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Dear Ave - Episode 39&40




Dear Ave - Episode 39&40

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


'Breathe, Ava. F+çking breath'

Grayson was screaming in his head as he did the mouth to mouth resuscitation, and bubbles floated in the water around them in the process.

His voice was sounding in Ava's head, but she's too trapped in her subconscious, too gone to even think of coming back right now.

Even if there's a way to come, she surely won't take it... she's not ready to be revived till she gets back the lost memory, everything.

She was thrown back into her memories, and she landed in the past...the one week memory of her kidnap.


Little Ava felt a burning trace on her arm, and her eyes opened slowly, still looking drowsy and sullen cos of her tiredness and sedative..

She lowered her eyes to her burning hand, and she saw the burn is caused by the tiny ray of sunshine that came in through the thin space on top of the closed door.

Where is she? She has no idea.

She's backing a hard concrete wall, and the room feels stuffy and dark, reminding her of the dark lake.


She remembered getting pushed into the lake, and then her dad pulled her out, but her dad drowned instead.

She could remember she was crying beside the lake when she was grabbed from behind and injected, and she lost consciousness, then where is this place?

She tried to stand, but she feels too weak that she can't even move.

Even her open eyes are burning, and her stomach feels empty... hunger.

Her throat feels dry too... thirst.

Everything feels so wrong with this place,but why is no one coming? Why is she not hearing any voice?

 Is she dead?

She was about to close her eyes back when She heard a gentle heave from her left side.

Weakly, she turned her neck there, and despite her tiredness, her eyes widened a bit at what she saw .

It's a young boy, backing the wall too with no hope in his empty eyes.

Despite his pale dry lips and bruised face, he still looks so handsome with his tousled hair, and his brows are too cute. He's looking at her with no expression.

What's he doing here? Is he in heaven too?

She managed to open her mouth eventually...

"Who are you?" She asked weakly, and instead of answering, he turned away, and her eyes stung as tears came out.

"We're not dead yet, right? Please say something...where are we and who are you?" She asked in tears.

"I dunno where we are" he replied curtly, and his voice immediately passed as the sweetest she has heard.

"You didn't answer the rest of my questions" she replied.

"I got kidnapped by my teacher, and she brought me here unconsciously" he said, still not looking at her.

His voice echoed in the room.

"Teacher? What kind of a teacher does that? Is she gonna kill us?" She asked fearfully.

"She only needs to get a palm camera from me" he replied.

"Why?" She asked again, and he finally faced her.

"I don't like talking" he said..

"But you're the only one here" she replied, and he gave her a long look.

"She assaulted me s+xually, and I captured it in camera. She tried to take it but I swallowed it, so she kidnapped me and brought me here. Her boyfriend is a doctor, but he's currently out of the country. He'll be back in some days to open me up and get the camera" he explained.

"What! Then why did she kidnap me too? My father just fell inside the lake and I don't even know if he's alive or not" she hiccupped, and he sighed.

"She's a mad lady who's obsessed with strange s+xual desires. She obviously has plans for you too" he said.

"What will she do to me?" She sniffled.

"I dunno, her choice" he replied, and silence ensued for a while, then she talked again.

"Your parents would probably be so worried right now" she said.


"My name is Ava. Ava Huang. What's yours?" She asked

Silence again.

"Even if you don't like talking, we should at least talk to each other since we're in this together, don't you think?" She said, and he faced her again.

He was about to talk when the door made rattling noises, then it opened, and the monster herself stepped in.

Miss Riley, a really tall buoyant lady with short red hair and same color of manicured nails...her heels was tapping eerily on the ground as she walked to them in a long leather gown.

Her appearance scared Ava so much that she almost disappeared into the wall as she kept snuggling into the concrete, but Grayson's cold eyes stayed on her till she got to Ava and squatted in front of her with a sweet smile.

She held Ava by the hair, and she squirmed.

"How old are you? Pretty girl?" She questioned.

"I'm...I'm 8" Ava stuttered, tears spilling out of her eyes again.

"Cool, you're a perfect match for this pretty boy. He's 10" Miss Riley smiled, letting go of Ava's hair.

"Wh...what are you gonna do to me?" Ava stuttered, and she stood.

"You don't have to worry. You'll enjoy it" she said, walking to Gray.

She bent over him and grabbed his hair too, but he maintained the glare on his face.

"Recording what I did to you was bad enough, but you had to swallow the camera too? Don't worry though...my boyfriend will be back soon to open you up, but before then, I have interesting plans for you two" she said, letting go of Gray's face roughly.

His head hit the wall in the process, and he began bleeding.

"Please don't hurt him!!" Ava quickly started begging.

"Aren't you such a sweetheart? Cute little thing" Miss Riley smiled, walking out of the room.

She shut the metal door, and darkness return to the room.

Ava crawled on her knees to Gray quickly, and she tore a part of her small skirt.

She started cleaning the blood on Gray's face with it, but he hit her hand away.

"Don't touch me, I hate touches" he glared.

"Cos of what she did to you?" She said, and he sighed.

She brought her hand to his face again, and he hit it again.

"I said don't...

"I'm different. I'm not the teacher" she cut him off and started wiping the blood.

He allowed her this time, staring into her eyes throughout till she was done.

"You haven't told me your name" she said, sitting beside him this time. Their arms are rubbing.

"Some other time" he replied plainly.

"Then I'll just call you Cookie" she said.

"Whatever" he replied, and she went silent.

For five minutes straight, she said nothing again, so he looked at her and saw her sleeping already.

Her head fell on his shoulder, and he even balanced it well, allowing her to sleep better. 

She smiled in her sleep, and he was tempted to smile too, watching her prettiness.

His mind wandered to his parents. He knows his dad will surely be going crazy right now 

His mum was in Peru with Alex's mum before the attack. They're friends just the way their dads are friends, and just the way he's friends with Alex.

They're complete family friends.

He's sure the mothers will fly back from Peru immediately they hear the news, or maybe they're back already and his mum is already crying.

He shut down the thoughts, but he wasn't able to sleep.

He watched over Ava till the morning.

DAY 2*

Ava woke up with a stinging stomach ache, and she started crying almost immediately.

"I hate tears" he said.

"Cookie, are you always this cold? I'm so hungry I might just die! I can handle anything but not hunger!" She started hiccuping as she cried.

"The hiccups again" he muttered, and she held her stomach tighter as the hunger got worse. It's like a world war is happening there.

Gray suddenly sighted a black nylon not far from them, and he went for it.

There's a bread there and it looks like it's been there for months cos it's covered with molds already, then a bottled water.

He carefully picked out the molds from the bread and brought it back to Ava.

She took it and started eating fast, but she suddenly cut it into two and gave her one part.

"Not interested" he replied.

"Then drink the bottled water at least" she said.

"You don't need water for what you're eating?" He asked.

"I can stay alive for weeks without water, I only need food" she pouted, and he smiled widely.

"You smiled, cookie!" She gasped.

"I didn't" he said flatly, drinking from the bottle.

"You did! And I know you allowed me to sleep on your shoulder last night" she said.

"Detective huh?" He smiled again, and she smiled back.

"You look more handsome when you smile" she said, drawing closer to place her palm on his cheek.

"Don't worry cookie, my touch will never trigger you, I'm different" she smiled sweetly with bread crumbs on her lips.

Gray wiped the crumbs with his palm before returning the smile.

DAY 3*

Miss Riley didn't come again, so it's only the two again in the room.

She's currently placing her head on his shoulder, both backing the wall.

She kept inhaling his scent like she's addicted.

"You might inhale me completely at this rate" he said.

"I just love your scent. What's it called?" She asked in her tiny voice.

"Rose" he replied, and she faced him.

"I'll always remember you with that..." She said.


"I can draw a rose tattoo when I grow up...on my left thigh" she replied, tapping the thigh, and he smiled interestingly.

DAY 4*

Miss Riley barged in today, and the kids jumped in fear.

She's with a chair, and she sat in front of them like she's a queen and they're peasants.

"Have you had your first kisses?" She asked, and their eyes widened.


"Let's start from there...I want your lips on each other right now" Miss Riley ordered.

"We won't" Gray replied, and she immediately pulled out a gun to Ava's head

"Then I can shoot her, right?" She said heartlessly with a smirk.

"Cookie, let's.. let's..." Ava stuttered in fear, bringing her face closer.

Gray waited for it, and their lips met.

"Deeper! Use your tongues!" Miss Riley ordered, and Gray held Ava's face, shoving his tongue in, and Ava held him by the hair too.

"Deeper!" Miss Riley ordered again, grinning as she watched them.

She's so enjoying this.

DAY 6*

"I like your red wrist bracelet" Ava said.

Her head is on Gray's shoulder again, and she's inhaling him too.

"But you have seven bracelets on your wrist already, you said your dad gave them to you" Gray replied.

"Yes, but i want your red bracelet too so I'll have eight" Ava said.

"I'll give you my red bracelet, but if we grow up, it means you'll marry me" Gray said.

"Cookie are you proposing now? I'm just 8 and you're 10" Ava replied.

"Doesn't matter, we did couples deed yesterday" Grayson replied firmly.

"Fine, I'll marry you when we grow up and meet each other again, just give me the red bracelet" Ava said.

He removed it and wore it for her immediately, and they looked at each other, remembering what Miss Riley made them do yesterday.

Yesterday was the day 5, and she made them do something worse that kissing, something they'll never forget for the rest of their lives.

DAY 7*

Today makes it one week since they got kidnapped.

Miss Riley's boyfriend finally arrived, and the room has been set up.

Both kids are tied to different beds,  and their heads are wired.

Miss Riley suggested that their memories of the kidnap should be wiped before they'd open Grayson up, and the boyfriend agreed 

"Cookie will I forget you after this?" Ava asked from her bed, and Gray nodded.

"I don't want to" she shook her head.

"Grayson Harper" he said.


"My name" he replied, and she smiled.

Miss Riley and her boyfriend came in, and the therapy started immediately the machines were connected.

Ava's memory wipe took just five minutes to reach 100 percent... COMPLETE.

Grayson's own hasn't gotten to 50 when something happened...


Ava is already at Grayson's penthouse.

He brought her here after he got her out of the lake. 

She still hasn't regained consciousness, but her breathing is back, coming slowly from her thin nostrils as she lay in bed.

Gray sat beside her, stroking her hair and staring at her as if to enter her subconscious and wake her up.

He's really desperate to see her wake up and talk to him again even get mad if she wants.

There's nothing more devastating than seeing her down like this, it's making him mad, and he feels like planting more bullets in Monica right now, but that'd only make her hate him when she wakes.

She's too kind that sometimes it's annoying. It's insane how she doesn't even want her enemies to get hurt cos of her.

His phone rang in his pocket, and he got it to see Octavia.

She was the one who called to tell him Ava went to the lake earlier.

He picked immediately.

"Did you find her?" She asked.

"Yeah. She'll be staying with me tonight" he replied.

"Oh....fine then. Tell her to come back early tommorow though, for the ceremony" she said.

"Sure, stay good" he replied and hung up.

He climbed the bed with Ava, bringing her head to his chest so she could inhale more of his rose.

"Don't lock up for too long, princess. I can't take much" he whispered, kissing her hair as he stroked it continuously.

He kissed it again...and again...and again... He didn't stop.



Grandpa Joe was panting as he rushed into the hospital, and he met the head doctor waiting at the reception.

No words were exchanged, he was led straight to Monica's ward where she's lying in bed unconsciously.

Her arm is bandaged, and she's getting transfused with blood.

Felicia and Sandra are by her side.

"How did this happen!" He demanded.

"She was found unconscious beside Gos lake last night with a gunshot wound" the doctor replied.

"What! That evil lake? How did she get that far and who shot her how did...

"There's no camera around the lake so there's no suspect, but the cops are on it" Sandra replied, and Monica's eyes opened slowly.

"Moni?" Felicia said, and her eyes opened fully.

"The ceremony" she muttered as they helped her sit up.

"Who shot you? Who took you to the lake?" Grandpa Joe asked.

"The ceremony, I have to do my last practice before the ceremony tonight" Monica muttered again.

"You can't dance with a wounded arm" Sandra said, and Monica glared daggers at her.

"Get me out of this hospital, now!!! I'm going to dance tonight...I must dance!" She seethed.



Ava's eyes were heavy as she opened them slowly, but immediately she inhaled the smell of rose, she spranged up, sitting in bed before looking around.

No Grayson in sight, and this is surely his house, so she quickly got down from the bed and rushed out of the room .

Her hair was sprawling as she rushed down the stairs impatiently, memories flowing in her head till she got to the kitchen where she finally found him.

He's placing water on fire, obviously preparing it for when she's gonna wake up. 

She stopped by the door first, different emotions flowing through her as she watched his backside.

The first boy she had a deep intimacy with, first boy who showed her kindness and allowed her a goodnight sleep on his shoulder throughout the longest darkest week of her life, the boy who appeared cold but has a warm heart.

The memories she just got back are overwhelming, and she was unaware of when she broke into tears right there.

He turned back immediately he heard her sobs, and his eyes lightened up immediately he saw her.

"Fuçk, you're back princess" He smiled emotively.

"Cookie" she replied, and his eyes widened beyond limits.

His brows raised completely in shock.

"Holy shit" he muttered, and she ran like the wind to him despite the small space separating them.

She jumped into his arms ecstatically, and his arms caged her securely, his heart beating damn fast in perfect sync with hers.

"Your memories... they're fuçking back for me" he muttered, and she peppered his face with countless warm kisses before dropping one on his lips.

"My cookie" she hiccupped tearfully, tracing his brows fondly with her thumbs.

"Gawd damnit! Say that again princess" 


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