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Dear Ave - Episode 37&38




Dear Ave - Episode 37&38

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"What did you just say?" She sniffed, and his lids shook.

"I did it...you wanna hear that and I'm only giving you what you're dying to hear" he said freely.

 Ava shook her head. "No you didn't"

He turned his back on her immediately, and he was about to start walking in when she quickly blocked him.

Alex just watched silently from where he's standing by the door.

"Are you admitting this too because you think I won't believe you if you deny?" She sniffed, wiping her tears like a kid.

She was hiccupping as she talked, and her chest was heaving.

Without saying another word, Grayson took his pill bottle from the table and walked in, leaving her standing.

She started crying again, and Alex eventually walked to her.

"Let's go" he said, holding her shoulders.

She looked at him, and he felt his heart sting immediately he saw her tears upclose.

"Come on" he said, and she moved her legs.

He took her out, though she kept looking back till they left completely.

Two minutes after they left, Grayson came back out, halting his walk when he got to the middle of the living room.

He rolled the pill on his tongue, and the bitterness coated his mouth. He wasn't able to swallow the second one before Ava came in earlier.

There's just one suspect on this, the only person who'll go this far, and it's so damn obvious.

The motherfûker is damn gonna pay for the tears Ava shed.

He gritted his jaws, swallowing the bitter pill.



"Babe!" Octavia rushed to Ava immediately she came in with Alex.

Her eyes are still red from the tears, and her face is slightly puffy.

"Hey what's wrong? Where did you go in your pyjamas?" Demi asked.

"Nowhere important, let's go cook breakfast" Ava smiled a bit.

"Breakfast with your face like that? What the hell happened Alex? What did you do to her?" Octavia faced him.

"You already concluded it's me?" Alex scoffed, and Octavia was about to reply when a news came up on TV.

"News reaching us from an anonymous source in the city right now is that the hidden heir of Famoux Group has been hiding because of his crazy mental health. According to the anonymous source, he's a maniac who started killing right from elementary school. He's on pills to suppress his instincts and goes crazy for no reason"

The video of how Gray choked and wounded Yolanda at the cocktail party came on, and Octavia gasped.

"They revealed his face!"

Oscar rushed in immediately.

"Alex! Your father started a war and this surely won't end well" He said, and Alex rushed out of the house.

"This is driving me crazy" Octavia fisted her hair as she paced the living room.

"Grayson Harper, guy is twisted" Demi muttered.

Ava only sat on the couch, staring at the TV as if to go in there and change everything.

She wants to trust this guy, but at the same time... She's so lost.

And now that his face got revealed, everyone in Spain will recognize him as a maniac....

Why can't she understand anything? Why does he hate denying? Why is he so twisted?



"Dad!!!" Alex screamed as he ran into the mansion, and the old man showed up on the stairs.

"I guess you saw it already. The whole of Spain is bubbling with the revelation" he said.

"I told you not to! why must you go that far? You sent that text to Ava that Grayson pushed her into the lake? How could...

"I really don't care who gets hurt in this game, all I want is the win" The man interrupted.

"Chambers!!!" Chairman Harper's voice yelled from the door, and Chambers smirked.

"The loud dog is here, I expected it" he said, going down the stairs to meet Harper who's just barging in.

"How dare you Chambers! How dare you try to ruin my son!" He yelled.

"The source of the news is anonymous, none of it said it's from me so I don't understand you" Chambers replied.

"No one knows that much about my family except you and your son! I'll make you regret this!" Harper threatened.

"Isn't it true though? Your son drowned his brother in the lake" Chambers retorted.

"And the brother didn't even die. That happened one year before Ava's incident. How could you tell her that it was Grayson who pushed her? Gray was kidnapped same day Ava was pushed into the lake! He wasn't even free!" Alex spoke up.

"Like I said, I don't care who suffers, so far I win this battle" Chambers replied, and Harper grinned dangerously.

"You started this war,  don't call me heartless when I fire back... I'll destroy you, Chambers" he said meanly.

"Bring it on... Harper" Chambers replied, and Harper started walking out, but he suddenly stopped to look back at father and son.

"And the incident about Grayson and his brother. Just so you know, it was his brother who took him to the lake to drown him, Grayson only did self-defense by drowning him instead, but he survived, and that's why I disowned him till now. You should at least know that" he said, looking straight at Alex.

Alex couldn't blink as he finally walked out.


Harper got back in the car, and Noah drove him out of the mansion.

He retrieved his tablet and went online. There are already several slandering posts about Famoux Group everywhere, and everyone is currently calling Grayson Maniac instead of Grayson Harper.

The stock prices of Famoux will surely drop after this, and he's expecting several investors to withdraw their cooperation.

This had to happen when he just signed the deal with Rawlings...if Rawlings pulls out too, then it'll be a heavy fall.

"Wait... Grayson!" He suddenly gasped.

"You don't need to worry about him sir, he seriously finds it fun to watch rumours about himself" Noah replied from the front.

"Everything started since the Miss Riley case. Whatever that bî+ch did to him made him this way. My son hasn't always been emotionless, she made him into it. I'm sure he won't even deny it if someone kills me and frames him for it" Harper said , dropping the tablet.

"Chambers...you shouldn't have messed with me" he seethed, resting his knuckles on his chin.

He dialled his secretary's line fast.

"Call a press conference, right now" he said.



Yolanda's car stopped in front of the gate, and she came out smiling happily.

The gate is locked, so she rang the gate bell...

"Little brother!!!" She shouted.

"Little brother we need to have a chat!!" She rang the bell again, and Grayson's car immediately drove in.

She left the gate and faced it as he came out of the car looking blank.

"You're trending, Grayson Maniac!" She laughed, jamming her hands together as he walked to her.

"Leave" he said calmly, tightening his brows a bit.

"I'm here to celebrate your trendiness with you, is that so bad?" She grinned, and he came closer.

She quickly stepped back, and he smirked.

"You're scared of me" he said, his lips curving into a mocking smile.

"Who wouldn't be scared of a murderer? I still have the scar from when you shot me in the tummy. I wouldn't have survived if not for the blood donation our brother made" she sneered.

Gray raised his brows immediately.

"Because of the shot I gave you, was that why he took me to the lake to drown? And I'm glad I drowned him instead" he replied.

"And father disowned him cos of you. He has always hated the two of us cos of you" she said.

"I think you forgot to add the fact that you also tried to kill me first before I shot you. You tried to strangle me with a pillow during my sleep" he replied, and she went silent.

"For everyone I've ever hurt or killed, there's always a genuine reason..." He continued, going closer to her again.

Yolanda backed off immediately, rushing into her car.

"Our brother will bring you down trust me! I won't rest till i bring him back to the family! We deserve Famoux, not a maniac like you!" She shouted, driving away.

Gray got back in his car too and drove into the house.

He got his phone and checked for any text from Ava, but there's none, so he dropped it.

There was that burning belief in her eyes earlier when she came to confront him.

It was like she's praying with her mind for him to say yes, so he was sure that no matter the denial he does, she won't believe him.

She's a judgemental one, she has always been like that... quick to judge and believe things.

He grabbed the wheel again and drove out of the house.



Ava and Octavia came for their dresses together since Demi is currently busy with Ethan.

The boutique is the signature one for their dance dresses, so they're regulars here, and they were directed to their section by the attendants.

Monica is on the other side, shopping with her lapdogs too, and immediately she saw Ava and Octavia, she started eavesdropping on their conversation.

"I think I'm getting something cheap this month, ion want dad to go broke" Octavia said as they strolled that session.

"I'm not spending more than 80 too. I'm going for flayed elastic skirt and armless beaded top. I want scanty beads on the skirt too" Ava replied.

"I got you!" Octavia smiled, pulling out the exact description from an hanger. The outfit is color red, and it immediately reminded her of Gray.

The red bracelet, the red gown he got her...

"Ava?" Octavia's voice brought her back.


"Are you ok? You don't like it?"

"I do. Give it to me" Ava took the outfit quickly.

"If this is about Gray, then you should chill. His father held a press conference and debunked all the allegations already. He sued the TV station that aired the news and promised to track down anyone who makes posts about it online again" Octavia said.

"He did?" Ava blinked.

"Yeah, I watched it with my dad" Octavia nodded, and Ava sighed.

"But isn't Gray too mysterious? He didn't say anything about all these at all. He only made a post about a lake some minutes ago" Octavia replied.

"Lake?" Ava quickly faced her.

Octavia got her phone and showed her the post.

It's a picture of Gos lake, the dark lake with the caption... CHILLY.

"I'll be right back!" Ava immediately returned the phone and outfit and ran out of the boutique.

Monica followed her immediately.

"Tommorow is the ceremony you can't just run off! Ava!" Octavia called after Ava.

No answer.

"Gosh, my two friends are my greatest problems" Octavia sighed.

She picked out her own outfit shortly and payed for it together with Ava's own. She'd take the money from Ava later.

She left the boutique with the two bags, and a car halted beside the road.

Oscar winded down...

"Hey Oscar!" She beamed.

"Hop in" he said, and she did.

He drove them to a bar, and they went in together to meet Alex inside.

He's totally drunk, saying gibberish on the table he's sitting on.

"Can he get any worse tonight?" Oscar muttered.

"What's up with him?" Octavia asked.

"I told dad...I told him not to do it...but he did..." Alex blabbered, and she shook her head.

"He's a menace"

Oscar lifted him up by the arm, but he immediately splurged forward, throwing up directly on Octavia's joggers.

"What the..." Oscar's eyes widened.

Octavia looked at her joggers shockingly, then back at drunk Alex.

"I'll kill you" she muttered, grabbing his hair to pull roughly.

"Octavia please! Octavia! Octavia!!" Oscar started trying to separate them...



Demi's car made a halt, and she quickly helped Ethan out of the car before giving him his walking stick.

She took him out to shop like his friends advised, and though he was against it, she did it anyways.

The trunk is full of his things right now.

She took everything in by herself, and he just stood there, feeling useless till she was done.

"All done, Amy can unbox them when she arrives" she said.

"Sure. Thanks Demi.... thanks for helping a useless me" she replied, and she came closer.

"Don't you dare say that again. You're not useless... you're Ethan Cruz, a able-bodied guy" she said, and he smiled.

"Happy birthday once again" she said.

"Thanks for making my birthday memorable for the first time since I was born" he replied, and she held his face.

"I'd do anything for you. Just stay happy" she said, and he nodded.

"Stay still" she said, and he blinked his white eyes as she stood on her toes to kiss him on the lips.

"I've always wanted to do this" she said afterwards, and he blushed like a girl.

"I wish I could see your face...I want to see you" he said, and she held his hands to her face.

"You'll see me, soon... I'll do everything I can to make you see" she said, and he pulled her into a hug.

It lasted for minutes, and when they pulled away, she watched him going in before driving off.

Immediately she left, a masked guy appeared in the dark, entering the house.



Ava felt a rush of Deja Vu and awareness as she came out of the taxi beside the lake.

The taxi sped off, and she's left alone here where it all started. The location where her life tragedy kicked off from.

The lake her father died in, and the spot she was kidnapped from.

She took off her shoes, and the night air blew her silky hair as she walked further into the shore .

As the sandy soil tickled her foot, memories of her kid play flooded her head.

She could imagine herself running around this place, chasing butterflies in the afternoon and fireflies at night while giggling happily.

The fact that this place holds both happy and sad memories did a good job in wrenching deep emotions out of her. She couldn't hold them back.

Her face turned red as a result of the cold. It's really chilly here like Grayson's caption, it has always been chilly, but why is Grayson not here?

She's not seeing any sign of him. His rose scent would have alerted her of his presence if he's here.

She stood in front of the lake and stared right into it, imagining herself inside.

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine the hands that pushed her that day on her back, and she did.

Someone pushed her for real, she's not imagining it!

She fell into the lake with a loud splatter, and Monica's face came to view.

She looks as blank as usual as she stared at the lake, watching Ava drown.

Ava on the other hand didn't even bother to swim to survive. She surrendered herself and closed her eyes as she drowned.

Her head snapped, and she had a remembrance of something.

The young her is sitting in a dark room with young Grayson, both backing the wall, and her head is on his shoulder.

She kept inhaling his scent like she's addicted.

"You might inhale me completely at this rate" he said.

"I just love your scent. What's it called?" She asked in her tiny voice.

"Rose" he replied, and she faced him.

"I'll always remember you with that..." She said.


"I can draw a rose tattoo when I grow up...on my left thigh" she replied, tapping the thigh, and he smiled interestingly.

Ava's eyes flew open in the water immediately she had that remembrance, and she began struggling to swim out of the lake.

Meanwhile, Monica is still standing beside the lake, staring soullessly at it.

She eventually turned to leave, and her eyes widened when she saw Grayson running towards her.

She stepped back fearfully..

"Where's Ava?" He questioned impatiently, and before she could talk, he heard movements in the lake.

He faced it looking so terrified, and immediately he figured out what's going on, his monsters unleashed, reflecting in his livid eyes.

He got a gun out of his back pocket and shot Monica on the arm.

"Ohhhh!!!!" Monica cried out, falling on her knees while holding the arm as she bled out.

Gray jumped into the lake instantly.

His eyes found Ava very fast, she's already unconscious and her body is sinking.

His adrenaline boomed, and he swam quickly to her.

He easily pulled her to himself underwater, and without waiting, he placed his lips on hers.

He forcefully parted her tight lips with his tongue, giving him space to blow substantial air into her mouth.

'Breathe, Ava. F+çking breath'


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