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Dear Ave - Episode 29&30




Dear Ave - Episode 29&30

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


Alex angrily walked out of the hall, and Yolanda helped herself up too, giving them the last glance before walking out of the hall alone.

Ava tried breaking the hug, but Gray tightened it, almost suffocating the two of them as their bodies gummed together.

"I can't breath... Gray" she muttered.

"Same here" he replied, rubbing her back.

Mr. Rawlings started clapping, surprising everyone as he began walking to them.

They finally broke the hug to face him when he got to them, and he smiled big.

"I knew it. There's something about you when I saw you earlier. I told you I liked your coldness" he said, and Gray's lids raised slowly.

"I saw everything. I saw the way she looked at you before pouring the drink at her face. I'm guessing she's your girl, but how come she came with Alex?" Rawlings asked.

"Yes. She's...

Grayson was still talking when Ava cut in....

"I'm not his girl, I'm just...I'm his..his landlady"  

Rawlings grinned, looking inserting his hand into his pocket.

"We have an interesting pair here. Well that's good. Knowing how to protect what you value is one of the major attributes of a good company man....I look forward to working with Famoux" he stretched his hand forward, and Grayson took it.

Chairman Harper gasped, walking to the scene.

"We look forward to working with you too, thanks for picking us" he said.

"We'll meet tommorow to sign the contract" Rawlings replied, shaking hands with him too.

"Sure, I'll look forward to it" chairman Harper smiled.

Rawlings left the party with his guards, and Grayson faced Ava.

"You won" she smiled.

"Yeah we did, thanks to you" he replied.

"No. It was Yolanda who started it" she shook her head.

"If you weren't here, she wouldn't have started anything, and besides...she wet your dress" he replied, taking away Alex's suit that's on her body.

He took off his own and covered her with it instead, holding her shoulders.

"Let's go, landlady" he said, and she chuckled, following him out.

Chairman Chambers stood rooted on his spot.

He has been unable to move since Rawlings left, it's like his limbs left his body.

It's the first time Orbit lost to Famoux since it's creation, and it'd surely make it to the news headlines tommorow.

"Chairman, we should leave" Oscar came to get him..

"I bet he can't even move his feet" chairman Harper appeared, and Chambers scoffed.

"You knowingly staged that drama, right? You knew Rawlings had a thing for violence, and that's why you did it! I wouldn't have been pissed if you didn't involve that girl, but involving her was too low. She came with my son but your son stole her" he said hatefully.

"Why would I stage a drama just to get a contract I'm chasing with you? You're not worth the efforts, and as for the girl, my son knew her even before your son stepped in, so watch what you say" Harper replied.

"You're unbelievably shameless for someone whose son caused the death of my wife. My wife died because of Grayson remember? Alex is motherless because of him!" Chambers said.

"And my own wife died in the crash too, quit acting like the only victim" Harper replied.

"Then your wife should have died alone. Involving my wife was the mistake, and I'll never forgive Grayson for that" Chambers said.

"None of it is Grayson's fault. Face me if you must, but don't mention my son!" Harper replied.

"For how long will you defend your maniac son? Huh? No wonder Yolanda can't stand you both! She's the only sane one in your family" Chambers scoffed.

"One more degrading word about my family, and I'll make you regret it!" Harper fired, and Oscar finally got between them.

"This is a public space, please don't do this" he said.

Chambers released a huff before storming out of the hall, and Oscar followed him.

"Make sure you watch the news tommorow! Don't miss it!" Harper shouted after him.

Chambers got into the car with Oscar and still couldn't calm down.

He was restless on his seat, tapping his feet on the ground.

"The girl's father is Ben Huang?" He asked.

"That was what she said earlier" Oscar replied as he drove out.

"Rawlings seems to like her. If we need business deals with him in the future, then I have to get her for Alex, by all means. We need her" he muttered.



Demi left the party by herself immediately she saw Luciano earlier, and he has been chasing after her in his car too.

She didn't take it serious when her parents told her about his comeback the other time, but now that he's back, she couldn't help but be shocked beyond words 

Though they were childhood sweethearts, but he didn't text or call her for once throughout his stay outside the country, and now he's back?

For what exactly?

She drove into the compound and rushed out of the car.

She was about to go into the house when his car stopped too, and he literally jumped out to block her.

He has over six golden chains on his neck, and they're all dangling as he walked. He's a total baddie.

"Why are you running away from me? Aren't you happy to see me after so many years?" He said, and she almost laughed.

"I'm glad you said after so many years. You never called, you didn't text and you didn't even chat me up for once, and you expect me to jump into your arms?"

"Fine I'm sorry about the lost years, but you know my father's business is a busy one and I had to focus and..

"So I'm the jobless one huh? My father's business is not busy? Your excuse is not even making any damn sense so just go the fuçk away! Don't show your face in front of me anymore!" She elbowed him and started walking in.

"Demi! Demi come back here!!" He shouted after her, but she didn't stop till she went in and shut the door.

"You're joking, baby. Seriously, you are" he smirked, getting back in his car.

He drove off.

Demi threw her bag on the bed when she got to her room, then she fished out her phone and dialled Ethan.

She was impatient as it rang, and she breathed out in relief when he picked.

"Demi? Are you ok?" He asked worriedly.

"Glad I finally heard your voice" she said, sitting in bed.

"You're fine right?" He asked.

"I'm good, now that I heard you speak" she replied, laying in bed.

"Don't hang up, just let me continue hearing your breaths" she said.

"Sure" he replied, and she closed her eyes.



Grayson's car pulled up, and he came down same time as Ava.

She was ok with going home in the ruined gown, but he insisted on changing it, so they came here.

"You're acting like an overprotective boyfriend" she said as he took her hand.

"I am, you'll know once you remember that you're mine" he replied with a wink, and she gasped.

Gawd, this jerk will be the end of her.

She was smiling as they went in together, and the attendants did the honour of bowing respectfully.

It's an expensive place, obviously.

She wasn't expecting less from him anyways.

Varieties of dresses were placed in display for them immediately.

"No i don't want a dress. Just give me something simple" Ava said.

"No. Alex bought you that ruined dress, and i'm actually glad it was ruined, so I'm getting you another dress" he replied, and she tauntingly brought her face closer.

"You're jealous" she whispered, and he held her face with an hand.

"Yeah. I get jealous over what's mine" he replied, and she made to push him away, but he leaned in, and she quickly took her lips in, making him smile.

"You really think you can hide from me if I really wanna kiss those lips?" He said loudly, and she quickly covered his mouth with her palms.

"Arsehole" she mouthed, and she saw his eyes twitch.

Before she knew it, he kissed the palm on his lips, and she quickly removed it.

"I wanna pour acid on your face badly" she rolled eyes.

"There, the rolling of those eyes gets me every single damn time" he chuckled, and she gave him the middle finger.

A gown was trolled out on a hanger by two attendants, and Ava gasped immediately she saw it.

It's colour red with diamond stones all-over the outlines, strapless with a body hugging clumpy material at the base.

It's simple, but s+xy.

"Here,we found it" Grayson said.


"Just try it on first, I promise to reject if you don't like it" he assured, and she went in with the attendants.

While waiting, Gray got a call from Chairman Harper, and he swiped green.

"Son, good job tonight" his voice came.

"It wasn't me, it was her though it was coincidental" Gray replied.

"I know, and that's why I'm thinking I should take her with me during the contract signing tommorow. Rawlings likes her cos of his connection with her dad" Harper said.

"It's a no, she's not an object to advertise Famoux with" Gray replied firmly.

"I know, but you know...

"Try to convince me hundred times, and my answer will still be a strong NO. She's mine only, and I don't do sharing...it's over after tonight" Gray cut him off and hung up.

Ava came out almost immediately, and his eyes twitched like it always does whenever he's thinking dirty.

She looks way too s+xy in the red gown, and he could just devour her without any resistance right now, but she'd probably call the cops on him.

That thought made him smirk, and he could see her fidgeting as she waited for his review.

"It looks bad, right?" She asked, pulling up the front part a bit.

Her br+asts popped out a little in the dress, and it's just so hot like that.

"Let's go" he told her, and her shoulders fell.


He didn't reply, he only payed the bills, and they left the boutique.

"The dress is bad, right?" She asked when they got to the car.

"No" he replied plainly.

"Then why aren't you saying anything?" She asked.

"You definitely don't want me to tell you how you look in that dress" he replied.

"Tell me" she insisted.

"You look freshly f+cked, like a cute little housewife, and trust me any sane husband would wanna f+çk you again after seeing you like this" he replied all at once, and she gasped, clearing her throat awkwardly before looking out the window.

Her cheeks stung with a deep shade of red, and she gulped as the night air hit her skin.

"You're seriously keeping quiet after that sweet compliment?" He talked.

She hit his chest, and he laughed, driving into her street.

"I wouldn't say lame compliments like gorgeous or elegant... You're everything in one, you don't have to try before topping the chart. Too pretty" he said seriously, and she looked at him.

The blush on her cheeks grew redder, and she smiled before she knew it.

He stopped the car in front of her place, and they came out together.

Alex is by the window of his room, watching them from there with a smoke on his lips.

"When should I move back in, landlady?" Gray asked in his tease voice, and she made faces.

"I dunno" she muttered, and he came closer.

She shifted back...

"When? Hmm?" He asked again, in a lower tone this time.

"Stop it!" She pushed his chest, and he grabbed her hand to pull her closer.

"Gray!" She gasped, feeling the cuff of his arms on her waist.

"Pushing me by my chest is never a good idea, but you love getting caught" he whispered, and she looked him in the eye.

He brought an hand to her hair and stroked it back, then he reeled himself in slowly, kissing the top of her head.

She closed her eyes shortly.

"Sweet dreams, princess" he whispered, and she couldn't fight her blush as he let go of her waist

She was smiling as he got back in his car, driving off smoothly.

She touched her cheeks, still feeling the heat as she continued standing in front of the house.

She smiled wider, and she made to finally go in, but another car stopped in front of the house.

Oscar came out, and she blinked.

"Chairman Chambers wants to talk to you, he's in the car" he told her, and she raised her brows.

"Dad?" Alex muttered from the window.



Grandpa Joe went to sleep immediately he arrived from the party to the annoyance of Monica.

She opened his door and met him sleeping deeply, then she went in and picked the secret room key carefully from the drawer.

She tiptoed out and made her way to the room.

She made sure no one is watching before opening up, then she slipped in.

She got the flat screen remote and turned it on.

She had to wait for two minutes before Gemini Secret Society members started appearing on screen.

"What took you all so long?" She deadpanned.

"Joe's granddaughter?" One of them said, and she went closer to the screen.

"I need answers. Which of you is currently on a mission for my grandpa?" She asked with a deep glare.

Everyone went silent.

"Who the hell is sky? Give me an answer now, and I'll tell you my grandpa's deepest secrets" she said calmly.



Ava entered the car with Chambers, and the old man smiled when she settled beside him.

"Why are you here?" She asked.

"You're beautiful, any man would fall for you" he said, and she blinked.

"You don't know how happy i was when I saw Alex brought you to the party. You outshone every girl over there" he said.

"Are you trying to flatter me?" She asked boldly, and he chuckled.

"No I'm too old for that. Your late dad hated flatters, so I wouldn't make that mistake with you. You have his face so I'm sure you also have his principle" he replied.

"You know him?" He asked.

"Ben Huang's paintings are numerous in my mansion, you should come take a look anytime" he replied, and she looked at him.

"What do you mean?"

He brought out a big black bag immediately, placing it on his laps.

Meanwhile, Alex already came out of the house...

"What's dad doing here?" He asked Oscar.

"I told him not to, but he's planning to offer her ..."

Oscar stopped talking, and Alex's eyes widened.

"No. It's no what I'm thinking, right?" He said.

Oscar stayed quiet, so Alex started approaching the car.

Chambers opened the bag inside the car, and Ava gasped when she saw the stack of cash staring at her...

"Marry my son, and I'll give you all the riches you want" he said, and Alex's hand stopped on the car door handle.

"Marry Alex" Chambers said.

Ava couldn't believe her ears.



Gray had his shower just now, currently drying his wet hair with a towel in front of the mirror.

He revealed his right hand, and Ava's eighth bracelet is sitting there, the red one.

He secretly removed it from her wrist earlier so he'd have an excuse to invite her here tommorow.

A familiar smile covered his face as he remembered something...

 His young voice, and the voice of a young girl.

"I like your red wrist bracelet" the young girl said.

"But you have seven bracelets on your wrist already, you said your dad gave them to you" Gray's young voice replied.

"Yes, but i want your red bracelet too so I'll have eight" the young girl said.

"I'll give you my red bracelet, but if we grow up, it means you'll marry me" Gray's voice said.

"Are you proposing now? I'm just 8 and you're 10" the young girl replied.

"Doesn't matter" young Grayson replied firmly.

"Fine, I'll marry you when we grow up and meet each other again, just give me the red bracelet" the young girl said.

Gray snapped out of the remembrance, and his handsome smile grew wider.

"Dummy, you'll pay dearly for forgetting me easily and making me mad" he said.

"I'll punish you for it, Princess" he whispered, kissing the bracelet.


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