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Dear Ave - Episode 3&4




Dear Ave - Episode 3&4

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"I want you, princess" he replied.

Ava immediately scoffed, and her brows pulled as a frown appeared on her face.

"Actually I know guys like you" she said, and he smiled with a nod, pocketing his right hand before resting on the car body.

"Seriously? Tell me about me"

"I know if I gave you the chance, you wouldn't hesitate to f+çk me in the car. Just because you gave me a ride, you want me? You're crazy" she rolled eyes.

"Listen princess... I...

"And my name is Ava, not princess" she cut him off, and he licked his lips.

"Thanks for the ride anyways, and I don't need the umbrella" she said and pointed the umbrella at him.

He kept staring at her without taking it, so she let go of it and it fell on the ground, then she ran all the way into the house.

She didn't look back before going in, shutting the door loudly.

"Sassy" Grayson muttered, staring at the house for a minute before getting back in his car.

He left the umbrella on the ground, and the car drove past it as it rode down the street.



"Oh my f+çking gawd! Who's that illegally hot guy?" Demi shouted when Ava entered.

She's with Octavia by the window, and obviously they saw everything.

"You guys are here?" Ava blinked, staring at the two.

They sleep over here many times,... they're like the second and third owners of the house.

"As you can see! So you better calm down and tell us how you met that hot dude, and why did you even throw down the umbrella? What did he tell you? I'm dying to hear!" Octavia wriggled impatiently.

"Not ready to talk about that pervert" Ava shook her head and entered her room.

The girls exchanged glances and followed her.

She already stripped her wet clothes when they got in, and she's in her black undies as she searched for what to wear in her wardrobe.

"C'mon tell us!" Octavia spanked her @ss.

"Octavia you won't rest would you?" She faced them.

"Nyeah!" Octavia said sillily.

"And if you still refuse to talk, I'm squeezing your b👀bies next" Demi winked.

"Gawd" Ava muttered as she put on a sweater.

"We love you too" they chorused, and she chuckled.

"He introduced himself as Grayson Harper, and you need to see the naked video call he received during the drive. He asked if I had a boyfriend and I lied....I told him yes and he said we needed to find him another girl, that he wants me, can you imagine that?" Ava narrated.

"Gosh, I just got the chills! He's a totally red flag, who does that!" Demi hugged herself.

"But red flags are the best. I love bad guys and let's not forget his s+xiness and richness, his Mercedes is a bae!" Octavia said dreamily, and Ava pushed her forehead with a finger.

She fell on the bed, and Demi laughed.

"What should we make?" Ava asked.

"Macaroni. Don't worry I brought you groceries" Demi winked.

"Aww! Thank you!" Ava pulled her out, and Octavia spranged up.

"Wait for me girls!" She shouted, following them into the kitchen.



Driving into the gigantic mansion took a lot of confidence from Gray. 

If there's somewhere he doesn't wanna be right now, then it's this house cos there's a witch in there, but what can he do? It's his father's house.

The driver pulled up at the garage, and came down fast to open the door for him, but Gray was faster.

He opened the door and came out by himself, looking at the house like it's haunted.

"I'm so sorry master, about to he strawberry incident" the driver bowed to apologise, but he wasn't even looking at the man.

His firm gaze stood transfixed on the mansion, and he sighed.

His family owns Famoux Group so he's the heir, and they're the rivals to Orbit group, deep enemies with Chambers family.

No one in the country knows him as the heir though, and it's same with Alex.

Their fathers kept their faces and names hidden from the public since they were young, only to be revealed when it's time.

"Welcome home, young master" a maid came to him, and he shifted his gaze to her.

"Chairman is waiting for you at the foyer" she said, her head still bowed.

"Don't touch my things at the trunk, I'm not staying here for long" he told the driver before going in.

He opened the door and truly met his dad waiting with a big smile... Chairman Harper himself.

"Dad" he smiled, and the man widened his arms.

He walked into it, hugging him tightly.

"Welcome back son! I thought you weren't gonna return from Italy anytime soon, I missed you Gray!" He said, patting his back fondly.

"I'm back now" Grayson replied, breaking the hug.

"Do you even eat at all? Your face became thin" Chairman Harper said, checking him out.

"I'm not a kid, I'm fine dad" he replied.

"I told the maids to prepare your room so...

"No. I'm not staying here this time. I came back to the country on a mission to find peace, so I'd like to stay in a quiet place. I can't stay here with her...you know who I'm talking about" Grayson interrupted.


"I made up my mind already, and I even found a house, so..."

"A house? Will it be comfortable? Is it a conducive mansion? There are no mosquitoes right? You know you're allergic to their bites too" the man said.

"I'll be totally good. I need a shower" Gray replied, climbing the stairs.

His room got touched up for real, it's clean just like he left it.

He entered the bathroom and had a warm shower, coming out ten minutes later to dress up in a comfy sweatshirt and black pants.

He got his phone and left the room, but then just outside of it, he met the witch waiting.

She's backing the wall, looking at her with hateful eyes.

She's Yolanda, his senior sister... they're of the same parents, but they hate each other like mad, though she hates him most.

"Why are you back in the country?" She questioned, leaving the wall to face him.

"Now I have to take permission from you before entering the country?" He smirked.

"Answer my question" she replied, coming closer.

"I came cos I wanted to come" he said.

"Go back, don't you get it? You're not needed here!" She shot with a tone of finality, and he chuckled.

"I see you're still the insecure freak, still afraid that father will handover Famoux to me instead of you cos I'm a male? Listen we're both interested in the companies, why don't you play fair? Whoever dad hands over to can have everything" he said.

"Go back to Italy, that's what I want" she replied.

"And who said I care about what you want?" he muttered, arching his brows.


"I said no!" He yelled, and a slap landed on his face from her instantly.

"Go back to Italy!" She breathed.

Sharply, Grayson faced her with a burning cheek and slapped her back. 

Yolanda fell on the ground as her cheek stung, and she looked up at him shockingly.... Grayson smiled with his lips.

"You're only two years older, don't f+ck with me Yolanda. I'm not gonna be staying in this house anyways, you can have it all to yourself" he glared and descended the stairs.

"Grayson" Yolanda stood, boiling with rage as she leaned on the rails.



* Welcome back young master

The mansion staffs bowed respectfully as Alex came out of the car with Oscar at the driveway.

"How much I hate this daily bowing, I'm not a god" Alex muttered.

"But you're the only son of this rich house, a friggin demigod, respect!" Oscar replied beside him, and he laughed, entering the mansion with him.

"Where have you been, Alex?" His dad asked immediately he stepped into the heavenly living room.

"I promise I didn't go drag racing if that's what you're thinking" Alex replied.

"Then what?" Chairman Chambers said, standing to walk to him.

"I was at the shooting range, then i prepared for my mission too" he replied, and the man looked over at Oscar.

"Is this true?"

"Yes sir, he's loyal" Oscar replied, and he smiled, touching Alex's shoulder.

"Dinner is ready, let's eat together" he said.

"After I shower" Alex replied, going upstairs with Oscar.

Oscar is Alex's childhood friend, so he's like a son to the family too.

They showered together when they got to his room, and they started dressing up together too.

"That girl" Alex suddenly said, buttoning up his shirt.

"The one at the ladies shop? Tell me you're not planning to meet her and offer her money to do a strip show for you" Oscar said.

"Did she look like a slut to you? Of course not, I just love her clean skin, that's all" Alex replied.

"You love just her skin? And you stared so hard like that? Something is telling me you love more than her skin" Oscar gave him a suspicious look.

"We'll just have to wait and see, but isn't dad too prehistoric? I mean...what kind of rich dad sends his son on this type of mission" Alex replied.

"You have to leave this big house and live a low profile life somewhere else. You have to work on your own for months and if you bring home enough money to start a business, he'll hand over Orbit to you, that's a wild test" Oscar shrugged with a chuckle.

"Thanks for using that word, WILD!" Alex groaned.

"Dinner!" Oscar winked.

"Sure, it's my last in this house anyways. I found a new house for my MISSION already" Alex rolled eyes at no one, and Oscar laughed as they left the room.



Monica sat on the bed with her phone in hand, legs crossed as she clicked away on the phone.

A maid is inside her closet, packing out the clothes in her wardrobe.

When she finished getting everything out, she started filling up the wardrobe with new clothes, changing the wardrobe completely.

"What should i do with the old clothes, miss. I should burn them" the maid said.

"Pack them... Felicia and Sandra can have the clothes" Monica replied without looking up from her phone, and the maid smiled.

"Felicia and Sandra are so lucky to have you as their friend" she said and started packing the clothes.

Monica slowly looked up from her phone..

"What did you say?" She asked skeptically, and the maid faced her slowly.

"I said Felicia and Sandra are so lucky to have you as their friend" she smiled again.

"Friend?" Monica looked at her straight, and she blinked.

"I mean...

"Friend?" Monica repeated, looking pissed as her cold eyes darkened.

The maid immediately became scared, and she almost crumbled.

Five minutes later, she was already in the kitchen with the maid.

She plugged the water boiler and made sure the water was already so hot before taking it.

"I'm so sorry miss. I thought they were your friends" the maid was crying as she took the boiler to her.

Without waiting, she poured the hot water on her right leg, and the maid fell as her leg became totally red, steam coming out of the burn.


Her screamed filled up the kitchen, and Monica dropped the boiler on the island with a bang.

She walked out of the kitchen, leaving the maid in pains as she made her way to the living room where Grandpa Joe is sitting.

"What's up with the crying maid?" He asked.

"I dunno" she replied blankly, sitting in front of him.

"When is the mission starting?" She asked.

"Tommorow. One of the guys moving in with her is Sky, so just keep calm" he replied, and she rested back on the chair.

"I have no calm left in me, I want to see her cry" she muttered.



"Cheers!" The girls clinked their cans of soda before drinking at once.

They just finished eating some minutes ago, and they're currently sitting at the big living room, watching a TV show together.

"I think I ate too much, my stomach won't stop bulging" Octavia said funnily, raising her top from the stomach to rub it.

"You kept shoving the shrimps into your mouth, I told you" Ava replied.

"I wonder what Monica Hawk will do again next time. I'm dying to punch her seriously" Octavia said.

"She's scary, somehow" Ava shrugged, drinking from her can.

"Don't tell me you're scared of her" Octavia leaned forward with a funny face.

"Stop it" Ava pushed her head back with a giggle

"I'm not scared of Monica, but her eyes are always blank. I've never seen any emotion inside them" she said.

"She grew up with her Grandpa Joe, he spoilt her beyond limits obviously" Octavia sighed.

Ava was about to talk again when they noticed Demi has been silent.

They faced her and saw her scrolling on her phone with a smile on her face.

Octavia snatched the phone, and she gasped when she saw Alex's pictures

"Girls at the campus have been crushing endlessly on this guy, you're part of them?" She said.

"Nope...I just fancy him, and I watched many of his races online. He's a hot drag racer" Demi smiled.

"Wait....he's the Alex Chambers they've been hyping?" Ava said when she saw the picture.

"Yeah" Demi blinked.

"Girls I bumped into him earlier in front of the ladies shop! I almost fell but he caught me by the waist!" Ava spranged up.

"Alex Chambers touched you?" Demi gasped, spranging up too.

"Trust me girl!" Ava said.

"Lifetime achievement! Your waist is so lucky!" Demi gushed.

"Imagine this Alex Chambers shows up as the new tenant together with Grayson Harper who dropped you earlier" Octavia said.

"Can you stop talking rubbish? Why would filthy rich guys become tenants" Ava fell back on her seat.

"You're lucky you met two rich@ss guys in one night. We should celebrate" Demi left and for the room and came back with a bottle of alcoholic wine.

"Babe! I've always wanted to taste this!" Octavia snatched it.

"I stole it from my dad's cellar" Demi winked.

"Let's drink!!" Ava shouted.

Two minutes later, their favorite song was already playing loudly on speaker, and they're all holding cups of wine, dancing and drinking and singing along.

🎶She say she want a...

🎶Diamond on her ring finger

🎶Old school brudda' need a vintage girl..

🎶Need a wifey not a quick thing...

🎶Pipe down I can fix things...

They made sure to sing word for word till the end, then Octavia switched the song up to 'City Girls'

Demi immediately climbed the table, dancing wild. She doesn't need to try before her backside shakes.

She's the heavily endowed one in the back and in the front.

Ava is endowed in the front, but not that much at the back., And as for Octavia, gawd is her strength.

Ava joined Demi on the table, and they began dancing in sync, soaking themselves in alcohol.

Her phone buzzed on the chair, but she was too drowned in the moment to hear.

It's a message from the housing agent.

• The tenants are coming tommorow morning.

She didn't see it before the phone screen went off, and the fun continued till 10pm.

They were already so drunk as hell as they fell asleep on the living room floor.



The ringing of the doorbell woke the girls, and they wriggled, changing positions.

"My head ... hurts" Octavia murmured, her hair sprawled on the floor just like the other two.

Her right leg is on the center table.

"Stop talking.. please..my head" Demi mumbled.

The doorbell rang again.

"Who's... who's that?" Ava moved her lips cutely.

The doorbell rang again, and her eyes opened.

She stood lazily, but she fell when her head felt empty, her hair scattered on her head and face.

The alcohol is still acting up in her system, and a great headache is happening in her head.

She stood and yawned this time, walking slowly to the door.

"Who's it?" She muttered, sniffing as she opened the door.

The alcohol cleared off immediately she saw the face.

"Grayson Harper?" Her eyes widened.

Demi and Octavia spranged up immediately they heard that, and they ran to the door to check.

"What the f+çk!" They chorused, but that wasn't the end.

The housing agent himself came in with the second tenant, and he wore a gummy smile when he saw Ava.

"Alex Chambers?" She blinked, getting shocked again.

"You've got two rich tenants, Ava" the agent said.

"Hey, angel" Alex bit his lip habitually.

Grayson said nothing, his eyes did the talking. 

"Ok what's going on? Why are you... both..." Ava said in confusion.

"I can't believe this!" Demi gushed excitedly.

Octavia fainted dramatically on the ground.


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