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Golden High 2024 - Episode 39&40




Golden High 2024 - Episode 39&40

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



"I don't think that equation of yours is balanced" Isabella said,checking out Theo's work. 

"I was about telling you that yours isn't balanced" Theo muttered and Isabella frowned. 

"You think I'm the problem? I'm sure mine is super correct" Isabella objected,checking her work again. 

"Shall we check the correct equation then?" Theo asked. 

"Of course" 

Theo pull his laptop closer and searched up for the answer. 

"And here it is" He beamed with smiles proudly. He got it right. 

Isabella pouted. 

"Where did it go wrong? I was so sure" She mumbled sadly. 

"I'm gonna explain once so listen to your tutor" Theo said and she nodded. 

"Wow,I love it when you're obedient" Theo teased. 

"Shurrup, I just wanna know it,I can't risk anything at this point" Isabella snapped. 

"Alright" Theo smiled and took his time to explain what she was missing for her. 

"Do you grab that?"

"Perfectly,you're such a good teacher" Isabella smiled. 

"This is my first time hearing that" Theo said. 


"Because I've never tutored anyone" Theo replied. 

"That's right,so...you were intelligent and pretended not to? Why?" She asked. 

"Because....there wasn't any reason for me to show it off" Theodore replied. 

"So now you have a reason? What's that?" Isabella questioned curiously. 

"Secret" Theo winked and she chuckled.

"Gosh,I'm so tired" She groaned and looked around,she found the chocolate cookies Theo gave her and immediately took it,she opened the tin and put one in her mouth.

She gasped out loudly with wide eyes. 

"Daebak! Where did you get this?" She asked. 

"My mom" Theo replied. 

Isabella took another one and ate. 

"Whoa! You need to eat this...."

"No,it's for you...." She pushed in two into his mouth at once.

"Let's eat it together" She said with pleading eyes. 

Theodore bite his lips,his eyes not leaving hers. She smiled at him and continue eating. 

Theo's heart beat was increasing every time she looks up and flash him with her pretty smile. 

"What are you waiting for? Should I keep feeding you?" Isabella asked. 

"I might just die" Theo mumbled to himself,he started picking the cookie by himself. 



Adriel was sitting on the pool edge,He's been there for almost an hour all alone staring at the water like something was going to come out of it. 

Suddenly he heard some steps coming,before he could turn to see,someone hugged him from the back.  The moment the person kissed his cheek,he knew who it was. 

"Clara" He called. 

She giggles and sat down beside him. 

"Why are you here alone? The securities won't take it easy with you if they find you here" Clara said. 

"How did you find me here?" Adriel faced her. 

"I traced your scent" she grinned. 

"Are you a dog or wolf? Stop the joke" Adriel scoffed. 

"I came to look for something and I saw the light still on,it's unusual" She replied. 

"Now you've ruined my moment of wanting to be alone" Adriel muttered. 

Clara smiled and made him face her again by touching his cheek. 

"Do you wanna swim with me?" She asked. 

"No" Adriel replied at once. 

She moved closer and leaned her face toward his,,,her eyes on his lips. 

"Hey" Adriel immediately shifted back in surprise. 

"Why are you acting so surprised?" She asked. 

"Because I am....." She tried kissing him again. 

"Hey!" Adriel yelled. 

Clara frowned. 

"Did you just yelled at me?"

"That's the only way you can listen to me,I'm not in for that,I'm serious* Adriel muttered. 

"Why? Because of that girl from class A?" Clara asked with anger in her eyes. 

"I don't know what you're talking about" Adriel looked away. 

"She's the reason why! I saw you countless times staring at her! What the h*ll is so special about her? She's not even that pretty!" Clara yelled. 

"It's not about pretty....."

"Then what!! I'm better than that girl and you know that! She doesn't even like you,she doesn't wanna talk to you...."

"Exactly what I like about her" Adriel said. 


"I like girls who don't go after boys,okay? She's totally different from you,she doesn't act like a b*tch....." A slap from Clara landed on his face. 

"Just because you know I like you doesn't give you the right to call me that!!" She yelled. 

"Okay" Adriel mumbled and stood up gently. 

"Hey! Where are you going?!" Clara followed him. 

"If you touch me,I might be tempted to return the slap,so let's respect each other,stay back,you can leave after I'm gone" Adriel muttered and pushed his hands into his pockets before walking away. 

Clara fell on her butt and continue crying. 



Adriel wanted to knock on the door but when he heard noise coming from the room,he just opened. He was surprised to see Tristan and Maxwell in with Lionel,they were watching a video on the laptop. 

"Why are you guys here?" He asked. 

"Shhhh" Lionel said and Adriel raised his brows. 

"What are you watching?" He asked and almost walked over to them when he started hearing the moans coming from the laptop,his eyes widened. 

"Are you crazy?! What are you watching?" He asked. 

"Hey keep your voice down dude,stop acting like you're a saint or something"Maxwell said. 

"Why the h*+*k can't you both watch it in Maxwell's room? Why here?" Adriel snapped. 

"This is my laptop,can't you see?"

"I'm sleeping here,chase them out" Adriel said to Lionel. 

"You should wait until we are done....."

"Done with what?! We have a quiz coming up,we should be studying not watching that crazy sh*t,when the f*+*k did you even start?" Adriel snapped angrily. 

"Gosh...you're such a parrot" Tristan mumbled. 

Lionel paused the video and looked at Adriel. 

"Can you just stop stressing my head? I can study whenever I want,not like even if you study harder you can know what I know,you should be the one studying" Lionel said and focused back on the video. 

Adriel said nothing else,he walked out of the room and closed the door angrily. 



Isabella stopped reading for a second to look at Theo only to find him sleeping. They were both sitting on the chairs with their books on the reading table,Theo's head was on the table,facing him while fast asleep. 

"Since when?" She mumbled and touched his nose. 

"He's really sleeping" She giggled and took her phone,she immediately took two pictures of him and dropped it back. She continue staring at him as he slept. 

Her eyes moved from one part of his face to another until they fell on his lips. 

She moved closer slowly and quietly and touched his lips,she bite hers and was about kissing him when suddenly she shifted back. She looked around and swallowed. 

What if someone take their pictures again? 

"No Isa,control yourself" She slapped herself gently and got up from the chair. 

She yawned and closed her books,she fell on the floor and closed her eyes. In few minutes she was sleeping. 

Some moments later,Theo opened his eyes,he turned back and found Isabella sleeping on the floor,he immediately stood up and walked over to her,he gently carried her and put her on the bed. He covered her with the duvet and then he slept on the floor instead. 

Just about thirty minutes later,Isabella also opened her eyes,she found herself on the bed and saw Theo on the floor. She removed the duvet from her body and used it to cover him instead,then she slept off finally. 



Theodore entered the class and met Isabella and few students already in class. His eyes locked with Isabella's own and he walked over to her. 

"Hey" She smiled.

"Why did you leave without waking me up?" He asked in a low voice. 

"Because you look cute while sleeping" Isabella whispered back and Theo bashed his lashes in total shock. 

"What...why do you look so shock?" Isabella asked. 

"Did you just.....said....such sweet words to me? Is this a dream?" Theo asked,touching his face. 

"Stop it..."

"But I'm serious,you've never said such soft words to me before,you know that" Theodore said. 

Isabella chuckled and shook her head. 

"Stop being stubborn and go to your seat" she said. 

"Okay" Theo smiled. 

Chelsea came in that moment with Phoenix. 

"Hey cutest" Theodore immediately waved. 

Chelsea looked at him and then Isabella,she ignored his greeting and walked over to her seat. 

"What's with her?" Theo mumbled and left Isabella,he was about walking over to her when a student came to call him,he left the class. 



"Tell me this is a joke,Theodore Andrew is the class rep?" One of the teachers in the office asked and also got the attention of the rest. 

"Yeah,he is" The English teacher who Theodore came to,answered. 

Violet was also with another teacher in there. 

"That's such a miracle then" Another teacher said. 

"He's gotten a lot better actually" 

"Yeah I know,I heard he topped the rank in the recent chemistry test" 

The teachers kept on talking. 

"The first three periods might not hold because we all have an important meeting,but I have alot to cover up with you guys,can you dictate these exercise to the class? They should do it and submit before the end of today" The English teacher said and shifted her note to Theodore. 

He checked. 

"All the thirty questions?" He asked. 

"Of course,you guys have a lot of time" She replied. 

"Okay" Theo said. 

"You can make Isabella do it so they can hear her voice more clearly" She suddenly said. 

"I wasn't going to do it anyway" Theo said with a smile. 

"Sure,I know you" The teacher nodded. 

Theo walked out of the staffs office with the book in his hand. 

"Hey boy" He heard Violet from the back,he ignored her and continue walking,she ran after him and stopped in front of him. 

"Are you ignoring me?" She asked. 

"I don't have time for this Violet,as you can see I am busy...."

"Tell me you're not avoiding me then I will go...."

"I'm avoiding you" Theo snapped. 


"I'm f**king avoiding you,I don't wanna talk to you,try to stop me again and I will follow the voice in my head to push you roughly on the floor,try me and see" Theodore fumed and walked away,pushing her away with his shoulder. 

He got to class and went straight to Isabella,he dropped the book on her desk and she looked up. 

"What's this?"

"English teacher won't be coming,she said you should dictate these to everyone....tell them we are to submit before 5pm,don't worry I will be the one to carry the notes to the office this time" Theodore explained and she nodded. 

Theo left her for his own seat. 

"Finally I'm seeing you" Angelo said as they shook hands. 

"Morning" Theo said. 

"Settle down guys" Isabella walked to the front of the class. 

Everyone kept on doing what they were doing without listening to her,it was so noisy. 

"Guys we have work to do. ..right here" Isabella said,showing them the book in her hand but the noise only increased. 

She sighed out frustratingly. 

"Guys!" She screamed. 

"Can you stop screaming please you're disturbing my focus" Chelsea snapped. 

"I need your focus on me,it's the teacher's order not mine" Isabella said. 

"Don't face me,face others" Chelsea said. 

Isabella rolled her eyes and said nothing,the noise increased,the boys were all gathered at the back playing with their phones and the girls gathered in groups to talk. 

Until Theo's palm banged loudly on the desk. 

The whole class went quiet and they turned at once. 

"She's about dictating some English questions,thirty questions and we all have one hour to finish them. If you want to continue with your noise,you can now continue" Theodore sad calmly. 

Everyone started returning to their seats one after the other,and in a minute everywhere was quiet. 



Isabella came to put the cardigan she was wearing in the morning into her locker,she adjusted her uniform neatly and arranged her hair also. 

Chelsea came in and they both ignored each other,After Isabella was done,she made to leave. 

"Hey" Chelsea called her and she turned. 

"Is there a problem?" Isabella asked. 

Chelsea moved closer to her. 

"Can you stay away from Theo?" She asked. 

Isabella raised her brows. 

"Am I supposed to answer that question?" She asked. 

"Yea,coz I deserve an answer"

"No you don't" Isabella shook her head. 

"I hate repeating myself,,I'm asking because it's getting too annoying,you always get him into trouble but still won't stay away......."

"Why not tell him to stay away from me first?" Isabella snapped. 

"But sorry for you,the reason why you're here is because you can't convince him to stay away from me right?" Isabella crossed her arms. 

"Stop acting like you're that important,you're just a show off,that's what you are" Chelsea said. 

"And what are you? A turn off?" Isabella asked. 

"I don't know how to exchange words with brainless girls,but stay away from him......"

"You know I've not even started giving him the attention he want right?" Isabella asked and Chelsea frowned. 

"He likes me,but I'm the one trying to stay away because I'm scared of some shits,what do you think will happen if I start to return the same energy? You think he's still going to have your time? Isn't that what you're scared of?" Isabella smirked. 

"That's never going to happen! He can't do with me!" Chelsea yelled. 

""You're the one who can't do without him!!!,stop trying to manipulate him with your useless threats!!you can't do without him because you're obsessed with him!!" Isabella yelled back. 

Chelsea slapped her angrily. 

"How dare you!!" Chelsea screamed. 

"F*+*k you!!" Isabella screamed and returned the slap. 

"B*tch!" Chelsea twisted her hair and she screamed. 

"You shouldn't have talked back!! I hate it!!" Chelsea screamed and hit her head on the locker. 

"Ahh!!!!!!"  Isabella screamed. 

Some students rushed and started trying to separate them but Chelsea didn't leave her. 

Until Theodore came in,he went in between them,Isabella's hair was all scattered and some are all over Chelsea's hands. Meanwhile Chelsea was untouched,except the slap. They were both breathing heavily. 

Theodore looked at Isabella who was trying hard not to cry,he grabbed Chelsea's hand and dragged her out of the room. 

"Isabella!" Dakota and Cindy rushed to her side. 

"Are you okay?"

Isabella ignored them and ran out immediately,she got to a corner and broke into tears. The way Theodore came in and took Chelsea away made her cry so hard than she's ever done.

'He really choose her over me' she thought and more tears rolled down her eyes effortlessly. 


Theodore released Chelsea's hand roughly. 

"What was that about?" He asked. 

"Why are you asking me? We both fought so why are you questioning me! Why!" She yelled. 

"Fight? Does that look like a fight to you?! Does it? What the h**k is wrong with you? You've been acting so weird all day,what happened to you?" Theo asked. 

"So what?! She said some sh*t that made me mad and I gave her what she deserves!" Chelsea snapped. 

"What she deserves?" Theo asked. 

"You heard me right" Chelsea said. 

"Tell me what got you mad" Theo requested calmly. 

"I hate it when you two are together okay?! And I hate it even now that you're trying to defend her,I hate it so much"

"So that's why you attacked her?"

"How did you know I attacked her first?......."

"Coz I know her! She won't ever touch you or anyone first! You started everything! I know you also Chelsea,you can't deny it! You f*+*king started it,how could you hit her so badly and even her hair was all over your hand?! How!" 

"Why do you always get so worked up anytime it's about her?! Why!!" She shouted in tears. 

"Because I'm in love with her!" Theo said. 

Chelsea swallowed. 

"You heard that right? Don't ever touch her again,never. I'm going to let this slide because it's you,but next time I don't think I will be able to hold back my anger" Theo said and turned to go. 

"If you walk away,then forget about me" Chelsea said. 

Theo took another step to leave. 

"You seriously choose her over our friendship?!" Chelsea shouted. 

"No,I'm choosing her over what you took for granted" Theo muttered and walked away. 


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