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Dear Ave - Episode 9&10




Dear Ave - Episode 9&10

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"Grayson Harper..." He whispered, taking another soft puff from the cigar.

He released the smokes from his nose this time, looking so damn dangerous and yet freaking hot as the cloud of smokes created a fog in front of him.

He eventually left the window and walked out of the room.

Grayson was coming out of Ava's room by then, and their eyes met for a minute, but he was the first to turn.

He walked to the living room, and Grayson simply entered his room.

He stepped into the bathroom for his shower immediately.

He pictured Ava's sleeping face in his head as the water cascaded down his body, and a mask of small smile covered his perfect face.



The house would be silent by now if not for the sounds coming from the TV in the living room.

It's still on, and a documentary is playing on the screen.

Alex is seated on the couch, staring at the screen though only his eyes are there, his mind is elsewhere.

The documentary looks mad dumb to him so there's no way he's interested.

Was Oscar right about his interest in Ava when he met her just yesterday?

"Nah, screw that..." He spoke up, but then he heard low yelps.

It came slowly at first but it grew louder.

He had to lower the TV volume, and that was when he detected the sound is from Ava's room.

He was already at her doorstep in the next minute.

He opened up and saw her wriggling in bed, muttering some words.

"No....dad...dad... please don't leave me...dad"

She's saying all these from her sleep, and there are few beads of sweat on her face.

"Daaad..." Her voice came again, like she's struggling in her sleep.

Alex walked closer to her bed and bent over her, bringing his hand to her hair.

He began stroking, blowing air from his mouth to her face.

"Dad" she whispered again, lower than the previous.

She began stilling, and soon her words faded off.

She fell deeply asleep again, and Alex stopped the comfort, standing straight.

He noticed the duvet is away from her body, and when he made to cover her with it, he saw her thighs.

She's wearing really short black pants, so her legs are bare to his eyes, but that's not the point.

There's a rose tattoo sitting on her right thigh, and damn it! He couldn't look away... it's f+çking beautiful, matching her flawless skin.

All the hair at the back of his neck stood at tension...

He was tempted to touch, and his throat dried.

He almost raised his hand,, but before he could lose his mind, he dashed out of her room, returning to his room as fast as possible.



Ava stretched lazily as she stepped out of her room in a white big shirt.

 It reached the middle of her thighs though, and she looks cute with her messy bun. Her nose is healed.

It's Sunday, and every human being is meant to rest today at least, so no campus today.

"Hey Ava!" Oscar's voice interrupted her fantasy when she got to the living room.

"Oscar? I bet you came here as soon as the day broke" she said with a large smile.

"Of course, I missed Alex" he returned the smile, and they both laughed as she walked into the kitchen.

She's starving, so she decided to make banana split again.

She gathered the fruits but couldn't find the milk.

"Where did he put it?" She asked herself, and her eyes suddenly caught it at the top cabinet.

"Seriously? Why would that jerk keep it high?" she said and started trying to take it, but she couldn't no matter how much she jumped.

The cabinet is far taller than her and her slippers kept landing back on the ground.

"Gawd..." she said, breathing hard as she tried to jump again, but a taller veiny hand picked it easily from behind her.

She turned quickly, coming face-to-face with Grayson...

His hair beautifully scattered on his face, sleepy eyes and a s+xy frown on his face...

Wait...s+xy? Ava you're crazy!

Only an inch is separating their lips from each other right now, and he's not moving, so she quickly snatched the milk from him and stepped away

"Why not put it in the freezer where you took it from?" 

"I dunno" he replied, getting a bottled water from the freezer.

"No one can touch another person's stuff in the freezer, rule 3" she said.

"How much do you want for the water?" He replied stiffly, drinking already.

"Jerk" she rolled eyes and started dicing the fruits.

Though her back is now on him, he spared her another glance before starting to walk out of the kitchen.

"Thanks for last night" she suddenly said, and he turned back.

"I don't need the thanks. I get to decide what you'll pay me back with" he said.

"What do you want?" She asked, and she could swear that she saw his eyes darken with something she can't pinpoint.

"Not now" he winked before walking out completely.

She was done in five minutes, and she left the kitchen with a cupful of banana split.

She settled at the dinning room to eat, and that was when Alex came out shirtlessly, and she choked on the milk in her mouth.

Not only because of his body, but because his pants is hanging lower than it should be, and his v-line is staring at her.

"Like what you see?" Alex settled in front of her with a silly gummy smile.

He picked tissue and started wiping the milk on her lips, but she snatched it and did it herself.

She was about to eat another spoon when he ducked in, taking her hand and directing the spoon to his mouth.

"Alex!" She shouted, wanting to shove a fork into his eyes.

"I swear to gawd you look prettier in the morning, especially when you're mad at me like this" he laughed, his deep voice making it manly.

"Screw you" she gave him the middle finger.

"Yeah, screw me" he bit his lip, and she resumed eating with the same spoon.

He smiled when he saw that, and Oscar cleared his throat from the living room. He has been watching.

Grayson is beside him, clicking away on his phone.

A car honk sounded outside, and Demi came in with Octavia two minutes later.

"Goodmorning house!" Octavia shouted, rushing to take the cup of split from Ava.

"You eat like a cannibal" Alex said.

"And you talk like a pea-brain" Octavia fired back.

"Ouch!" Alex faked a wince..

"Alex, can you get us tickets to the tarmac tonight?" Demi asked.

"You girls are coming to watch the race? Nah" he replied.

"Why?" Demi asked.

"It's dangerous, no one knows when the police might attack" Oscar replied from the living room.

"It doesn't matter. We're not babies" Ava said.

"For real you girls can't come" Alex replied and stood.

"Need to go clean up" he said and went in.

"We'll just find our way then" Demi said.

"You girls should cook something for real" Oscar said as his stomach made funny noises.

"Right...let's hit the kitchen" Octavia replied, pulling Demi in.

Ava stood from the dinning same time Grayson stood from the couch, and their eyes met .

She blanked up and entered the kitchen...

"Dude, Why don't you come to the tarmac tonight? It'll be fun" Oscar said.

"No, I have things to do for my dad from home" he replied.



With the help of Oscar, the girls were able to get themselves tickets, though they have to keep his involvement a secret from Alex.

They've never been this excited to go out, maybe because there'll be a lot of boys.

They're currently dressing up in Ava's room, and Demi's upper body is n+ked 

"My n+pples are too small, don't you think?" She asked, touching them.

"Don't even start" Octavia replied, putting on her joggers and a big hood...her usual style.

Ava is wearing bum shorts, but it covered half of her thigh, so her tattoo isn't visible.

She topped it with a thin-strapped top then her vans shoes. Her hair is in a near ponytail tonight.

"I told you the bum shorts will look good on you! You're burning!" Demi hyped.

"Whatever, are you guys done?" Ava blushed.

"Sure" Octavia replied, and Demi put on her bra top on her short jean skirt.

She wore a jacket to cover up, then they left the room together.

"Did I gist you guys that I talked to Ethan? I even have his number" Demi said.

"That's new" Ava said.

"Monica is determined to screw him over, poor guy" Octavia muttered.

Grayson was sitting in the living room when they walked past. He's still on his laptop like he has been since morning.

"We're off to the tarmac Gray!" Octavia hollered.

"Have fun" He replied without looking up from his laptop.

"Ruude" Ava muttered.

The girls filed out the door, and he finally looked up.

Ava was the last to go out so he caught a glimpse of her before the door closed.

He licked his lips meaningfully, shutting the laptop.



Only the cars that'd be racing are allowed inside the tarmac, so every car has to park outside of it.

The girls parked in the filled parking lot, and they wowed when they came out of the car.

Crowds are entering the tarmac, and they could already hear the DJ playing from inside.

"We're in for a whole lot of fun!" Demi gushed.

"I know, right?" Ava replied excitedly.

"And why am I seeing these annoying faces?" Octavia said, and they turned in her direction to see Monica and her gang just coming out of their car too.

"Bad night" Demi smirked.

"Look who we have here...the insipid crew" Sandra said.

"Tell me about it" Felicia laughed.

"Hi, Monica's maids" Ava waved 

"What!" Sandra scoffed.

"Oh.. lapdogs is the better word" Octavia said with a straight face, hands in pockets.

"You b*+*ch!..."

Felicia made to attack her, but a raise of Monica's hands stopped her.

"See? At the raise of her hand you can't even do anything... Pathetic bunch of wannabes!" Demi fired.

They submitted their tickets and went in.

Monica's dark smile returned to her face, and right now she only has to wait...

Ava can laugh all she wants, her tears will soon arrive.



"Alex Chambers!"

"Alex Chambers!!"

The scream of his name took over the place. It was even louder than the playing music as he rode in in his golden coloured sports car.

He's always the star of the night... He has been coming first in the races since last year...he owns the crown.

The chanting of his name increased as he came out of his car, and girls went wild as he took off his shirt and threw it in their middle.

They started fighting over the shirt,  and he watched proudly, but his smile disappeared when he suddenly saw a face in the crowd.


He's not mistaken..it's definitely her but what the f+çk is she wearing?

Has bum shorts always looked that s+xy on girls? No, she's the only one who can slay it this way.

She's holding a red cup of juice, talking and smiling with her friends while moving her waist softly to the song...screw!

She's hot but that can wait...

Alex crossed to that angle, and Felicia blocked him with Sandra.

"Hi Alex! I've been your fan since last year and..."

Felicia was still talking when he pushed past her, and she fell on the ground.

"Felicia are you ok?" Sandra helped her up, and they smirked when they saw him with Ava.

Monica's eyes are on him too.

"What are you doing here, angel?" He asked.

"You refused to let us come and we found our ways" Ava replied.

"Chill, we'll be fine" Demi said.

"Y'all need to leave now" Alex said.

"Are you kidding?" Octavia frowned.

"Ava, for real" Alex held her hand...

"New f+çkmate? She's hot" a thick voice said, and the owner appeared as a hulky guy with limitless tattoos even on his bald head...he looks dangerous.

"S+xtus, bugger off" Alex faced him.

"What? You don't want me around her? Is she tight? Does she suck you good? Maybe her p+ssy is deep" S+xtus laughed irritatingly.

"Motherfûker!" Alex was about to hit him when Oscar appeared.

"Enough! The race is starting. Blame me for giving them tickets" He said.

"Stay with them, we handle this later" Alex glared, leaving for his golden car.

S+xtus left for his red car too.... He's always the second in the races, he has never beat Alex, so he's his greatest enemy.

They got in their cars at once, but Alex won't stop peering at Ava through the window.

Their eyes hooked throughout, and she raised her cup suddenly, wishing him luck with that.

A big smile appeared on his face, and a totally naked lady came between the two cars, shooting a gun at the sky.

The two cars moved at once, and the the race started.

S+xtus started leading in the first minutes, and his gang howled.

Alex on the other hand was literally playing with the wheel as if he's not serious about this.

"What's up with him?" Ava asked.

"Relax" Oscar replied.

"Sèxtus, his name is disgusting just like him" Octavia rolled eyes, and Demi laughed.

* Alex Chambers!!!

The scream of his name resumed when he started covering the space between him and S+xtus.

S+xtus played smart by driving him off the road a lot of times, but he came back each time, smokes emanating from his car body...

" Champion!!!! " Demi screamed.

"Go man!!!!" Oscar added.

"I hate you but yes!!!" Octavia shouted.

"Go Alex!!!!" Ava removed the ribbon she tied her hair with, waving it in the air for him.

Merely seeing that, Alex doubled up his pace, overtaking S+xtus like flash!

* Alex Chambers!!!!!!!!!

It was all sweet till Alex was about to get to the finishing line, then police sirens started sounding.

The place scattered within a minute, everybody running helter skelter.

"Shit!" Oscar spat when he couldn't find the girls beside himself anymore. They're all gone.

S+xtus's gang obviously set up the siren cos there's no police in sight...

Alex came running fast...

"Where are the girls?" He questioned.

"No idea" Oscar replied.

"The f+çk are you on?" Alex shouted.

"Dude I'm sorry" Oscar said guiltily.

"Giving them the tickets was fuçking wrong! Who knows what that bastard Sèxtus is planning!" Alex spat, rushing away in search of Ava

Oscar followed.


Ava was unaware of when she even took off earlier.

She expected Demi and Octavia behind herself but no sign since everyone scattered after hearing the police siren.

She was still on the run when a huge figure blocked her way, and she recognized it immediately.


"Out of my way" she glared, but her glare made him laugh.

"You think that'd work on me? Try harder"

She tried taking another way, but he strongly grabbed her, and before she knew it, she was on his shoulder.

He's so giant and strong...she couldn't even move.

"The f+çk!! Put me down!!" She shouted.

"Alex seems to value you... Messing with you will reach him a lesson so calm down. It won't hurt, I'll take it slow" he said.

"No! Alex!!!!!!" She screamed fearfully.

"He'll never find you tonight, doll. Keep quiet!" He silenced.

"Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed stubbornly again, and he spanked her @ss. Hard

"Save your energy, doll"

This surely won't go well if she continues screaming, so she did the only thing she could think.

She attached her teeth to his ear, biting him so hard.

"B*+*ch!!!" His cries filled the night as he dropped her involuntarily.

Ava took to her heels immediately, running as fast as her legs could carry her away from him, but it's like nature is against her tonight cos she met a dead end.

"No no no no no!" She stumped her foot.

"You can't run away from me doll!" She heard S+xtus voice as he approached.

"F+çk! No" she almost started crying, but then she felt the presence of another person in the dark, and she gasped.

She was about to run when the person pulled her deeper into the dark.

Her @ss met with his crotch, and his palm covered her mouth.

Her body tensed, and she held her breath as she felt his warm breath on her neck.

"Chill. I got you, princess" his voice came in a whisper.


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