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Dear Ave - Episode 25&26




Dear Ave - Episode 25&26

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



Alex's car pulled up in front of the house...

He looked over at Ava whose fingers are interlaced with each other on her laps.

"Ava" he called, but she seems to be so lost, so he placed his palm on her interlaced fingers.

She faced him slowly...

"Are you ok?" He asked, and she looked out the window to see they've arrived home.

"Already?"  she muttered, coming down from the car.

She started going in without another word, but he held her back.

"Are you mad at me for not telling you sooner? I'm sorry and...

"No it's fine. I'm not even thinking about that anymore" she smiled a fake smile, and he smiled back, then they entered the house together.

"You're back" Octavia said from the living room. She's with Demi, and a telenovela is playing on the TV.

"Yeah" Ava replied tiredly.

"Is everything ok? Where's Gray?" Demi asked.

"I'll go take a shower, be right back" Ava replied, going in without answering.

"Something happened, right? Tell us" Demi said, and Alex settled on the couch.

"You're not saying anything too? Well that's fucked up" Octavia said, looking upset.

"Fine, Gray and I went to the same elementary school, and back then he killed a female teacher too" Alex talked, and Demi gasped.


" I'm sure she did something to deserve it" Octavia said.

"She did nothing. She was the kindest of all the teachers and she always treated Gray specially" Alex replied.

"I don't believe it, she definitely did something. Ok we all know Gray is cold and all but he's not the type to do that for fun. He killed S+xtus because he tried to hurt Ava, so this so-called teacher definitely did something" Octavia said, and Alex stood.

"Even at this point? You're still defending him? Have you ever wondered why he's friendless? I'm the only friend he has ever had but I cut him off after the kill and no one else wants to be his friend cos he's a toxic maniac!" He said.

"Maybe the problem is with you and not him, I don't hate him" Octavia shook her head.

"Suit yourself then" Alex shrugged.

"Octavia?" Ava called. She's just coming out of her room.

"Babe, I have to get home ok? I don't think I can sleepover tonight...bye!" She blew her kisses and winked at Demi.

She carried her bag and left the house.

"Octavia is too headstrong" Demi muttered, walking to Ava.

"You must have been so shocked to find out the truth, come here" she said, pulling Ava into a warm hug.

"I love you babe" she said, rubbing her hair.

"Love you too" Ava replied, hugging her back tightly.

Alex gave them a glance before sitting back, inhaling as he rested on the backrest.



Gray's upper body is bare.. a black shorts is the only thing covering his body as he walked out of the bathroom with a white towel in hand which he's drying his hair with.

He got to the front of the mirror and stopped to stare at his wounded jaw. The wound is small, it'd heal overnight since his healing efficiency is high.

His wild mind went to Ava's change of tone in the pool earlier.

Has she always been like this? Being judgemental and everything...if she thinks that's gonna make him stay away from her, then she's wrong.

Maniacs listen to their heads more than their hearts, and right now he's thinking of various tactics in his skull.

Alex is not on the list of people he wants to hurt, if not he'd have made him lifeless by the pool and mix the water with his blood. 

If he had punched him, no doubt he'd have fainted and Ava will just hate him more.

He should enjoy punching him while it lasts though, cos once he clears the air, he won't mind hurting Alex too.

He finished drying his hair and threw on a sweatshirt, then he heard his phone ringing.

He went for it and picked immediately he saw his dad's number.

"You have to attend the cocktail party tommorow night no matter what" he said.

"What's it about?" Gray asked, walking to the living room.

"Rawlings cooperation is looking for a group to partner with. Trust me if that contract falls into our hands, we'll be above Orbit Group by far. We have to look presentable tommorow night"   chairman Harper replied.

"Meaning a lot of other groups will be there, including Orbit" Gray said.

"Sure, and do well to bring a partner. Don't come alone" chairman replied.

Grayson hung up, smiling hauntingly.

It's very sure that Alex is gonna come with Ava as his partner, and that thought alone made his tongue so bitter.

Something inside him tells him it won't go well... definitely.

He rested back on the couch, shutting his eyes.



Octavia arrived in a cab, and she sighed when she saw the shop lights are still on, meaning her dad is still working.

She checked the time before walking into the shop, and she met the old man about to start eating his dinner.

His working uniform is still on, and he looks tired.

He looked up to see Octavia, and his eyes lit up immediately.

"Look who's here! My pumpkin" he said cheerfully, and she cheerfully went to hug him too.

Her mother left her with his father when she was just two years old, and it's been just the two of them since then.

"You shouldn't be working by this time" She said, breaking the hug.

"Don't worry I've repaired the last car for today" he replied.

"Then at least take off your working uniform before eating" she said, taking it off for him.

"You look upset, is something wrong?" He asked, and she sighed.

"Something is wrong, right?" He asked.

"Is it possible for a 10 year old kid to kill without a reason?" She asked.

"10 years old? Impossible, unless he's a psychopath or...

"It's ok dad, I'll just change and come eat dinner with you" she said, and he nodded.

Their house is just at the back of the shop, so she took few steps and arrived.



Demi didn't sleepover at Ava's place too. She left and decided to branch here to say hi to Ethan.

She heard songs playing inside when she got to the door, and she softly knocked.

No answer came throughout the three knocks, so she opened the door and went in.

She smiled when she saw Ethan in the small living room, practicing his dance for the awards ceremony.

The playing song must have obstructed him from hearing her knock.

She stood on her spot, watching him dance with all his zeal and passion, and she couldn't help but admire him more.

Even with his burnt cheek, he still looks handsome. He looks fine despite with his blindness, so how much more would he look if he undergoes surgery?

She badly wants to help, but she won't be able to do anything without her parents help, and her parents hate poor people.

She watched him dance for one more minute, then she walked to him and hugged him, taking him by surprise.

"Demi?" He recognized her immediately, and she smiled.

"When did you get here?"

"Just now" she replied, hugging him tighter.

He smiled too before hugging her back.



Amy knew Monica was up to something immediately she ordered her to make extra hot tea.

Monica is not a fan of tea, she prefers bitter coffee without sugar, so she was wondering as she climbed the stairs to her room.

She opened the door and stepped in to meet Monica pacing.

"The tea is here, miss" she said.

Monica didn't talk, so she walked to the bedstand and placed the tea cup on it...

"Ethan Cruz... Amy Cruz..." Monica said, and her eyes widened as she looked up.

" I found out he's your brother... Ethan" Monica smiled toxically, walking to her 

Amy shifted back quickly, shivering so much.

Monica picked the cup of hot tea and raised it up...

"Take it and chug" she ordered, and Amy gasped.

"Miss, I'm so sorry but...

"Should I pour it on myself instead?" Monica cut her off, and she quickly took the cup from her, taking it to her mouth.

She drank it all at a go, burning her lungs , tongue, mouth and throat.

Her chest felt like a pot of fire is sitting there, and she started gasping for breaths.

"Good riddance" Monica said sadistically.

"Moni?" Grandpa Joe said from outside, and she went out to him. 

"There's a cocktail party tommorow, you're going with me" he said.



"A cocktail party?" Alex said surprisingly as he stared at the invite Oscar gave to him.

"Yeah, it's to kick off a deal with the Rawlings cooperation, and we must get the contract. If Famoux gets it instead of us, then we're finished" Oscar replied.

"That's not happening, we're getting it" Alex said.

"Chairman Chambers said it's a must for you to come, with a partner" Oscar stressed.

"It's a cocktail party, of course I can't go alone" Alex replied.

"Ava is Available" Oscar winked.

"C+nt" Alex said, and he laughed.

"So why were you desperately looking for Gray's number?" He asked.

"Nothing much" Alex replied.



Ava is sweating so much as she wriggled in bed, her brows furrowing completely as her head bounced from one side to the other

She's standing beside the dark lake again, crying loudly after her dad got swallowed by it.

"Come back to me!! You promised not to leave!! Come back daddy!!! Come back!!!!"

Not minding the pebbles pricking her foot and the thorns, she started running towards the lake again, but that was when strong arms grabbed her from behind.

Before she could scream, she lost consciousness..

Ava woke up with heaving chest, and che held the chest to calm. 

The nightmare goes in this pattern every night.

Her getting trapped in the dark lake, her dad saving her and getting swallowed, then she got kidnapped.

It's exactly what happened to her years ago, and it's more disheartening that she didn't even remember what happened during the kidnap, she only came back home after a week to meet her dad's burial.

A lone tear fell from her eyes, but she quickly wiped it and got down from the bed.

She walked to the kitchen and opened the freezer for water, but the first thing she saw are the water bottles.

She quickly shut the freezer and went for tap water since it's clean too.

"You're not asleep yet?" Alex asked behind her, and she turned to see him leaning on the doorframe.

"I only came to drink water" she replied, raising the cup.

"Actually...I was invited to a cocktail party tommorow" he said, coming closer.

"Whoaaaa!!! You need a hot suit, and a partner" she winked, and he smiled.

"I can't find one actually, so...will you?" He asked.

"Me?" She blinked.

"Sure, you" he replied.



Demi will also be attending the party with her parents, so it's only Octavia helping Ava to dress up in the s+xy blue cocktail gown.

Alex bought it though, and she couldn't refuse since it's better than the ones she has.

The thin spaghetti straps did almost nothing to hold up her br+àsts, but it fit perfectly, molding into her body.

It made her br+àsts larger than it was, and her beautiful collarbones appreciated it a lot.

The necklace, the heels, the earrings and purse, her light makeup, then her neat ponytail... everything stood gorgeously.

She left the room, and Alex couldn't close his mouth when she stepped the living room, smiling brightly at him.

She's so damn pretty.

"I'm ready" she said, making him blink.

"Ladies first" he said, and she led the way while he followed with a large smile.



The party was already on, indicated by the classic opera music when they arrived.

"Are you nervous?" Alex asked

"No, just a little bit anxious. I've never attended a cocktail party" she replied.

"Just trust me" he replied, offering his arm.

She linked hers with it, and they started going in together.

The two big doors were opened for them, and Ava couldn't hide her amazement as they stepped in.

It's all dazzling and shinny in there like a palace, and she sighted a lot of madly rich people immediately.

"Oh my gawd" she muttered.

"Alex?" Chairman Chambers came to meet them from the crowd.

"Dad" Alex smiled, and Ava gasped.

Dad? As in the hidden heir of Orbit Group? No no... Wait... Alex Chambers!

She gasped again . 

"She's pretty" Chairman Chambers said, referring to her 

"I know" Alex replied.

"Come, let's meet Rawlings right now" chairman said, leading the way while they followed, sailing the guests till they got to the middle table where Rawlings is chatting with some business men.

"Meet my hidden son, Rawlings" he said.

"Alex Chambers" Alex smiled.

"Handsome son you've got there" Rawlings smiled, patting Alex's shoulder before looking at Ava.

"Young lady, why am I seeing the face of Ben Huang on your face?" He said.

"Ben Huang is my late dad" Ava smiled.

"I knew it! I never knew he had a daughter" Rawlings said.

"You know my dad?" Ava asked.

"Of course, he was such a good painter, and you're pretty" Rawlings said.

"Thanks" she smiled.

"What's up Mr. Rawlings?" Chairman Harper came over to the table too.

Yolanda is standing by his right side, and Grayson is by the left.

Ava's eyes widened when their eyes met, and she was quick to turn away.

The hatred between chairman Harper and Chambers was unhidden at the table, they kept throwing hate stares at each other.

"I'm guessing this is your hidden son" Rawlings said, staring at Gray.

"Grayson Harper" Gray said curtly.

"I like his cold spirit" Rawlings patted him too, and Ava immediately excused herself to go use the washroom.

She walked past Monica without even realizing...

"What's that b+tch doing here?" Monica muttered, dropping her wine 

She made to follow her, but Grayson blocked her suddenly, and she stopped, gulping hard when she remembered how he choked her.

She stepped back, and Gray walked away.



Ava got confused on what to do when she came in, so she just washed her hand and started drying it with a towel.

Grayson Harper and Alex Chambers?

How could she not suspect anything? She took in the heirs of the two biggest conglomerates in this country.

She closed her eyes and opened it again, shaking her head.

No no... this is not the time to think about it, she needs to get back to the party.

She turned to leave, but her eyes bulged when she saw Grayson behind herself.

When did he even come in?

"Stay back" she said and made to shift away, but he grabbed her arms and pushed her back, so her back hit the wall.

"Gray!" She gasped, unable to look him in the eyes.

"Look at me" he muttered, his deep  voice seeping into her ears, but she kept her face down.

"F+çking look at me, Ava" he said again, but her face remained down, and he could feel her shaking.

"Look at me, or I'm gonna force you to do it" he said again, and she slowly raised her head 

Her eyes are glassy with tears, ready to fall anytime soon.

'Don't cry, Ava' she told herself inwardly, but she knew she'd soon let it out.

This guy is too ruthless and scared is an understatement right now.

"Do I scare you this much?" He whispered, and she sniffled.

"You killed two people, Gray. I was still trying to understand the S+xtus one, but your teacher? I can't wrap my head around it" she shook her head.

"What if I told you that teacher made me into the monster I am?" He replied, and she hiccupped.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm a monster, I've never for once denied it, but she made me... Monsters are made, princess" he replied.

"I still don't understand" she shook her head.

"Then you only have to listen to my own side of the story" he replied.

"Ava!" Alex's voice came from the door, and they both looked at the door at the same time.

Thankfully, Gray locked it inside when he came in.

"Ava are you in?" Alex's voice came again.

Grayson let go of her arms and started walking to the door, but she quickly pulled him back.

"Don't go anywhere... don't open it... Just... Tell me everything I need to know, please" she said softly.

"I wasn't gonna open it, I planned to go tighten the lock" he said, and before she knew it, he lifted her off the ground.

She quickly grabbed his shoulders as he placed her beside the zinc bowl, then he stood in front of her, resting his palms on both sides.

"We can talk this way, princess" he  winked, and she hiccupped.

"Everything, ok?" She said, and he smiled.


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