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Dear Ave - Episode 35&36




Dear Ave - Episode 35&36

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


Her betrayer n+pples responded to the touch, and her eyes closed completely.

Her body and soul gave in to him as if they've been waiting for him since long ago... like a craving she has been suppressing and now she can't hold back anymore...

She rolled her tongue with his, and her tits hardened to pebbles in her bra cups as his thumb continued rubbing on her tat...it was something she has never experienced before.

All her life, she has always been cautious about males. Octavia and Demi have exes, but she's the only one who has never known what dating feels like, but here she is, getting her first kiss from him, and the strength to even push him away isn't forthcoming....

She was weak beneath him as he assaulted her mouth. The kiss turned soft, and she started breathing heavily with him as he bit her lip repeatedly, sucking her tongue in.

She held on to his upper arms so tight like handlebars, and she could feel the sprinkling water mixing with saliva in their mouths as the kiss went deep again...

She's barely breathing right now....No, she's absolutely not breathing, but the urge to break it is lost.

She transferred her hands from his arms to his shirt in the front, fisting the material in her palm to pull him closer.

Why can't she control this? Why is the flip switch not with her? Why is she wanting more? It's indecipherable.

Grayson feasted on her lips like a dessert for what looks like forever, and when he finally broke the kiss, she felt hollow, but he didn't waste time before attaching his lips to her throat, kissing all the way to her collarbones and licking down to her chest.

"Gray..." The first moan came out so low, but that was only just the start...

He kissed down to her cleavage, and she held her breath as he raised her thighs higher in his hand before doing the next deed.

He cupped her br+asts through her wet gown and kissed it warmly.

"Gray..." She sounded again as he started sucking her through the gown...he's definitely not hearing anything cos his eyes looks so dark as he handled it...

Shockwaves delivered themselves in large quantities to her core, and she felt the emptiness in the pit of her stomach as he ravaged her limitlessly.

"Gray...the...the...food" she said in another attempt to stop him, and this time, he stopped... slowly.

Her breaths came heavily as he brought his eyes back up to hers, and her cheeks burned red despite the water.

She hyperventilated, and she's sure it reached his ears cos a smirk appeared on his face .

Her friends told her shyness comes after the first kiss, but why is she not feeling that right now?

Why is she boldly looking him in the eye as if it's not the first time they did this? Why is her stomach fluttering? And why is...

"I turned off the cooker before coming here" his voice brought her out of her thoughts.

"Huh?" She blinked, and he gave her bottom lip a gentle rub.

"You're so adorable" he smiled, and she looked him in the eye.

"Why did you do it?" She asked, making his eyes stop on hers.

"Do what?"

"Kiss me" she replied, and he took some tendrils away from her face before lifting his weight from her.

He picked her up from the recliner too, taking her out of the the room.

"You didn't answer my question" she said, still looking at him.

"You know what happens when you force answers out of me, princess" he replied firmly as he started climbing the stairs..

"That was my first kiss, I just want to make it significant" she replied, and he stopped to shift her weight in his arms before facing her.

"It wasn't your first" he said with darkened expression.

"What do you mean?" She didn't blink as she asked that.

"Let's get you changed, you might catch the flu" he replied, avoiding that question before taking her upstairs.



"What the f+çk is wrong with Alex tonight?"

"What's happening?"

"Is he sick?"

"Why is he slacking off?"

"Sylvester it's your turn tonight!!!"

"Break that record man!!!"

"Get the win!!!"

Alex's fans are currently panicking while Sylvester's gang are screaming their guts out cos he's currently leading the race by far 

Alex is behind him, not concentrating on the drive as thoughts about Ava and Gray dominated his head....

He's not the one driving, it's just his body cos his soul travelled far already.

"Alex!!!!!!!!" Oscar's scream came from among the crowd when they were about to start the last lap.

"Are you sure he's fine? He should have stayed back if he's sick" Octavia muttered.

"Alex go!!!!!!!!!!!!" Demi screamed loudly too.

"Alex don't back down!!!!!! Sylvester can't break the record!!! Beat it!!!!" Felicia screamed.

Alex snapped back to reality in the last three minutes, and his eyes widened when he saw the gap between him and Sylvester.

He tightened his grab on the wheel, and his tyres screeched as he concentrated on the race.

Alex Chambers!!

Alex Chambers!!

The scream of his name resumed as his fans went crazy again.

"And that's my man!!!" Felicia shouted excitedly.

"Gawd" Oscar breathed in relief.

Octavia smiled, and Demi jumped happily.

Sylvester's gang tried the old trick of blarring police sirens, but it didn't work cos no one ran.

In the last minute, Alex caught up with Sylvester, and he got to the finish line first.

* Yes!!!!!

* That's it baby!!!

* Alex is the race!!!

Alex didn't come out of the car like he usually does after every race.

He drove out of the tarmac without even waiting for Oscar 

"Is he fine?" Demi asked Oscar.

"We'll have to find out when we get home" Oscar replied, and they left together.

"I'm following them, I have to find out Alex's house" Felicia said.

"Are you crazy?" Sandra replied.

"Just stay back if you're not gonna follow, I'll go alone" Felicia said and left.

"F+çking wait for me!" Sandra ran after her.



Ava could probably fly right now cos she's wearing one of Gray's hoods that's totally bigger than her, and she had to pull up the arm every now and then as it kept falling.

She's sitting at the dinning room already, and Gray finished cooking just now.

 He started bringing the dishes to the dinning table, and the delicious aroma hung in the air.

He changed his black shirt to white already since it got wet too, and he's on grey designer shorts which stopped at his knees.

He dropped the last meal on the table and sat beside her..

"Eat up, princess" he said, and she looked up at him.

"Want me to feed you?" He creased his brows.

"You said the kiss we had wasn't my first, what do you mean?" She asked.

"Did you feel like it was your first?" He asked.

"No. I don't feel shy around you like I should be after the kiss too...it's weird" she muttered.

"Maybe we've done this before, who knows?" He replied.

"Can you just stop speaking in parables and tell me what you mean?" She demanded, looking upset.

"It's not something you can be reminded of. You have to remember on your own when you're ready! I've been waiting for years, and I can still wait some more" he replied , and she stood.

"What do you mean?"

"Sit your arse down, princess" he replied softly.

"No I don't want to! You know everything about me that i haven't even told anybody about, and now you're telling me my first kiss isn't my first? Who exactly are you?" She asked impatiently.

"Grayson Harper, ion have a middle name" he replied nonchalantly, taking cutleries to start eating, but she snatched them and pulled him up to face her.

"Please...tell me what I need to know. I...

"It won't make sense to you. It's best you remember everything yourself" he cut her off with a straight face, and she let go of him.

"Take me back to my house" she said straight.

"Kidding?" He raised his brows, inserting his hands in his pocket.

"Right now!" She shot and turned to leave, but he easily slipped an arm on her waist to pull her back, and he met fire burning in her eyes as it met his own.

"You can't be mad at me right now. You're gonna waste my efforts?" He said, brushing her hair with his fingers.

She looked over at the dishes before looking at him.

"I don't care, I'll ride a taxi if you won't take me" she left his grasp and walked out of the house.

Gray grabbed his car keys from the living room and followed her.


The drive was silent till they got to her place.

Ava didn't say a word and he didn't try to start a conversation till they arrived, and she came out of the car without glancing at him.

He came out with her, but she was already inside the house before he could get a hold of her 

He'd have entered with her, but he's sure gonna cause a scene if she keeps being stubborn, so he got back in his car and drove off.

Somewhere in the dark corners of the street, Felicia and Sandra came out with shocked, wide eyes.

"Wait... Ava lives in the same house with Alex?" Felicia covered her mouth.

"And did Gray just drop her? She's double-dating or what?" Sandra said.

"No comment, let's just go" Felicia replied.

"For real? Shouldn't we barge in or something?" Sandra said.

Felicia started walking away, and Sandra followed.



"Are you sure you're ok?" Oscar asked Alex for the uptenth time since they came back from the tarmac.

"I'm good" Alex replied.

"Are you sure?" Demi asked.

"I know we don't like each other but I'm worried too. it's rare to see you slacking off on the road" Octavia said.

"I won, didn't I?" Alex gave her a hard look, and she scoffed.

Ava opened the door and came in... Alex spranged up.

"You were with Gray?" He asked straight, making her stop.


"Apparently, you're wearing his hood" he said, looking disappointed.

"What are you talking about?" Ava questioned.

"I told you he's dangerous didn't I? He's not normal at all. He's only able to keep his murderous instincts cos he taking drugs, but any day he fails to take the pills, everyone around him is in danger. He tried killing Yolanda once, and he tried killing me once too. He pushed someone into a lake once too!" He shouted impatiently, and Ava's eyes widened.


"Dude, you're going too far" Oscar said.

"No that's bull crap she needs to know who she's dealing with. Look! I still have the scar! He tried to stab me with a knife!" Alex showed his neck, and there's indeed a fading scar there.

"I'm not trying to bad-mouth him, he knows it himself that he's a monster" Alex said.

Ava immediately rushed into her room, shutting the door on herself before sitting behind it.

She looked at her wrist and saw her red bracelet is back with the others. He must have inserted it during their kiss.

How come she allowed herself to go this deep with him? 

He's the same guy who knows everything about her, same guy everyone calls a maniac and warns her to stay away from. Same guy who's behaving like he knows her from the past.

And now he pushed someone into a lake once? 

She was pushed into a dark lake too ... It can't be her, right?

"No...it's not true" she muttered, shaking her head 

"It's not"



Chairman Chambers sat calmly in his study when his secretary knocked, and he sounded a crisp "come in"

The secretary came in with a brown envelope, and Chambers took it to tear open.

It contains every remaining info about Ava Huang, and as he read through, he smiled.

"Wait...she fell in the dark lake in Gos area?" He asked.

"Yes, that's where she grew up in" the secretary replied.

"Whoa! Gray drowned his brother inside that same lake...gosh! I didn't know it'd be this easy" he smiled diabolically.



"Moni you need to hear this! Monica!!" Felicia and Sandra screamed as they ran into the house.

Monica isn't in the living room, so they climbed upstairs to her room to find her throwing a fit.

"Monica!" Felicia breathed.

"Amy is not here yet?" She asked.

"No. We didn't see her downstairs" Sandra replied.

"When did she start lateness? She's begging to be killed" Monica said as she sat.

"You won't believe this Monica. Alex Chambers lives in Ava's house and...

"And Grayson used to live there too" Monica interrupted.

"What! You knew?" Felicia gasped.

"Think of something beneficial to you for once. Everything mustn't be about boys, losers" Monica rolled eyes, and they went solo.

She brought out the green liquid bottle, and they sat at each sides of her.

"What's this?" Felicia asked.

"Ava's doom. Ethan will be gone tonight, we only have to get this into Ava's system tommorow and it's done" Monica replied.



Ava was awakened by the dream about young Grayson again.

This is the third night it'd be happening. It's like it's replacing the scary dark lake nightmare.

Demi and Octavia are sleeping by her sides, they spent the night.

She shook Gray's face off her face, but her phone buzzed on the bedstand immediately.

She took it to see a text from him....talk of the fuçking devil.

• Goodmorning, stubborn head.

She turned it off immediately. She has nothing to say to him right now so she left the two sleeping girls in bed and made her way to the kitchen.

There's no class today, just an advisory session with Mrs. Colour by 12, so there's still time to sleep.

She wants to be the one to cook for them today.

"Hey! morning beauty!" Alex waved at her immediately she entered the kitchen, and she smiled.

He's with a steamy coffee cup.

"Hey Alex" she replied 

"Morning coffee?" He raised the cup with him.

"I don't mind, and I'm planning to cook" she replied.

"Then we can do that together" he said, and she was about to reply when her phone dinged again.

She thought it's Gray, so she made to switch it off, but the preview caught her attention so she clicked on it, and her eyes widened as she read.

• Have you ever wondered why Grayson Harper has been lurking around you ? Have you ever wondered why he rented your room in the first place? Ever wondered how he knows so much about you? It's guilt... Since his monsters made him push you into the dark lake when you were young, he's making himself feel less guilty by acting like a sweetheart, but deep down, he's an enemy.

She didn't even wait to finish it before running out of the kitchen.

She doesn't even wanna know where the message came from or who sent it. All that matters is that it tallies with her suspicions since last night.

She needs to make things clear for herself...she needs the truth.

"Ava?" Alex followed her immediately.

She's so fast that he didn't catch up till they got out 

"Calm down what's happening?" He asked breathlessly.

"I have to go some...

"I'll take you wherever, get in" he opened his car door, and she got in with him.

She gave him the penthouse address, and they arrived within ten minutes.

She ran in and met Grayson in the living room, swallowing some pills with water while staring at his phone, waiting for her reply to his text 

"Ava?" He surprisingly said.

"Is it true? You knowingly approached me cos of guilt? You're the one who pushed me into the dark lake that year? You knew what you were doing all along? Huh?" She demanded with a slow gulp, but he kept quiet, dropping the cup on the center table.

His eyes stayed on her even as he dropped it, and she can't even figure out what's in his mind, so her tears welled up.

"Tell me the truth, is it true? Indirectly, you killed my father? It was you? You're the one?" she muttered in tears.

He still stayed silent, so she went to him and locked his sweater in the front.

"Say something don't go silent on me again!!! Were you by the lake that day? Did you do it? Say something already!!!" She yelled, pulling him repeatedly.

Alex came in that moment, and Grayson's eyes met his own, then he looked back at Ava who's in front of him.

"Yeah. I pushed you...I did. The culprit....was me" he muttered emptily, and Alex's eyes widened.

More devastating tears fell from Ava's eyes.

"What did you just say?"


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