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Exclusively Yours - Episode 41



Exclusively Yours - Episode 41

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV

"What shall you partake of for your midday repast?" inquired Riccardo, setting down his cup on the kitchen counter as I endeavored to spread some avocado on my toast.

"I am uncertain; I shall ponder upon it presently," I rejoined, taking a sizable nibble of the bread and commencing to chew. A few stray locks of hair grazed my eyelash, prompting me to tuck them behind my ear. "And you?"

He nonchalantly shrugged. "I, too, am uncertain. Perhaps we should abscond from work and dine together, what say you?"

Indeed, I have embarked on my work routine. Following a week's respite subsequent to the Desert Life event, I resolved a few days prior to commence my professional duties today—on this Monday. Therefore, during my week of respite, I perused my emails and noted a plethora of applications, summoning them for interviews today.

"However, we are separated by quite a distance, necessitating a drive," I pointed out.

"I can journey to your location," he proposed.

"Would not that be arduous?" I inquired.

"Nothing that pertains to you instigates stress in me, Sunshine."

Suppress the blush.

Refrain from blushing.

Resist the blush.

Alas, I failed. Striving to conceal the faint crimson hue on my cheeks, I rolled my eyes at the flicker of amusement in Riccardo's gaze.

He possesses a propensity for such actions. Whenever he utters phrases that prompt an eruption of warm, fuzzy, yet intense butterflies within me, he wears an expression as if surprised by his ability to evoke such sensations.

"Oh, do not feign nonchalance now. I discerned your blush a moment ago," he remarked, approaching my vicinity. "You appear even more radiant when that occurs. How is that conceivable?"

"I am uncertain," I inclined my head towards him, leaning—almost sitting—on the counter. "Do you?"

I am curious if he comprehends the effect of his words on my stomach. Is he cognizant that his words summon a swarm of butterflies within me, not of the gentle variety?

Is he aware that each time he regards me as if I were a remarkable achievement—which is a constant occurrence—I am torn between liquefying into oblivion and desiring to prolong such moments?

Does he recognize that his touch elicits an overwhelming warmth within me, compelling me to seek solace in his embrace? Is Riccardo cognizant of the fact that I cherish being adored by him and reciprocate the sentiment?

Does he?

"You wear that expression once more. Come now, disclose your ruminations; I am intrigued," he urged.

The significance of that expression he recurrently alludes to escapes me not. I am, of course, becoming...apologies...I have fallen in love with my spouse.

I ought to divulge this sentiment, yet fear restrains me. The presence of two adversaries vying for his affection, one of whom instills a profound sense of unease within me, intensifies my trepidation. It was more manageable when only Asia was involved, but Jade...Jade fills me with dread.

There is a certain gleam in her eyes that conveys, "I am resolute in separating the two of you, and I shall employ any means necessary, including víolence."

Therefore, instead of articulating my true sentiments, I uttered, "One does not always acquire what one desires."

"However, I have acquired you, have I not?" he countered.

He is not mistaken.

"You like me, do you not?" he inquired, gesturing towards me. 

I do. "I am uncertain of your intentions."

"You neither confirm nor deny it. This suggests that I possess a chance."

"I remain uncertain of your implications."

"Nevertheless, I am aware," he murmured, encircling my waist with his hands and delicately seating me on the counter. "When do you anticipate returning from work?"

"I cannot ascertain. Today is destined to be a demanding day," I responded, already lamenting the prospect of being separated from my handsome husband for the entirety of the day.

Riccardo cupped my eyes, his lips moving to a pout before his fingers tucked my hair behind my ear, his eyes never leaving mine as he asked, "Shall we meet for dinner at a restaurant?"

Like a date?

"Exactly like a date," his words breezed through his lips, as light as a feather, almost as if he could read my mind.

"I'd love that," I replied, bringing my hands to rest on either side of his shoulders. "But after a day of exhausting work, I would also love to soak in a bath."

"So, a date at home tonight then?" he suggested.


"Good," Riccardo said, holding my face between his palms and planting a lingering kiss on my forehead. "I can't wait."

"Me neither," I agreed.

"What will we have?" I asked.

"I'll take care of everything," he assured, his voice hoarse and soothing.

"I know. But what if I want to take care of it?" I questioned.

"Who initiated the date?" he countered.

"You did."

"Then, as the one who asked for the date, I'll handle it. The day you ask me out, you can take the lead," he explained.

Oh, can't wait.


After a long day of work, interviewing people and other tasks, I decided to go for lunch, but luck was not on my side. 

As I drove to the restaurant I had been craving, a Ferrari screeched to a sudden stop in front of my car, forcing me to hit the brakes abruptly. 

The sudden stop caused me to lurch forward, almost hitting my head on the steering wheel if not for the seatbelt. Before I could unbuckle, Jade alighted from the car and sashayed towards me.

With a mix of annoyance and confusion, I confronted her, "Are you insàne or just foólish?"

"Neither," she retorted. 

"I highly doubt that. You seem to be both," I remarked.

Her expression turned from a malicious smirk to anger as she stepped closer to me, stating, "You have a fóul mouth."

"Nice observation," I retorted with a fake smile. "Now, what the f+ck do you want?"

Her long, slender fingers were adorned with beautiful, glistening rings as she tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ears. Jade leaned in close to me, almost touching my face, causing me to lean back against my car. "I am glad you asked. I want you to get the héll out of Riccardo's life," she said firmly.

I couldn't help but almost laugh at her audacity to think she could dictate my relationship with Riccardo. I wasn't some pet she could command. Even if I did want to leave Riccardo, which I didn't, he wouldn't let me.

Pushing her away from me, I realized how wrong I had been to find her attractive before. She was far worse than Asia, and I never thought I would say that.

"Did you hear me?" she snapped when I didn't respond. Her dark eyes gleamed with loathing, making me feel like the target of her madness.

"Oh," I replied casually, as if she was insignificant. "Am I supposed to?"

"You don't know what I'm capable of," she murmured.

"And do you know what I can do?" I challenged.

"You don't know who I am. I'll ruín you with a snap of my fingers," Jade threatened. "Don't mess with me, I'm not Asia."

I know that. It's obvious from miles away that she, Jade Rodriguez, is way, way, wayyyyyy more dangerous than Asia. Asia can húrt a fly, but that's it. Meanwhile, Jade could húrt the fly, paràlyze it, cage it, and continuously inflict pàin on it before finally getting rid of it by killíng it. You can see the tendencies in her dark eyes.

"I don't give two fúcks on who you are and I don't care about what you can do. But, if you lay a finger on my family, Riccardo, or me, I swear to God, I'll kíll you. It is not a threàt." The words left my mouth, firm and clear, hiding no truth in them. "I swear, I will."

It is not a lie. I mean every single word that came out of my mouth, and I would actually do it. I don't like what I hàte, and I hàte when someone húrts my family.

Jade's smirk returned in full blast like she just achieved something. Her head slowly tilted to the side, her smirk évil like Cinderella's stepmother. "I will. I will húrt you where it húrts the most, just wait."


"Leave Riccardo, and I'll leave you."

I scoffed, my eyes scanning her figure from top to bottom wordlessly insultíng her. Her eyes and demeanor showed she knew what I was doing, and the smirk disappeared.

"You really think you're all that, huh?"

"If I wasn't, Riccardo wouldn't be with me. He wouldn't choose me, but he did and will always do. So, why don't you get back into your car, drive back to héll, and stay there?"

"You're messing with the wrong person, and the consequences will be dire." Her voice menacingly low, underlying a dark and deàdly promise.

I stayed in one spot, watching her catwalk to her car. Before she got inside, she raised her head and threw me a small smile, and then she is gone.

My eyes stayed on her car until I couldn't see it again. Letting them scan my surroundings to see if anyone noticed our little talk, I'm in for a surprise to see a completely empty road.

A shaky breath escaped my mouth, and I turned my back, entering my car. Waiting for a few minutes to let out the tension racing through my veins, I rested my head on the headrest, eyes closed and breathing slow.

“I will húrt you where it hurts you the most.” echoed and echoed and echoed in my head, causing me to let out a loud, shrill scream.

What does she mean? Her sentence wasn't subtle in any way, shape, or form. But, what exactly does she mean?

Where húrts me the most?

Thoughts swirled in my brain as I tried to come to a reasonable possible explanation for what she could have possibly meant.

Who will she húrt?

Riccardo? No, she wants him.

Aunt DeeDee? I don't think so.

Her daughter? No, she wouldn't.

Her husband? No, she can't. He is an FBI agent.


I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.


What in the f+ckery f+ck is wrong with her? Why can't I just have peace? Why isn't just Asia troubling me?

Shaking my head in a pathetic attempt to get rid or cloak the disturbing thoughts, I lifted my shaky hands to turn on the car.

As swiftly as I took that action, profound regret washed over me like a relentless tide, suffocating my senses as swirling smoke enveloped my car with the fierce intensity of lightning.

Gasping for air, each cough tore through me, leaving me gasping for precious breath. Desperately, I reached for the handle, but it remained ominously immovable. Despite my fervent attempts to stave off the suffocating fumes, my nostrils betrayed me, drawing in the toxic gas, filling my lungs with its insidious presence.

The inscrutable vapors crept insidiously, shrouding everything in a veil of smoke until visibility vanished entirely. Each inhalation grew more labored, each breath a battle against the encroaching darkness that threatened to consume me.

With each passing moment, the air grew thinner, constricting around me like a vice, leaving me gasping for a reprieve that seemed increasingly elusive. A heaviness settled upon my eyelids, tempting me towards the abyss, but a sudden jolt of sound snapped me back to the brink of consciousness.

Frantically, my hand fumbled in the obscurity, seeking the familiar weight of my phone. As my fingers closed around it, a voice pierced through the haze, disturbingly cheery and unbearably familiar, asking, "How are you enjoying your day?"

TBC 📖✍️
Who called? Will she be fine?

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