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Dear Ave - Episode 33&34




Dear Ave - Episode 33&34

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


You guys have been giving me crumb LIKES since the beginning of this book. My likes has never been completed, and I've been updating... I'm not a dummy, homies....but you guys are starting to extend that annoying attitude to the comments and shares... What the f+ck is happening?

There's gonna be a serious problem here too if it continues this way, dear readers. 

I know a lot of you who haven't bothered dropping one comment or pressing like not to talk of replying to my comments or sharing since the start of this book__that lot of you are gonna lose this page tonight.

Fear glimmered in Alex's eyes for a sec, but he stood his ground nevertheless.

"Bring it on, let's see who loses this fight" he said, and Gray stepped back at once, walking straight out of the mansion. 

"His insane audacity" Chambers finally spoke, and Alex faced him.

"None of this would have happened if you stayed back" he said.

"Meaning? " Chambers scoffed.

"Leave my life for me dad, i'm an adult" Alex replied, and the father came closer to hold his shoulders.

"I know about your inferiority complex around him. You've always been scared of losing to him since your elementary school days, just like I've been scared of losing to his father" he said.

"But you lost to his father last night. Famoux won the contract, didn't they?" Alex replied.

"Not exactly, I can still pull the win to my side if only we get Ava, and that's why you have to allow me take care of things. I know just what to do" Chambers smiled.

"What are you planning?" Alex asked, and the old man left his shoulders to pace around a bit.

"Gray has been obsessed with killing since Miss Riley's case, and that period tallies with the period Ava fell in a dark lake when she was young" he said.

"You made research about her?" Alex said unbelievably.

"I have reliable sources. She was pushed into the lake by someone, and her dad died in the lake after saving her. The culprit who pushed her hasn't been found till now, and that's where my plans come in" Chambers continued.

"It's not what I'm thinking, right?" Alex said, and the man smiled cunningly.



Monica walked in gallantly, standing by the door to scan the place for Luciano.

He waved at her from a middle spot, and she walked to the table, settling in front of him.

"Sheesh, you're hotter in person" he said, popping the gum in his mouth.

"I chatted you up cos I found out you're Demi's guy, and I came here to discuss the plan. Why don't we cut to the chase?" She muttered, and he leaned forward.

"Aren't you supposed to go first?" 

Monica immediately brought out an envelope from her bag which she gave to him.

He took it and emptied out the content. They're pictures of Ethan, then every bit of information about him.

"Who's he?" He asked.

"He's the only guy in the campus, and as ugly as he is, Demi is highly interested in him" Monica replied.

"My my. So this is the reason for her cold shoulder, this shitty ugly arse dude? And what the f+çk is wrong with his white eyes?" Luciano scoffed.

"He's blind" Monica replied.

"You're kidding" Luciano gasped, but Monica kept a straight face.

"Wait....what! You're for real? What the f+çk did she do to my Demi? I mean... how the hell did she get attracted to him?" Luciano spat.

"That's for you to find out" Monica sat back, folding her arms across her chest.

"And what do you want in return?" Luciano asked, popping gum again.

"If you must kill him, then do it. I don't want him at the awards ceremony on Tuesday" Monica said cruelly, and Luciano grinned. 

"You met the right person"



"Why didn't you guys tell me this sooner? I could have danced round the house! Gray is the heir of Famoux?" Octavia said excitedly. 

They came with Ava to help her with grocery shopping actually, and even the TVs at the market has been displaying nothing but Famoux's win last night.

"Alex turned out to be the heir of Orbit too" Demi said.

"That doesn't even matter, all I wanna keep hearing is Grayson Harper!" Octavia said funnily.

"Wait...what the hell made you dislike Alex this much huh? He did nothing wrong" Ava said.

"He dislikes me too so I have no reason to like him" Octavia rolled eyes, and the girls laughed as they dropped bags of tomatoes in the cart.

"We're going to get our dresses tommorow remember? and also... Ava I've not seen you practicing" Octavia narrowed her eyes.

"My practice will be tommorow night. The night before the ceremony always works for me" Ava winked, and Demi stuck hands with her.

"Where's your red bracelet? Still haven't found it?" Octavia asked.

"Oh... Gray has it so I'm going to his penthouse to get it tonight" she replied.

"OMG! He lives in a penthouse?" Octavia gasped.

"Yeah" Ava did a small pout.

"Don't stiff, ok? No dulling!" Octavia winked.

"What kind of tricky advice is that" Demi spanked Octavia's arse, and the latter laughed.

"Wait...it means you're not coming to the tarmac with us!" Demi suddenly said.

"Sadly, but I can still meet you guys there. Not like I'm gonna sleep at Gray's place, it's just to take my bracelet" Ava replied.

"Let's see about that" Octavia smiled.



Yolanda's arm sling is still intact as she walked in in her usual stylish manner, holding her bag with her fine hand.

The receptionists have her her respect when she got to their table, it's not her first time here.

She collected the key to her private room and she was led in

The attendant left when they got to the corridor, and she looked around for any eyes before scanning the keycard.

The door opened, and she slipped in, closing it behind before settling on a chair after placing her bag on the table.

"How have you been?" She asked, and a masked man came to view in front of her.

The mask only left out his eyes, but even the eyes are dark under the concealing mask.

"It's been a while" his voice came, and Yolanda frowned a bit.

"Get that mask away, I knowingly payed for a camera-blind room to meet you anytime" she said, and his hands went behind his head where he untied the mask ropes.

He took it off, and Yolanda smiled as his face came to view, his green hair looking rogue.

"You're the only person Grayson fears and can never beat, and I'm glad we're inching closer and closer to our goal" she said.

"By the time I'm done, he won't even know what has hit him. I'm gonna penetrate like a dream, and we'll watch him burn together" he replied, and Yolanda's smile grew.

"I can't wait"



Demi's car pulled up in front of the house, and Ethan smiled from where he's standing at.

His ears recognized her engine sounds immediately, and she quickly came down from the car.

"Ethan!" She called happily.

"I've been waiting" he replied as she walked to him.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting" she said, raising his right hand to his face to rub it shortly.

"I understand" he maintained his smiley face.

"And happy birthday in advance" she said, and he gasped.

"How did you know?"

"I saw it written on the wall" she replied.

"Amy must have done that" he said, and she held his two hands.

"Can you leave the campus with me that tommorow? I have something to do with you" she said.

"Sure, anything" he replied, and she smiled widely, taking his walking stick from him before hugging him tight.

Ethan hugged her back, and she was unaware of when her lips moved to his neck. She kissed it, and he hugged her tighter.

Across the street, Luciano is watching them from his car with a Polaroid.

 He zoomed in on them so he's seeing them clearly, and he started laughing.

"Seriously? Kissing that poor thing on the neck? I'm gonna be taking his life from his neck tommorow night" he said, dropping the camera to get his phone.

He dialled a line.

"Hey, get me a shotgun ASAP" he said over the phone.



The time is 7:30pm when Ava came down from a taxi in front of the house, and she arranged her hair as the taxi zoomed away.

"It's huge" she muttered, staring at the house as she walked to the gate, and surprisingly, the gate is open.

She only had to push it before entering, and the sight of flowers and trees immediately captured her attention.

"Daffodils! Hyacinth! Hibiscus! Dahlias!... my gawd, they're too much" she gushed over the flowers as she mentioned their names.

"Oh! That's gardenia! My favorite!" She fawned over that one, plucking a petal, but it got destroyed before she could get it out.

She was about to pout when she smell of rose suddenly hit her nose, and before she could spin around, arms wrapped on her waist from behind.

"Gray?" She said with a blink.

"Were you expecting someone else?" He replied, resting his head on her shoulder.

She tried to unbuckle his fingers from her waist, but it was impossible.

"Let go" she muttered.

"Why? I invited you to my house and the first things that caught your attention are gardenia flowers? I guess they're even more important than me...hmm?" he whispered, making sure his lips stayed at the back of her ear so she could feel the heat of his words.

"Let me go, and get me my bracelet. I have to go meet my friends at the tarmac" she replied, still pulling at his hands.

It's crazy that they've been talking for two minutes without seeing each other's face, but it's not surprising, everything about him is crazy anyways.

"Hmm. Tarmac? To watch Alex's race?" he replied, rubbing his lips gently on her earlobe.

Her betrayer n+pples responded to that....darn it!


"Shh, you're stuck with me tonight and I get to decide if you're leaving or not" he cut her off, and before she knew it, he already picked her up in his arms.

"Gray!" She shook her head as their eyes finally meet.

He's wearing a black designer shirt, and the thickness of his brows stood out as a result. He's drop-dead handsome and...

No no no... Ava what the f+çk is wrong with you? 

"If you listen to me, we'll do this the easy way ok? C'mon you don't want your dinner to get burnt" he said gently, and she hung her arms on his neck, finally surrendering as he started walking in.

"You're a devil" she muttered.

"A s+xy one, properly put" he winked, and she pulled his ear, making him grin as he finally carried her in, closing the door behind.



~Ain't tryna be cool like you...

~Wobbling around in ur high heel shoes.

~I'm clumsy, make friends with the floor...

Doja Cat's 'Boss B+ch' rented the air in the tarmac, and the crowd were singing along as the racers got ready.

It's Alex and Sylvester tonight, and the glare from Sylvester is already murderous as he sat in his black car.

Alex is still vibing with the girls as usual, and they're gushing over his body from their end.

Felicia and Sandra are among the crowd, Monica isn't with them tonight and Felicia's vocal cords is at the verge of bursting cos of how high she's screaming than others just to impress Alex.

Demi and Octavia stood together too, both moving to the music as they drank from their strawed drinks.

Alex stopped his moves when he noticed Ava's absence, and he crossed over to the girls.

"Where's Ava?" He asked.

"He's with Gray" Octavia replied, and his eyes widened.


"Dude! The race is starting! Alex!" Oscar called from the road, but he's too gone to hear.

"Alex!!!" Oscar screamed again.

"Alex you have to go!" Felicia touched him, and he looked over at his car.

The naked lady is already standing in the middle of the two cars, ready to shoot.

"Alex!!!" Oscar shouted, and he quickly ran to his car.

The images of Gray and Ava making out fills his head as the gunshot sounded, and he grabbed the wheel, driving blindly down the road with Sylvester.



Grayson took Ava directly into the kitchen when they got in, and she had to tighten her throat so she won't gush at everything.

The penthouse looks old-money style, but it's beauty is not hidden, there are even flowerpots inside.

"Didn't know you love flowers" she said.

"Not really, my late mum did" he replied.

"Oh" she sounded as he got to the kitchen island, and he placed her gently on it.

He's in the middle of preparing dinner, so he went back to it, getting the knife to resume chopping the onions.

He's so fast that she thought she'd hurt his fingers, but he didn't... professional level.

"Seeing you cook is strange" she said.

"I have lots of more hidden talents" he replied, casually biting his lip.

"Like?" She asked.

"In the bedroom, I can...

"Stop!" She quickly said, and he chuckled naughtily.

"Am I just supposed to sit here and wait?" She asked.

"Yeah. I'm gonna show you around after I'm done with the chopping and whatnot" he replied, but she immediately jumped down from the island.

"F+çk! You might get hurt!" He said quickly, staring at her legs as if they're gonna break.

"I'm not a kid. Get busy I'm gonna look around by myself" she smiled cutely and rushed out of the kitchen.

She was about to climb the stairs when she changed her mind.

She'd look at the bedrooms later. For now, she'd focus on the other ground rooms.

She went under the stairs to a thin corridor which has two doors facing each other.

PRIVATE GYM was written in front of one with gold letters while PRIVATE POOL is in front of the other one.

She opened the pool door first, and her eyes widened at the clean pool she met.

It's in the shape of an heart, and that made her smile.

"Did his mother suggest this design too? She's so iconic" she muttered, walking around the place freely.

She sat on the recliners and even slept on them just to feel them, and she even dipped her toes inside the pool to feel the water on her skin too.

She was still dipping when she noticed a button on the wall, and she walked barefooted to it.

It's a big white button, and she couldn't help but get curious about the use.

"Is there another hidden pool?" She muttered, bringing her pointer finger to it.

She pressed it at once, and her body was greeted with water from numerous sprinklers from above.

"Holy hell!" She gasped, pressing the button to turn it off, but the sprinkler only intensified it's pour, making her wetter.

"F+çk" She muttered, and Grayson came in that moment.

"What the...

The remaining of his words got stuck when he saw her.

She's wearing a thin-strapped short elastic gown, and as a result of the water, it's all wet, sticking to her body in every swollen angle.

Her br+asts, her hips, her @ss, and her flat tummy...it brought out the real shape of every f+çking shit, and her equally wet hair got stuck to her face prettily... She's as hot as hell right now that the devil would get jealous, and that hotness messed with the unhinged part of Grayson's head.

His dark side unleashed itself, and his throat moved hungrily as he stared hard.

Ava bit her lip in embarrassment as she tried to talk...

"I didn't know the button was for the sprinkler....

She bit her lip again, and that was it.

Before she could catch her breath, five steps brought Grayson to her, and she felt mad eruption of goosebumps on her skin as he grabbed her arms and pushed her to the nearest recliner.

She felt boneless as she fell on it, resting her palms on the surface and he came on top of her, his stormy eyes staring right into the core of her soul...

He looks wild and crazy,...and unstoppable as the sprinkler drenched him too.


"Save your breath, princess, cos in the next five minutes, you won't be able to breathe..." He whispered, and before she knew it, he crashed his full lips savagely on hers.

Her eyes widened, and her palms slipped on the surface, making her back hit the recliner.

She's laying flat, and Grayson Harper is on top of her, Grayson Arsehole Harper!

She couldn't move her lips with his at first, but immediately he slipped his tongue into her mouth walls, she found her eyes closing.

He parted her legs beneath him with his knee, and he grabbed her tattooed thigh, caressing the rose.

Her betrayer n+pples responded to the touch, and her eyes closed completely.


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