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Golden High 2024 - Episode 35&36




Golden High 2024 - Episode 35&36

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


"No I don't,your words are scaring me,you're threatening me by saying you will stop talking to me or walking away..,you know I can't do without you,I like you a lot,you're my......"

"Me or Isabella" Chelsea repeated,cutting him off. 


"Fine I choose........"

The moment Theo started,Isabella walked away from the door,she left,she wasn't ready to hear who he's going to choose,she don't want any bad feelings growing inside her if she hears his confession. 

"I choose you Chelsea" Theo said and Chelsea looked at her. 

"We've both come a long way okay? You know how much I like you,I don't take our bond for granted,so please stop doubting me,just because it was Isabella doesn't mean I won't do the same if it was you" Theo said. 

"I will believe you if you promise me something" Chelsea said. 

"What is that?" Theo asked. 

"You won't get into trouble because of her again,not even any girl. Stay away from her troubles,let her handle her sh*ts by herself,it's not your fault or anyone,let her take care of herself,please,I hate it when you get hurt or scolded because of her" Chelsea said. 

Theo sighed. 

"Promise me" Chelsea said,bringing out her pinky finger. 

"Promise" Theo smiled and connected his pinky finger with hers. 

Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

"Stop smiling,I'm still angry" She mumbled. 

"I'm sorry" Theo said and stroked her hair. 

"You must be hungry,should I get you....."

"No,I don't have appetite to eat now. Maybe later,Right now I want to sleep" Theo said. 

"Sleep where? You will be so uncomfortable" Chelsea declined. 

"Don't worry about me....."

"I hate it when you say that!" Chelsea screamed.

Theo laughed. 

"Go now,I want to be alone. You can come later" Theo said. 

Chelsea sighed and got up from his laps. 

"I almost forgot I was sitting down on your laps,does your laps hurt??"

"No" Theo said. 

"Bye,later" Chelsea kissed his cheek and walked out of the detention room. 

Theodore sighed out and roughed his hair. 



Lionel opened his eyes and the first person he set his eyes on was Paris,he groaned and closed his eyes back. 

"F*+*k" he exasperated with a loud sigh.

"Are you awake?" Paris asked and moved closer to him. 

"Why are you here? Just why?" Lionel asked and got down from the bed,he walked to the mirror and checked his face in there,not really bad,just some bruises. 

"Is he a psychopath?" Lionel sighed.

"Do you know the most craziest moment in life?" Paris asked from the back and Lionel turned. 

"When the person you hate and always want to kill beats you up" Paris said and Lionel frowned. 

"Secondly,when the reason behind your hatred for that person doesn't even give a damn about you" Paris added.

"I don't care,I still like Violet no matter what,you should give you Paris" Lionel said. 

He groaned when he saw blood stain on his shirt. 

"I need to take a bath" he said and immediately walked out of the ward,leaving Paris inside. On his way out,he saw Adriel and Jayce. 

"Guy you're finally awake,I've been waiting like crazy,was his punches that bad?" Jayce asked. 

"Why not meet him first and see,that dude is a psychopath" Lionel scoffed. 

"He was asked to clean up the waste area and also get detention for a whole day" Adriel said. 

"Good for him" Lionel rolled his eyes. 

"Lionel" A boy walked over to them. 

"The director wants you in her office" he said and Lionel's eyes widened 

"The Director came?" 

"Dude are you kidding me,you passed out like you were gonna die,what do you expect?"Adriel scoffed. 

"Sh*t" Lionel spat and immediately left for the office,he got to the door and knocked. 

"Come in" Summer answered from inside and he entered. 

"Good day ma'am" Lionel bowed. 

"Close the door behind you young man" Summer said and he immediately did. 

"So I got the news....but firstly are you okay?" Summer asked. 

"Yes,I'm good" Lionel replied and Summer nodded. 

She stood up from her seat and Lionel took his lips in.

"I heard Theodore flared up because you were speaking negatively about a girl in a raw and uncalled language" Summer said. 

"That was just......for fun...."

"You don't talk about a girl for fun!" Summer snapped and he kept quiet. 

"Theodore respects girls a lot so I understand why he got so mad hearing you say all those things,the only reason why I'm not going to punish you is because he made a mistake by hitting you this badly,but next time,I won't take it,do you understand?" 

"Yes ma'am,I'm sorry" Lionel bowed. 

"Leave" Summer said and Lionel walked out of the office. 



Chelsea packed some books inside her locker and closed it back,she almost went out when Angelo came in.

"Hey" He smiled. 

"Why are you here?" Chelsea asked. 

Angelo raised the hamburgers in his hand up and Chelsea raised her brows. 

"Wanna eat together?" Angelo asked and she smiled. 

"Hmm" she nodded. 

In a minute,they are both sitting on the floor,eating the burgers in silence until Angelo broke the silence. 

"Today....is kinda boring right?" He said and Chelsea faced him. 

"It's messed up,I hate it" She mumbled with her mouth full. 

Angelo chuckled and used his thumb to wipe the stain beside her lips. 

"Thanks" She said. 

"Your parents live in Korea?" Angelo asked. 

"Of course..why are you asking?" Chelsea questioned also. 

"I'm asking because I don't want to be lonely during the holiday break" Angelo said. 

"Trust me it's always amazing,but the last one was boring" Chelsea shook her head. 


"My mom insisted I travel,so I couldn't see Theo for almost four weeks,do you know how frustrating that was? But this time around I want to have fun with my friends,so even if mom insist,I'm gonna refuse" Chelsea said. 

"You better do that,I can't imagine not seeing your face for days" Angelo muttered. 

Chelsea chuckled. 

"Holidays are boring when you have no friends to hang out with,then you start praying for resumption" She said. 

"You got that" Angelo smiled. 



Phoenix yawned tiredly and let out a loud sigh. 

"F*+*k,it's almost 4" She mumbled as she checked the time on her phone. 

"Hey" Adriel appeared and sat down beside her. 

"I didn't give you permission to sit beside me" Phoenix said. 

"Great,now I even need permission?" Adriel asked,smiling. 

"What do you want from me?" Phoenix asked. 

"Nothing,I just wanna be a friend"

"And you think that will work?" Phoenix cringed. 

"Why not?" Adriel asked. 

"Ask yourself,not me" Phoenix scoffed and stood up,she began packing her books. 

"Hey wait...."

"Don't make me mad" Phoenix snapped and Adriel sighed. 

"Then,I will see you later" He muttered. 

Phoenix ignored him and walked away. 

Adriel shook his head. 

"Why Is she so hard?" He muttered. 



Isabella was standing by the window,watching the rain falling heavily. But she was only worried about one thing, 


His detention isn't over until 7pm so probably he's still in the detention room when the rain started falling.

 The rain was so heavy that even the dinner time was canceled,the students are to live on junks for the night. 

"He's not there right? He can't be there" She shook her head,but still couldn't stop herself from thinking. 

"Gosh,I'm going crazy" She immediately put on a hoodie and took the umbrella,she wore her shoes and ran out of the room. 

She almost got to the detention room when she saw Theodore coming out.

"That dummy really stayed?" Isabella scoffed. 

Theodore saw her and stopped walking,Isabella ran over to him. 

"Why are you walking in the rain? You're going to catch a cold" She said,trying to cover his head with the umbrella but it made her uncomfortable since he's much taller than her. 

"You really came because of me? Or some other reason?" Theo asked. 

"Are you going or not" Isabella snapped. 

Theodore smiled and took the umbrella from her. 

"It's too small for two of us" He said. 

"It's meant for a single person" Isabella muttered as the rain began falling on her. 

Theodore bent in front of her. 

"Climb on" He said. 

"No" Isabella shifted backward. 

"I have my hoodie,so just use it. Goodnight......"

Theodore grabbed her hand as she tried running away. 

"Are you still avoiding me?" He asked,covering her head with the umbrella,he was the one getting wet this time. 

"Stop making me look like a bad person....."

"Then climb on my back so it's gonna cover us both,don't be stubborn" Theo said. 

Isabella sighed. 

"Fine" She mumbled. 

Theo bent down again and Isabella climbed on his back gently,trying not to stain his clothes. 

"Don't worry about my clothes,I'm going to dispose it if it gets dirty" Theodore said. 

"Dispose?! Why!" Isabella shouted. 

Theodore chuckled. 

"Finally hearing your scream" He muttered. 

Isabella sighed and said nothing. 

"Hold me tightly or you're gonna fall" Theodore said as he started falling. 

"Who uses one hand to hold an umbrella with an adult on his back? Are you showing off?" Isabella scoffed. 

Theo chuckled and continued walking till they got to the boys dorm. 

"Wait,this is...."

"I'm tired,I can't walk to your dorm..."

"Fine,I will go alone. Since you're here at least" Isabella said. 

Theo grabbed her hand and she faced him. 

"It's just 7pm" he said.

"Huh..??" Isabella looked at him with confusion written on her face. 

"Stay with me until the rain stops"



Isabella sighed. 

"Okay" She muttered and Theo smiled. 

They both entered his room and he closed the door. 

Isabella rest on the wall as took off his jacket first. 

"Hey! Go somewhere and Take off your clothes!" Isabella yelled and turned away from him. 

Theodore laughed. 

"It's just the jacket,come on" he said. 

Isabella sighed. 

"Why are you standing and not sitting down?"

"I'm wet" she mumbled. 

"All over?"

"No,just the hoodie I'm wearing. It's not water resistant" Isabella replied,touching the soaked hoodie. 

Theodore walked to his closet and opened the part where hoodies are. 

Isabella gasped. 

"Pick one" He said. 

"Everything....for you alone?" Isabella asked. 

Theo nodded. 

"You can take anyone you want" he said. 

"Really? I can?" 

"Yes,go on...I'm going to take my bath" Theo said and left her there for the bathroom. 

Isabella started searching for the one to pick. 

"Wow,they all look so pretty" She muttered. 

She found the one with multicolor and smiled. 

"Perfect" She immediately took it and closed the closet back. 

She took off her wet hoodie,she only had her tank top under it,she wore the hoodie and walked back to the bedroom. She checked herself in the mirror,the hoodie was so big and beautiful on her,she smiled prettily before sitting on the bed. 

She yawned sleepily and lay on one quarter of the bed,she closed her eyes. 

About two minutes later,Theodore came in. He was already dressed up,he wore a set of short and sweatshirt,he was drying his hair when he noticed Isabella on the bed. 

"Is she sleeping?" He asked and dropped the towel in his hand,he moved closer to the bed and Isabella opened her eyes. 

"Finally you're out" She said. 

Theodore nodded,turning to the table to pick his phone. 

"You know I wasn't aware right?" Isabella asked and Theo faced her back. 


"It was because of me,I didn't know you fought him because of me,I knew only when the students started talking about it" Isabella said. 

"I'm sorry you always get into trouble because of me....so don't do it again,please" She added. 

"It wasn't because of you,I just wanted to teach him a lesson" Theodore said. 

"Aside that,I'm always the reason why you're in one trouble or the other,......"

"No you're not" Theo cut in and their four eyes locked. 

"I'm sorry I didn't come to see you earlier too" She said. 

"No problem either,trust me. At least you're finally talking to me,I'm sorry about last night,I didn't mean what I said" Theo said. 

"You were right....I shouldn't get mad seeing that. We are not dating,and besides....everyone thinks I broke up with Maxwell because of you,those rumors...are exhausting" Isabella muttered. 

"Ignore them" Theo said. 

Isabella stood up and walked to the window. 

"The rain is still heavy,what do I do now?" She pouted. 

"Sleep here....."

"What?!" Isabella screamed. 

"What,don't you sleep in Maxwell's room when you guys were dating?" Theo asked. 

"No,never done that" Isabella shook her head. 


"I guess you and Chelsea do sleep together" Isabella said. 

"It's not a big deal,but if the rain doesn't stop,you can sleep on my bed and I will sleep on the floor..."

"It's your room not mine..."

"It was me who asked you to stay back" Theo cut in. 

"Still,I can't let you sleep on the floor,I will just leave with my umbrella...."

"I don't want you to go alone" Theodore said. 

"You don't have to worry about me..."

"Unfortunately,I'm f*+*king worried" Theo said and Isabella sighed. 

She sat down on the bed again. 

"I'm hungry,I was planning to make some cereal for myself" She mumbled. 

Theodore chuckled and grabbed her hand,she stood up and he took her to a cabinet,he opened it and she gasped. It was filled up with provisions,a lot of them. 

"How did you get all these?" She asked. 

"My mom" Theodore replied. 

"Don't you eat them?" Isabella faced him. 

"Not really,I prefer chicken and turkey...."

"You're so silly" Isabella scoffed. 

Theodore smiled. 

Isabella went on her toes and picked one of the cereals bag,she took the milk also. 

"Do you even have cups?"

"You're underestimating me already" Theo scoffed and she laughed. 

"I love using cold water for my cereals" Isabella said,opening the fridge.

"It's raining....."

"This hoodie is gonna protect me don't worry" She winked. 

Theo smiled and nodded.  

"So...are you going to sleep here?" Theo asked. 

"I'm scared" Isabella said. 

"Of me?"

"Of another rumor spreading,I don't want it" She shook her head. 

"Oh" Theo muttered. 

"The rain might stop soon,so I will leave by then,I'm sorry" Isabella said. 

Theo nodded slowly. 

"I will walk you to your room"he muttered. 

"Thanks" Isabella smiled and started pouring the cereal into two cups that Theo brought. 



"You said you saw Isabella?" Violet asked Clara as they walked along the school hallway. 

"Yeah,I think she went into a teacher's office" Clara replied. 

Almost immediately they saw Isabella coming with tons of books in her hands. 

"Nice" Violet smirked and threw a banana peel on the staircase. 

"She might step on it Violet" Clara immediately said. 

"Why do you think I put it there?" Violet scoffed and rest her arms on the stairs rail to watch what might happen. 

Isabella adjusted the books in her hands,they are assignments submitted by the students. 

"Gosh where's Theo at a moment like this,too heavy" She groaned and soon got to the stairs. 

Meanwhile,Theodore and Chelsea were coming,they were walking hand in hand as they talked. 

"I'm so f*+*king cold" Chelsea muttered. 

"You should have wore a hoodie,it's cold these days. So why aren't you wearing any?" Theo asked. 

"Give me yours" Chelsea pouted. 

"No" Theo shook his head. 

"I want yours" Chelsea said. 

"Let's get to the class first,I can't pull it off here" Theo replied and Chelsea smiled. 

Her eyes fell on Isabella and a frown  immediately appeared on her face,Isabella was wearing the hoodie she got from Theo and Chelsea recognized it. 

Theo looked at her when he noticed she wasn't talking again. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"Yeah" she muttered. 

Theo also saw Isabella who was already climbing down the stairs. 

"Oh,I think she's with our English assignments" Theo said and was about going to her when Isabella stepped on the banana peel. 

"Ahh!" She screamed and all the books fell from her hands as she started falling. 

"Izzie!" Theo's eyes widened and tried letting go of Chelsea's hand to run to Isabella. 

Chelsea held him even more tighter and he turned at once. 

"What are you doing?" Theo asked with wide eyes. 

"You promised to stay away from her troubles" Chelsea said. 

"But...she's going to get hurt...."

"That's her business not yours" Chelsea snapped. 

Theodore turned his face back to the falling Isabella,Jeremy was already there. Luckily he caught her before she landed on the ground. 

"Are you okay?" Jeremy asked,he already packed the books on the ground. 

"Yeah,luckily" Isabella replied. Her eyes locked with Theo's own and he gulped,watching as she walked away with Jeremy. 


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