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Golden High 2024 - Episode 19&20




Golden High 2024 - Episode 19&20

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



              { WE ARE ALL NOTHING }


"Goodnight" Isabella said as she came out of the room together with Theodore. 

"But,I'm going with you....." 

"No,I can go back alone don't worry about me" Isabella immediately said. 

"Goodnight" Theodore whispered and she chuckled. 

She moved closer and pecked his lips before walking away. Theodore entered his room back and checked the time,it's just 9:30,meaning he's only thirty minutes late to meet up with the study. 

He immediately took the chemistry textbook and ran out of the room again. 

Getting to the library where he was supposed to meet Romina,it was empty. 

"Romina?" He called,looking around. 

Silence followed,no one was there. 

"Did she forget about it?" He muttered and find somewhere to sit. 

He waited for about ten minutes with no sign of Romina,he got up and left the library. 



As Theo walked to the class,he could see eyes on him all around,whenever he then,they would look away. He was confused and at the same time pissed,why is everyone staring at him. 

Frustratingly,he entered the class and the few students inside also began staring. 

'What the f*+*k is going on?' He asked himself but decided to ignore it. 

He walked straight to his seat,none of his friends are inside yet,but Romina was busy with a book. 

"Hey" Theo called and she looked up. 

"You were not in the library last night? I went there,though I was late but I don't think you would study for thirty minutes right?" Theodore asked. 

"Oh...I..caught a cold last night and I couldn't make it,sorry" Romina replied. 

"Oh I see,how are you feeling now?" Theo asked. 

"Better now" Romina muttered.

Almost immediately,Chelsea rushed into the class 

"Best!!" She screamed,breathing heavily as she ran to Theo. 

"What happened?" Theodore asked. 

"Huh? So you don't know yet?" Chelsea asked. 

"What is it?"

"This!" Chelsea screamed,showing him a picture on the students fun channel. 

Theodore took the phone from her....it's a picture of him and Isabella kissing last night in front of his room,the caption says. 


Theo's eyes widened

"I'm surprised you haven't seen this yet! You're trending all over right now,Maxwell is crazily angry and he's gonna come for you,how the f*+*k did this happen? We don't even know who posted this shit......"

"Where's Isabella?" Theodore stood up. 

"I saw her going to the locker room just now" 

Theodore immediately ran out of he class,Chelsea looked at Romina who was quiet before walking out of the class also. 


Isabella could feel eyes on her back as she picked her notes inside her locker. 

*She's such a b*tch*

*How can she cheat on a guy like Maxwell?*

*I still find it hard to believe*

*Maxwell is more handsome than him,what does she want?*

*Personally I think Theo is more handsome,have you seen him closely? His lips are die for*

Isabella closed her locker loudly and Faced them. 

"Don't you have something important to do with your time?!!" She yelled angrily. 

The girls immediately walked out of the locker room. 

Isabella sighed and rest her back on the locker,Theodore came in. 

"Izzie" He called and she looked at him. 

"Is this your plan?" Isabella glared at him. 

"Huh?" Theo was confused. 

"You're seriously going to act dumb? You don't know who posted that picture?! Are you doing this because you need a revenge on Maxwell? Huh?"

"I don't know what you're talking about..."

"I was so dumb,seriously" Isabella mumbled. 

"Wait...you think this is all my plan?" Theodore poked his chest. 

"Then what crazy human would do that with such caption?!!" Isabella screamed tearfully. 

"But that's absurd,If you think I will be so low to do that to you,I came here because I was worried...."

"Keep it to yourself,don't ever appear in front of me again. We are absolutely nothing so drop the act and get lost" Isabella said meanly and stormed out of the room. 

Theodore bite his lips and brushed his hair backward. 

"Theo" Chelsea came in. 

"Not now Chelsea" Theodore muttered. 

"What do you mean not now? I deserve an explanation too" Chelsea said. 

Angelo and Leo also came in. 

"What crazy psycho dropped such picture?" Angelo asked. 

"Still anonymous,the person must have a grudge against Isabella..according to the caption" Leo said. 

"Does it even sound like I wrote that?" Theo asked. 

"Who said it was you?"

"Isabella..." Theo muttered. 

"Can't believe you're still worried about what she said,you're in trouble dude. Maxwell is gonna kill you,RIP" Angelo said. 

Theodore said nothing and walked out,they followed him. 


They all stopped immediately they heard that. 

"Jesus Christ" Chelsea muttered. 

"Dude,should we come with you...."

"No" Theo said and walked away almost immediately. 

"I'm so scared,she won't punish him right?" Chelsea said worriedly,staring at Theo till he was out of sight. 

"I hope so" Leo sighed. 

"F*+*k,the whole school is talking about it. How can I deleted that picture?" Angelo asked. 

"You can't delete it,only the poster can. And even if it's possible,everyone already saw and even saved it on their phones" Leo replied. 

"I seriously don't want Theo and Maxwell to see each other today" Chelsea bit her finger.

"That's not close to possible" Angelo muttered



Summer was pacing around when Theodore entered,she turned and faced him blankly. 

Theodore know that look and stare,she's mad at him,totally mad. 


"I will like you to answer YES or NO" Summer cut him off and he nodded. 

"Are you the one in that picture?" Summer asked. 

Theodore nodded. 

"Words young man!" She snapped. 

"Yes" Theo muttered. 

"Good...now,do you know she has a boyfriend or not?" Summer asked. 

Theodore nodsed. 


"Yes I do" Theodore replied. 

"Who's her boyfriend?"


"Great,now explain to me what this picture is all about,What was she doing in your room last night?" 

"Sis,that was.....she came because she wanted to thank me for helping her to the infirmary yesterday" Theo replied.

"Then the kiss??"

"I didn't force her,it was just......" It was followed by a slap from Summer. 

"I hate it when you try to defend your sh*t!" Summer snapped. 

Theo bite his lips. 

"That was wrong or right?" Summer asked. 

"It was wrong" Theodore muttered slowly. 

"So now you go after people's girlfriend? You even know who he is,but because you two are rivals like I heard,you went for his girlfriend? Since when did that sh*t start? I told you to focus on your damn study! Not going after girls!" Summer said. 

Theo's face was down the whole time. 

"Stay away from that girl" Summer said. 

Theodore looked at her. 

"Go" She said and walked out of his sight. 

Theodore left the office,he went straight to the restroom. He checked his face in the mirror,his left face was totally red from the slap. 

He turned on the water and washed his face before going out. 



"What?!! You think Theo did it?!" Cindy and Dakota both screamed. 

"Who else would have done that? To get back at Maxwell and I blindly fell for it" Isabella said 

"Are you crazy or something? Theo will be never do that" Cindy said. 

"I know I'm not close to him,but he's not that petty,I think he cares a lot about you,what the f*+*k are you saying" Dakota groaned. 

"Don't tell me you said that to him" Cindy raised her brows. 

"I told him never to appear in front of me again" Isabella muttered. 

"F*+*k!" Cindy and Dakota screamed. 

Isabella was about talking when Violet and Paris entered with mocking smiles on their faces. 

"Heard you cheated on your boyfriend" Paris said 

"That perfect boy" Violet grinned. 

Isabella rolled her eyes and stood up from the chair she was sitting on. 

"You must have been crushing badly on him to know he's perfect" She said. 

Violet and Paris laughed.

"I knew it,you're really a b*tch like the poster said" Paris said. 

"You should watch your mouth or I will wash the floor with it!" Dakota said. 

"Oh I'm scared" Violet touched her chest and Paris laughed. 

"Don't mind them,let's go" Isabella passed in between Violet and Paris,they almost fell. 

"B+tch!!" Violet yelled. 

"Who can seduce and win over your crush? Only a b+tch like Isabella of course,cry me a river baby" Isabella smirked and walked away. 

"Do you need a bowl for the river of tears?" Cindy asked. 

"Out of my way dummies" Dakota said and they also left. 

"F*+*k,I hate them" Paris hissed. 

"But,do you really think Theodore is interested in her?" Violet asked. 

"I won't blame him,more than 40% of the boys in our class have their eyes on her too,she's not lying when she said she can seduce...."

"F*+*k you" Violet snapped and stormed out of the class. 

"What did I do?" Paris asked confusedly. 


Romina came to pick her note for the first class,she closed her locker and turned onto to Find Chelsea glaring at her. 

"What" Romina asked. 

"It was you right?" Chelsea asked. 

"What are you talking about?" Romina asked. 

"You posted that shit,it was you. You've been quiet all these while,I've been suspecting you" Chelsea snapped. 

"You must have lost your sense,just because you're close to Theo doesn't mean you should be accusing others!" Romina snapped. 

Chelsea pushed her against the locker angrily. 

"Ahh!" She screamed painfully. 

"Are you crazy?!" Romina yelled. 

"I'm not going to say a word to anyone right now because there's no evidence,but don't worry Karma will definitely be there for you,slow poison,I hate your damn gut. And you better stay away from Theo,even if he want to grow a little likeness for you,I will make sure I bring him back to his sense,so you better don't bring your hope so high" Chelsea glared at her and stormed out of the locker room. 

"She's going crazy" Romina muttered and took her lips in. 



The moment Theodore entered the class with Angelo and Leo,Maxwell threw his shoe angrily at him,the show met his head and the whole class gasped. 

"Can't believe you still showed your face here,get out!!" Maxwell shouted aggressively as he approached Theodore. 

"Dude,are you crazy?!" Angelo shouted and made to grab Maxwell,Theodore held his hand. 

"Don't worry,I can handle him" he said. 

Angelo and Leo left them. 

The whole class staring,waiting for the upcoming drama. 

"How dare you do that to my girlfriend?! How dare you?!" Maxwell yelled,grabbing him in the collar. 

"You're so slow" Theodore muttered. 


"I would have destroyed the mouth of any motherf**k who mess with my girlfriend the second I find out" Theo said. 

Maxwell punched him.


"You still got mouth to talk?!" Maxwell yelled. 

Theodore wiped his lips. 

"Two more,I can take just that,go on and hit me again" Theodore said. 

*What's he doing?*

"I think that idiot is feeling guilty" Angelo said. 

"Maxwell shouldn't hit him more than twice or he might get wounded instead" Leo muttered. 

"You want to act like a superhero now?" Maxwell scoffed and punched his face again,he was about hitting him the third time when Isabella came in between them. 

"Stop it!!!" She screamed. 

Maxwell released Theodore. 

"Are you seriously supporting him right now?" Maxwell asked. 


"He messed with what's mine!!" Maxwell yelled. 

"I'm not yours" Isabella said. 

"What...did you just said?" Maxwell asked.

"I'm breaking up with you" Isabella said and the students gasped.

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