not join them?" Leo asked. 

"Long story,don't worry I won't disturb" Adriel said and looked at Theodore who haven't said a word. 


"You said you won't disturb,stay in your space" Theodore said. 

"Oh" Adriel muttered. 

He came because Lionel was sitting with Maxwell and his friends again. 

They got their food and started eating,then Angelo joined them too. 

"Have you seen Chelsea?"  He asked Leo. 

"She's right there" Leo pointed. 

Theo continue eating without looking up. 

"Guys,how about a game to make our dinner fun tonight?" Violet suddenly asked from her table and everyone became quiet curiously. 

"What type of game?" 

"Like...just tell a random student to do what we want?" Violet asked. 

"That sounds like fun? Like asking my crush for a kiss?" A girl asked and some students laughed. 

"They are back with their silliness again" Adriel scoffed. 

"So since we are all in,let the fun begin" Violet smiled. 

"Let's start from........Adriel" She said

"Tell us who your crush is!!" A junior immediately screamed before anyone else causing everyone to laugh. 

Adriel blinked. 

"Are you not Adriel?" Angelo asked. 

"Am I?" Adriel touched his chest and Leo scoffed. 

👥 Tell us your crush

👥 Tell us your crush

👥 Tell us your crush

The students continue chanting. 

"Okay okay" Adriel stood up. 

He looked around and his eyes fell on Phoenix who immediately looked away,he chuckled and pointed at her. 

"It's her....isn't she pretty?" He smiled. 

👥 Wooooowww

👥 I'm so jealous!

👥 Awwwnn

"But she's not giving me what I want,I will keep trying anyway" Adriel smiled and the students started clapping. 

Adriel sat down and sighed out. 

"And the next on the list is.... Theo" Violet called. 

"Play a song for any girl!!" A girl shouted. 

Theo turned. 

"A song? I'm not here with my....violin or guitar" Theo said. 

"Then sing a song! We don't mind your voice!" Another girl said. 

"I bet your voice will be sexy like you too!" Another girl said. 

👥 Sing a song!!

👥 Sing a song!!

"Guy you're doomed" Leo laughed. 

"Who am I singing for?" Theo asked. 

"Senior Chelsea!!!"

👥 Chelsea

👥 Chelsea

👥 Chelsea

👥 Chelsea

Theo chuckled. 

Suddenly some men came into the hall,everyone focused on them already as they loosen the big banner,the words written on it ....


👥 Gasps. 

👥What's that?!

👥 Tell me I'm dreaming!

"Isabella see that" Dakota immediately tapped her and she also turned. 

Everyone in the hall were confused and at the same time curious until one of the men walked over to Theo with a brand new Violin.

The students gasped again. 

"I'm going to play that song for someone....who got my heart,someone I'm crazy in love with" He said. 

👥 Oh my gosh!!

👥 Who do you think it is!!

👥 My heart is beating so fast!

👥 Someone hold me!

Theo arranged the Violin and started playing,immediately the students got what he was playing. 

ALL OF ME by John Legend

👥 I'm so jealous!!!!

He stopped playing and gave the violin back to the guard. 

"Izzie?" He called and loud screams covered the hall. 

Isabella blinked twice. 

"Go go!!" Dakota and Cindy pulled her up,she was looking so confused. 

"I don't know why she's surprised,I sw.ear I made it so obvious,she knows" Theo said like he was clearing himself,the students laughed. 

Chelsea swallowed on her seat. 

Isabella walked slowly till she got to him. 

"I know this is too sudden,I really wanted to hold it in until this semester ends,but...I can't anymore. I want to make you mine so quickly,and I don't want secret,I want to let everyone know that I fell in love with you first,not the other way round,you were my first love and I still can't get over you....do you think I'm a fool? But I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks,I'm in love with you Isabella,be my girlfriend" Theodore confessed in front of the whole school. 

👥 I'm crying

👥 This is so sweet

👥 My gosh!! He's so romantic!!!

Isabella nodded. 

"I will be your girlfriend,I feel just that same....I was just.....scared....."

"Don't care whatever anyone says...just only look at me please,only me" Theo said. 

Isabella smiled and nodded. 

One of the guys moved closer with a box,he opened it and the silver bracelet shone. 

👥 Fuck!!!

👥 What's that!!!

👥 Help!!!

👥 That looks so expensive

👥 Who the fuck is he!

"Why would he get her that?" Violet mumbled painfully. 

"Theo....this is.....expensive....."

"It's too cheap compared to what I want to give you,but I can't cross my limit for now or my dad will kill me" He whispered and Isabella smiled. 

He took the bracelet and wore it around her wrist. 

"I love you Isabella" 

"I love you too,I love you" Isabella replied. 

Theo grabbed her waist and slammed his lips on hers. 

The guards shot confetti into the air and the students continue screaming and clapping. 


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