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Dear Ave - Episode 27&28




Dear Ave - Episode 27&28

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"You might find it hard to walk after that" Theo replied and Isabella's eyes widened. 

"Seriously? Why?"she asked.

Theodore chuckled. 

"Never mind,but how am I supposed to teach you? Are you planning to follow me home when we vacate?" He asked. 

"Am I not allowed to?" Isabella asked.

"You're welcome more than anybody else,we can do a lot of things together and go to many places,I would love that,rather than being stuck in this school" Theodore said and Isabella smiled. 

"Me too,I want to do alot of things with you" She muttered. 

"Don't worry,trust me okay?" 

"Okay Teddy bear" She said and kissed his hair. 

"Whoa,your hair smell so good" She said and inhaled again. 

"Every part of my body smells good,do you wanna try?" Theodore asked. 

"Stop being so naughty!" Isabella screamed and he laughed. 

"Oh...wait...I'm supposed to eat with Dakota and Cindy" She suddenly said and Theo stopped walking. 

"I will see you later,drop me"

Theo dropped her gently. 

"Bye" She said. 

"A kiss before you....." Isabella already ran off before he finished the last word. 

"Why is she in so much hurry?" Theodore sighed and took the direction leading to the locker room to take his stuffs and then go to his room.

He got there and opened his locker,he brought out things he came for and turned back,ready to go out but then Adriel came in. 

"Hey" He smiled. 

"Hi" Theo mumbled,uninterested. 

"You were so great earlier,like..you had eleven points all alone,damn" Adriel said. 

"You were good too" Theo muttered and they went out together. 

"I didn't manage to get a point,so sad" Adriel said sadly. 

"At least you passed to me alot of times,so most of the points are because of you" Theo replied. 

"You know how to make someone feel better honestly" Adriel said and Theo smiled. 

"Hey Adriel" Lionel called after them. 

Theo left without turning back and Adriel waited,Lionel came closer and stood in front of him. 

"What is it? Any problem?" Adriel asked. 

"I didn't know you've started talking to him" Lionel said and Adriel raised his brows. 

"Any problem with that?" He asked. 

"You know him and I aren't good,I don't like him..."

"So?" Adriel asked. 

"Aren't we friends?" Lionel asked. 

"Sorry I forgot for a second that we are friends,but that's not stopping me from talking to any body I want to talk to,and for your information,I've always wanted to be his friend,I only didn't because of you. But since you started hanging out with who you want,why shouldn't I do the same?" Adriel asked. 

"But,Maxwell is on my side....."

"Side? For what? Conspiring against Theo? Isn't that too childish?" Adriel asked. 

"This is the reason why I can't even talk to you these days,you sound like you're against me....."

"You think I'm against you because I don't wanna be included in your shit,and yes I'm against it. You and Max are perfect match,good luck on that" Adriel said and walked away. 



Theodore met the door to his room unlocked,he opened it and met Leo and Angelo inside. They are busy with different type of snacks in their hands,some empty sachets on the floor already,they are also watching movie on his laptop. 

"Oh,you're back" Leo looked up but Angelo didn't,he just kept on munching on the chips he was waiting while focused on the movie. 

"I love the way this room is so clean,you two did a great job" Theodore muttered sarcastically. 

"You're welcome buddy,what are friends for?" Angelo grinned. 

Theodore sighed out. 

"Yeah" He pulled off his shirt and left them for the bathroom. 

"Gosh,she's so pretty" Leo said,referring to the girl in the movie. 

"Yeah she is" Angelo said. 

"Dude,what drinks do you have in here?" Leo asked loudly as Theo searched for what to wear. 

"I've killed you already in my mind so please if you don't want it to become a reality,don't talk to me" Theodore said and they laughed. 

"C'mon,we are going to clean everything up when we are ready" Angelo said. 

Theo joined them after a while and sat down on the bed.

They stopped watching the movie. 

"Do you have any pictures or videos of yourself? Back home?" Leo asked. 

"Hmm" Theo nodded and moved closer and handled the laptop by himself. 

"Guy you smell so good,move away from me" Angelo said. 

"Seriously" Leo laughed. 

"Why should I move away because of that?" 

"I might kiss you" Angelo teased. 

"I might kill you" Theo said and they laughed. 

"Here they are" Theo said and moved back. 

Angelo clicked on it and the first video they saw was a video of him and Chelsea. It was actually Chelsea doing the video. 

"Hey big head,look up" Chelsea said and Theodore turned from whatever he was doing. 

"Where's that?" Leo asked. 

"My...room" Theodore replied. 

"That doesn't look like a room" Angelo said. 

"There's a lounge,a private one so we always have fun in there,my bedroom is just across" Theodore explained. 

"I'm jealous of you too" Angelo sighed and moved to another picture,they continue scrolling and almost all pictures are filled up with Chelsea and him. 

"It's because,she's the one who always force me to do them,I don't like cameras,but once she insist,I don't have choice" Theo said. 

"Wow,is this your house?" Angelo asked,looking at the building with a mesmerized look on his face. 

"No,Summer's" Theodore replied. 

"What?! She have her own house?" Angelo and Leo asked at a time. 

"Why are you guys looking so surprised?" Theo asked.

"So where do you live? With her or with your parents?" Leo asked.

"Anywhere I want,I have my rooms everywhere" Theo smirked. 

"Wow,that's Crazy" Leo chuckled. 

They got to another video,Chelsea was trying to teach Theo a particular dance step which actually look so weird and crazy. 

"What type of dance is that?" Leo asked while laughing. 

Angelo also started laughing. 

"Dude why would you let her do this to you? You look so sleepy" Leo said,looking at Theo's face in the video. 

"That's because when she came,I was sleeping,but she insisted she teach me the dance she just learnt," Theo said and they continue laughing. 

"Gosh,she's so cute and interesting. I'm jealous she only have fun with you" Angelo said. 

Another video of them,Theo was carrying her on his back this time around. 

"Hi everyone,the best friend award goes to this dummy,I love him so much" Chelsea said and kissed his cheek while grinning at the camera.

"Say something" Chelsea said. 

"You're getting fat,you got more weight,I'm dying" Theo said. 

"I only got thick not fat,what do you mean?" Chelsea snapped. 

"Who said you should get thick? Do you want to destroy my back or something?" Theodore asked. 

"You said you like thick girls idiot" Chelsea snapped. 

"I was kidding,I love slim girls,then thick in other places,not thick everywhere....."

"You're so naughty, drop me!!! Mom!!!" Chelsea screamed. 

"Theodore!what did you do to my baby?!!"  Mrs Andrew's voice came up. 

"Mom,please calm down" Theo said and ran off as Mrs Andrew appeared. 

Chelsea laughed and stopped the video. 

"You two were so close"Leo muttered. 

Theo sighed and moved back.

"Don't you miss her? She's quiet these days,she doesn't wanna talk to me either,I've tried alot" Angelo said. 

Theo said nothing. 

"Monday is visitation day guys" Leo suddenly said. 

"Wait,that's true. Wow!!" Angelo gasped.

"I can't wait to meet Theo's parents" Angelo said. 

"I don't think they've ever came to school" Leo said. 



Only few students were inside,mostly girls. 

Isabella was with Cindy and Dakota,Chelsea was also there with Cleo waiting For Phoenix,but they are eating already. 

"Hey Isabella" Violet suddenly called across the hall. 

"How does it feel kissing Maxwell and Theo? Who got the best kiss?" Violet asked. 

"Gosh,she's so crazy,just ignore her" Cindy scoffed.

Isabella said nothing. 

Violet stood up and moved a bit closer,she leaned on the table.

"But I can bet it's Theo,I've tasted those lips before,so sweet and soft" Violet said. 

The students started murmuring. 

"She...Kissed Theo?" Cindy eyed widened. 

"But I don't think his best friend had that opportunity tho,she's so slow" Violet chuckled looking at Chelsea. 

"I don't think so,you really think she haven't kissed him yet? I doubt that" Paris said from her seat. 

"What's that behind you?"Chelsea suddenly asked and Violet turned,she didn't see anything and then faced Chelsea with a frown. 

"What was that?" 

"Your brain left you" Chelsea replied.

"Hey,how dare you"Violet snapped. 

"I shouldn't have talked,but I will feel bad if I don't teach you how to think with your brain and not your flat @ss,but unfortunately the same way you lack @ss is the same way you lack sense,so no words for you"Chelsea said. 

The Students started laughing. 

"I wasn't even talking to you,mind your business!"Violet snapped. 

"You should have told me,keep my name off you damn mouth" Chelsea snapped. 

Violet hissed and faced Isabella. 

"Hey!" She yelled and kicked their table. 

Isabella sighed and stood up. 

"Hey,why don't you respect yourself?  He wiped his lips after you forcefully kissed him!" She yelled. 

👥 The f+k?!

👥 That's embarrassing

"How....how...did you know that?" Violet asked. 

"You just confirmed it,Theo will never stoop so low to kiss someone like you,so close your mouth and sit down,enjoy your food and stop suffocating us with your dumbness,it's contagious" Isabella Said. 

"F+ck you both!!" Violet screamed and ran out


Phoenix was just coming out of her room,she closed the door and saw Clara leaning by the stair rail,staring at her. 

Phoenix ignored it and made to leave,but then she suddenly felt water splashing on her. She turned at once,it was Clara. 

"What was that for?" Phoenix asked. 

Clara cat walked closer to her and raised the bottle water in her hand and poured it all on Phoenix's head. 

"Hey! Are you crazy?!" Phoenix yelled. 

"Stay away from Adriel,He's mine! Stay away from him you b*tch!!" Clara yelled. 

Phoenix sighed and touched her wet hair. 

"You're insane" She mumbled and turned to go back Into her room.

"I'm insane?!" Clara grabbed her hair. 

"Hey Clara!"Adriel rushed upstairs and grabbed Clara's hand. 

"What the f+ck are you doing?!" He said angrily. 

"Telling her to stay away from what's mine,is there a problem?" Clara snapped. 


"You better start learning how to love me back,I won't let you go no matter what,do you understand?!!" She yelled and pushed him away before walking away angrily. 

Adriel turned to Phoenix. ..

"I'm sorry I...."

"Don't talk to me again" Phoenix snapped and entered her room,closing the door loudly. 

Adriel sighed out and walked away feeling so depressed. 



Only Theo was inside,playing alone as usual. 

The door suddenly opened and he turned to see Chelsea coming in,he ignored it and turned back to what he was doing. 

Chelsea walked over to him. 

"Let's talk" She said. 

"I don't have anything to say to you" Theodore replied,throwing the ball into the hoop with a new style he just learnt,but he missed it. 

"Damn" he groaned and went to pick the ball. 

"Theodore" Chelsea called. 

Theodore sighed. 

"This isn't the agreement,you're f+cking disturbing me and it's annoying" He said. 

"What was our agreement?" Chelsea asked. 

"Forgetting about each other,isn't that what you said?" Theo asked. 

"Forgetting about each other because you got a girlfriend?" Chelsea asked. 

Theodore threw the ball on the wall angrily and faced her. 

"You still think I'm mad at you because of Isabella?" He asked. 

"If not because of her......"

"You really think so low of me,I'm impressed" Theo muttered. 

"Then why are you mad at me?"

"You shouldn't have came Chelsea,you know why? Because you just angered me even more by talking. You should have stayed your fucking damn place if you can't admit and apologize for what you did,then buzz off coz I'm not ready to make up with you either. If you think I'm going to run to you and apologize like a fool as usual,like I've always done even when I'm not at fault,then you are going to wait till we graduate out of this school coz I'm not ready to do that. I'm just going to advice you to stop being so quiet,anyone might misunderstand that you're like that because of me" Theodore said.  

"You've changed" Chelsea said. 

"I know,because I'm no longer the Theo who would beg you to stay with him after you threaten to leave, I've got a lot of things to do rather than that. You should also find something to do or replace me with anyone,not like I care." Theodore said. 

Chelsea smiled and nodded.

"I know,it's obvious you've replaced me already.....my biggest fear" She muttered in tears. 

Theodore scoffed. 

"But then....your words are too harsh. They are too harsh because you've never said all that to me before,you've never leave me when I'm sad,but now you don't even care if I cry or not. I should replace you? With who? I spent all my childhood days with you! We grew together,who the heck is supposed to replace you when I've never looked at any other guy aside you?! Just who?" She cried. 

"Then you shouldn't have told me to forget about you!" Theodore yelled. 

"I thought you won't leave if I said that!" She yelled back. 

"Because that's what I always do,I always put your own happiness ahead of mine without thinking, like a fool. I won't even think twice to do anything,as long as you are happy,putting my own happiness behind me and not doing what I want to do! Thinking you might not like it because I cared about you more than my own self! That was my only mistake,you took that for granted and always wanted me to dance in your tune,why? Because you know I like you a lot. You said you spent all your childhood days with me? What about me? I spent them with you also,that was the reason why I always want to make you happy because I'm scared of you suddenly hating me or stop talking to me...you know me Chelsea,I can do anything for you just to make you happy,so why can't you just do the same? Why can't you allow me like who I want to....."

"Because I'm in love with you!" Chelsea shouted. 

Theodore stopped. 

"I've loved you since all these years,,you don't expect me not to. We do everything together,eat together,sleep together,we hug each other,kiss each other,play together,and still you think I would be happy for you when you suddenly started liking another girl?! I thought you would only look at me! It hurts so much to see you all over another girl,,I hate it when you look at her with those pretty eyes of yours,I just want you to look at me alone,I want you all for myself,I know I'm selfish but.......that's how I feel..I love being your best friend,but I also want to do things only girlfriends do with you,I'm crazy" she broke into tears. 

"You don't even know how painful it is every time you are with her....I always feel like dying,it fucking hurts so much,I can't take it anymore" She cried loudly. 

"Why didn't you tell me?" Theodore asked calmly. 

"Would it have changed anything? You said she was your first love,that means....you've never for once looked at me differently aside me being your friend Theodore. But you really didn't notice?......"

"How would I have noticed when we do the same things we've always done? How else are you going to show me that you don't see me as your best friend? The hug? It's not a new thing between us,the playing aren't new either your pecks and all aren't new,how would I have found out about your feelings?? Just how?" Theodore asked. 

"I just....don't want another girl with you,I'm selfish,too selfish. I still don't want her,I hate it so much,I detest her so much that I feel like a wicked person but I don't care" Chelsea said. 

Theodore sighed and roughed his hair. 

"Chelsea....Isabella and I...."

"I don't want to hear it,I don't care" She cut in. 

"Stop crying" Theodore muttered. 

"It's all your fault,you're the only one who can make me cry this way,and I hate it" Chelsea said. 

Theodore moved closer to her and gave her his handkerchief. 

"I'm sorry I told you to go away,,,,I didn't mean it" She said. 

Theo said nothing. 

"Hug me please" She sobs. 


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