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Golden High 2024 - Episode 29&30




Golden High 2024 - Episode 29&30

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


"Gawd,I'm in love with him" Violet blurted out. 

Isabella heard that and their eyes met,Violet smirked at her before she walking away. Paris and Clara followed her. 

"You're so crazy,how could you even say that loud?" Clara chuckled. .

"To annoy someone and it worked" Violet smiled. 

"I'm so sad my name is not on that list" Clara sighed sadly. 

"All the students in class A passed,I guess we underestimated them" Paris said. 

Violet on the other hand was no longer listening,she was already thinking about something else. 


"I'm so proud of you guys!!!" Chelsea screamed as they all entered the class 

"I deserve a hug" Leo said,spreading his arms,she moved in and hugged him. 

"You did well Leopard" Chelsea whispered into his ear. 

"Geez!" Leo pushed her away and she laughed. 

"Where's Theo tho?" She asked. 

"I don't know,I thought he came to class" Leo said. 

Angelo was watching them from his seat,and he badly wanted to go in between them and separate them,but he kept his cool. 


"Can I know the reason why you are three ranks lower?" Theodore scolded as they walked toward the teachers office. 

"But I tried...."

"I don't like that" Theodore cut in and Isabella pouted. 

"I will do better next time" She said. 

Theodore gave her a light knock on her forehead. 


"You will always remember that,so work harder" Theo said and ran away. 

"Don't let me catch you!!" Isabella ran after him too. 

Phoenix was just walking to the class,she stopped by the restroom actually. She was walking too happily until someone bumped into her. 

"Ahh!" She gasped loudly and looked at the person with a frown,it's Adriel. 

"Are you blind or something?" Phoenix asked. 

"Hey hey babe,you're so aggressive" Adriel said,making Phoenix even more angry. 

"You know you sound stupid right now..right?" 

"Gosh fine I'm sorry,happy now?" 

"Keep it to yourself dimwit" Phoenix hissed and walked away. 

"Wow" Adriel muttered,staring at her back. 

"Staring at her makes you ugly" Clara said beside him. 

"I wasn't even staring" Adriel said. 

"Liar" Clara snapped. 

"Seriously,why are you here? We should be in class already" Adriel said,they started walking together. 

"Congratulations,you were qualified,it's a pity my name wasn't there,so I won't have to spend much time with your annoying face" Clara scoffed. 

Adriel only laughed. 



Dakota and Cindy were sitting around a table,Isabella haven't joined yet so they are yet to get their food. 

Someone suddenly banged her hand on the table and the two of them looked up. 

Paris and Clara together with Violet were glaring at them angrily. 

"This is supposed to be our seat" Violet said. 

"Really? I don't think I saw your names written on it" Cindy replied,looking at the table again. 

"You just want to look for our trouble,you know we always sit down here,so don't sh*t with me" Paris snapped. 

The students in the library were already focusing on them one after the other

"What's going on here?" Phoenix asked,also sitting down with Chelsea. 

"Are you guys serious right now? Get your @ss up from our seat!" Clara snapped. 

"Did someone talked?" Phoenix asked. 

"No,you must be hearing things" Chelsea replied. 

"I guess you have ear problem then coz literally everyone heard me" Violet snapped. 

"I can't hear you because I can only hear humans speak" Cindy said and the students cracked. 

"That bar is quite weak tho" Paris hissed. 

"Let's go somewhere else girls,we shouldn't give them the attention they want" She added and the three of them turned to go. 

"Wait,you dropped something" Chelsea called them back and they turned. 

"What's that?" Clara asked. 

"Your sense" Chelsea replied and the while cafeteria burst into laughter. 

👥 Gosh I love Chelsea

"I hate you all!!" Violet screamed and stormed out of the cafeteria. 

Dakota laughed. 

"Gosh,you girls are so hilarious,I couldn't even say a word" She said. 

"Did something happened?" Isabella asked as she finally came in. 

"Yeah" Chelsea winked and stood up,she kept with Phoenix. 

"What happened?" Isabella was curious. 

Dakota told her what happened while Cindy ordered for food. 


After lunch,Chelsea left the cafeteria with Phoenix. 

"Gosh school is so boring these days" Phoenix yawned. 

"I know right? Why haven't they started any damn event yet?!" Chelsea screamed 

"Have you heard? The party arena will be opened tonight!" 

They heard a girl telling her friends and they both stopped walking,they faced each other. 

"Today is" Phoenix started

"Friday" Chelsea completed

"Wait,Is that true?!!" They both screamed and at once they rushed to the school notice board. 

It's true,one the first time this semester the party arena will be opened. From 7pm to 9pm

"Can't wait!!!" Phoenix and Chelsea screamed,jumping happily,they ran to the class to share the good news of course. 



Isabella and Theodore were alone in the lab,the teacher gave them some work to do. 

Theodore was focused on what he was recording in the teacher's book but Isabella was busy staring at him. She dropped the pen in her hand and took his own pen too,that was when Theo looked up. 

"What are you doing,so focused? It's not an exam" Isabella said. 

"Don't you wanna leave here as soon possible?" Theodore asked and she shook her head. 

"This place is peaceful,and besides it's Friday so school is always boring to me,but I'm happy about tonight's party tho" She smiled. 

"Good for you,but I kinda don't like parties" Theodore took his pen back from her. 

"So you're going to keep on ignoring me?" She asked. 

"What do you want?" Theo asked. 

"Your attention" She replied. 

"Because you know when you get back to class,Jeremy is going to be all over you?" Theo asked. 

"Don't bring him up,come on"

"Just kidding" Theo smiled. 

"Fine,let's just work if that's what you want" Isabella muttered. 

"You look cute whenever you're pissed" Theo snirked. 

"That's why you always piss me off every time,I see" Isabella scoffs and Theo chuckled. 

"You're so annoying" She whispers.

"I know" Theo whispers back and they both laughed. 

"Are you two done?" The chemistry teacher entered. 

"Almost sir" They both chorused before going silent. 



Theodore entered the office and closed the door gently,he met Summer sitting and working,but when Theo entered,she raised her head and smiled at him. 

"Are you good?" She asked. 

"I guess" Theodore replied and sat down. 

"Why am I here?" He asked. 

"I see you're still hanging out with that girl" Summer said,referring to Isabella. 

"She's my friend. It's not whatever you're thinking" Theo immediately replied. 

"I don't have a problem with you dating okay? But I just wish you stay out of drama and trouble,anything trouble please stay away from it" Summer said. 

"You don't have to worry about me,I'm fine" Theodore replied. 

"Mom missed you" Summer said,giving him a wrapped gift. 

"As if" Theo scoffed. 

"What does that even mean?" Summer snapped. 

"Nothing" Theo rolled his eyes. 

"Teddy,you're so stubborn." Summer shook her head. 

"Honestly I'm tired of school" Theo sigbed. 

"So what do you wanna be doing?" Summer asked. 

"I would rather sleep,can't I just rest my whole life? This is too stressful" Theodore complained and Summer laughed. 

"Are you sure you won't withdraw in college? Coz all these you're facing in high school is not even up to the quarter of the problem you gonna face in university,so you better stop being lazy and focus" Summer said. 

"What's the point of studying?" Theodore mumbled and walked out of the office grumpily. 

"Gosh,He's a case" Summer shook her head and chuckled. 

Theodore saw Chelsea as he walked out of Summer's office. 

"Best!" She called and ran after him. 

"What's that?" She asked.

"I don't know,do you wanna have it?" Theo asked. 

"Of course not" Chelsea chuckled. 

"Is it from mom?" She asked. 

"Yeah" Theo replied. 

"Let's take it to your room before the next class starts,hurry up" Chelsea immediately grab his hand. 

"I might just sleep if I go to that room,I swe.ar" Theodore said. 

"Then give me,I will help you,where's your key?" She opened her palm and took the wrapped box from him. 

"You're the cutest" Theodore grinned and immediately gave her the key. 

"Buy me yogurt in return" Chelsea smiled. 

"Noted" Theodore said. 

After Chelsea left,Theo went his own way,he wanted to go to class but suddenly changed his mind. 



Theodore was sleeping when Jeremy showed up,he kicked the bench where Theodore was laying and Theo opened his eyes. 

"What happened?" He asked. 

"You know why I'm here" Jeremy snapped 

Theodore sat up with a frown 

"Is there any f**king damn reason to disturb my sleep?!!" He yelled. 

"Stay away from Isabella" Jeremy said. 

"You're somehow nut" Theo scoffed and made to lay back on the bench again. 

Jeremy kicked the bench,if Theo didn't get up fast,he would have fallen flat on the ground. 

"Hey" Theo grabbed his collar. 

"What,do you want to fight me?" Jeremy smirked. 

'But I just wish you stay out of drama and trouble,anything trouble please stay away from it' he remember what Summer told him and sighed,he released Jeremy's collar and moved back. 

"Stay away from her I you don't want your cute face destroyed,she's mine even before she met you" Jeremy threatened and walked away. 

Theo sat down and sighed out. 

"Gosh,I hate this" He mumbled. 



Isabella was getting dressed,smiling at her hot self in the mirror,she have always loved to look hot,but tonight she have a target,and that's Theodore. 

She just can't wait to see his expression when he set his eyes on her tonight. 

"What if he ask me out? What should I say?" She bite her lips excitedly. 

The door opened and her friends rushed in. 

"Wow! Someone dresses to kill!!" Cindy screamed. 

"How do I look?" Isabella asked. 

"Perfect as usual" Dakota said. 



The students were a having fun,the hip hop sound was booming so loudly in the party arena. Students could be seen in all corner,and angles. 

Phoenix and Chelsea were both gone in their crazy world,dancing wrongly to the beat,especially Chelsea. With her crazy and funny steps,all eyes were on her. 

Angelo was staring at her nonstop from where he was sitting,Leo too. 

"Angelo and Leo can't stop staring at you" Phoenix told Chelsea and that spoiled her fun. 

"Not dancing again" She said and left the stage,Phoenix chuckled and followed her. 

Maxwell was sitting together with Lionel and his friends,they were also having fun,together with some girls. 

Theodore on the other hand was alone in one quiet corner,with the look of things,He's the only one who's not enjoying the party one bit. 

He already turned down numbers of girls who came to ask him for a dance. 

"I'm not in the mood" He would say. 

Isabella came into the arena with her friends and as usual,she got the whole attention on herself.  

👥 She's so hot!!!

👥 Isabella!!

Theodore watched as Jeremy went to grab her even before she could sit,he rolled his eyes and left the party arena. 

Violet saw that and immediately followed him. 

"Your ex girlfriend is hot" Jayce said to Maxwell who was also staring at Isabella. 

He said nothing. 

Meanwhile,Isabella was busy looking for Theodore,she saw him as she was coming in,but not anymore. 

"Where's he?" She mumbled,ignoring Jeremy totally. 



Isabella walked out of the arena after searching for Theodore with no sign of him. 

"Where's he?" She bite her lips,looking around. 

She suddenly stopped walking when she began hearing some voice coming from the other angle,she turned and started walking to the side. She stopped again when she saw Violet and Theodore talking,they both faced each other,and it looked intense from Isabella's angle even though she could hardly hear what they were saying clearly. 

"Why aren't you with your crush?" Violet asked. 

"What crush are you talking about?" Theodore asked. 

"Gosh,you don't even know what you're doing to me" Violet mumbled. 

"You're so f**king straightforward" Theodore scoffed. 

"And you're f**king cute too" Violet said. 

"Why are you still here? Go back in,I want to be alone" Theo mumbled. 

Violet moved closer to him. 

"A kiss,and I will leave" she smiled. 

"Are you crazy?" Theo chuckled. 

"At least I don't have a boyfriend" Violet rolled her eyes. 

"Does that even matter? I like you" Violet said and touched his face. 

"Don't touch my face" Theodore said. 

"Really? Why? Because of Isabella......."

"Not because of her,what the f**k are you saying?" Theo snapped. 

"Then prove that to me" Violet smirked.

"Prove what? how?" Theo asked. 

"Like this" Violet him close with his shirt and her lips landed on his,shocking Theo. 

"Stop!!" Isabella screamed and Violet broke the kiss,she rolled her eyes when she saw Isabella. 

"How dare you kiss him" Isabella said and almost slapped her

Theodore held her hand

"Stop it" He said and Isabella faced him. 

"Are you seriously doing....."

"The last time I checked,we are not dating" Theodore snapped. 

"Seriously? Should we do it that way?" Isabella crossed her arms. 

"Are you sure you will be able to handle it?" She asked. 

Theo looked away. 

"Do whatever you want" he muttered. 

"Fine then" Isabella said. 

Violet ignored Isabella and kissed Theodore again,in front of her. 

Isabella turned immediately and walked away. 


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