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Golden High 2024 - Episode 33&34




Golden High 2024 - Episode 33&34

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



"What the f*+*k were you thinking?! You beat a fellow student and he passed out?!" Summer screamed angrily. 

She was actually home when she got a call about what Theo did. 

"I lost control of myself....." 

Summer raised her hand to slap him but she stopped halfway,she was breathing angrily. 

Theo didn't move an inch,their eyes piercing into each other's souls. 

"Why did you do it?....."

"I just told you I lost control of myself,what else do you want to hear?! He was spitting out sh*t about a girl and I couldn't just hold back" Theo snapped. 

"A girl? Not even you?! Are you going crazy?!" Summer yelled. 

"Yes I'm going crazy?! Stop yelling at me and punish me if you want! You can expel me from school if you want,or should I withdraw by myself? You know how much I even hate coming to school in the first place so do the f**k you want to do! Call mom and tell her I'm on my way coming,I'm going to pack my stuffs right now!" Theo shouted at her and turned to go. 

"Hey!!! Come back here you brat! Don't you dare walk out on me......." The door opened and closed loudly that the office shook. 

"Gosh" Summer sighed and roughed her hair. 

The door opened and the Principal came in. 

"Is there a problem? Did you speak with him??"

"That brat said he's leaving school" Summer muttered. 

"What?!" The principal shouted. 

"That's his choice,,I'm going to call dad and tell him his son is going crazy,I'm tired of him" Summer said,picking up her phone. 

"You don't have to do that,,I will talk to him" The principal said immediately. 

"Talk to that brat? Whenever he make up his mind,he might run mad if he doesn't do it so don't waste your energy,I will call the driver...."

"You don't have to do that" The principal cut in. 

"How about the boy in the clinic?" Summer asked. 

"The nurse said he will be awake soon...."

"What about his face?"

"He will be fine,you don't have to worry" The principal said and walked out of the office. 


Theodore was already packing his stuffs into a bag,Angelo,Leo and Chelsea on one side watching,nobody talked. 

The door opened and the principal came in,they immediately bowed and moved back for him. 

"Theodore" He called. 

Theodore rolled his eyes and continue packing. 

"You know Mr Andrew wouldn't take it easy with you if you go home right?" He asked. 

"Not like I care" Theodore muttered. 

"So you want to leave without your punishment? Well sorry,as the principal of this school,you're not allowed to leave the school just anytime you want until I approve,and you know that right? It's like you're running away because you know what you did was wrong,only weak boys does that" The principal said and Theo looked at him. 

"You're not allowed to leave,so return your things and come get your punishment,I won't come back to you" The principal said and walked out of the room. 

Theodore dropped the bag in his hand angrily and sat down on the bed,his face buried into his palms. 

"What exactly did Lionel said?" Angelo finally asked. 

Silence followed. 

"Maybe we should ask Adriel,they were together" Leo muttered. 

Chelsea stared at Theo endlessly from where she was standing,she was wondering who Lionel talked about to make Theo get angry so much? He has never reacted that way even because of her. 

'Is it Isabella?' She thought. 

"Let's go" Leo grabbed her hand and that was when she came back to reality,she followed the boys out,leaving Theo alone in the room. 



Theo was busy clearing up the waste bins one after the other into the disposal,that's his punishment. 

He's not allowed to leave there until he is done. And after that,He's going to stay in the detention room all day. 

Angelo and Leo groaned in frustration as they watched him,it's their third time coming,but Theo insisted on doing everything alone. 

"Dude,the principal never said your friends can't help you,so why acting so stubborn? You're going to get tired by the time you finish all these alone" Leo said as they walked closer. 

"I don't like bringing people into my sh*ts so stay back,don't worry about me" Theo muttered,emptying the bin in his hand. 

"Helping you doesn't mean we are in your shit....."

"I want to be alone,please just leave. I don't want to talk to anyone,leave me alone please" Theodore snapped. 

"Guy let's go" Angelo said to Leo and left first. 

Leo sighed and followed Angelo. 

Theo's phone buzzed inside his pocket,he brought it out and when he saw the screen,he scoffed. It's his mom,he answered anyway. 

"Yeah mom" He mumbled. 

"I heard about what happened Son" Mrs Andrew said. 

"So? Should I just come home? I'm tired of staying here anyway" Theo muttered. 

"Your dad is not in the country right now,so just obey your sister and stay in school,why can't you stay away from trouble?" 

"You only care to call when I'm in trouble anyway" Theo scoffed. 


"But I'm not lying,,you don't even want to know if I am doing well in school or not,so why are you concerned if I stay in school or not?" 

"I know how you're doing in school son,I know everything,your dad too. We choose not to question you...."

"But I want to be questioned! Please,just ask me how I'm coping here,it's exhausting" Theo said in tears. 

"Do you want me to come over?"

"No,I don't want to see you,I'm not in the mood" Theo said immediately. 

"Your sister is there for you....."

"I don't like her again,she's annoying" Theo snapped and Mrs Andrew chuckled. 

"You know she loves you..."

"Well I don't love her,bye mom,I have a lot to do" Theo said. 

"What are you doing?" 

"I swe.ar you don't want to know what I am doing right now" Theo replied. 

"What? Tell me" Mrs Andrew said curiously. 

"Clearing your school waste bins" Theodore muttered. 

"What?! What happened to the people doing that? When did that turn to a student's work? I'm going to call John right away...."

"Reason why I hate telling you things,I'm hanging up. And don't bother calling Mr John,he gave me the punishment himself,and I deserve it" 

"You need to bath after that,you can't go around looking dirty and unkept,don't wear that clothe again when you're done,I'm going to do some shopping for you and....." Theo hung up the call and threw the phone in his pocket. 

"Is that my problem right now?" He scoffed and continue working. 

He pulled off the jacket he was putting on and threw it into the trashcan also. 

Some minutes later,Violet showed up. 

"Look who we got here" Violet muttered. 

Theo ignored her. 

"Why are you always in trouble?" Violet asked,her two hands on her waist. 

"I'm always in trouble because people won't just stop annoying me and mind their business,same thing you're doing right now" Theo said. 

"You can't pass your aggression on me,I just want to keep your company" Violet pouted. 

"Violet,I'm not in the mood to talk,and who keeps company in a dump area? Are you thinking? I want to leave here desperately" Theo said. 

"Fine" Violet turned and walked away. 



Breakfast came quite late,normally every Saturday,breakfast are served around 8am people quarter past eight. 

The students were eating in groups as usual,some still have strength to chat while eating while others just focus on their food. 

Violet walked into the dinning hall angrily and went directly to Isabella's table where she was eating with her friends. 

"So it was because of you?!" Violet banged her hands on the table,the drinks fell back poured all over Dakota. 

"Are you crazy?!" Cindy yelled. 

"He got into trouble because of you and you're here enjoying your meal?! You b*tch! It's all your fault that he's always in trouble! I don't even know what he saw in you! You're not that pretty to begin with,I'm more pretty and sexy than you!!" Violet yelled. 

👥 I Heard Theo beat Lionel up because of her. 

👥 Heard he was badmouthing Isabella and Theo flare up

👥 He must really like her so much. 

"Say something you b*tch!" Violet shouted and pushed Isabella's food on the floor

👥 *Gasps*

Isabella stood up and glared at Violet who was also glaring at her hatefully. 

"You must be so mad about it,why don't you just go help him with his punishment?" Isabella asked and Violet almost slapped her. 

"Don't you dare touch her" Jeremy grabbed Violet's hand from the back. 

"Leave me alone!" Violet pushed him and faced Isabella again. 

"You f*+*king broke up with Max because you wanted Theo and now that he's not giving you so much attention like you expected,you're mad at every girl he talks to,you're such a b*tch like Romina described you as,I hate you!! You better stay away from him,do you get me!!" Violet yelled. 

"Gosh,she's crazy" Isabella mumbled and arranged her hair. 

"You know what? Screw you!" Violet said and took the bottle water on the table,she poured it on Isabella's head. 

👥 *Gasps*

Isabella carried the plate of soup in front of Cindy and poured it on her face also. 

"Slump on it and die,bastard" She hit the plate on Violet's face before storming out of the dinning hall. 

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I'm going to kill you!!!" Violet screamed before running out also. 

👥 I can't believe Theo did that because of Isabella. 

👥 She's so important to him I'm jealous 

Jeremy ran after Isabella and grabbed her hand. 


"I want to be alone" Isabella snapped his hand off walked away. 

Meanwhile,back. In the dinning hall,Chelsea was sitting with Leo,Angelo,Phoenix and Cleo. 

She used her spoon to press the toast in her plate,her mind was somewhere far,she hated hearing Isabella and Theodore together so much that she wanted to scream. 

"Have you gone to see Theo?" Phoenix asked her and she looked up. 

"Why should I do that?" She asked. 

"Are you angry with him?" Cleo asked. 

Chelsea said nothing and drank from  her tea. 

"Are you okay with that? Why not eat something good?" Angelo asked,trying to change the topic. 

"See you guys later" Chelsea muttered and stood up,she took her phone and walked away. 

"I think she's angry" Cleo said. 

"Why?" Leo asked. 

"Maybe because Theo got into trouble because if Isabella?" Cleo replied. 

Phoenix sighed out. 

'I thought she got over him' she thought inwardly. 



Jeremy was sitting alone,watching some juniors playing. It's been a very boring day,Isabella refused to talk to him either so he's all lonely. 

He suddenly felt someone sat down beside him,he turned and saw Maxwell. 

He ignored him and looked away. 

"Do you really think she's going to ignore him and fall for you instead?" Maxwell asked. 

Jeremy frowned. 

"What are you talking about?" He asked. 

"You and Theo..who do you think she's going to choose? You're wasting your time" Maxwell smirked. 

"That's none of your business" Jeremy snapped. 

Maxwell chuckled. 

"If you think I'm enemy then good for you" Maxwell said and stood up.

"It doesn't seem like she likes you,you just forced yourself on her. That's what everyone thinks" Maxwell said before walking away. 

Jeremy chuckled sarcastically. 

"Theodore......." He mumbled. 



Cleo opened the door and smiled when she saw Leo. 

"Missed me?" He grinned. 

Cleo nodded with a pout. 

Leo chuckled and roughed her hair. 

"Studying?" He asked. 

"Nope,taking a nap" Cleo replied,sitting down on the bed. 

"Taking a nap? With all these candies on the bed?" Leo asked,picking one. 

"Don't touch that!" Cleo screamed,trying to take it back from him. 

"Don't be stingy sis" Leo said and thew it into his mouth. 

"Hey!" Cleo shouted. 

"What,you're not going to bring it out of my mouth right?" Leo asked. 

"You seriously think I can't?" Cleo asked. 

"What the h*+*k,when did you become so greedy?" Leo teased and shifted closer to her. 

"How are you going to take it back now?" He asked. 

Cleo cupped his cheeks and pressed her lips on his own,Leo's eyes widened and immediately moved back. 

"Hey,you can't just do that anyhow and anywhere" He said. 

"Why are you acting so shocked?" Cleo asked. 

"Of course I'm shocked,we've not done that for ages,we are adults now,it's somehow...."

"It's just a kiss,stop making it a big deal,it's annoying" Cleo snapped. 

"I'm sorry" Leo muttered. 

"Why are you here anyway?" 

"Because I want to stay beside you,is that a crime?" Leo asked. 

"No" Cleo chuckled. 

Leo slept on the bed and tapped his right side. 

"Let's sleep together" He said. 

Cleo smiled and immediately joined him on the bed. 

"Don't ditch me for your friends again" She mumbled. 

"Why? Are you jealous?"

"Yes I am...but thank goodness I have a new friend now,Phoenix" Cleo smiled. 

"Really? That's great News.."

"Are you mocking me?" She slapped his shoulder and Leo laughed.



Theodore was humming a song to himself when the door opened,he looked up and saw Chelsea closing the door back,she faced him and their eyes locked. 

They both looked away without saying a word,Chelsea sat down beside him. 

"Why are you here?" Theo asked. 

"Did you bath? You changed your clothes..."

"Yes I did,why are you here?" Theo asked. 

"You're raising your voice at me...."

"Maybe because you just decided to show up now after hours" Theodore snapped. 

"Did you really do that because of Isabella?" Chelsea asked. 

Theo rolled his eyes. 

"So it's all true" Chelsea mumbled. 

"That bastard was talking trash about her,I would do the same If it was you too......"

"No you wouldn't,stop lying" Chelsea cut in. 


"I've never seen you get so much angry okay? You flare up so bad that it was scary,only to find out it was all because of Bella? She doesn't even care....."

"I didn't do it for her to care...."

"Then why!" Chelsea yelled. 

Theo sighed and said nothing. 

"Is that the reason why you decided not to show up?" He asked. 

"Because I see no reason why I should,the person you fought for didn't show up either" Chelsea said. 

"You can't compare yourself with her she's just....."

"I don't like it" Chelsea snapped. 

"Are you here to fight with me? It's sounding more like it already" Theodore said. 

"I think I've tried so much already,it's tiring" Chelsea mumbled. 

"What do you mean?" Theo asked,looking at her.  

Chelsea stood up and sat down on his laps,she cupped his cheeks and made to kiss him. 

Theo immediately turned his face away and her lips landed on his cheek. 

"Why!!" She shouted. 

Theodore grabbed her arms,staring into her eyes. 

"Don't do that,please" he said. 

"Why? Do you prefer Violet to me also? Just the way you want Isabella?! Just why all those b*tches!" She cried out. 

"We are best....."

"Screw that sh*t! I don't want to hear those words!!" She screamed in tears. 

Theodore was speechless and dumbfounded. 

"I've tried just too hard to let go,but I hate it when you keep getting into trouble because of someone who doesn't worth it......"

"She didn't ask for it,it's my choice,Isabella didn't do anything wrong."

"You're defending her again"

"I'm just trying to...."

"Me or her" Chelsea cut in. 


"Choose between me and her,if you choose her then don't talk to me again" Chelsea said and Theo's eyes widened. 

"What do you mean by that? I can't do without talking to you!...."

"Can you do without talking to Isabella?" Chelsea cut in. 

Theodore swallowed. 


Outside,Isabella was standing at the door step,she could hear everything they are saying and she was eager and curious to hear Theo's response also. 

She was almost shaking in fear,Will he choose Chelsea over her? Does Chelsea want him also?

If she does then,no chance for her,Chelsea have the upper hand in his life,she's different from Romina and Violet. 

"It's so f*+*king simple! Me or her! Why are you taking so long to decide? Just why!" Chelsea shouted. 

"I don't want to choose anyone....."

"Then you prefer me walking away?" Chelsea asked. 

"No I don't,your words are scaring me,you're threatening me by saying you will stop talking to me or walking away..,you know I can't do without you,I like you a lot,you're my......"

"Me or Isabella" Chelsea repeated,cutting him off. 

"Fine I choose........" 


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