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Dear Ave - Episode 31&32




Dear Ave - Episode 31&32

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



Ava was still looking shocked as she stared at the bag of money on Chambers laps.

It's been two minutes,but she still hasn't found the right words to say to the old man in front of her.

She raised her lids to spare him a glance, and she met him smiling at her, obviously expecting her to jump at the bag and snatch it like her lifeline.

"Disappointing" she muttered, and she saw his shoulders drop.


"I'm not rich, yeah, but thinking you can buy me with money, isn't that so degrading?" She said with a  straight face.

"Young lady...

"My late dad brought me up so well, and I won't ruin that to please anyone. I love money, everyone does, but I'm not a slave to it. I'm not a pauper, so this proposal, I'll be saying no with all due respect" she said firmly and made to leave the car..

"I heard your father died while saving you" Chambers said, and that statement pricked like a thorn as Ava turned back.


He was about to continue when Alex opened the car door roughly, and their eyes met.

Ava came down from the car immediately, and she waltzed past Oscar into the house.

"What were you trying to do?" Alex questioned angrily.

"Trying to get you a wife. You're not a kid anymore so don't even try to turn it down. She's only being headstrong cos I'm just starting. I'll get her married to you at all costs" Chambers replied.

"Dad!!!" Alex yelled furiously.


"Did I tell you to find me a wife? And of all people, it had to be Ava? Do you know how much I respect her? You ruined everything and as if that wasn't enough, you had to talk about her father's death! Are you that desperate? Am I still a kid to you?" Alex was panting as he talked.

"Why didn't you tell me Grayson stayed here too? You shouldn't be anywhere around that maniac and you know it. If Ava is not careful, she'd be the next one he kills, and that's why we have to make her yours" Chambers replied.

"You're doing this for the company, for Rawlings attention, not because of her so quit pretending, I can handle it" Alex breathed.

"Now that I'm involved, no going back till she becomes yours" Chambers sternly said.

He signalled to Oscar who got back in the car with him .

"And why the f+çk is Oscar driving you? You have numerous drivers!" Alex shouted.

"Chill, dude. It's driving, not rocket science" Oscar replied from the car, driving away afterwards.

Alex dipped his two hands in his hair, biting his lip hard.

His father just ruined everything.



Ava slipped out of her dress immediately she arrived at her room, and just as she was about to hang it, Chambers words from earlier hit her.


She gulped, and her mind went back to the dark lake.

She was a loner as a kid. She lived in an underdeveloped area with her parents since that was the only place they could afford renting a house in.

Back then, this house was still under construction, so she was friendless, and she had to get homeschooled.

The only fun place she had was beside the dark lake not far from their house. She built sand houses and animals, and she caught butterflies, all in that same location.

Her parents had no problem with it since it's safe over there, but they were wrong, cos that day...she was sure she got pushed into the lake by someone.

She gulped again as she finished hanging the dress, and her phone dinged on the bed.

She went for it, and she couldn't help but smile when she saw a text from Grayson.

• Sleeping already?

She sat on the bed as she typed a reply.

• No, just getting back to my room.

Grayson: What have you been doing outside?

Ava bit her lip gently, contemplating on weather to tell him or not, then he texted again.

Grayson: Tell me, what happened?

Ava: Alex's dad came to see me, but it's nothing anyways. I handled it.

Grayson: Are you sure about that?

Ava: Trust me.

Grayson: I should move back in soon, the thought of you and Alex alone in one house is f+çking with my mind.

Ava: Hmm, I imagined that in your voice.

Grayson: I guess you imagine a lot about me when I'm not there.

Ava: like?

Grayson: My voice, it's chef's kiss...you probably imagine my face too, and how big I'm gonna be when I take off my shorts.

Ava choked on nothing immediately, coughing as she held her chest.

"Did he seriously just.... This guy will be the end of me" she stood from the bed, fanning herself with her palm as she typed a reply.

• I'm done chatting with you arsehole... Goodnight!

She got a reply immediately.

Grayson: Why? Did my last statement make you wet?

Gawd...gawd...what the f+çk did this guy drink tonight?

She sent him the middle finger emoji and dropped her phone, blowing air out of her mouth.

"I shouldn't have replied his message in the first place" she muttered, but then on the other hand, it helped her forget about Alex's dad.

She smiled to herself before leaving the room for the kitchen.

She ate before leaving for the party, but she just needs something to refresh her buds right now.

She started gathering fruits and milk for banana split...

Good gawd...she has become so addicted to it since Gray made it for her, and sometimes she woke up in the middle of the night just to make it for herself.

She finished making it and was about to carry the cup out of the kitchen when she saw Alex waiting by the door.

Her head snapped, and that was when she remembered everything at the party.

Gray's presence literally made her forget, and she felt bad immediately.

"Hey" she said awkwardly, and he came closer.

"About my dad...

"No no no it's fine. That wasn't your fault so..." She cut him off.

"But still...it was wrong of him to try to buy you with money, and I'm sorry about that" he said.

She dropped her cup of split and walked to him.

"Don't do the apology stuff, we're friends aren't we?" She winked, patting his back.

"Seriously?" He chuckled.

"Yeah...and I'm sorry about the contract loss" she said.

"It's nothing" he squinted.

"Come let's go watch some TV" she said and made to take her cup again, but he suddenly hugged her, and she froze.

"Alex?" She called softly.

"I just want to feel your warmth for a minute" he replied, and she broke the hug after the one minute.

"Can we go for the TV now?" She asked, and he nodded.

They left the kitchen together and settled in the living room after Ava inserted The vampire diaries into the player.

"Why are you girls so obsessed with this show?" Alex asked

"What do you mean? Tvd is the best show ever, even guys love it" she replied.

"So... Damon or Stefan?" He asked.

"Damon! Damon is my only crush in the show" she replied quickly.

"So you like bad boys with dark aura" he said.

"Stefan has dark aura too when he turns off his humanity" she replied.

"But even with his humanity on, Damon is a full-time bad boy... you're attracted to bad boys" he said seriously, and she drank the milk in her cup.

"Fine, I love bad boys with dark aura" she said, resting back on the couch.

None of them talked again throughout, and it didn't take long before Ava slept off.

Her head almost fell to the other side, but Alex quickly caught it, bringing it back before carrying her into his arms.

He took her into her room and placed her in bed, covering her gently before sitting beside her.

He was staring at her at first, but then he brought his hand to her face, taking a strand of hair away before caressing her cheek slowly.

"I think I've got deep feelings for you, angel. I can't control that anymore" he said, his face depicting his words.



Yolanda returned just now with a sling on her right arm.

She had to visit the hospital cos of the wound she sustained, and she definitely won't be able to use that arm for days.

Chairman Harper was sitting in the living room when she came in, and she pretended not to see him as she started going for the stairs.

"I know you won't stop anytime soon" his voice came, and she stopped without looking back.

"And that's why I'm gonna sound this warning" he continued, standing up.

"If you pull the stunt you pulled at the party tonight ever again, then I won't mind disowning you too" he said and went for the stairs, pushing her out of the way.

She staggered as he climbed the stairs, and she sat on the base as a tear came out of her eyes.

"I'm at the lose end again? It's me again? Why always me!!! Why!!!!" She screamed crazily, crying harder.



Ava was smiling in bed though with her eyes closed...

The smile reached her closed eyes, and they narrowed with her lips as it graduated into a giggle.

Her eyes flew open, and she quickly sat up, pushing her long hair back.

"Why am I dreaming of Gray's young face? Is it normal?" she muttered.

The face is exactly the one he showed her in the sexual abuse video, and they were both playing hide and seek as kids.

"How come?" She muttered, getting down from the bed.

"Is it because of his dirty words last night? I can't believe it" she shook her head as she left the room.

"Goodmorning!!" She waved at Alex and Oscar who're sitting in the living room.

"Hey angel. Did you sleep well?" Alex smiled brightly, standing up to come to her.

Oscar almost laughed...why is he so obvious?

"Sure, I smell pork" she sniffed the air.

"The girls are in the kitchen" Alex replied.

"Great!" She gushed, rushing in.

"Dude you're so gone, you almost kissed her" Oscar mocked.

"Shut up Oscar" he replied, and Oscar laughed.

"But your dad is adamant, we both know how persistent he can be when he makes up his mind" 

"I'll go see him" Alex replied.

"Wait...it's another Sunday,drag race tonight, and I'm inviting the girls this time. S+xtus is gone so they're safe" Oscar said.



"I'm so fortunate to have you both" Ava said as she came in to meet the girls.

There's a big bowl of pork rinds on the counter, so she scooped a lot into her palm and started crunching on it.

"Luciano is back, I mean...her mad childhood boy or whatever" Octavia said.

"Oh...he showed up in the party last night. Just tell him you're not interested anymore and it's done" Ava replied, eating another rind.

"You think it's that easy when my parents are worshiping him? And I told you guys he's a control freak, he hates when things don't go the way he wants" Demi replied.

"Then should I beat him up and throw his body in a reservoir?" Octavia said, flexing her muscles.

"You're mad" Demi pushed her head, and Ava started laughing.

"No for real I can beat him up for you" Octavia said.

"I'm tired of you" Demi muttered.

"In everything you do anyways, just make sure Ethan doesn't get hurt" Ava said.

"Sure, but where's your eighth bracelet?" Demi asked, and that was when Ava noticed the red one is not there.

"Shit!" She dashed out of the kitchen.

"She loves those bracelets more than anything" Octavia chuckled.

"Next week is finally the awards night, If Ethan wins one more gold, then he'll be free to leave the campus and join a band" Demi smiled.

"I forgot he has two golden awards already, he's so lucky" Octavia muttered.



After searching everywhere for any sign of the bracelet without success, Ava breathlessly got her phone and filled Grayson's line.

She was impatient till he picked.

"Gray did you by any chance see my red and in your car last night? It's ...

"I removed it myself" he interrupted.

"What! Gray!" She shouted.

"Yeah, so will you come to my place to get it tonight?" He asked, and she scoffed.

"This was your plan all along right? It won't work I'm not coming" 

"Really? Even if i break it?" He replied.

"Gray if you break my bracelet I'll break you I swear and...

He was already chuckling before she could finish...

"Damn, you're so adorable"

"Don't mess with my bracelet" she said.

"Fine, come get it tonight. I'll be waiting, princess" he said calmly, hanging up afterwards.

"I wanna pour acid on his handsome face... Geez!!" She half-screamed.



Grandpa Joe left the house early today, so it's just Monica.

She was sitting at the patio, blank as usual.

Her encounter with the secret society in the secret room last night kept replaying in her head.

"Even if you offer your life, we'll never tell you what you want. The only way we can listen to your needs is after the death of your grandpa. For now, no exchange"

That was the answer they gave her last night, and her fists folded as she kept thinking about it.

 Felicia and Sandra came in, and she batted a lid.

"There you are!" Felicia said as they walked to her.

"You look upset, is something wrong?" Sandra asked as they settled beside her.

"Something is always wrong with me" she replied, and they exchanged glances.

"The awards ceremony is next week, shouldn't we go shop for our dresses already?" Sandra said.

Monica's phone started ringing, and she stood before picking...it's Luciano.

"I'm back in the country, we need to meet right now" he said.

She walked out of the patio immediately, leaving the two girls.

"Aish! This attitude is the main reason I hate her so much! We're nothing to her!" Felicia ranted.



Grayson looks calm as he came out of his car at the garage.

If anyone told him yesterday that he's gonna be coming here this morning, he'd have denied, but it changed after what Ava said about Chambers visitation.

Why would he visit Ava after the party? It's obvious, and he's here to make things clear.

Since it's not his first time here, the maids opened the door for him, and he stepped in to meet Chambers in the living room, watching the news 

Last night's party is all-over the TV, and the anger on Chambers face is laughable as he watched, but he stood immediately Grayson came in.

"What are you doing here? Murderer?" He questioned, and Grayson tightened his brows.

"Ion wanna know the reason for your visit to Ava last night, but for your own good, don't try it again" he said simply.

"And who are you to order what to do and what not to do concerning her? She's not yo...

"She has always been mine. Not even my own father can take Ava away from me so you should know you're too fickle to take that risk. I don't mind killing because of her, I mean anybody" Grayson interrupted.

"Yeah, it's been long since you started your murdering spree. Your teacher, my wife, even your own mother" Chambers taunted.

"I was kidnapped for a week, and my mother was in Peru with your wife when it happened. They heard the news and were flying back to Spain then their plane crashed, and your stupid mentality has been telling you since then that I killed them?" Gray scoffed.

"Don't call my father stupid" Alex said from the door, and they both turned to see him coming in.

"I can't help myself if your so-called dad keeps behaving stupid" Grayson replied as Alex stopped in front of him.

"Watch your mouth, Grayson Harper" Alex glared.

"I'd do you that favor if you and your father stay away from what's mine. Ion do warnings, and that's why this is gonna be the first and last time I warn. The next time, someone's gonna die" Grayson gritted, and Alex came even closer.

"And what if I say I don't wanna stay away from her? What if I tell you I want her so much that I always feel like kissing her whenever she's close?" He muttered daringly.

Gray smiled like a creep before speaking.

"Let me make something clear... Alex Chambers. The day you make the mad mistake of any f+çking intimacy with her, you won't be able to do drag race again cos I'll be destroying your f+çking arms. You'd be lucky if I don't kill you..." Gray muttered.


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