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Dear Ave - Episode 7&8




Dear Ave - Episode 7&8

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"Screw it! Ava!" Alex shouted, catching her firmly.

"No" Grayson muttered as his fist went down.

"Ava!" Demi and Octavia ran to the scene, and her eyes opened slowly.

"Is my nose still there?" She whispered.

"Come here!" Demi took her from Alex, and they went in together to clean up for her.

"I told you it was ok, why did you have to throw the last punch dude?" Oscar faced Grayson.

"Maybe because I hate taking the last hit" Grayson replied bluntly.

"And now you punched the poor girl. Are you both kids? Why fighting like elementary boys?" Oscar said again.

"If you're gonna blame anyone, then blame him...I'm out" Grayson glared at Alex and entered his room to clean up too.

"What actually happened?" Oscar faced Alex.

"I'm not ready to explain" he replied.

"That's not the point cos I know you better! If you know you're gonna continue feeling inferior beside Gray, then we need to move to another house" Oscar said.

"I'm not moving, why should I move cos of that d+ck!" Alex fumed.

"Then get your act together and stop being a c+nt!" Oscar fired.

"You didn't even ask the cause of the fight, you concluded it's my fault" Alex scoffed.

"Didn't you hear the part where i said I know you better? You're Alex, of course you love troubles" Oscar said and left the house.

Alex continued panting as he stood in the center of the scattered living room, and when he turned to leave, he saw Octavia sitting on a sofa beside him with a killer look on her face...

"Don't just talk, please" he said.

"Ava ended up with a broken nose cos of you, is there no remorse in your bloodstream?" She stood.

"Gray threw the punch, not me" he replied.

"But you started the f+çking fight!" Octavia said.

He opened his mouth to say another word, but he couldn't form one, so he closed it and dipped his hand in his hair.

"Fine I'll replace every destroyed thing in the living room and clean the mess" he said.

"That won't cut it" Ava replied, coming out of the room with Demi.

There's a soothing plaster on her small nose, and there are tissues in her nostrils.

"What do you want?" Grayson asked, coming out behind her .

He cleaned up already, but the cuts on his face are still fresh.

"I'm doubling up the rent, and I'm taking it right now" she replied, her voice sounding muffled cos of the tissues.

"Fine" they chorused, getting their phones to make the transaction immediately.

She nodded when she got the alert, and she looked up with her arms under her b👀bies.

"This will happen anytime you guys break the rules, and please reset the living room and replace the TV before 5" she said bossily, squinting at the two before going back into her room.

The girls followed her, leaving the guys to themselves again.

"I'll clean the mess, you should do the TV replacement" Alex told Grayson, entering his room to clean up afterwards.

He couldn't get Grayson's words off his head throughout his shower time. It bothered him so much that when he left the shower, he got his phone and dialled his dad...

"Hey, son" chairman's voice filtered through the speakers 

"Did you hire people to write your exams for you when you were in school?" Alex asked, and silence happened afterwards.

For over two minutes, Chairman Chambers didn't say a thing.

"Who told you that?" He finally spoke after two minutes, and Alex hung up immediately.

Those two minutes of silence gave him an answer already...it's true.

He smashed his phone on the wall, breathing hard as he grabbed the lamp on the bedstand.

He crashed that on the ground too, his naked slim upper body glistening with sweat.

"Why Gray of all people? Why did he have to know that?" He muttered, but then his mind darted to Ava.

"She got hit real hard, is she fine?" He asked himself, biting his lip.



Grayson sat in front of the mirror, staring at the cuts on his face. His dad will probably pass out it he sees his face this way.

He's not even worried about that right now, but Ava's nose is a bother. The punch was heavy, so he can imagine how painful it will be.

He got his first aid kit and opened up, taking out a healing plaster.

If only he could get this to her nose, it'd heal up real fast, but will she take it?

Her personality is twisted, so she's unpredictable, more reason to get curious about her.



"You should nap, the pains will come down" Demi said, getting her shoulder bag from the bed.

She's already preparing to leave with Octavia.

"I will, thanks guys" Ava replied from the bed where she's laying under the sheets, looking so funny with her plastered nose.

"I should snap a picture to remember this moment forever" Octavia laughed, getting her phone

Ava quickly piled the sheets on herself.

"You took the money, so endure the pains baby" Demi said mockingly.

"Whatever! Bottom line is i'm rich now!" Ava replied with a wink, and they laughed as they left the house.

Ava sighed, stretching her hand to the bedstand where a framed picture of her and her late dad sat.

She took the frame and smiled at it, rubbing her dad's face.

"Don't worry, dad... You built this house all your life, I won't let ruins come close" she said, hugging the picture to her chest before changing position.

She tried to nap, but each time the sleep comes, stinging pains hits her nose so hard.

It got worse when her menstrual pains started too, and it didn't take long before she started crying under the sheets.



Monica was fuming as she came out of her room, her hair flowing with her walking steps as she waltzed into the living room.

"Where's grandpa?" She asked the maid who's by the kitchen door.

Her burnt leg is looking untreated, and she's obviously in pains but no one cares in this house.

"He's at the patio" the maid replied, and Monica pushed past her, making her way to the patio where Grandpa Joe is seated with a cup of coffee.

"Any problem?" He asked, removing his glasses.

"You told me your agent's name is Sky, but I did my research and the guys who moved in with her are Grayson and Alex, did you trick me? You promised to make Ava pay!" She shouted, and he stood.

"Do you really expect him to use his undercover name in the house? He's one of the two guys, just using another name. Trust me you'll get your revenge" he said.

"Then tell me, who among the two is Sky?" She demanded, and he got his phone, scrolling on it before passing it to her.

She took it, and she smiled coldly when she saw the face.

"Now that you know, promise me you won't butt in. Leave him to do this his own way" he said, and she dropped the phone.

"What if she falls for the second guy Instead of Sky?" She asked.

"Are you still doubting Sky after seeing his face? Don't worry, he won't disappoint" he smiled, and she sighed.

The maid came in...

"Felicia and Sandra are here" she reported with a bow.

"How come you're still moving with those two?" Grandpa Joe asked.

"Every human being deserves a loyal dog or two... They're serving their purpose so well" she replied and went in.

"Moni!!" Sandra hugged her when she got to the living room, but she broke it crankily.

"I hate hugs, how many times will I say that!" she glared, and Sandra swallowed in fear.

"Calm down, Moni" Felicia said, and Monica removed her glare from Sandra.

"Why are you guys here?" She asked, climbing the stairs.

"Alex Chambers next drag race is tommorow night, and you know how we've always wanted to attend but we can't enter the tarmac without tickets" Felicia said, climbing behind her.

"You want me to get you the tickets?" Monica replied without looking back.

"Yes, and you should come with us too. We aren't complete without you" Sandra added.

"Also...we have Ethan's d+ck video ready...I can send it to your WhatsApp if you want" Felicia said.

"I'm not interested" Monica replied, finally entering her room with them.

The maid (Amy) came out of the kitchen, looking so pained and sad as she stared at the stairs.

She got her phone and dialled Ethan's number...

She's his senior sis, though no one knows.



Though he's blind, Ethan knows every nook and cranny of the street, thanks to his sister who calculated the steps for him.

Walking around is easy so far he has his walking stick.

He's taking a walk on the street that night when his phone rang, announcing the caller...


He pressed the pick button easily...

"Hey Amy" he smiled, his white eyes staring into space.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She sobbed.

"What? Why are you crying?" He asked.

"What did Monica and her gang do to you in the campus again? Did they strip you naked?" She asked.

"No. They didn't" 

"They why were they talking about your dîck video! Don't lie to me!" She shouted.

"It wasn't painful, I'm used to it" he replied, and her cries increased.

"Oh Ethan"

"Stop crying, Amy...

His battery went flat immediately, and his phone went off, making the usual sound.

"Not now" he muttered, folding his palm on it.

A car stopped beside him on the road, and Demi came out of it.

She was actually on her way home after giving Octavia a ride when she saw him.

"Hey Ethan" she smiled.

"Who please?" He asked.

"Demi, from the campus" she replied, staring at his white eyes.

"Oh... Ava's friend?" He said.

"You know me?" She blinked.

"I might be blind but I hear trainees talking about you girls everytime. The only ones who can stand up to Monica Hawkins and her gang" he said,.

"I saw what they did to you in the mechanical room earlier" she said, and his hand tightened on his walking stick.

"I don't mean to embarrass you though... We can be friends if you want" she said, and she saw hope sparkle in his eyes 

"Me? You have enough friends. Why would you be friends with a ugly blind guy?"

"You don't wanna be friends?" She asked.

"I mean...it's the first time I'm getting such offer, and I...I'm...yes" he said, and she came closer.

"We can talk freely in campus, don't fret" she said stretching her hand forward.

"Ok" he replied, and she took his hand, bringing it to hers.

They did a handshake, each smiling large.



Oscar was already sitting at a table when Alex walked in, taking off his jacket to hang at the back of the chair before sitting.

"Did you get your sports car checked already? It's another racing night tommorow" Oscar said, pouring the whiskey.

"Yeah, as always. I'll start job hunting tommorow afternoon though" Alex replied.

"Cool" Oscar nodded.

"Are you still mad at me cos of the fight? I even got wounded more than he is, look at my face...you should be on my side" Alex said.

"I'm not on anyone's side, and I'm not mad, I'm rather worried" Oscar replied.


"You've always felt inferior anytime Gray's name is mentioned. I blame your fathers for starting this family rivalry" Oscar replied.

"What's your bone of contention?" Alex asked after a drink.

"If your fathers didn't turn from friends to enemies, all these wouldn't be happening" Oscar shrugged.

"Can we just...not?" Alex made faces.

"Cool, and about Ava... I think you love more than her skin" Oscar said.

"Not again...do I look like the type who'd love a girl for real?" Alex frowned, and Oscar laughed.



Going to the bathroom to pee felt like hell for Ava.

The menstrual pains increased by far, and she's not even able to cook dinner. Her nose still hurts 

She urinated and didn't even have the strength to flush well.

Her menstrual blood was still staining the toilet seat as she walked out of the bathroom.

The living room got cleaned and the TV got replaced, but no strength to even inspect it.

She went back to her room and surprisingly met Grayson waiting.

"What are you doing here?" She asked weakly.

"Are you ok?" He asked when he saw her painful face.

She lay on bed without answering, holding her stomach tightly.

He got it immediately, and he sat beside her in bed.

He brought his hand to her face, but she held it.

"Chill, I'm not gonna touch you inappropriately unless you want me to" he said, and she scoffed despite the pains 

"You're a jerk no matter the situation"

He took his hand from her then removed the plaster on her nose.

He replaced it with the one he brought, pasting it gently.

"The nose will heal in an hour, and about the stomach pain,...do you have ice in the freezer?" He asked.

She couldn't even reply, so he left the room to go check.

He got the ice cubes in a pack, then he brought it back to her and placed it on her stomach.

"Just leave it there, I hear it helps" he said.

"I guess you do this often for that naked lady on the video call" she muttered with a weak voice.

"Hunger can make period pains worse, you should eat" he said, ignoring her statement.

"Do I look like I can eat right now?" She replied.

He left for the kitchen nevertheless.

He got bananas, grapes, apples and milk from the freezer.

He diced the fruits professionally, mixing them with warm milk before taking it to her in a cup.

"You can't cook? I was expecting something cooked" she said.

"You really look better when you're not talking" he replied, and she eyed him as he placed a pillow behind her.

She rested on it as she tilted up, making sure the ice pack is still on her tummy before taking the cup of fruit jargons from him.

She started eating slowly, drinking the milk more than anything...

"I'm sorry about the punch earlier..." He suddenly said, and she looked up slowly, lips stained with the milk.

"I thought you wouldn't say it" she said.

"Continue eating" he replied, looking away from her.


Alex returned just now, and the first place he head to was the bathroom.

He must have drank a lot with Oscar at the bar, his bladder is at the verge of bursting.

He entered the bathroom, but he almost puked when he saw blood all-over the toilet seat.

"Eew!" he made disgusting faces and was about to dash out when he remembered how he met Ava last night in front of the ladies shop.

The nylon she was holding definitely contained pads, and it's obvious she did this.

He quickly flushed away the blood and cleaned up the whole place, but then he suddenly gasped

What if she's not fine? What other reason would she have to leave the toilet like this when she's a clean freak?

He rushed out of the bathroom, making his way to her room .

He was about to push the door open when he heard voices inside.

"Can you make me another fruits jargons? It's sweeter than I thought" Ava said.

"It's called banana split, not fruits jargons" Grayson's deep voice replied.

"Just make another one already" she said.

"No. Go to bed" Grayson said. 

Alex carefully peeped in through the small space between the door, and he saw them.

Ava is laying back in bed already, and Grayson is still sitting beside her, pressing the ice pack to her tummy.

"Remember you almost broke my nose... Gray I really need another cup of banana split" Ava held his forearm with puppy eyes, and that single contact made Alex leave the door 

He went to his room and dialled Oscar's line on his new phone.

"Missing me already?" Oscar picked.

"Talk to me about anything, I need to get my mind off something" he said.

"You love more than Ava's skin...I think you're into her" Oscar replied straight.

"Screw you man!" He spat, hanging up immediately.

He took off his shirt then went to his bedstand and got a pack of cigar.

He lightened one stick and walked to the window to lean on the frame.

He was smoking softly as he stared at the night, thinking of the scene in Ava's room.

"Grayson Harper..." He muttered.


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