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Golden High 2024 - Episode 27&28




Golden High 2024 - Episode 27&28

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


"I don't give a damn who you are,don't touch her that way if you love your hand" Theo snapped,returning the angry glare. 

Jeremy chuckled and turned to Isabella. 

"I thought you said you were single,so who's this crazy dude?" He asked. 

"Don't talk to him like that" Isabella said. 

"I don't mean to be rude but he was rude first" Jeremy said. 

"I'm sorry about that,,you can go eat for now,I will be back" Isabella replied and faced Theo who still had a scoff on his face,she grabbed his hand and took him out of the dinning hall. 

"Such a crazy dude" Jeremy scoffed. 

Meanwhile,Chelsea was busy eating like one who haven't tasted food in two years,giving Angelo and Leo a show because they literally left their own food to watch Chelsea eating and slurping on the chicken pasta like a wolf. 

"Girl are you preparing for a world war?" Phoenix asked,she was also in shock. 

Chelsea coughed a little and drank water before looking at them. 

"I'm starving" She said,almost breathlessly. 

"Even now?" Leo asked. 

"No,I'm full" Chelsea smiled and wiped her lips,she sighed out loudly. 

"She's so cute,silly" Angelo mumbled underneath his breath,only Leo heard him but he pretended not to. 

"Where's Theo?" Chelsea asked. 

"I saw him go out with Isabella" Phoenix replied. 

"Dear chicken,come to momma" Chelsea smiled as she settled for chickens finally. 


Isabella and Theodore have been standing in the same position,staring at each other like there's no tomorrow. It was beginning to get awkward when Isabella spoke up. 

"You have nothing to say?" She asked.

"It was you who dragged me here,so definitely it's you who have something to say" Theodore replied. 

"Really? Why did you do that?...."

"I didn't hit him" Theo cut in. 

"Are you serious right now? You would have done that?" Isabella asked in shock. 

"No I wouldn't I'm not that aggressive" Theodore scoffed. 

"But,did you allowed him to touch you....."

"I almost fell and he simply caught me,preventing me from falling" Isabella explained what happened. 

"I don't know why I hated it when I saw that,gosh" Theodore roughed his hair. 

"I don't want you to pick fight with him,please" Isabella said and Theo nodded. 

"See you later" She smiled and went back into the dinning room,but Theo didn't move an inch. 

He sighed out and rest his back against the wall. 

"Am I going crazy or something?" He asked himself but doesn't seem to get an answer tho. 

"What are you doing here all alone?" Violet appeared and stood beside him. 

"And you?" Theodore also threw the question back at her. 

"The dinning hall is suffocating,they are just too much" Violet sighed out. 

Theodore said nothing and stood properly. 

"Enjoy your time here" He muttered and took a step to leave. 

"Wait!!" Violet ran after him and stood in front of him.  

"You haven't given me an answer yet" She said. 

"And why do you want to be my friend? It's like there's a foul play going on somewhere,I can't trust you for anything",so try harder" Theodore simply said and walked away. 

"Pssshh,he's so annoying" Violet scoffed. 


After dinner,Phoenix left with Cleo,Theodore also left in the name of,he wants to be alone. 

Chelsea was about leaving too when Leo ran after her and she waited. 

"What is it Leopard" She smirked. 

"Why haven't you forgotten about that?" Leo asked. 

"You might forget,but for me that name is yours,you should be thankful I have not announced it yet so everyone will start calling you that" Chelsea said. 

"You wouldn't dare,I'm gonna kill you" Leo said and she laughed. 

"I wanted to ask......"

"Can't believe you two left me" Angelo said as he joined them. 

"Sorry about that" Chelsea said before facing Leo again.

"You were saying?" 

"Do you wanna study with me tonight again?" Leo asked. 

"No she can't" Angelo replied even before Chelsea could think of the right answer. 

"Why? I wasn't asking you" Leo said. 

"Because I was planning to spend some time alone with her tonight" Angelo replied. 

"Some time alone? Alone to do what exactly?" Leo asked,getting pissed. 

"That's not your business" Angelo smiled. 

"Guys wait...." Chelsea raised her two hands up and they both looked at her. 

"Actually....." She coughed. 

"I caught a cold just now and I think I should just go and...." Cough again..."Go and sleep" She completed her words and without thinking twice,she ran off,Leaving the two boys standing. 

Leo and Angelo gave each others angry glares before walking away separately. 

Chelsea entered her room,breathing heavily and at the same time confusedly. 

"What...was that?" She mumbled to herself. 

The door opened and Phoenix came in. 

"I saw you running,did something happened?" She asked,sitting on the bed with a bowl of grapes in her hand. 

"I don't know" Chelsea shook her head,she took the bottle water on her study table and opened,she drank the water in it and sighed out loudly. 

"I noticed something tonight though" Phoenix grinned. 

"What's that?" Chelsea asked,getting rid of her clothes. 

"Leo and Angelo likes you" Phoenix said and Chelsea fell roughly on the floor. 

"Chelsea!!" Phoenix immediately rushed to her on the floor,her dress in her hand while she remained on her undies. 

"Are you okay?" Phoenix asked. 

"What did you just said?" Chelsea asked. 

"They like....."

"No they don't,stop it" Chelsea snapped. 

"You should have seen the way those two were staring at you with so much affections in their eyes,don't be blind not to notice" Phoenix groaned. 

Chelsea shook her head. 

"That's not possible,they can't like me. I don't want them to" She said. 

"Well,there's nothing you can do about it" Phoenix chuckled. 

"I hate you" Chelsea threw the dress in her hand on Phoenix face but she kept on laughing. 

"Geez" Chelsea groaned and entered the bathroom.



Violet opened the door after the third knock on it,she raised her brows when she saw Lionel. 

"What are you doing......" The word escaped her lips as Lionel entered and slammed his lips on hers forcefully. 

Violet pushed him away with all her strength. 

"Are you crazy?! What was that for!" She yelled. 

"You met with that guy again this night,it's not what I'm thinking right? You can't possibly choose to join the number of girls going crazy for him.." Lionel said. 

"You're crazy,get out of my room" Violet glared at him. 

"Are yo f*+*king with me because I haven't said a word? You know I f*+*king like you!" Lionel yelled. 

"Did you see me kissing him or f*+*king him?! Don't you dare kiss me without my permission again" She said and pushed him out of her room,she locked the door and hissed angrily. 

"Is he crazy?" She scoffed and fell on the bed before exhaling loudly. 



Isabella ran into the class excitedly,she dropped her bag on her face and turned to Leo whose seat was more closer to her. 

"How much did you study?" She asked. 

"I totally slept off,I forgot today's the test" Leo replied.

"You better don't disappoint me,all of us chosen in this class must be on that list,I badly don't want the class B students to f**k with us" She said

Leo chuckled. 

"Don't worry,I think I read enough to beat them" He said. 

Theodore walked into the class with Chelsea and Angelo. 

"Hey superman" Isabella waved at him and the few students in class looked at Theodore. 

"When did he become a superman? I'm not seeing his wings" Angelo said. 

"You should have seen the way he ran to save Miss Isabella" Chelsea said and bowed dramatically which made everyone laugh. 

"Dummy" Theodore chuckled and pushed Chelsea's head. 

Chelsea smiled and walked over to her seat. 

"Hey" She smiled at Leo and he returned it. 

What Phoenix told her last night ran into her head and she immediately turned away from him like a flash of light,Leo gave her a surprise look. 

'What's with her?' He wondered. 


They heard the announcement and some students started grumbling lazily. 

"I hope this is not about Romina" Angelo chuckled and slide his hands into his trouser pockets. 

Theodore said nothing,he made sure he took his headphones with him. 

"We are going there for an announcement and you're taking that with you?" Angelo asked. 

"In case the announcement is something I don't wanna listen to" Theodore replied and Angelo laughed. 

Jeremy entered the class and Theo's eyes followed him,as expected,he went straight to Isabella. 

Theo looked away and walked out of the class with Angelo,Leo followed them too. 

Phoenix rushed into the class,breathing heavily. 

"Easy girl,come on" Chelsea laughed,Patting her back. 

"I can't miss the News,let's go" Phoenix threw her bag on the desk and Chelsea gasped. 

"My laptop is not there" Phoenix said. 


"Girls,Wait for me!!" Cleo screamed as she also ran in. She dropped her bag and ran after them. 


"Hey babe morning" Phoenix smiled. 

"I didn't know you guys talk" Chelsea said as the three of them walked out of the class together. 

"We started talking few days ago" Cleo replied. 

"That's nice" Chelsea smiled. 

"I wonder what is going on today" Phoenix said curiously. 

"Bet it's about Romina" Cleo whispered. 

"That's right" Chelsea also whispers. 

"You two are crazy" Phoenix laughed. 

They entered the Auditorium and it was already so full,but thankfully no matter how full it is,it's always enough for every student,even more than enough,the auditorium is that big. 

They all sat down together. 

Isabella came in with Cindy and Dakota also,as she entered she was looking for Theo,impossibly,she knew it's almost impossible to set her eyes on him in the midst of hundred of students but still she continue looking around. 

Fortunately,she set her eyes on him and a smile escaped her lips. She was about walking over there when someone grabbed her hand and she turned back to see Jeremy. 


"Where are you going,there's an empty space here" Jeremy smiled,Isabella looked at the seat he was talking about. 

"Oh,I didn't know" She said. 

"Now you know" He winked and pulled her with him. 

Dakota and Cindy found somewhere else also. 

"I think he likes her" Cindy said. 

"I don't like him" Dakota scoffed. 

"Why? He's handsome" Cindy chuckled. 

"Who cares" Dakota rolled her eyes. 

The students kept making noise until the teachers started arriving one after the other and finally the principal came in,Theo was expecting to see Summer but she wasn't present. 

The Principal climbed on the stage. 

🎙Morning students. 


👥 I believe we are all curious to know what the News is all about this morning...well. You all know about Romina Rodrigo.

Immediately the students began to murmur

👥 I knew it

👥 Isn't that the girl who posted that sh*t on the school site?

👥 She pushed Isabella down the stairs

👥 That's what I heard too. 

🎙 Silence

The students all went mute at once and the principal continued. 

🎙 She made a terrible mistake,by allowing her anger get the best of her. She was supposed to face her punishment here in school,but when we invited her parents and spoke with them,they insisted......to withdraw her from school. 

The students started murmuring again. 

👥 That's perfect

👥 Good News. 

🎙 Students...Silence. 

After they went silent,he continued. 

🎙 That aside,I just want you all to know that here in Golden High,we don't welcome Violence,it's normal to fight among students,we the teachers expect that when different people from different background meet somewhere,it's normal to have misunderstanding. But not so extreme to the point of attempting to kill,if you have problem controlling your anger,please go straight to the counseling unit before things get worse........

The principal continue his speech that morning,he spoke for almost an hour before the students were finally free. 

By the time they were done,it was already time for the test,the participants all walked straight to the ICT center,the test is going to be a CBT. 

Class B students arrived before class A students. 

"Guys,you all studied hard right? Don't disappoint" Lionel said. 

"Don't worry,one person is out from them now,we gat this" Adriel encouraged. 

The girls were standing on another side,talking. 

The students from Class A finally came in. 

Maxwell came in first,Leo came in with Phoenix then Isabella,without Theo. 

"And here they are" Paris smirked from the other side. 

"Just ignore them" Isabella told them. 

"Where's Theo?" she asked as soon as she saw the coordinators walking toward them. 

"Here" Theo answered behind her and she smiled. 

"So this is everyone?" 

"Yes sir" 

"Come in"

They all entered into the large hall full of seats and computers. 

As expected,they were arranged in such a crazy manner,it's just one person in a row,each student in their own word. 

"You have just fifty chemistry questions....."

"Fifty?!!" Paris and Clara gasped but immediately went mute. 

"100 marks,which means..one question carries two marks. Good luck to all of you,you may start" 

They logged in their details immediately and started. 


It was exactly thirty minutes when the test ended and they were told to submit their works and leave. 

The result will be pasted the next morning. 

"Must they past that result? Can't we just check privately?" Phoenix groaned as they left the ICT center. 

"You know Golden High rules,they are crazy" Isabella chuckled. 

"I'm sure I did well anyway" She said. 

"Me too" Phoenix said. 



"Guys! The results" Chelsea was the one who rushed in to announce and immediately the students rushed out,even faster then the ones who did the test. 

"I'm scared" Phoenix muttered. 

"Why? It's not the end of the world,just go check" Chelsea grabbed her hand and took her out of the class. 

"What should I do to you if your name doesn't appear on that list?" Isabella asked Theodore as they walked together. 

"Don't bother" Theodore replied. 

They got to the paste board,the Class B students were already there,Isabella and Theo got there last,even Maxwell already checked. 

All eyes fell on Theo the moment they showed up. 

"Why are they all staring at you?" Isabella scoffed. 

Then they finally settled to check the list,and it goes this way. 

Rank 1  Theodore.....99 points

Rank 2  Lionel...........80 points

Rank 3 Maxwell.......79 points

Rank 4 Isabella........76 points

Rank 5 Violet............ 70 points

Rank 6 Phoenix.........68 points

Rank 7 Leo................. 67 points

Rank 8 Adriel.............60 points

"Guys!!!  We all did it!!!!!" Phoenix screamed. 

"Yessss!!!!!!" Isabella screamed,jumping happily,she didn't know when she hugged Leo who hugged her back,Phoenix joined too,the three were really having fun,while on the other hand,Maxwell and Lionel were busy glaring at Theodore like he's the reason behind their failure. 

👥 I still can't believe this

👥 He got 99 points??

👥 I was expecting Lionel or Maxwell or Lionel to top the list

👥 Theo??

Theodore said nothing and made to leave when Lionel and Maxwell crossed his path,they both stood in front of him and he looked at them.

"How did you do that?" Lionel asked.

"You obviously cheated" Maxwell said. 

By now the three hugging already stopped and turned to see the scene. 

"You cheated,there's no how a dummy like you would get more points than me" Lionel said and pushed Theodore's chest. 

Theodore looked at him with a calm face. 

"Do you want us to reseat for the test?" He asked. 

Maxwell and Lionel frowned. 

"This is exactly why I hate pitying humans" Theodore pat his forehead

"What is this fool talking about?" Maxwell glared. 

"I'm asking if you two would like us,three of us to seat for the test again to see if I cheated or not" Theodore said. 

None of them spoke,he scoffed and left their middle before turning again. 

"And less I forgot,you should be thanking me instead of showing me how frustrated you are" He said and they raised their brows. 

"Yea. .I intentionally skipped one question,not that I failed one" He smirked before walking away,leaving everyone in shock. 

"Gawd,I'm in love with him" Violet blurted out. 


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