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Golden High 2024 - Episode 23&24




Golden High 2024 - Episode 23&24

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


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"So she got mad and slapped you?" Angelo asked. 

Theodore nodded and sipped from his drink through the straw. 

"I don't like that" Chelsea snapped and Theo looked at her. 

"It's fine...."

"It's not fine by me okay? Why would she slap you? You were wrong for calling her cheap too,but I don't support anyone slapping you,everything happened because of the idiot who posted that sh*t" Chelsea hissed. 

"Your cheeks tho" Angelo shook his head and Theo chuckled. 

"It's enough that your sister slapped you....." Leo stopped immediately and Angelo groaned. 

Theo frowned. 

"My....sister?" He asked. 

"You told us the director slapped you" Leo muttered. 

"So how did you know she's my sister?" Theo asked and faced Chelsea "Was it you?" He asked. 

"No" Chelsea said and Theo looked at Leo again. 

"Gosh,your mouth" Angelo groaned. 

"How did you find out? When?" Theo snapped. 

"It was the first time Miss Summer came to school" Leo replied and Theo raised his brows. 


Angelo and Leo left the auditorium together that morning,they were on their way to the class when they saw Summer and Theodore coming out of her office and they immediately hid behind the nearest pillar,watching them from there. 

"See you later,kisses...."

"No no" Theo immediately turned away and ran off. 

"Fake life" Summer scoffed before walking away.

They exchanged glances. 


"I asked Chelsea because I was super curious and she told us" Leo said and Theo looked at Chelsea. 

"They wouldn't let me rest,I'm sorry" She muttered. 

Theodore sighed. 

"Don't tell anyone about it,it's annoying" He said. 

"Promise" Angelo smiled. 

"So are you going to apologize to her?" Chelsea asked. 

"She's not ready to listen,but I will try again" Theo replied. 

"It was my sister who told me to stay away from her......but I don't even think I can do that" He sighed. 

"Oh" Angelo mumbled. 

They saw Romina walking over to sit alone as usual and Chelsea scoffed. 

"Why did you do that?" Angelo chuckled. 

"I don't like her" Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

"Why?" Leo asked. 

"I have no reason,I just hate her eyes" Chelsea said. 

"Why? Her eyes are pretty tho" Theo said and Chelsea glared at him. 

"Pretty my @ss" She hissed. 

"Your reason is somehow,is there something I don't know?" Theo teased. 

"Who knows? I might have a genuine reason soon,but for now,I don't like her. So you better don't like her too" Chelsea said. 

"She's my seat mate...." Chelsea put her food in his mouth. 


"Stop talking about her" She snapped. 


"Come on,we are sorry please" Cindy apologized. 

Isabella said nothing,she only continue to eat her food slowly. 

"We just wanted you two to start talking again,I'm sorry" Dakota muttered. 

"Don't do that again" Isabella said and they immediately nodded. 

"Noted baby" Cindy grinned. 

Isabella rolled her eyes. 

Phoenix dropped her food tray on the table on front of Cleo and she looked at her. 

"The only friend I have ditched me for her boyfriends,but don't worry,it's not a new thing" Phoenix smiled and Cleo chuckled. 

"My brother too,He's my only friend and now he doesn't really care about me again since he started talking to Theo" She said and sighed out. 

"I can feel your pain" Phoenix pouted and they both laughed. 



Theo sighed out loudly as he waited for Isabella to show up,he just can't help thinking about the fact that she was so mad at him. 

"Gosh,where is she?" He grumbled. 

"Waiting for who?" He heard a voice behind him and he turned,but got disappointed when he saw Violet and not Isabella. 

"What are you doing here?" Violet crossed her arms and walked closer to her. 

"I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now" Theodore stated. 

Violet chuckled. 

"Seriously? Let me guess,waiting for Isabella?" She asked with a smirk playing on her lips. 

Theo scoffed and looked at the direction where Isabella might show up at any time but no sign of her. 

"I was right,you are waiting for her" Violet smiled. 

Theodore faced her. 

"What's your plan? Why are you suddenly talking to me?" He asked. 

"Is it that weird?" Violet took her lips in. 

"Yeah,very weird and I don't appreciate it,it's tiring" Theo concurred. 

"Let's be friends" Violet mumbled and Theo raised his brows. 

"That's funny" He chortled. 

"No it's not,I mean it"  Violet claimed. 

Theodore saw Isabella coming and immediately faced Violet. 

"You can go now,please" He begged. 

"Accept my request then" 

"I will think about it,you can go now" 

Violet scoffed and walked away. 

Isabella was walking with Cindy and Dakota,the moment she saw Theodore,she looked away. 

"Izzie" Theo called. 

Cindy and Dakota looked at Isabella,she sighed and stopped walking. 

"Goodnight" She told them and they walked away. 

"What do you want?" She asked without looking at Theo. 

Theodore heaved out a silent sigh before speaking up. 

"I'm sorry,what I said was wrong,I was just angry and didn't think before talking,I'm sorry" He said. 

Isabella maintained silence. 

"Are you still angry?" He asked. 

"No,but that doesn't mean I want to talk to you. So don't wait for me next time,goodnight" She said and walked away. 

Theodore ruffled his hair,staring at her back till she was out of sight. 



Theo came out of the bathroom,walking like a child who was forced out of sleep to use the restroom. He pulled his fluffy hair backward and adjusted his pajamas. He turned toward the bed and almost screamed when he saw someone sitting on the bed. 

"Chel....sea?!" He half screamed. 

"Hi" Chelsea grinned. 

"What the f*+*k,when did you come in? Are you planning to kill me? I was scared!" 

Chelsea chuckled. 

"Sorry" she tittered. 

"I thought I locked the door" Theodore mumbled and went to lock the door properly before facing her. 

"Why are you here?" He asked. 

"Can't sleep" Chelsea replied. 

"Wait,don't tell me it's what I'm thinking" Theodore frowned and she pouted. 


"Then sleep on the floor" Chelsea threw him a pillow and fell on the bed. 

"Is this my room or yours? The heck?" Theodore groaned. 

"So did you spoke with her? Talking about Isabella" Chelsea questioned. 

Theodore took the pillow on the floor and lie down beside her,his face on the pop ceiling. 

"She's still mad at me" He said. 

Chelsea stared at him without saying a word until he turned and faced her. 

They both stared at each other for some minutes before Chelsea spoke up. 

"You look ugly if you are too close,move back" She mumbled. 

"You know that's a lie right? Am I too handsome?" Theodore teased. 

Chelsea scoffed. 

"The confidence" She said. 

Theodore giggled and watched her closed her eyes. 

"Goodnight,silly bestie" She muttered. 

Theodore said nothing,he covered her well with the duvet and faced the other side before closing his eyes too. 



Theodore was busy sleeping on the long bench,his face facing the cloudy and gloomy sky,it was extremely cold that morning,every single students on their hoodies or more. 

Only Theo was sleeping outside the class,on the rooftop. 

The door to the rooftop opened loudly and Chelsea showed up,breathing heavily. 

"Theodore!!" She called. 

Theodore opened his eyes and saw Chelsea,he sat up. 

"What happened?" He asked. 

"You haven't seen this,check! The person who posted that picture have been discovered" She said. 

"Huh?" Theodore was surprised,he immediately took Chelsea's phone,he was quite confused. 

"Who is the person?" He looked up again. 

"Check the name"

"Romina? Who's that? From our class?" He asked,trying so hard not to believe. 

"Of course!! I knew that girl is a crazy silent killer" Chelsea scoffed. 

"But...how did everyone found out?" Theodore asked. 

"Fortunately,even though it was posted anonymously,it's trackable,a student in class B tracked it and it turns out to be your cute Romina,isn't that sweet?" Chelsea faked a laughter. 

Theodore was speechless. 

"What are you still doing? I came here to find you because I don't want to do anything without you there,I'm f*+*king angry right now" Chelsea ranted. 

Theodore got up from the bench and they both left the rooftop. 


Cindy and Dakota found Isabella reading alone in the library and they ran to her. 

"Can't believe you're still here" Cindy groaned. 

"What's going on?" Isabella asked curiously. 

"Guess who posted that crazy picture" Dakota asked.

Isabella raised her brows. 

"The person got figured out?" She asked. 

"Yeah and guess who it is..."

"Can't guess,tell me" 

"Romina" Cindy said and Isabella frowned. 

"Why would she do that?" She asked. 

"Isn't she crushing on Theo?" Dakota asked and Cindy laughed. 

"Everyone is aware now,you should have seen her face" Cindy joshed. 

"Is Theo aware?" Isabella asked. 

"I don't know....let's go to the class,come on" They dragged Isabella out of the library. 


The whole class watched in silence as Chelsea confronted Romina. 

"I knew it was you,no matter how long you pretend,I told you your little secret will be out" Chelsea condemned in a mean voice. 

Theodore haven't said a word,he was trying to defend that it wasn't Romina until she spoke up. 

"So what are you going to do about it?! What is your problem?! Why are you so concerned about it?!" Romina yelled. 

Chelsea didn't waste a second before slapping her across the face,the students gasped. 

"How dare you!! Do you even know how much he had to work and the punishment he received because of you!!! I hate you" Chelsea screamed and dragged Romina's hair. 

"Ahh!!" Romina screamed and grabbed hers too as they began fighting. 


*I knew Chelsea won't take it easy*

*This is interesting*

*She's not even remorseful* 

The students were laughing as they watched them. 

"Hey hey,that's enough,you don't want to get punished for fighting" Angelo went in between them but Chelsea didn't let go of Romina's uniform. 

"You should calm Chelsea down,she won't stop if you don't talk" Leo said to Theo. 

"Not yet" Theodore muttered. 

Chelsea slapped Romina the second time and Theo nodded. 

"Great" He muttered and grabbed Chelsea's hand,he took her out of the class. 

"I hate you!!!!" Romina screamed in tears and scattered the books on her table,her hair looking so rough,she ran out of the class. 


Theodore took Chelsea to somewhere quiet. 

"Breathe in and out" He said. 

Chelsea inhaled and exhaled like he said and looked at him. 

"Did I do well?" She asked. 

"You did so well and perfectly" Theodore said. 

"I made sure I returned those two slaps,nobody messes with you" Chelsea said and Theo clapped. 

"You're the best" He said. 

"I thought you would stop me,I would have beaten you too" Chelsea rolled her eyes and Theodore laughed. 

"I was too angry to stop you" He said and started arranging her hair. 

"What would you like to eat? You need good food for doing a great work.."

"Ice cream,the big bowl" Chelsea said and Theodore nodded.

"Don't worry about that" He smiled. 

"Should I help you tie back your hair?" He asked. 

"Hmm" Chelsea nodded. 

"I'm still surprised Isabella didn't say a word,even when she entered the class,I was expecting her to flair up" Chelsea scoffed. 

Theodore smiled and tied up the hair. 

"All done" 

They both walked away after that.  



Isabella was busy returning the chemistry textbooks she got from the library,she finished most parts and wanted to get new ones. 

"Look who we got here" She heard the familiar voice behind her and she turned for see Maxwell,staring at her. 

She rolled her eyes and made to leave,he grabbed her hand and pulled her back. 

"Don't touch me!" Isabella snapped. 

"Why? I don't think you've started dating your new crush" Maxwell mocked. 

"You're sick upstairs,you're so disgusting" Isabella hissed and made to leave again. 

Maxwell grabbed her hand and pushed her against the book shelves. 

"Stop it!" Isabella screamed. 

"So now I'm disgusting?" Maxwell glared at her. 

Someone grabbed him from the back and pushed her away,Isabella looked at Theodore. 

"Oh,the crush is here" Maxwell chuckled. 

"Stop acting like an obsessed goat and stay away from her" Theo snapped. 

Isabella walked out of the library and Theodore followed her. 

"Izzie wait" he called but she didn't stop. 

"Let's talk just this once,please" Theodore pleaded as he kept walking after her.

Isabella entered into an empty class before turning to face him. 

"What do you want from me? I don't want to keep acting too cheap like you said,so now why exactly are you after Me?" 

Theodore sighed. 

"I shouldn't have said that" He muttered. 

"Well you did" Isabella fumed. 

"I'm sorry" Theo uttered. 

"You're so hard to beg,my heart is beating so fast right now" Theodore muttered,staring at her with his cute pleading eyes. 

"Stop looking at me that way" Isabella said and Theo smiled. 

"You can't resist that,so just forgive me already,or I will keep on following you around" he whinged. 

"Fine,apology accepted,I'm sorry for the slap also,I was just angry" Isabella muttered. 

"Don't worry about that,it wasn't even painful" Theo said and she chuckled. 

"So are we good? We are friends right?" Theo asked. 

"Sure" Isabella said. 

"Great,what have you been up to? I missed talking to you" Theo said. 

"I've been studying a lot,the test is less than a week now,I need to be among the eight,I'm so desperate like I said" Isabella said. 

"Should we study together tonight?" Theo asked. 

"Yea,I will love that" She smiled and Theodore winked. 

"Stop it" Isabella laughed and they both walked out of the class. 



Isabella was just returning from the library,Theodore left her the moment she started climbing the stairs and went his own way. 

She was about opening the door to her room and Romina appeared,their eyes locked,Romina was glaring at her angrily as she walked closer. 

Isabella looked away from her and almost entered when she grabbed her hair from the back. The books in her hands dropped. 

"Hey!! Are you crazy?! What do you think you're doing?!" Isabella shouted. 

"It's all because of you!! Everything was your fault!" Romina yelled. 

Isabella managed to push her off herself. 

"Are you a psychopath? What did I do to you? What!" She shouted. 

"You took him away from me!!" Romina cried. 

"Then go face him not me,stop acting like a bitch,how dare a bitch call someone else a bitch?" Isabella asked and that triggered Romina'a anger even more. 

She approached him and grabbed her hair angrily,Isabella screamed and held her,trying to free herself from Romina. 

In the middle of the struggle,Romina got the upper hand and pushed her,Isabella was already at the staircase edge,she lost her balance and started falling downstairs. 

"Ahhhh!!!!!" Her scream filled the air. 


To be continued. 

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