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Golden High 2024 - Episode 21&22




Golden High 2024 - Episode 21&22

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


              { I HATE YOU AND HIM }

"I'm breaking up with you" Isabella said and the students gasped.

"What? Because of him?" Maxwell asked angrily. 

"No,because I'm tired of you treating me like I'm your pet,and also I cheated right? What next after that? Breaking up of course,so,you and I are done" Isabella said. 

"You know this will only prove it that you're a b+tch like you were portrayed right?" Maxwell asked. 

"I don't give a damn" Isabella said. 

"Your lost" Maxwell muttered and walked out of the class. 

Isabella turned to the students. 

"If anyone of you have anything to say to me,come to be direct and spit your sh+ts out,don't go behind me to bark all around,I'm always available. And to that person who posted the picture,thank you so much because you finally made me come out of my shell by doing that,you're such a fan and you will remain a fan because I don't give a f*+*k about you. Get ready,the Maths teacher will be here soon,to those who cares" Isabella said and and looked at Theo,he avoided her eyes and was about going out of them class when they all heard Summer's voice. 


The mic went off and the students started murmuring. 

Theodore said nothing and walked out of the class,Angelo and Leo immediately went after him.

*A day of community service is insane*

*So sad for them*

*Gosh,they won't be able to attend any class today*

Romina bite her lips,under her desk,she was pulling her fingers against each other until they began to bleed. 

"You really did that" Dakota muttered in surprise as Isabella sat down. 

"Yeah,I'm done pretending" Isabella replied. 

The maths teacher came in and everywhere became silent. 



Isabella sighed out loudly,they just finished the second class for the day and she was already feeling so bored and all she wanted to do was go to her dorm and sleep. 

She took off her hoodie and adjusted her uniform well,the door opened and Chelsea came in. 

"Hey" Chelsea smiled. 

"That's weird" Isabella raised her brows. 

"Right" Chelsea muttered and moved closer. 

"So you think Theo posted a picture of him and you kissing? Who the heck think that way?" Chelsea asked. 

"I was just angry when I said that" Isabella replied. 

"Why did you break up with Max though? Because of...."

"Not because of him,stop" Isabella snapped and Chelsea laughed. 

"Where's he? I'm going to apologize to him,I wasn't meant to say that" Isabella muttered. 

"Honestly I don't know either,and I think he turned off his phone" Chelsea replied. 

"I will find him" Isabella said. 

"Do you suspect anyone though?" Chelsea asked. 

"No,I don't think I have beef with anyone unless they are beefing me without my knowledge and that's stupid" Isabella said. 

"Right,so stupid" Chelsea nodded. 

"Okay...then" Isabella said and went out. 

"She's not looking like someone who just had a break up" Chelsea chuckled and shook her head. She got what she needed from her locker. 

"F*+*k I'm hungry" She touched her tummy and walked out. 

Leo was outside as If he was waiting for her. 

"What are you waiting for here?" Chelsea asked. 

"You of course" Leo replied. 

"Great timing,I am hungry. Let's go buy some snacks before going back to class" She immediately grabbed his hand and dragged him with her. 



Theodore just finished cleaning up the whole store which was dusty just few minutes ago. 

He was sweating profusely that he had to take off his uniform leaving his innerwear,he sat down and sighed out tiredly,thinking of how he would clean up the rest of the places assigned for him. 

He was still thinking when the door opened,he looked up and saw Violet coming in with a mocking smirk on her face,her hands behind her back as she walked closer. 

"Bad boy Theo..." She called and laughed at her own joke. 

Theo said nothing and ignored her. 

"Aren't you going to talk? Don't pretend like you're quiet,you called me a thing" Violet said. 

"I'm sorry if you're still pained because of what I said,so excuse me,I don't have time for you" Theo said and stood up. 

"Great thing you apologized" She rolled her eyes and Theodore scoffed. 

"You can go now" He said. 

"Here" Violet stretched her hand to him,she was holding a bottle water. 

Theo looked at her with a creased brow. 

"I came to give you this" She said. 

He scoffed and left her side,ignoring the water. 

"Don't be ungrateful,this is from my heart" Violet turned and faced him. 

"Why are you giving me that? Are you feeling guilty about something?" Theodore asked. 

"Don't tell me you think I posted that sh*t" Violet scoffed. 

"I don't even have the strength to suspect anyone,can you kindly excuse me? I'm busy" Theodore said. 

"You're so arrogant!" She snapped. 

"Then I guess we have something in common" Theo muttered. 

"Take the water now that it's cold,you are sweating so badly" Violet said,handing it over to him again. 

He sighed and took it from her. 

"You are not going to poison me right?" 

"I'm not that wicked" Violet snapped. 

Theodore uncapped the bottle and drank all at once. 

"Work harder" Violet grinned and went out. 

"What is she up to?" Theodore mumbled. 

Just as Violet left,Isabella came in,as soon as their eyes met,Theodore looked away and started arranging the room. 

"Are you avoiding me now?" Isabella asked. 

Theodore said nothing and just continue working. 

Isabella walked over to him and grabbed his hand. 

"Stop it Isabella" Theo muttered. 

"Now it's Isabella? Not Izzie?" 

"What do you want? You said I should stay away from you" Theodore said. 

"I'm sorry for suspecting you... "

"I'm not mad at you,you can go" Theodore cut in. 

"Can you stop cutting me off please? You are still angry with me" Isabella sighed. 

"Why did you break up with your boyfriend tho? People might misunderstand" Theo said. 

"I didn't break up because of you,I did it because of my own self and life not for you!" Isabella snapped and Theo looked at her. 

"Look Theo....I know I am wrong for accusing you okay? But I was just confused,I am very sure I don't have a misunderstanding with anyone and......"

"Just because you aren't beefing with anyone doesn't mean everyone likes you" Theodore said. 

"But why would anyone hate me? I didn't do anything wrong...maybe I was wrong for kissing you but......."

"We were both wrong,and I am reflecting on my action,it won't happen again" Theodore said. 

"You mean you're going to keep on avoiding me...."

"Like you want" Theo cut in. 

"I said I am sorry!"

"Still doesn't change a thing,you should think because you act and talk" Theodore said. 

"Don't talk to me like that!"

"I won't then" Theo said blankly. 

Their eyes on each other. Theo's expression was super cold and blank. 

"Fine,do whatever you want to make yourself happy,don't talk to me anyone if that makes you happy too,you can even hate me if you want!" She said and stormed out of the store. 

Theodore only continue his work without giving it a second thought.



"Hey dude,are you okay?" Tristan and Jerry entered the hall and met Maxwell laying flat on the floor. 

"Is he sleeping?" Jerry asked,they walked closer and found his eyes open. 

"Are you tired or it's the breakup?" Tristan asked. 

"I don't want to talk about it" Maxwell replied. 

"Can't believe she would do that,I feel like killing Theodore" Jerry scoffed. 

"No need,I don't know why I was so crazy about her,thinking about it now,she's not even that pretty" Maxwell scoffed. 

Tristan and Jerry exchanged glances. 

"I will pretend I didn't hear that" Tristan mumbled and Jerry laughed. 

"What if it was a planned work between them?" Jerry suddenly asked. 

"I said that's enough! I don't want to look pitiful or sad because of her,I've gotten over her" Maxwell said. 

"Best decision,there are a lot of hot girls crushing on you anyway,her lost" Tristan winked and Maxwell smiled. 



Theo groaned as Chelsea's call came on his phone again,He's been trying to avoid everyone,he just wanted to be alone for some minutes. 

Fortunately,Summer Called off their punishment simply because they both did a great job in cleaning. 

He was sitting on one of the abandoned seats there,resting his arms on the desk. He looked back when he heard footsteps. 

It was Romina. 

"You are here" She smiled and immediately ran over to him. 

"Hey,are you okay?" She asked. 

"Yeah" Theo mumbled. 

"I was worried about you in class....."

"Don't worry about me next time,just do your thing,I don't appreciate people worrying about me" Theodore cut in and she bit her lips. 

"Can I ask you a question?" She asked and be nodded. 

"Are you dating her? Isabella" Romina asked. 

Theodore faced her. 


"Then....why did you...kissed her..." She asked. 

Theodore sighed and stood up,he walked few distance away from her and faced her. 

"Like...do I owe you an explanation?" He asked. 

Romina bashed her lashes. 

"What made you think you have the right to ask me question? I just finished facing punishment because of it and I'm trying to just be alone,why are you bringing it up again? Do I owe you an explanation? Am I your boyfriend or what? The last time I checked,we are not even that close,so please just let me be,I am in a bad mood right now,don't be a part of it" Theo said. 

"You're getting me wrong,I'm just worried"

"Worried about what? Your eyes doesn't look like one who's worried tho,this is exactly the same way those eyes always look like every damn minute,soft and innocent looking doesn't mean you're worried about me,and if you're worried,thank you but don't do it again,I don't appreciate it" Theo said and walked away. 

"Did he find out?" Romina muttered and bite her nail which were already so short from constant biting and scratching. 


Theo was still looking angry as he walked. 

"Nobody should talk to me please,please,I might burst out" he was mumbling to himself. 

"Theo Sunbae!" A junior girl suddenly ran up to him. 

Theo sighed out before looking at her. 

"The Director called for you" She said. 

"Thanks" Theo muttered. 

The girl smiled and walked away,Theo also turned and went straight to Summer's office. 

He carefully opened the door and entered,Summer was sitting,she looked up when he entered. 

"Teddy" She called. 

Theo said nothing. 

"Have you eaten?" She asked. 

"No" Theodore replied. 

"Great,someone Is bringing us something to eat....."

"I will eat on my own" Theodore cut in and she looked at him. 

"Why? Are you mad at me?" She asked. 

"No I'm not,are you done? I need to go" Theodore said. 

"Are you going to starve yourself now?" Summer asked. 

"I said I will eat on my own,and you don't have to call me here every day,I don't want the students to start getting suspicious...."

"And what's so wrong with them finding out that your parents own the school?!" Summer snapped. 

"I hate attention" Theodore replied. 

"Well you're getting the attention already,by kissing someone's girlfriend" Summer muttered and Theodore frowned. 

"If the punishment you gave me aren't enough,you can add more,not like I begged you or something" He said. 

"Fine,I'm sorry for slapping you okay? You look so mad" Summer said. 

"I will think about it,but right now I'm not in my perfect mood" Theo said and went out of the office. 

"That kiddo is so aggressive" Summer scoffed and bite her lips. 

She picked up her phone and dialed a number. 

"Can you get some package of snacks for my brother please? Yeah,put it in his room during dinner time,alright" She hung up and sighed out. 

"Why is he mad exactly? Is it because I told him to stay away from that girl? Gosh" She groaned and fell back on her seat.



"Why they heck did you force us to come with you because you're doing an assignment? This is boring" Chelsea complained as they watched Leo. 

"Are you going somewhere tonight? Why not later?" Angelo asked. 

"I'm spending the whole night watching Theodore,don't bother me" Leo replied 

Angelo and Chelsea exchanged glances before laughing. 

"He's definitely avoiding us because he want to be alone,no hard feelings" Chelsea said. 

"I feel so bad for him,his sister even slapped him" Leo sighed. 

"Imagine beaten up coz of a girl,He's really a Romeo" Angelo said. 

"Who's the Juliette?" Leo asked. 

Angelo faced Chelsea. 

"What do you think about Isabella?" He asked. 

"She's pretty and hot,she's Theo's type. He's a pervert so he likes hot girls" Chelsea replied and they laughed. 

"Unlike me,the innocent type" Leo bragged. 

Chelsea coughed. 

"Hey,why are you coughing?" Leo asked. 

"Because you dropped a mess in the air,who's innocent?" Chelsea snapped. 

"You can't deny it,I look innocent and my heart is innocent too" Leo said. 

"Holy Leo" Chelsea laughed. 

"You got that right,but you're totally not my type tho" Leo said.

"I never said I want to be your type" Chelsea said. 

"Are you sure? Your future boyfriend can't be as cute as I am" Leo said,as if he knew Chelsea would come for him,he ran away and Chelsea followed him. 

"Don't let me caught you Leopard" She said. 

"What?? Leo..pard?" Leo was shocked. 

Chelsea laughed. 

"Yes Leopard" She said. 

"What about you,Chebitter" Leo said. 

"What?!!!" Chelsea screamed and got hold of him. 

"Call me that again" She grabbed his hair. 

"Chebitter,and to add more,you're short....ouch!" 

Angelo sighed after watching them for a while,he said nothing and started pressing his phone but he couldn't stop looking at them being so playful without him. 

"Hey Angelo,your last word to him,I'm killing him" Chelsea said. 

"Bro come finish up your assignment,I'm tired of being here" Angelo said. 

"Geez,you're such a mood spoiler" Chelsea scoffed as Leo went to sit down. 

"What,do you want to play with me too?" Angelo immediately asked. 

"No,never mind. You're no fun" Chelsea said and sat down beside Leo. 

"Will you help me with mine please?" She pouted. 

"What will I get in return...."

"Never mind..."

"Fine fine,I will do it" Leo chuckled. 

Angelo rolled his eyes and focused back on his phone.



Theo was in the room with Angelo and Leo when suddenly they heard a knock on the door,it was Leo who went to open. 

Dakota and Cindy rushed in. .

"Theo!" They called. 

"What's going on?" Theodore asked .

"It's Isabella..."

"What happened to her?!" Theo jumped down from bed immediately. 

"She's acting weird,she might pass out" Cindy cried. 

Almost immediately Theo ran out of the room. 

Cindy and Dakota made an high five and grinned at each other. 

"You both lied" Angelo said. 

"Yeah" Dakota smiled.

"Wow,is this a plan between you three?" Leo asked. 

"No,just us. Isabella is not aware,but I hope they finally make up" Cindy smiled.


"Bella!......" Theo called as he opened Isabella's door forcefully. 

Isabella who just finished dressing up for dinner was quite confused. 

"What happened??" She asked. 

"I thought....you....wait,are you playing with me right now?" Theodore asked,he was still breathing heavily because of the run. 

"I don't understand....."

"Do you want my attention so badly?" Theodore snapped and Isabella was more confused. 

"What are you talking about?" She asked and moved closer. 

"You said you didn't break up with Maxwell because of me,but you're acting differently and it's f*+*king cheap....." 

Isabella slapped him on the face. 

"Who said I broke up with him because of you!!!! Fine I made a mistake for kissing you but that doesn't mean I am cheap!! It was just an opportunity I used to come out of the shell of dating him!! I don't even know what you're talking about,what did I do? I told you to stay away from me coz I was angry,I apologized but you insisted and I said fine..why the heck are you here to accuse me of what I don't know?!! I hate you and Max!! You're just the same!!" She screamed out in tears. 

Theodore swallowed. 


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