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Golden High 2024 - Episode 31&32




Golden High 2024 - Episode 31&32

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


Violet ignored Isabella and kissed Theodore again,in front of her. 

Isabella turned immediately and walked away. 

Theodore pushed Violet away from himself instantly and wiped his lips. 

"yeogiyo! geugeos-eun johji anhda!(Hey! That's not nice!)" Violet yelled annoyingly as Theodore wiped her kiss. 

"You can't just go ahead and kiss people without their permission,I don't like it" Theodore snapped.

"Seriously? So why didn't you complain the first time? Because of Isabella?" Violet crossed her arms. 

Theodore gave her a pissed look. 

"Fine,,I won't mention her name again" Violet rolled her eyes. 

"And I will ask for permission next time....."

"There won't be a next time" Theodore cut her off and started leaving. 

"There will be! I'm Violet!" Violet ran after him. 


Back in the party arena,the fun was still on,it's just eight and they have the whole place to themselves until nine. 

Theodore and Violet came in together,Chelsea immediately went to him,pushing Violet out of her way. 

"Hey watch out!" Violet snapped at her. 

"Stay away from him insect" Chelsea snapped back,glaring at her before going to join Theo where he was sitting beside Angelo. 

"Where have you been?" Angelo asked. 

Theodore was about replying when Chelsea turned his head and made him face her instead. 

"Do you miss me?" Theo grinned. 

"No I don't" Chelsea snapped. 

"Really?" Theo raised his brows. 

"I missed you,so you were with that girl from class B? Since when did you two started talking? She's annoying" Chelsea scoffed. 

"Yeah she is..quite annoying" Theodore muttered,his eyes moved to Isabella and her friends,she was busy having fun,that was when he got to look at her outfit,and as usual she was so hot. 

"Hmm" Chelsea cleared her throat and Theo faced her back. 

"Why not go meet her if you're going to ignore me and stare at her...."

"I'm sorry" Theo muttered and she scoffed. 

"Hey" Lionel held Violet's waist from the back as she danced,she immediately turned and frowned. 

"What do you want?" She asked. 

"I've been looking for you" Lionel said. 

"Why? Is there a problem?"

"Are you still mad at me?" Lionel asked. 

"No I'm not" Violet replied. 

"Then why do you keep ignoring me?" Lionel asked. 

"Can I enjoy my dance in peace please?" Violet asked,grabbing a drink from the bartender,non alcoholic drinks,no alcohol allowed in there. 

Lionel sighed sadly,staring at Violet as she walked away from him to Paris and Clara. 

🎙 Hey yo!! Boys and girls!!

The MC called out,getting everyone's attention. 

🎙 To spice things up,we've chosen and decided the two best dressed here tonight,a boy and a girl. The winners get to dance together,are you ready to see them?

👥 Yeaahhh!!!!

👥 Definitely Isabella for the girls!!

👥 Queen Bella!!!!

👥 Bella!!!

The students started chanting her name

"I'm so jealous" Cindy pouted. 

"Me too" Dakota also pouted. 

"You two are annoying" Isabella chuckled. 

🎙 And the female best dressed goes to....Isabella!!!

👥 Yessss!!!!!!

👥 Well deserved!!

🎙 The best dressed boy goes to.....any guesses?!

👥 Maxwell!!!

👥 Maxwell!!!

👥 Lionel!!!

👥 Lionel!!!

🎙 And it goes to Jeremy!!!!!

👥 Wowww!!!!!

👥 It's the new student!!!

👥 He's so handsome too!!

🎙 Clear up the stage for them everyone,let's go!!

The DJ switched the song to a slow perfect dinner date song and the students screamed. 

Jeremy went to Isabella where she was sitting and took her hand,they walked to the stage together. 

🎙 They look so cute together right?

👥 Yes!!!!

👥 Awwnnn!

Jeremy's hand went around Isabella's waist and the students screamed again. 

He winked at her and Isabella smiled.

"Stop it" She muttered,her eyes almost fell on Theo but she controlled it. 

Maxwell was the first to hiss jealously. 

"What the f**k is he putting on to deserve that?" He asked. 

"What's that smelling?" Jerry asked. 

"Jealousy" Tristan replied. 

"You really think I'm jealous? I'm just saying the fact,his outfit is annoying" Maxwell scoffed. 

"Theo,are you still breathing well?" Leo asked Theo. Chelsea already left. 

"Stop it" Theo muttered. 

"I don't think he's breathing well,the breaths are quite too slow for normal" Angelo said. 

"I hate you two" Theo snapped and they laughed. 

Theo watched as Isabella and Jeremy moved and he looked away again. 

"Why is there no alcohol?" He asked,taking a bottle of water. 

"You can use water too,as solvent" Leo said and Angelo laughed. 

Theo didn't know when he finished two bottles of water. 

"Dude,don't you need to pee?" Angelo asked and touch his tummy. 

"Stop being annoying!" Theo snapped and they laughed again. 

🎙 And that's it!! They are so good!

Jeremy and Isabella finished dancing and the students kept screaming and clapping. 

Jeremy kissed Isabella's hand before leaving her. 

"Is he crazy?" Theo scoffed. 

"He is trying to make someone mad,and it worked perfectly" Angelo muttered. 

"I know right? That dude is crazy" Leo chuckled. 

Phoenix left Chelsea for the restroom,Adriel saw that and also stood up,she left the arena. 

Phoenix finished here business in the restroom and came out only to find Adriel waiting. 

"Hey" he smiled. 

"And what are you doing here?" Phoenix asked. 

"Your name is Phoenix right?" Adriel asked. 

"And you think I would tell you?" Phoenix raised her brows. 

"You're quite too harsh,I just want to be your friend" Adriel said. 

"I don't like male friends especially the one from B class,keep it to yourself" Phoenix snapped and walked out of his sight. 

Adriel chuckled and bite his lips. 

"She's something else" He muttered and also returned to the arena. 

Clara saw Phoenix came in and then Adriel after,her blood started boiling. She knew Adriel followed her,once her eyes met with Phoenix,she shot her a hateful glare which sent Phoenix wondering. 

"What the f**k?" Phoenix scoffed. 



"Aren't you girls leaving? I'm tired already" Isabella said. 

"Never,they are gonna close down this place right in my eyes,like girly,tomorrow is Saturday,you can sleep till God knows when" Dakota said. 

"Me too,I want to have more fun!" Cindy screamed. 

"I'm leaving"

"Why not tomorrow? Have fun just for tonight?" Cindy pouted. 

"I'm feeling too sleepy to continue,see you in the morning" Isabella waved and like that she walked out of the party arena. 

"Gosh,am I the only one leaving already?" She groaned when she saw how quiet and lonely the road is to the dorm,no student was walking. 

Nevertheless,she continued walking until a random boy walked over to her and stopped in front of her. 

"Hey" he smiled. 

Isabella frowned. 

"What do you want?" She asked.

"Do you wanna spend the night together?" He asked with a grin. 

Isabella hissed and wanted to pass his side,the boy grabbed her hand at once. 

"Are you crazy!" Isabella yelled and slapped him angrily. 

"Hey!" The boy glared and almost hit her,someone grabbed his hand from the back and kicked his legs one after the other making him fall helplessly on the ground. 

Isabella raised her head,it was Theodore. 

"Go f**k the holes on the school wall,bastard,get lost" He kicked the boy's mouth. 

The boy immediately stood up and ran away. 

Theodore turned and faced Isabella. 

"Why are you walking Alone?"

Isabella eyed him badly and angrily before hissing. 

"I get,you're mad at me but...."

"I don't appreciate your f**king help so f**k off" She snapped and grabbed her wrist chain bracelet which fell as the guy grabbed her hand earlier. 

She hissed at him again and walked away. 

"Girls are ..........like Further maths in general,so f**king hard" Theo mumbled,staring at her as she walked away. 

After she walked some distance,he started walking behind her without her notice,he stopped when she finally entered into her room then turned to leave. 

He bumped into Chelsea who welcomed him with a glare. 

"Hey" He said. 

"Can't believe you left me alone because of her" She snapped. 

"I thought you said you would wait until......."

"Blablablabla,suit yourself" She snapped angrily and left him. 

"I'm sorry! I didn't know you were coming right away!" Theo called after her but she didn't turn back. 

"Daebak(amazing)" he sighed out loudly before walking away. 



"I kissed him" Violet told Paris and Clara. 

"What?!!!" They screamed. 

Violet smiled shyly while pulling off her clothes. 

"You really kissed him?  ..Theodore?" Paris asked again to be sure. 

"Yeah" Violet said. 

"How was his lips like?" Clara asked. 

"More than you imagined,so f**king soft and juicy and...."

"Just kill me!!" Clara screamed and fell on the floor. 

"Now I know why that b*tch cheated on her boyfriend coz of those lips" Violet chuckled. 

"Girl you bad" Paris laughed. 

"Trust me,I'm getting even more" Violet winked. 

"I trust you babe,Isabella better watch out,she might loose on both sides too" Clara said. 

"I'm surprised Theo allowed that,was he stuck?" Paris asked. 

"It was just my trick,nothing else" Violet said. 

"I love you so much babe!" Clara screamed

"I love you more" Violet blew her a kiss. 

"Gosh,it's quite late,I should go to my room" Paris yawned. 

"Yeah me too,after you. I want to check if this b*tch got some snacks to munch on in my room" Clara said. 

"Don't you dare touch my stuff or I'm gonna kill you" Violet screamed from the bathroom. 

Paris left the room. 



Lionel frowned deeply,he just finished listening to the record on Paris's phone. 

"I told you right? She doesn't worth you,I don't see why you're so f**king obsessed with a b*tch who doesn't care about your feelings" Paris said. 

"Don't talk to her like that" Lionel snapped. 

Paris rolled her eyes and sat down on his laps. 

"Stop acting so silly,I'm right here doe you" Paris muttered and brought herios closer to kiss him. 

"Stop" Lionel pushed her away. 

She came closer again and grabbed his cheeks,trying to kiss him forcefully. 

"Stop it!" Lionel yelled. 

"What's your problem?! You still like her even after listening to that??"

"Yes I still do,no matter what you do,I won't ever like you.  And don't worry,I'm not going to tell her anything,she will find out what a two face b*tch you are by herself,get out" Lionel said. 

Paris scoffed and took her phone. 

"Don't be so sure baby,I always get what I want,and one of the things I want is you,so watch your back,you are mine" She said and stormed out of the room.  

Lionel locked the door and sat down on the bed. 

'I kissed him'  Violet's voice kept ringing in his head and his rage went directly to Theodore. 

"That bastard,I'm going to kill him" He mumbled,folding his Fists. 



Phoenix entered Chelsea'a room and met her sleeping lifelessly on the bed,her head on the floor and her other body on the bed. 

"Is she dead?" Phoenix asked and touched Chelsea.

"Hmm" Chelsea groaned. 

"What the f**k?!!! Why would a human sleep like this?!!" Phoenix screamed and immediately took two pictures of her sleeping posture before she started waking her up. 

"Wake up wake up! It's 7am!" Phoenix shouted. 

"Today is Saturday,stop disturbing my sleep" Chelsea muttered,laying on the bed properly. 

"Let's go to the gym baby please" Phoenix said. 

"No" Chelsea groaned. 

"Please Chelsea,I really wanna work out today,I think I'm gaining weight" Phoenix said. 



Theodore walked into the gym with his two hands in his pockets,he was wearing set of blue prints sweatshirt and sweatpants,it was a cold morning. His headphones hanging around his neck. 

He saw Maxwell and Lionel,they were the first to get to the gym,and the moment they saw him,they turned. 

"Look who we got here" Lionel said. 

Theodore said nothing,he wasn't in the mood to exchange words. 

"I thought it all ended in kissing someone's girlfriend but no? Are you a manwhore or Something?" Lionel asked. 

"Boywhore" Maxwell chuckled. 

Theodore didn't talk. 

"Hey stop acting like you can't hear me" Lionel pushed his chest with a finger and Theo glared at him but then sighed out. 

"What,are you angry? I should be the one who's angry not you" Lionel pushed his chest again. 

The gym instructors came in and they left him,more students started coming in one after the other. 

The gym is only for the final year students,only students in Grade 12 have access to it,others can wait until they get to the class too. 

Angelo and Leo came in at once. 

"Who is chasing you? We stopped to check you but you're here already?" Leo asked. 

"Yeah" Theo muttered. 

Chelsea came in with Phoenix and Cleo, they went to get their gym mats next to each other. 

Violet came in with her friends too,Isabella followed with Cindy and Dakota. 

They took their positions too,Isabella took off her hoodie,leaving just her sports bra,matching her white leggings. Almost all the guys in the gym's eyes dropped on her. 

She look so hot no doubt. 

"Everyone's staring at you,I advice you wear your hoodie back" Dakota teased. 

"They should stare" Isabella said without any care. 

"Hey" Jeremy stood beside her. 

"Nothing Remy" She replied. 

"Everyone,please stand properly,we are starting" The male instructor ordered and they all stood straight,waiting for their instructions. 

They began calling out the workout and yoga poses one after the other while the students followed everything they say. 

"Bella,keep it up babe,you're so flexible" The female instructor clapped when she got to where Isabella was,she was doing everything with ease,so good. 

"Thank you" Isabella smiled,she was sitting down and her leg crossed over her neck. 

"Why don't you join my dance class?" She asked. 

"I would love to" Isabella said. 

"See me on Monday then" The instructor smiled and walked away. 

"I'm dying,how the f**k do you look so calm while doing this sh*t!" Dakota groaned. 

"My blood might dry up at this point" Cindy mumbled and Isabella chuckled. 

"The girls,let's get on with some squats" The female instructor said and all the girls groaned out,taking their positions. 

The boys were standing,waiting for the male instructor to come back in,he went to receive a call. 

He returns shortly after and they also began theirs. 

Theo was standing in front of Lionel and Angelo and Leo in front of him,that was how they were arranged. 

Adriel and Lionel were busy chatting in silence while working out. 

"Isabella is so freaking hot,no shade" Adriel mumbled. 

"Hot my f**t,more like an harlot who seeks for attention" Lionel scoffed. 

"Dude" Adriel chuckled. 

Theodore sighed out in front,trying his best to keep his heavy fists to himself. 

"Do you see the way her eyes are,she's a damn seducer" Lionel said. 

"She's not even trying" Adriel said. 

"Says who? I will be right here when she's done with that bastard and come for me too,she likes hot dude anyway" Lionel said and Adriel chuckled. 

"That's crazy" He said. 

Theodore swallowed hard,still trying to control it. 

"I wonder how wide her p**sy is now" Lionel chuckled. 

And that was it,it was like a shock when Theo turned at once and blew Lionel's face with one heavy punch which made his nose bleed at once. 

"Repeat what you said!" He said,throwing another heavy punch on Lionel's face. 

Everyone turned in confusion. 

"Repeat what you said you bastard!!" Theo yelled punching Lionel again as he tried hitting him back,he pushed Lionel and he landed heavily on the floor.

"Theo!" The instructors called but his ears were gone by that time,he can't hear a word 

He sat on top of Lionel and continue punching him,heavy ones. 

"Say that again,say it!" He yelled. 

The instructor came to drag him away from Lionel whose face was already covered with blood but Theo didn't move an inch. 

"Just die!! F**k!!" He screamed,the instructor pushed him away,he stood up and started rushing toward Lionel again. 

Three boys grabbed him at once. 

"Hey! Get up!!" Theo shouted at Lionel who was already unconscious on the floor. 

"I'm going to kill you for real If you wake up!!" He pushed the boys away. 

"F**k!!" He kicked the bottle on his way and punched the wall before storming out of the gym.

Everyone watching in total shock and confusion. 

They have never seen him so angry. 

Chelsea swallowed from where she was standing,she was literally shaking. 

Isabella couldn't move either. 

"To the clinic right away!" The instructors shouted and Lionel was immediately rushed out. 


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