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Dear Ave - Episode 5&6




Dear Ave - Episode 5&6

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



The housing agent is already gone, leaving the guys to Ava's care, and they're currently sitting in the living room with her.

Octavia woke up already, and she's standing on a side with Demi.

"I still can't believe this" Demi whispered, staring at the two guys who're sitting in front of Ava.

"And to think i joked about this possibility last night" Octavia muttered.

"Tell me about it, but Alex is more handsome in person" Demi gushed.

"Stop it, is Gray a joke to you?" Octavia muttered.

Ava cleared her throat, sitting upright on the sofa as she looked from one guy to another, still not getting what's happening.

"You can ask anything you want, stop staring" Grayson broke the silence.

"Staring? I'm confused as hell right now. Aren't you the same guy who gave me a ride in a Mercedes last night? Are you here to stay just to get my attention?" Ava said.

"Attention? Is it because of the joke I made about wanting you? You obviously took it personal but you need to forget about it. I have no interest in you, and you're not even my type" Grayson replied straight.

"Seriously?" Ava scoffed, and he went quiet again.

"You don't have any question for me?" Alex asked.

"Aren't you the popular drag racer too? You both are rich so what are you doing here as tenants?" Ava stood.

"I'm here on a mission" they both chorused, then they exchanged hateful glances before looking straight ahead again.

"What mission?" Ava asked.

"It's not important, and it won't harm you in any way. Can we just get it over with already? I still have a lot to do today, angel" Alex said.

"We have to get to the campus before 9, Ava" Demi said, and she sighed.

She'd have loved more investigation before proceeding, but she really really needs the money.

She'd have borrowed some from Demi, but she's not the type who burdens friends, so she has to do this.

"You can take the first room, Alex. And Gray can take the last. I own the middle" she finally said , and Octavia passed her two papers which she distributed to them.

"They're the rules. Once you sign and agree to follow them, then no going back" she said, and they both started reading.

 1. No littering

 2. Everyone of us will take turns to wash and clean the house.

 3. No noise!

 4. Everyone has to do their grocery shopping separately, and you're not allowed to touch another person's stuff in the freezer.

 5. No fights!

 6. You can't bring girls into this house.

"I have a problem with number 6" Grayson spoke up.

"Well I don't, why would I bring girls home when I have you here" Alex said with a naughty smile, and Ava rolled eyes and him.

He smiled his gummy smile again.

"Girls aren't allowed in here, Gray. I really hate hearing moans every night" Ava said sternly.

"Fine, is that all?" He asked, getting a pen to sign.

"Yeah" Ava replied, and they both signed at once, returning the papers to her.

"By the way I'm Demi, and this is Octavia... we're Ava's friends, trainee dancers" Demi introduced, and the guys looked at them shortly.

"Can we offload now? angel?" Alex asked.

"My name is Ava" she said with gritted teeth.

"Nah, I prefer angel since you look like one" he winked, and she scoffed as he stood.

They both left to start taking in their things, and Demi fell on the sofa, inhaling their scents 

"Alex smells like cherry blossoms and Gray smells like rose" she said.

"The girls will go crazy at the campus if they find out we have Alex here" Octavia smiled.

"Ava i think I'll move in with you at this rate" Demi said, and Ava laughed.

"C'mon let's go bath, we have a training class" she said, and Demi followed her in immediately, but Octavia went to the door to peep out.

Alex appeared at that same time, bumping into her with the bag he's carrying.

She fell heavily, m0@ning in pains as she looked up at him, but he only shrugged and started going in.

"Seriously? You knocked me down!" She spranged up.

"Let's be factual, you popped your head out first so there's no reason for me to say sorry" he replied and dragged his bag into his room.

"I can't believe this is the jerk they've all been drooling on, I hate him!" She shot, barging into Ava's room.

They finished dressing up in forty minutes, and they left the house at once, meeting the guys outside.

They still have a lot to take in, and Oscar joined Alex already.

"Hey girls! I'm Oscar, Alex's friend" he waved.

"Nice to meet you" Ava waved back.

"He's handsome too" Demi muttered.

"Were you cursed with handsome guys?" Octavia replied.

"Don't judge me" Demi pouted, getting in the car.

"Are you seriously wearing that out? Joggers and crocs? They don't fit you" Alex said, and Octavia immediately knew he's referring to her.

"And what does it matter to you? It's my body and not yours" she rolled eyes.

"Yeah, thankfully you're going to a girls campus, no guy will make fun of you" Alex replied, and Octavia cursed him with a smile.

"I hope I don't kill you before the end of this week, just watch out and don't sleep with your two eyes at night" she said, giving him the middle finger before entering the car.

The girls drove off, and Oscar faced Alex.

"What was that? She looked cute in the joggers" he said.

"You don't have eyes" Alex shook his head.

"Whatever" Oscar shrugged, taking in another box.

Grayson's things are lesser, so he's almost done.

He was searching for his laptop charger in his car when Alex walked up to him.

"I didn't expect to meet you here, Grayson Harper" he said, pocketing his hands.

"Me neither, Alex Chambers" Grayson replied without looking at him.

"And what is the great heir of Famoux Group doing here?" Alex talked again.

"The last time I checked, you're the heir of Orbit Group too, what are you doing here?" Grayson finally faced him with lifted right brow.

"Why do I have to tell you that?" Alex frowned 

"You started this conversation" Grayson smirked.

"Our families are mortal enemies, and i can already sense that staying here together won't be of any good. Dude I don't like you" Alex said.

"Well i don't like you too, so why don't we just pretend like we don't know each other and go on with our private lives" Grayson replied, finally getting the charger.

He took his laptop and other gadgets before going in, leaving Alex standing.

Alex gave his lip a bite as he watched him go in...

"Let's hope we won't piss each other off" he muttered.



"I swear it I'm really gonna kill Alex before the end of this week! That guy is stepping on every single nerve in my head! Why does he have to be so rude and what's his business with my joggers and crocs!" Octavia complained loudly as she entered the hallway with the girls.

"You've been going on and on about him even in the car. Can you stop already?" Demi replied frustratedly.

"You both saw how rude he was! He even knocked me down without apologizing" Octavia fired.

"Chill out ok? Now can we talk about how strange all these is? I'm curious about their missions" Ava said.

"They're rich guys, maybe they want to cool off for a while, it happens" Demi said.

"Are you sure?" Ava asked.

"Trust me and relax baby" Demi stroked her hair.

Octavia was still grunting as they entered the busy locker room to change in the midst of other girls.

"Gawd, I love your waistline" Demi said, admiring Ava as she put on her black leggings.

"You say this everyday" Ava giggled.

"I have to work on my waist soon, I want it slim too" Demi winked.

"I'm the only one who has nothing to talk about in my body, but at least I have a pretty face" Octavia said.

"That's the point boo" Ava stuck hands with her, and they left the room after changing.

"I'll meet you guys in class, need to go pee" Demi excused herself.



Monica sat calmly on a chair, resting completely on it. Her right leg is mounted on the left one, and her ankle is moving with the minutes as if she's calculating something.

Cold eyes as usual, and blank face.

She continued counting the minutes with her ankle movements, and in the tenth minute, the door barged open.

"He's here!!" Felicia shouted.

"It's been long since we had fun!!" Sandra added with a shrill laughter.

They're not alone, they're with a guy who has a burn scar on the right side of his face, and and his eyeballs are totally white. He's blind.

His name is Ethan, the only male trainee in the whole campus who got accepted cos of his unbeatable talents. He dances so good despite his blindness, and Monica hates him a lot for that.

Thanks to his blindness and poorness, he's their scapegoat every time to bully.

Felicia plunged him down in front of Monica, and he stayed there, knowing he might fall if he moves an inch.

Monica unmounted her legs then she bent over him, raising his chin with a finger.

"Thought I told you never to step foot in here anymore" she muttered.

"I can't just throw away my dream cos of you. I got accepted cos of my talent, I don't want to stop coming" he replied, and her eyes darkened.

"For real?"

"I know you're jealous of my ability, but I'm just a blind guy trying to excel" he replied, and that earned him a blinding slap from Monica.

He fell on the ground, and Felicia took it from there.

She started kicking him repeatedly with her boots 

His face, arms, legs and tummy. 

"How dare you talk back at Monica!!! Are you mad? Huh!!!" She yelled, kicking his mouth.

Ethan spat out blood, and Sandra laughed out. She's in charge of making videos with her phone.

"You wanna excel with your ugly burnt face and blind eyes? Who's giving you that hope?" Monica said scornfully.

"Maybe he has something under him" Sandra laughed again.

"Wait...why don't we check it out? He might not be small under" Felicia said.

"No" Ethan stood and started running out blindly, but he crashed into a pile of chairs, falling hard.

"F*+*k! He's so daft!" Sandra laughed harder, making sure she's getting every inch of the video.

Monica sat back, and Felicia went to Ethan.

She started trying to unbolt his belt, and he struggled to stop her.

"Stop! Please stop already! Stop!!!" 

Tears was coming out of his blind eyes as he begged, but Felicia was punching him as she did the unbolting...

"Now let's see what you've got" Sandra placed the camera close as Felicia started unzipping him.

"No!! No please!!!" His pleads came again.

Monica's eyes remained empty as she watched them from her chair.



Demi came in looking upset. The class is yet to start, but everyone is already present, exercising till the trainer will come.

"You good?" Ava asked as she sat with them on the ground, going on all fours to stretch her waist like Ava is doing.

"They're with Ethan again" she replied.

She actually saw what's going on in the mechanical room when she was coming back from the restroom.

"Those darn bîtches!" Octavia said.

"We already decided to go against Monica only when she tries shit with us. I don't wanna get involved with her and Ethan" Ava said, concentrating on her exercise.

"True, her Grandpa Joe has everyone in this school wrapped around his fingers, so it's pointless" Octavia said, returning to her splitting exercise.

Demi sighed, still unable to take her mind off it.



Grayson had to activate flight mode on his phone so he'd have time to unpack his things without receiving any call.

He finished setting up his room just now, and he came out looking tired.

Now here's the peace he wants...he didn't even tell the location to his dad...he needs to be totally alone with no Yolanda issues.

His eyes darted to Ava's room, and he immediately walked to her doorstep.

He's darn curious about what her lifestyle will be like, so he held the knob to turn it open...

"What are you planning to do?" Alex's voice stopped him, and he slowly let go of the knob to look at him.

He's just coming out of his room, looking at Grayson disgustingly.

Grayson decided not to reply, so he started walking away, but Alex blocked his way.

"Are you a pervert? You going in there to smell her panties or what?" Alex accused.

"What!" Grayson's brows thickened.

"Dad told me a lot about your dad's youth days. He was so perverted that he inhaled the scent of female panties from clotheslines, maybe you inherited it from him" Alex said with a straight face.

"And didn't your dad suffer from chronic brain failure when he was in school? He couldn't even get a thing right and he hired people to write every exam from him. The idea he created Orbit with, he stole it from his friend" Grayson clapped back with a smirk.

Alex couldn't say a thing as Grayson walked past him to the living room

It was like a knife just pierced through his heart, and every word from Grayson etched themselves in his chest.

When he finally moved, he walked to Grayson in the living room and met him seated already. 

He's covering his head with his hood, eyes closed on the sofa.

"Say what you said earlier again" he demanded, but Grayson said nothing.

"Are you mute now?" Alex said, and Grayson stood.

"Heard you have a rotten personality, and you're only proving it right now" he said.

"You have no right to say such about my dad!" Alex shouted .

"Same goes to you bro! Stop being an airhead!" Grayson spat, and Alex's punch met his face immediately.

Grayson's lips bursted.

"Airhead? How dare you call me that!" Alex said.

Grayson returned the punch immediately, and Alex punched back too.

Within one minute, both guys were  already bleeding all-over the face, but the punches kept coming from both ends.

The living room is already a mess.

Alex grabbed Grayson at a point, and they leapt forward at once, crashing on the TV and destroying it, then the rain of punches continued.

Grayson has the upper hand obviously, so the wounds on Alex's face increased as he punched him to the wall.

Oscar finally came in with the stuffs he went to buy, and his eyes widened when he saw what's going on.

"Holy cow! Alex!" He gasped, throwing down the bags.

He rushed to the scene to separate them, but his manpower isn't enough. They're both too strong.

He even received his share of the beating.

"What's going on here?" Ava came in with the girls, and their eyes widened too.

"Damn it!" Demi shouted.

"Wow! Incredible!" Octavia clapped.

"Alex! Gray!" Ava went between them too.

"Help, please" Oscar said, and she joined in the struggle to break the two.

Alex kept throwing punches, and Grayson kept returning it relentlessly...

Alex was the last to punch Grayson, and Grayson hasn't returned it when they were separated.

"Gray stop it!" Ava held him back, but he broke free 

"He honestly started it" He said with bloody lips.

"Alex..." She faced him.

"It's not my fault ok?" Alex replied with bloody mouth too, panting for breaths.

"It's ok now, you both" Oscar said, breathing hard with an injury on his left brow.

"No it's not" Grayson replied vengefully and made to punch Alex again, but Ava got in-between them fast.

She was hoping to stop it, but the heavy punch met her face instead, directly on the nose.

Blood trickled out of her nostrils, and her eyes automatically went shut as she fell directly into Alex's arms.

"Screw it! Ava!" Alex shouted, catching her firmly.


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