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Golden High 2024 - Episode 25&26




Golden High 2024 - Episode 25&26

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


As Theodore left Isabella,he saw Chelsea who was just returning to the girls dorm,he stopped walking and cleared his throat. 

"Where are you coming from lady in white" Theodore asked. 

Chelsea was wearing a white pajamas. 

"Won't tell" Chelsea shook her head. 

"You dare not,are you cheating on me now? Do you have another friend now?" Theodore frowned jokingly. 

"You know I wouldn't do that" Chelsea said and they both laughed. 

"Where are you coming from?" Theo asked. 

"Leo......." As she was saying,Theodore started coughing. 

"It's not what you're thinking honestly" Chelsea chuckled,trying to defend herself. 

"Leo what" Theo faced her again. 

"We did an assignment together" She showed him the book in her hand. 

"Really? What about me?" Theo asked. 

"Are you jealous baby?" Chelsea cupped his cheek. 

"Of course I am,but since it's Leo....."

"Shut up" Chelsea laughed. 

They suddenly heard some screams coming from the girls dorm. 

"That sounds like two girls fighting" Chelsea said. 

The scream came again and they both exchanged glances.

"Let's check it out" Chelsea convinced and held his hand,they started walking back. 

The last moment,they saw Isabella falling down the stairs,following her scream. 

"Bella!!!!" Theodore let go of Chelsea's hand immediately and started running to the scene,but he was quite too late,he fell on the floor the same time Isabella landed,he could only save her head. 

"F*+*k!!" Chelsea screamed with wide eyes. 

"Her head.....didn't....hit the ground right?" She stuttered. 

Theodore swallowed and managed to shake his head. 

He looked up to see Romina who couldn't move an inch,if only looks can kill,she would have died a painful one,nevertheless,he said no word and returned his gaze back to Isabella. 

By this time,almost everyone already came out of their rooms since Isabella's loud scream was enough to be heard all through the dorm. 

👥 What was that?!

👥 Did someone push her??

👥 Don't tell me it's Ronina?

The students rushed downstairs immediately. 

"Bella? Bella...." Theodore called,shaking her body but no response. 

"I think she's unconscious" Angelo said. 

"You got hurt too" Chelsea said,looking at Theo's leg that was bleeding. 

"What's going on here?!" Two security man showed up almost immediately. 

"Someone was pushed down the stairs" Violet answered immediately. 

The securities ran toward Theo who already carried Bella in his arms. 

"Call the school ambulance immediately" The first security said to the second and he immediately dialed the number. 

Soon,the school ambulance entered into the girls dorm and Isabella was carried in,they asked few students to enter too before taking off. 

"Where's Romina?" Paris asked,looking around. 

"She was here just now" Adriel chuckled. 

"Should we go teach her a lesson...."

"Don't do anything if you don't want to get into trouble,let the school punish her rightfully,she should just pray Isabella is fine,or she should get ready to be expelled" Violet scoffed. 

"Even if Isabella is fine,she should be expelled,I'm panicking just by thinking about it,what if she push me down too?" Clara shook her head. 

"I know right? But Theo got hurt too" Violet sighed. 

"And since when did you start caring about that guy?" Lionel asked. 

"Since I asked him to be my friend" Violet said and walked away. 

They all exchanged glances. 

"Friends?" Jayce asked to be sure. 

"She's kidding" Paris grinned. 

"I don't think she is,I saw her speaking with Theo last night" Clara giggled. 


Summer entered her private lounge and picked up her phone which have been ringing,it's Mr John,the school principal. 

"Why is he calling me this late?" Summer sat down and crossed her legs,she just finished washing up and still in her robe. 

She picked the call and she could feel the restlessness in his voice which made her curious. 

"Mr John? Did something happened?"

"What?!" She sprang up her seat. 

"Which hospital? I will be right there,give me few minutes" She said and hung up. 

She ran out of the lounge and entered her dressing room,she wore a simple blouse and pants and removed the towel on her head,she arranged her hair with her fingers and wore her shoes,she took her phone and ran out of the room. 

Getting downstairs,she met her mom,Mrs Andrew. 

"Mom? When did you get here?" She asked,rushing her words. 

"About an hour ago,I told the maids not to announce my arrival,where are you going?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

"There's an accident in school,one of my students got injured" Summer replied. 

"Not my son right?" Mrs Andrew asked. 

"Of course not,come on. I will be back,I just pray it's not a big case" Summer said and rushed out of the house. 


Summer ran into the hospital and the students sitting in the reception immediately stood up.

Angelo,Leo,Phoenix,Cindy,Dakota and Chelsea are the ones present. 

"Guys,are you okay?" She asked with concern. 

"Yes ma'am" They replied. 

Just then,Theo showed up too with the principal,he went to get the cut on his leg treated. 

"What happened?" Summer immediately rushed to him. 

"I'm fine,it's nothing" Theodore said quickly. 

"Oh,what about the student? How's she doing?" Summer faced Mr John. 

"The Doctor still attending to her,I just hope she doesn't sustain any internal injury,she wasn't bleeding and thanks to Theo who saved her faster. 

Summer looked at Theo and sighed out. 

The Doctor came out   

"Doctor,how is she?" Theo was the first to asked. 

"Fortunately,she will be awake soon,and I'm sure she will be fine" The Doctor answered and they all sighed out in relief. 

"There's nothing wrong with her legs right?" Theo asked curiously and the Doctor smiled. 

"Her legs are fine,you don't have to worry about your girlfriend" he said. 

"Huh?" Theo raised his brows. 

Everyone laughed. 

"Don't kill me with that expression on your face please" Leo said. 

"Thank you" Theo responded to the Doctor and went to sit down on the bench with other students. 

Summer and Mr John walked aside to talk. 

"Should I call her parents? Shouldn't we inform them?" He asked. 

"You know what will happen if her parents find out" Summer said. 

"I know" 

"What about the second girl?" Summer asked. 

"The one who pushed her? I heard they are both in the same class" Mr John replied. 

"Call her parents instead,tell them their attention is needed urgently in school together,as early as possible" Summer said. 

"I will do that" Mr John nodded. 


"Guys!!" A girl suddenly rushed into the class and the students kept quiet to listen to her. 

"Isabella is back...and I think Romina parents got invited to school,I saw them" She claimed and the whole class began to murmur. 

👥 What do you think will be her punishment?

👥 It's more serious than we thought

👥 Serves her right

👥 Good for her,so heartless. 

Just few minutes later Isabella entered the class. There are few patches on her arms and legs,she also got little injury on her face. 

"Someone make some noise for our class rep!!" A boy shouted from the back and the students started chanting her name. 

Isabella smiled. 

"Imagine,our female class rep fell and the male class rep saved her,isn't this amazing?" Another boy asked. 

Everyone laughed. 

Isabella's eyes locked with Theo's own and she smiled at him which he returned,she walked over to her seat. 

"Are you okay now? I was expecting you to rest for today,must you come to school?" Cindy asked. 

"You don't expect me to stay at the dorm when everyone is here,it's too quiet,I was scared" Isabella muttered. 

"Gosh,I hate that girl. I hope she never comes back" Dakota hissed. 

"Me too" Cindy scoffed. 

"Settle down students" A random teacher entered into the class with a strange boy,obviously a new student. 

"As you can see...y'all have a new friend" He said and the boy smiled before waving. 

👥 Awwwn,he's somehow cute. 

"Introduce yourself boy" The teacher said. 

"Hello,my name is Jeremy,nice to meet you" Jeremy waved. 

"Nice meeting you too Jeremy" Few students responded while others doesn't seem to care about what was going on. 

"What do you think is going on? I'm curious to know what happened to Romina...." Angelo was saying. 

"I don't care whatever happens" Theo cut him off  and Angelo chuckled. 

"I'm scared of you dude,what the heck" 

"Isabella?" The voice of the new boy made Theodore look up. 

"It's really you!" Jeremy said. 

"Hey Remy" Isabella waved from her seat. 

Jeremy walked over to her and they both hugged.

A huge frown appeared on Theo's face.

"I guess they know each other" Angelo muttered. 

"Is it necessary to hug her?" Theo asked. 

"They seem quite close" Angelo said,staring at the two as they talked and laughed like they've known each other for a long time. 

Theo scoffed and immediately used his headphones. 

Angelo chuckled and shook his head. 


"Thermodynamics in physics is a branch that deals with heat, work and temperature, and their relation to energy, radiation and physical properties of matter.To be specific, it explains how thermal energy is converted to or from other forms of energy and how matter is affected by this process. Thermal energy is the energy that comes from heat. This heat is generated by the movement of tiny particles within an object, and the faster these particles move, the more heat is generated.................."

Only the voice of the teacher could be heard as he explained the topic deeply to them,everyone taking notes in silence too,one might question if they are the ones who were making loud noises just few minutes ago,the way everyone was so serious. 

Every student in the lab seems to be having a good time except Theodore,he find it hard to concentrate,not when Jeremy and Isabella are sitting close to each other,and wouldn't stop taking seconds of breaks to smile at each other like lovers. 

"Is he here to study or chase after a girl?" Theodore didn't know when he blurted that out

Everyone turned and looked at him,the teacher stopped teaching and turned back too. 

"What's wrong with you?" Chelsea whispers scoldingly. 

"Theodore is that you?" The teacher asked. 

"It was a mistake" Theodore muttered. 

"mistake? You've been thinking about girls since the beginning of my class?" The Teacher asked and the students laughed. 

Theo rolled his eyes. 

"What exactly is the problem?" The teacher asked. 

"Can I change seat?" He asked. 

"Find a place where you can listen well,I'm asking questions right after this class" The teacher said before facing the board again. 

Theodore packed his stuffs and went far away where he won't be able to set his eyes on Isabella and Jeremy,unless he turns 360°. 

Isabella stared at Theo endlessly. 

"What are you looking at?" Jeremy tapped her cheek. 

"Nothing" Isabella muttered and they started listening again. 


Theodore was alone in the court,he was laying on the floor but he was sleeping,he was listening to music on his headphones loudly,deep in thought. 

He didn't notice when Isabella came in,she was already standing in front of him before he saw her. 

"Hey" She called. 

Theodore immediately removed his headphones and sat up. 

"Have you been here? I was searching for you all over" Isabella said and sat down beside him.

"Why are you alone?" She asked. 

"Because I want to be alone" Theodore muttered. 

"Really? Should I leave then?" Isabella asked. 

"To where? Your new friend?" Theodore asked jealously and Isabella chuckled. 

"He's like a friend" she said. 


Isabella nodded. 

"My mom's friend is his mom,we just got close because of our mom's relationship,nothing special" She said. 

"Don't you think you're giving him so much attention?" Theo asked. 

"It's been so long since I saw him,like...five years now" Isabella said and Theo scoffed. 

"Good for him" He muttered and Isabella laughed. 

"You sound jealous....."

"Jealous? Me? Why would I be jealous? I'm not your boyfriend,I'm just saying he's too clingy" Theodore said. 

"You shouldn't worry about it then,since you're not my boyfriend"  Isabella muttered. 

"That's true" Theodore bite his lips. 

"Let's go call the biology teacher,don't be lazy" Isabella stood up. 

"Your wounds,how are they?" Theo asked and also stood up. 

"Painful,but the Doctor saud they will heal up without giving me scars,coz I hate those sh*ts,they give me trauma" Isabella said and Theodore chuckled. 


"How do you see your room? Perfect right?" Isabella asked as she entered the dinning hall with Jeremy. 

"It's perfect,but I don't like anyone yet" Jeremy shook his head and Isabella chuckled. 

"I will give you just one week to say that again" she said. 

"See that last booth over there? Let's go" Jeremy pointed. 

"Oh" Isabella mumbled and wanted to take a step when she stepped on something which made her lose balance a little bit. 

"Are you okay?" Jeremy immediately grabbed her waist.  

"Yeah,I think it's because my legs still hurts a little" Isabella muttered. 

"I can hold you this way till we get there though" Jeremy smiled. 

Someone suddenly grabbed his hand around Isabella's waist roughly and slapped it off. 

"Who the heck is that?" Jeremy turned and came face to face with Theodore. 

"Don't touch her that way" He said. 

Isabella wanted to talk but Jeremy was faster to confront Theo back. 

"Hey,do you know who I am??" He asked,glaring at him angrily. 

"I don't give a damn who you are,don't touch her that way if you love your hand" Theo snapped,returning the angry glare. 


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