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Exclusively Yours - Episode 37



Exclusively Yours - Episode 37

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV

Today is the first day I am going to the building that will be my company in a week. I have already made preparations for the furniture, setup, and everything that I need to make the building a company.

Workers are everywhere, moving chairs and tables around to fit them in where I want them, and I was upstairs in my own office, working on some files on my laptop.

I turned my head in the direction of my phone as it rang. Quickly picking it up from the table, I tapped the answer icon and put in my earbuds. "Hey, Emilia. What's up?"

Emilia was my coworker and friend when I still worked at Adamson's publishing company. We, of course, kept in touch on Instagram but never actually called each other, so I am surprised at her call.

"The sky or the ceiling, depending on where you are," she jokingly replied and laughed at her own joke.

"You and your quirky jokes. I am serious, though. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Can I send my resume to you?"

A small smile touched my face, and I said, "Really? You want to work with me?"

"Yeah, totally! Only if you promise not to be a complete às$hole like someone I know," she replied. From her end, I could hear rustling as if she was moving some papers. "So, can I?"

"Hmm," I hummed tauntingly. "I don't know, will you be a good employee?"

"Hmm, I will try," she also taunted.

"Alright, Ms. Emilia." I switched from a casual to a professional tone. "You can send your resume. I'd love to work with you."

"Thank you, Mrs. Torrence." Fortunately, she was smart enough to notice the change in my voice and did the same with hers. "I'll be there whenever you officially open."

"Sure. See you later, Emilia."

"Kk, soon-to-be boss."

I let a smile touch my face, but it soon faded as my door opened and my gaze immediately landed on a serpentíne girl.

"Oh, come on, my presence should make you ecstatic, not gloomy," Asia announced, lowering herself on the sofa in my office. "Smile, Olive."

Although the urge to strañgle her and thrów her body óut of the window of the three-story building was strong, I resisted it with so much restraint and settled back at my own seat. "What do you want, Europe?"

There can only be one possible reason she came here, and I don't know if I really wanted to know.

"My name is Asia," she always takes offense to it, which oddly delights me.

"And my name is Olivia," I snapped back. "What are you doing here? As you can see, I am busy, and I need you to crawl back into that hole you crawled out of."

A sly smirk crossed her face, and she slowly made her way to me, one foot at a time before stopping right in front of my desk. Asia rested her palms on my cinnamon-colored desk, tilted her head, and leaned closer so our faces were just inches away from each other. "Why so hóstile? Chill a little, will you?"

"I asked you before, and I will ask you again. Why are you here? What do you want?"

"Oh, nothing. I simply wanted to come see your upcoming company." I raised my brows at her, not believing her words one bit. When she saw my reaction, she chortled. "Okay, that was half the truth. The main reason I came to this..." She looked around my office, disgust evident on her face, and returned her eyes back to me. "place is to see why you are being such a chicken."


Not only is she trying to steal my husband, I mean Riccardo, from me, but she also lacks sense.

How am I being a chicken? It just doesn't make any sense.

Before I could complete my thoughts, she added, "Why haven't you accepted the invite?"

I knew it.

This is her plan.

She somehow managed to get the organizers of the show to send Riccardo and me those invites to Desert Life. But, what is it going to get her?

I feigned confusion by furrowing my brows at her, while tilting my head to add to the performance. "What invite?"

"Desert Life," she answered.


"Yeah. Accept it."

I barked out a humorless laugh, getting up on my feet to walk toward her. "Listen here, you little turd, I am not one of your servants you can order around. Look around, this isn't your house. You're trespassíng on private property, and I have all the rights to call the police on you. So, if you value your reputation, it would be best for you to leave," I said. 

Her malicious facade slightly dimmed, replaced by wariness, though she attempted to keep it subtle. "Don't threatén me," she said. 

Raising my index finger, I interrupted her. "The fact that you see it as a threàt is comical." I stopped just a foot away from her, wearing a malevolent smirk and staring into her eyes so she would know I wasn't bluffing. "Sweetheart, I can and will call the police and post it on my Instagram. You may have more followers than me, but people are always looking for a reason to drag down celebrities like you. Don't dare me." 

Asia stumbled backwards on her heels, and I grinned as my words sank in. "You wouldn't do that." 

"Why are you choosing to be delusional?"

"Riccardo," she smirked, "He will be so mad at you for ruining his childhood friend's career, and who knows, he might even divorce you." 

At the mention of his name on her lips, memories from the previous night flooded my mind like a broken dam. He didn't tell me to stop crying, instead, he held me close to his warm body as if he knew I was cold without me having to voice it, he remained silent when I needed quiet, and he even kissed my tear-stained eyes. 

He was...I don't know how to describe it. But in that moment, I could say that he was everything I needed.

And, I shouldn't need him. His presence shouldn't matter so much to me.

I am only married to him because of my mother's bakery. My mom's sister, Delaney, needs to continue owning it to keep us connected to my mother.

"........" I could hear her voice as she spoke about something, but I couldn't quite grasp or form coherent sentences in my foggy mind. I had to snap out of my hazy thoughts and forced myself to do so. "So, will you?"

"Will I what?"

"Accept the invite?!"


"Does that mean you agree with me that you're a chicken and are scared of facing me?"

"I am facing you right now, Europe. I do not have to stoop to your level in whatever síck games you are conjuring in your mentally unstàble head."

"Excuse me."

"You are excused. That's the door." I pointed to the door, just in case she was too blind or foolish to see it.

"Have you considered the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you are scared of losing to me and too frightened to admit it to yourself?"



I surprised myself by laughing at my own thoughts as I stared incredulously at her before laughing again. I eyed her up and down, the unreasonable but mocking laughter refusing to cease.

Me, scared of losing to her?

Oh, God! This is more comical than a dancing turkey on Thanksgiving Eve.

I am in no way scared of losing to her and definitely not terrified of admitting it either. I mean, what am I even losing?

For one, I am as attractive as can be; I mean hot as f+ck, so I'm clearly not envious of her. Second, I can provide for my well-being, including food, clothes, makeup, skincare products, oh, and let's not forget snacks and coffee! Third, I have a perfectly functioning SUV. Fourth, I have nearly a billion in my bank account. And fifth, I am married to Riccardo Torrence, the one she desires so fervently.

I am clearly above her level.

"You are such a jokester. That's probably why Riccardo has kept you around for this long."

"That's not..."

"Shut up," I retorted sharply, and like a good little puppy, she did. "You want me to accept the invite, right?"


"Okay. Fine."

"Fine? Fine, you will accept it, or fine, I should leave?"


"Alright. See you, Olive."

"I'm not looking forward to it, Europe."


When I returned home at 3:49 pm, Riccardo was not there. I suppose he truly started going back to work. He had been working from home since we grew closer, and I must admit, I liked it. His presence made the large house feel like a home. And though it shouldn't, it did, and I can't deny that.

I went up to my room, shed my clothes, and took a long bath. After finishing, I put on some shorts and an oversized hoodie before spending an hour playing with and feeding Shadow.

He is a really good boy.

Shortly after he fell back asleep, it was 5:50 pm, and I wanted to get some fresh air. I chose to use that excuse rather than admitting that I was worried about Riccardo because he hadn't returned home yet. I went out to the stable and mounted my horse, Dahlia.

Dahlia, perhaps sensing my melancholy, rode gently and slowly around the surroundings. The cool breeze whispered in my ears as though foretelling rain later that night. Even though I wore a hoodie, a shiver ran down my body.

Suddenly, I halted Dahlia and rode her back to the stable before locking the doors. If it was going to rain again, I did not want to be caught outside. After securing the stable, I made my way back to the front door and as I attempted to enter the code, thunder and lightning roared in the sky, and the lights went out.

Oh no.



Please, no.

I double-tapped the keypad, desperately hoping my futile attempts would reactivate it. Tears I hadn't realized welled up in my eyes. The heavy thumping of my heart, the sky opening up and letting the rain drench both me and the Earth, contributed to my body trembling from both cold and fear.

My hands shakily went in search of my phone in my hoodie pocket but found nothing. I let out a sigh to relieve the tension building up in me but ended up feeling even more tense and fidgety than before.

I sneezed once, twice, thrice, and for the fourth time as the deluge poured down on me, completely soaking me from head to toe. Mist slowly filled my head, making me stumble on my feet to keep myself upright. Squeezing myself against the door to shield myself from the storm, I almost laughed at the futile attempt.

Dragging my weak, teary eyes around, I slid my back down until I was on the wet floor, hugging myself tightly.

No Riccardo.

No phone.


Just me alone with the downpour and haunted memories that wouldn't leave me.

I don't know how long I stayed there, shivering and shuddering while hugging my wet body, but it was completely dark by the time Riccardo's car pulled in.

It didn't even take him a second to jump out and meet me. His face filled with worry, concern, and panic as he knelt in front of me, drawing me closer to him despite my wetness.

An exhale escaped my mouth even before I could stop it when our bodies collided, his warm one against my wet one. He pulled out of the hug, held my face between his two palms as he searched my eyes with his guilt-filled ones.

"I am so sorry," Riccardo apologized as if it was his fault. "I'm so, so sorry, Sunshine. I am sorry."

I didn't speak. I couldn't, my lips quivering. I just stared at him, confused and still trembling.

"System update. I forgot to tell you about it," he said, answering my unspoken questions. "Sunshine, I thought you would be inside, though."

"Well, I wasn't," I snapped, getting up so fast my knees buckled.

The guilt intensified on his already wet face, and he stumbled a step back, clearly surprised at my tone.

"I have been out here for the past...I don't even know how long I've been stuck out here, but you were..." I paused to reassess my words, trying to calm down. "I am sorry. I shouldn't..." I stopped again, words refusing to form on my tongue.

Riccardo shifted on his feet, blinking away the rain from his eyes as he stared at me, allowing me to vent my frustrations on him.

"Sorry," I muttered again, tucking the wet strands of hair sticking to my cheek.

He then nodded once, shrugged off his suit jacket, and put it on my shoulders. "It's fine."

The subtle waft of his scent mixed with the actual downpour enveloped me, and an instant overwhelming calmness washed over me. I said nothing else as I watched him open the door with his phone. Don't ask how; I don't know, but the door opened, and we got in.

Since the lights were out, I had to wait for Riccardo to look for candles before I went to change. I would have stayed in my room, but Riccardo told me he had dinner and wanted me to eat.

I sat down on the sofa, still trembling even in my heavy hoodie and sweatpants. Another shudder quaked through my body when I felt Riccardo behind me, a towel dropping on my wet hair.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded once, and he began drying my slightly wet hair. Involuntarily, my eyelids fluttered closed, and a relieved sigh escaped my mouth.

"The lights will be back up soon. The storm must have messed with them."

I nodded again. Although he made a valiant attempt to answer my unasked question, I still couldn't help but ask, "Where were you?"

I had a bàd feeling I wouldn't like the answer to that.

His hesitation and the way he froze up after my question further confirmed it. "I will get you water."

"If I needed water, I'd get it myself," I snapped, fists clenched in my hoodie pockets.


"Don't," I rasped. "Don't call me that, just answer the question." Without wasting another second, I stood up and faced him, only to meet his guilt-filled expression. "Where the héll were you?"


Even before I could stop it, a humorless laugh erupted from me, raking my hair back. "I hope you enjoyed your time with her while I, your wife, stayed out in the rain when you know very well how

Even before I could stop it, a humorless laugh erupted from me, raking my hair backwards. "I hope you enjoyed your time with her while I, your wife, stayed out in the rain, which you know I hate, and... and that bítch, Asia!"

"Olivia, I..."

I raised my hand, effectively silencing him. "I don't want to hear it. You have a problem when I spend time with Axel, but... but you... you spent hours with that snàke."

I hàte this feeling. It is strong and deadly. So deàdly that I want to squeéze the air out of her for being with my husband.

I was close to having a panic attack out there in the chilly storm while he particularly enjoyed his time with his childhood friend who has feelings for him.

I waited out there in the pouring rain, patiently waiting for the person I'm beginning to call home to hug me in his warm embrace while he... he


"Olivia, don't do that. Nothing happened between us, okay? She was drunk, called me up, and I simply went to pick her up from the bar back to her house. Nothing happened," he explained, his dark eyes boring into mine, shaking his head desperately trying to convince me.

But he doesn't need to. I trust him not to do anything with her; what upsets me is that she made him come to her after coming to me earlier today.

I swear, I will make her regret messing with me. She will pay a very heavy price for it. I have the upper hand in this more than she thinks. 

I am Olivia Torrance, me, not her. She will never be because Riccardo is mine. He is my husband, just mine. Yes, I'm staking my claim.

"Nothing happened," he clarified again.

"We are going to be part of Desert Life," I dropped the bombshell.


"You heard me, Riccardo. Or perhaps you also had a drink or two at your friend's house."

"I get that you are màd, but you can't throw accusations like that, Olivia," he said seriously, a frown etching on his face.

"Well, I am sorry if you think I'm throwing accusations," I sarcastically retorted. "I mean, what am I supposed to think?"

The frown deepened as he strolled over to me, gripping my forearm. "I don't know how many times you want me to say this. I love you, Olivia. I love you so much it hurts. And that love I have for you is much more than you think, it is larger than you think. You're my life, the bane of my existence, and the reason I want to wake up every morning." He jerked my body forward, and I flushed against his large body, our gazes locked intensely. "How else am I supposed to tell you that you are the queen of my body, heart, soul, and mind? How else am I supposed to let you know that you own me even more than I do you? There is no woman on this planet that is capable of being more than you; you are all I need and even more. No human being, especially Asia, has rights over me, only you. I f+ckíng love you, Olivia. You, just you."

I can't breathe. I don't even know if I want to as I continued gazing into my husband's eyes, those black holes pulling me into their abyss of darkness, and I didn't mind at all.

An impressed, proud, and satisfied grin spread across my face, and I cradled his face. "You just swore."

Confusion painted his face as he opened his mouth to ask, "What?"

"You said a cuss word, Riccardo."

He scoffed with disbelief. "So, out of everything I said, you only picked up on that single word?"

I simply shrugged my shoulders.

"You are a handful."

"The handful that you are obséssed with?"

He smiled. "Of course, totally." 

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