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Golden High 2024 - Episode 37&38




Golden High 2024 - Episode 37&38

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



"I love your hoodie Isa" A girl said as Isabella dropped her note on the desk. 

"Thank you" She smiled. 

"Where did you get it?" 

"It's from a friend" Isabella replied,leaving her seat for another person,she was distributing their assignments. 

"I got five out of fifteen how?" A boy asked. 

"Because you failed the question,try harder next time" Isabella said. 

"Should I just copy from you next time?" The boy asked. 

"Will you copy during our exams too? You know the implications,so study harder mr" Isabella said. 

She dropped Chelsea's own for her. 

"Full marks" She smiled. 

Chelsea rolled her eyes as she stared at the hoodie Isabella was wearing. 

Isabella saw that and said nothing,she left. 

"Hey Chelsea" Theodore called from his seat and Chelsea turned,the hoodie landed on her face. 

"Hey!" She yelled. 

Theo chuckled. 

"Thanks anyway" She smiled and immediately put it on. 

Isabella got to Theo's seat,she dropped Angelo's own first and then for Theo. 

"What happened to your knee?" Angelo asked with concern. 

"My knee?" Isabella was surprised,she looked down,her knee got a little wound. 

"Gosh,I didn't notice,now it stings" She muttered and immediately left. 

Theodore sighed out loudly,placing his head on the desk. 

A student came to call for the class rep and Isabella left. 

"Why didn't you just go instead? She's not the only one,what are you doing?" Angelo teased. 

"I should have ...but she was faster" Theodore replied. 

Seconds later,Isabella returned. 

"Bad News" She said and the students started murmuring. 

"The Biology teacher want a general class with B students" Isabella announced. 


👥 That's insane!!

👥 This is crazy

"To block D hall guys,five minutes" Bella said and walked to her seat. 

The students kept on murmuring grumpily,leaving the class one after the other. 

"I hate class reps,but now my friend is the class rep,what do I do?" Dakota groaned. 

"You're just a lazy @s$,admit it" Isabella chuckled. 

"We are not waiting for you,sort yourself" Cindy said and they both ran out. 

"F*+*k you two!" Isabella screamed,she hurriedly took her textbook and her note. 

"Hey" She heard a voice behind her and she turned. 

Theo was standing in front of her,they are the only one left the class. 

"Hi" she smiled. 

"You don't mind right? I love the hoodie so much" She said,showing him what she was wearing. 

"Looks perfect on you" Theodore muttered. 

"What,why are you sounding like that?" Isabella asked. 

"I thought you would be mad at me" Theo replied. 


"Earlier....I couldn't help......"

"You wanted to" Isabella cut in. 

"How did you..."

"Let's go to class,I don't like staying at the back" Isabella said,almost leaving. 

"Wait" Theo stopped her,he bent in front of her and brought out a small sized plaster,just for minor wound. He covered her knee injury with it. 

"Does it hurt?" He asked. 

"Not really,thanks. Let's go" Isabella said and they went out together. 



The hall was getting filled up,students from both A and B classes. Some already claiming seats specially for their class,not surprising,everywhere was so loud and disorganized. 

Leo and Angelo were sitting together,Chelsea came to them.

"Sit here" Leo immediately said,touching the empty space beside him. 

"Where's Theodore?" Chelsea asked. 

"We left him in class" Angelo replied and Chelsea looked back at the entrance,almost immediately Theo came in,followed by Isabella. 

Theo sat down somewhere and Isabella sat next to him. 

Chelsea left Angelo and Leo,she walked to where Theo was and sat down on his right side,Isabella was on the left but as soon as Chelsea sat down,she stood up. 

"Where are you going?" Theo asked. 

"Somewhere else" Isabella replied and walked away,she ended up sitting with a random girl from the same class. 

"Isn't that your hoodie?" Chelsea asked. 

"Yeah" Theo replied. 

"Why did you give her? When?" Chelsea asked. 

"She entered the rain because of me,Saturday night and hers got wet" Theo replied. 

"The rain?"


"You stayed there till 7? You didn't tell me" Chelsea gasped. 

"I didn't tell her either" Theo replied and Chelsea frowned. 

"Sounds like you're comparing us... "

"I'm not,I'm just saying......"

"So you gave her to keep forever? Why is she wearing it around like she owns it?" Chelsea cut in. 

"I have more than enough....."

"And you never thought of giving me any" Chelsea snapped. 

Theodore sighed. 

"Chelsea,you have access to my room more than anyone in this school,I don't think I have to tell you,if you want two or three,if you want them all,you can have them,so I don't think we should be having this discussion,it's just a hoodie please" Theodore groaned. 

"Fine" Chelsea rolled her eyes and concentrated. 

The teacher came in and slowly the hall became silent. 

"Morning students" He said,dropping his things on the desk on the stage. 

👥 Morning Sir. 

"The reason behind this general class is because Class B biology teacher won't be around for some days,so to make things stress free,I will be taking you all for the next few days,so let's cooperate" He explained. 

He picked up the white board marker and wrote on the board. 


Then he faced the students again. 

"Anyone with the idea? What's Nitrogen Cycle?" 

Violet and Isabella Raised their hands. 

"Okay Violet?"

She smiled and stood up. 

"Nitrogen Cycle involves the movement of Nitrogen through the atmosphere,the soil,plants,animals and back into the atmosphere continuously" Violet answered. 

"Good...anyone with better definition? Okay Isabella"

"Nitrogen Cycle is a biogeochemical cycle that involves the circulation of Nitrogen in various forms,like atmospheric nitrogen,nitrates and ammonium compounds,through the biotic and abiotic components of the ecosystem" Isabella said. 

"Perfect Isabella,thank you" The teacher smiled. 

Violet hissed out. 

Isabella looked at her with a blank expression before flipping her hair sexily,then say down,making Violet even more mad. 

Theo chuckled when he saw that,Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

The class continued. 

"Don't you dare sleep,what about your note?" Chelsea asked. 

"Don't worry about me,just write" Theo mumbled sleepily. 

"Geez" Chelsea groaned. 



Summer stopped her work as the door opened,Theodore came in and closed the door gently. 

"Finally,someone learnt how to be gentle with doors" Summer said.

"Why am I here?" Theo asked.

"Don't use that tone on me Teddy" Summer said. 

"Teddy my foot" Theo mumbled.

"Seriously? I heard you don't like me anymore,is that true?" Summer asked. 

"Isn't it obvious,so please stop calling me to your office,it's annoying" Theodore said. 

Summer chuckled. 

"You think I like you either? Pride" She scoffed and Theo glared at her. 

"Words hurts you so bad but you always say more hurtful words" She teased. 

"I don't care,why am I here?" Theo asked. 

"Your mom sent you some clothes...."

"Why?!" Theodore groaned. 

"She said she asked you to dispose an outfit" Summer replied,pointing at the shopping bags on the other side of the office.

Theodore went to check them out,about ten shopping bags containing clothes,shoes and others. 

"Is mom aware that we don't go anywhere aside staying in school all day? Coz I don't understand all these she's sending,the ones she sent the last time,I haven't even touched most of them,how the h*ck am I supposed to wear these ones? I live in school,I'm not in college for heaven sake" 

"Why not call her yourself and complain?"

"I already did,you should be the one to stop her please,it's getting tiring,take them back home,I don't need any of them" Theodore said. 

"Fine,I will put them in your room at home,she sent some provisions......"

"I don't need them" Theodore snapoed. 

"Do you even eat at all? You should eat and study,don't just study" Summer said. 

"I don't want them...."

"Give them to Chelsea then" Summer said. 

Theodore sighed. 

"Tell someone to take them to my room,I'm not ready to walk to that place with loads in my hands" he said and walked out of the office. 

"That spoilt brat with the way he always talk to me,I feel like biting his eyes off" Summer scoffed. 

"Are you a vampire?" Theo opened the door back. 

"Get out...."

"Before you say it Sis" Theodore closed the door back.



Only few students were in class,most of them are in the cafeteria for lunch. Isabella was in class writing a note,Jeremy suddenly sat down on her desk and she looked at him.

"Let's go eat" He said. 

"Not hungry for food" Isabella replied and continue waiting. 

"What? Then what do you want..."

Isabella brought out a snack from her bag. 

"I'm okay with this,I have a lot to do right now" She said. 

"I will buy you a drink then" Jeremy said. 

"I will Appreciate that" Isabella smiled. 


Phoenix was walking with Chelsea when she suddenly saw Adriel coming,she stopped instantly. 

"What" Chelsea asked. 

"I don't want him to see me,He's crazy" Phoenix said and ran into an empty class. 

Chelsea smirked and also waited till Adriel got to where she was. 

"Do you know Phoenix?" She asked. 


"She's in there" Chelsea pointed into the class. 

"Oh...thanks" Adriel muttered,looking confused. 

Chelsea smiled,Adriel entered the class where Phoenix was. 

"Chelsea I hate you!!!" She screamed from inside. 

"I love you too babe" Chelsea grinned and walked away. 



All the students writing the upcoming quiz were in the lab together. 

"So,as you all know,the quiz is less than four weeks already,so by now I know you all started studying for the D-day,and if you haven't,that's why I'm doing this...pairing you up as reading partners" The teacher said. 

"I want two students in a group to study together,you can choose yourself right now so we can proceed" he added. 

"Isabella" Theo called. 

"Phoenix" Isabella called at the same time and they exchanged glances. 

"You don't want me?" Theo asked. 

Maxwell scoffed. 


"Not rumors again,we just want to study please" Theo groaned. 

"Fine" Isabella muttered and Theo smiled. 

Phoenix got paired with Leo.,Maxwell with Adriel and Violet with Jayce.

"How about three?" Violet suggested,looking at Theo. 

"Two is enough" The teacher replied and she rolled her eyes. 

"I can't give you any hints,neither can I tell you where to read because those questions can come out from anywhere,my best advice for you is to read and study everything you think might come out......"



Isabella was sitting on the swing,the place was empty,just only her,the swing moving front and back slowly while she eats ice cream. 

"Are you hiding here so no one would ask for your ice cream?" Theodore sat down on the swing next to her. 

"No,but how did you find me?" Isabella asked. 

"Looking for a quiet place,and I found you,I wasn't stalking you or something" Theodore said. 

Isabella chuckled. 

"Do you want some?" She asked,giving him the ice cream. 

"No" Theo shook his head. 

"I'm so tired!!" Isabella groaned loudly. 

"Me too!!" Theo shouted. 

Isabella laughed and stood up,she already finished the cup of ice cream. 

"Wanna run?" Theo asked. 

"I can't run" Isabella said. 

Theodore stood up. 

"Let's see what you got,let's run" He said. 

"I might faint" Isabella said and almost immediately she ran off. 

"You're such a cheater!" Theo shouted but ran after her,in five seconds he caught up with her and passed her. 

"You're a cheetah!" Isabella screamed. 

"What?" Theo stopped and started laughing.

"Why does that rhyme with what I said? Cheater and Cheetah" He said. 

"That's Izzie for you" She winked. 

"You said you would get me a nickname too,still waiting" Theo muttered. 

"I got you one already,but I won't tell you." She said. 

"Why? I'm dying to know" Theo said. 

"Tonight,after we finish studying" Isabella said. 

"My room or your room? I don't want library" Theo suddenly said. 

"Let's play rock paper scissors,if I win,my room,and if you win,your room" Isabella said. 

"Perfect" Theo smiled. 

They started playing,it took about five minutes before Theo finally won.

"Yessss!!!" He screamed. 

Isabella sighed sadly and started walking away. 

"Losers should work away like that" Theodore said. 

"I'm not a loser Mr" She faced him back. 

"Alright,see you tonight" He winked at her. 

Isabella nodded.



"For me?!!" Chelsea screamed,looking at the bags of provisions on the floor. 

"Hmm" Theodore nodded. 

"I love you!" She jumped on him and kissed his face. 

"Hey,stop being a baby" Theodore chuckled and she climbed down,she began bringing them out one after the other. 

"Wait,that chocolate cookies...." Theodore said. 

"Yours?" Chelsea asked. 

"I didn't know she got them for me" he smiled. 

"You're such a brat,so you didn't even check before bringing everything?" Chelsea asked. 

"No" Theo replied. 

Chelsea gave him the tin of cookies. 

"Can I take one?" She asked with a pout. 

"No,I don't like sharing them" Theodore said. 

"Just one..."

"Never" Theodore hugged it and stood up. 

"I need to go,I have to study" He said. 

"That's so new to hear" Chelsea chuckled but Theo also went out. 

She stood up and went out,he was already downstairs so fast,she wanted to call him back but stopped when she saw Isabella walking to Theo. 

"You came for me?" Isabella smiled. 

"No" Theo replied. 

"Oh.." She muttered. 

"What's that?" She asked.

"Oh..cookies. Do you want?" Theodore immediately asked. 

"But,it's yours" Isabella said. 

"I know" 

"Just a piece" Isabella smiled. 

"You can have all,I don't mind" Theodore said and gave it to her. 

"Thank you!" Isabella said. 

"Let's go" Theo collected her books and they walked away. 

Chelsea fold her fists as she watched them from upstairs. 

"Seriously? He gave her everything?" She scoffed. 


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