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Dear Ave - Episode 23&24




Dear Ave - Episode 23&24

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



Gray's Bugatti screeched to an halt in the valet parking lot, and the engine went off.

He faced Ava who's sitting beside him with a killer glare on her face, and he almost grinned.

She has been glaring like this since he kidnapped her from the campus, and she has refused to say a thing.

He had to forcefully tuck her in the car and plug her seatbelt for her since she was being too stubborn about it.

"You might just strangle me with those eyes" he said.

"You think this is funny? I can get you arrested for taking me against my will" she finally spoke, maintaining the glare.

"You should be thankful I didn't use duct tape on your smart mouth or ropes on your gorgeous wrists. I only did secondhand kidnap and you're pouting about it" he replied.

"What! Duct tape and what? I know you're a criminal but you'd actually do that to me?" She blinked.

"Why don't we proceed to do what we're here for" he replied, going back to his straight face.

"What we're here for?"

"Lunch. We're eating lunch here" he replied firmly, and she gave him a long stare before laughing insincerely.

"Hahahaha! You think I'd agree to eat with you? Over my dead body" she rolled eyes.

Without another word, he came down from the car and went to the other side where she is.

He opened the door and started unplugging her seatbelt.

"What again?" She asked.

He kept quiet till he was done, then he easily lifted her over his shoulder again.

"This is insane! Gray!!" She was hitting his back as he started walking in, but she got no response from him till he entered the place.

* Oh my gawd! Cute!

* That's so beautiful to see!

* Best thing I've seen today!

The people eating inside started gushing over them till he dropped her on a chair, and her hair covered her face.

She brushed the hair away from her face and made to stand to confront him, but her hair got caught in the zip of her blouse, and it automatically pulled her back.

Her eyes widened as she started falling back, but Gray slipped an hand behind her back, bringing her back to her feet.

She gasped sharply as their faces stopped in front of each other, and that fleeting moment, she noticed how stormy his eyes are and the fullness of his eyebrows.

He's so hairy, and she wondered how he's managing to keep his face clean from beards. He must be shaving everyday.

"Careful" he told her, and that brought her back.

She quickly snapped out of her intrusive thoughts as he went behind her to release her hair from her zip.

* I want my man like that!

* So romantic!

"This is so embarrassing" Ava muttered, covering her face with an hand as she sat back.

Grayson settled in front of her, staring at her with a tease smile.

"Jerk" She mouthed.

"You can be so adorable when you're embarrassed, princess" he said, and she gave him the middle finger.

"You caused this, criminal"

"Soy su servidor, señor (I'm your server, sir)" a server appeared with a big smile, her Spanish accent so clean.

"Qué quieres?" (What do you want?)" Grayson asked Ava.

"no estoy comiendo (I'm not eating)" she scoffed.

"Beef pie, and the biggest ice cream bowl. Mint" Gray said simply, and she gasped.

"Is it for one sir, or for two?" The server asked.

"One, i don't do ice cream" he replied, his eyes glued to Ava.

"In a bit sir" the server left, and Ava leaned forward.

"You even know I like beef pie? Tell me why I shouldn't get you arrested" she said.

"You won't" he replied, causing her to smirk.

"You killed a person, aren't you even a bit remorseful?" She said.

"Why should I be? He touched what's mine" he deadpanned, and she fell back on her seat, laughing funnily again.

"Yours? That can't be me" she said.

"You've been mine since the first day we met" he replied, staring at her wrist bracelets.

"First day we met? You mean two weeks ago? Whoa!! You're insane Grayson Harper!" She nodded.

He kept his eyes on her bracelets, so she hid her hand from him, and his eyes came to her face.

"What again" she blinked.

"I was kidnapped when I was 10" he said, and her eyes widened with a gasp.

"Me too! But mine happened when I was 8. I was kidnapped for a week, and when I returned, I couldn't remember what happened during the one week kidnap. I lost all the memories till now and...

She stopped talking and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Why am I telling a criminal my story" she said.

"You lost your memories of the kidnap?" Gray said with dark, hooded eyes.

"Hmm" she nodded, and the server finally returned with her tray of ice cream and pie.

"What is this?" She gasped as the two got dropped in front of her.

 The ice cream bowl is so big that she'd fit in herself.

"Enjoy, Miss" the server bowed and left.

"I can't finish this!" She glared at Gray, but he kept his smile intact.

"Gray..." She rolled eyes.

"You're adorable when you're shocked too, and you roll your eyes too easily...it's cute" he interrupted

"Arsehole" she cursed, picking the small spoon to start eating.

"Hmm! Their mint flavor is better here!" She m0aned, taking a bite from the pie too.

"Hmm! I need to start coming here" she nodded and started eating with great appetite.

Gray only sat back, watching her eat with so much ease and amusement in his eyes.

Their eyes met, and she rolled eyes at him again before eating another spoon.

"Here, you can eat too. Stop staring I'm feeling unconformable" she offered him her pie, but when she saw it's the one she has already ate from, she made to return it...

Gray pulled her hand to his mouth and took a bite, making her hiccup as he started chewing softly.

"Eat up" he winked, and she hiccupped again.

"You're unbelievable" she muttered.

"We still have somewhere else to go" he said.




Yolanda has been in there since she returned from the ocean.

Her face is so red with her eyes. She obviously cried a lot.

Chairman Harper is in a meeting, and it's taking longer than usual to end, but she's not in haste.

Grayson ruined her already, and now she has to start from the scratch.

Even if she takes allowance from the chairman for the whole year, she'd never be able to make the cash she lost.

She spranged up when the door opened, and chairman came in, looking so exhausted.


"Yola? Why weren't you at the meeting? You're the General Manager for crying out loud" he said.

"Dad, Grayson set my savings on fire. He threw my gold bars in the ocean!!!" She cried as she walked to him.

"What did you do to him?" He asked.

"Is that important now?"

"Of course. We both know he's not violent till you provoke him. I told you not to do things to anger him. Quit trying to make him suffer cos he's not like you!" He spat, and she cried more.

"Even now, you're on his side?"

"Go back to your office, Yola" he said, walking to his seat.

Yolanda sniffled, wiping her tears as she rushed out of the office.



Alex rushed out of his car and ran into the house, but Ava is not in.

She has been with Gray for the past two hours, and he hasn't been breathing well since then.

She left her phone in her bag in the campus, Demi confirmed it so all his texts and calls are useless.

Where the f+çk did Grayson take her to? That bastard is unpredictable and he can't just guess anything right now.

He dipped his fingers into his already disheveled hair as he came out of the house.

He doesn't even have Grayson's line, and none of the girls have it except Ava herself.

Wait... Oscar!

Oscar works at his dad's company as a General Manager, he has to meet him.

He got back in his car and drove off, zooming roughly till he arrived at Orbit.

Orbit Group is just as big as Famoux, three colourful luxurious skyscrapers facing each other, and that's why the two groups are bloody rivals.

One group doesn't exceed the other.

Alex rushed into the first elevator he saw, riding up to the topmost floor.

He met his father with his guards immediately he came out of the elevator, and the sturdy man squinted surprisingly.

"What are you doing here? Did you perhaps hear about the cocktail party?" He questioned.

"I need to see Oscar" Alex replied, rushing off to Oscar's office.

"Alex?" Oscar looked shocked to see him too.

"Gray's number. You guys do talk right? Give me" he replied, breathing heavily and sweating.



Sylvester came out from one of the ghetto houses, his unbolted belt clanging as he tried to put on his shirt.

He obviously just finished f+çking a slut, and he's on his way out to eat.

He finished putting on the shirt and bolted his belt, then he resumed his walk, but then he heard movements behind.

He turned back swiftly,... no one.

"What was that?" He muttered, turning back to the front.

A large fist met with his nose, and he temporarily stopped breathing as he went down with a bloody nose and mouth.

Noah's face came to view with three other guards from the mansion.

"Take him" he ordered.



Octavia, Demi and Ethan are currently seated in front of the cafe with various snacks and drinks on their table which they're stuffing their faces with as they chatted.

"Grayson Harper is mad crazy" Demi said.

"Crazy but hot. He deserves to spend time with Ava too and that's why I didn't give Alex his line" Octavia replied.

"You have Grayson's line? You should have gave it to Alex!" Demi gasped.

"Why would I? I'm team Grayson Harper and you're team Alex Chambers" Octavia winked.

"You're unbelievable, this same guy killed someone" Demi said.

"Didn't you say the S+xtus guy tried to hurt her? Maybe Gray is just protecting her" Ethan spoke.

"Thanks so much Ethan!" Octavia gushed.

"You're on her side? I'm hurt" Demi said, and he smiled.

She held his hand under the table, rubbing the back of it.

Amy came out of a taxi in front of the cafe, and she rushed to join them.

Demi actually called her to come since she won't be going to the Hawkins mansion till the evening.

"Welcome" Demi smiled at her.

"Sis" Ethan said as she sat at his left side.

"Thanks for taking care of my bro" she said.

"Stop it Amy, just order any thing you like, bills on me" Demi replied.


Monica is currently in her car, cruising the road with her friends.

The driver is driving at the front while they're chatting at the back.

"The Grayson Harper guy, can't I just snatch him already? He's total perfection" Sandra said.

"This is the fifth time you said this" Felicia replied.

"It's because Ava has him too. Alex Chambers is not enough and now Grayson Harper? I wanna kill her!" Sandra snapped.

As usual, Monica didn't participate in their conversation. She just sat there staring into space.

"Wait? Moni isn't that Amy your maid? What's she doing with Ethan and those two b+tches" Felicia said, staring out the window.

The driver stopped the car, and Monica looked at the cafe where they're snacking at.

"What's Ethan's surname again?" Monica muttered.

"Cruz! Ethan Cruz!" Sandra replied.

"Amy is Cruz too" Monica said.

"Wait... siblings? OMG!" Sandra gasped 

"Not surprised" Felicia smirked.

Monica kept the blank look intact as she stared at them, but there's much more hatred in her eyes now.

It could kill.



"What the f+çk are we doing here?" Ava questioned as she came out of the car with Gray.

They came here directly from the resturant.

"Are you gonna come in on your own? Or would you rather i carry you again?" he said firmly.

"Arsehole" she shook her head, and he led the way in. She followed.

Noah is in with the three other guards, but they left immediately Grayson entered.

"Who're they?" Ava asked,but he doesn't answer.

He took off his shoes, then he pulled up his shirt cuffs.

"What are you doing?" Ava asked suspiciously.

He still didn't answer... He walked into the pool, and that was when Ava noticed someone is in the pool.

She went closer as Grayson pulled him up... Sylvester!

He looks so out of breath and boneless cos he got beaten real bad by Noah and the other three.

He's withering in Gray's strong hold.

"Stop! You wanna kill him too? What did he do?" Ava said shockingly.

"The lights at your place, you think it was a coincidence? Yolanda payed him to mess with them. He's S+xtus's deputy" he replied, holding Sylvester by the back of his shirt.

"What!" Ava gasped.

Gray pushed Sylvester's head into the water, and he started struggling for breaths as he gulped chlorine.

Ava stood frozen as she watched the cruel scene, unable to talk.

Grayson pulled Sylvester's head out after two minutes.

"Apologize. I'll be kind enough to let it go" he whispered, but Sylvester said nothing, so he pushed his head underwater again, and another struggle started.

Ava gulped terrifically.

Grayson pulled out his head after three minutes, and Sylvester almost fainted, coughing out water.

"Apologize...I'm not gonna say it again" he said in his gravelly dangerous voice.

"I'm...I'm sorry" Sylvester muttered weakly.

"She can't hear you" Grayson replied.

"I'm...so...rry" he mumbled lifelessly.

"To hell with you!" Ava snapped at Sylvester, and the door flung open immediately.

Alex barged in.

"Alex?" She said surprisingly.

He actually tracked Grayson's line here...

He walked straight to Ava and hugged her first, making her gasp.

He broke it and held her face.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Of course, I'm...

Before she could finish, he left her and entered the pool with Grayson, throwing a punch at his jaw.

Sylvester fell from him and ran out of the place breathlessly.

Grayson stood his groud, but his jaw got wounded.

He didn't move.

"How dare you take her? You're a maniac and no one is safe with you don't you get it? You kill without remorse and it started when you were 10. Is she aware? That you killed Miss Riley, our English teacher!" He spat.

Ava gasped, covering her mouth with her palms, and Grayson's fists folded, his knuckles turning white as he had a flashback.


It's break period, and pupils could be seen playing around in class, though it's scanty cos a lot of them are at the cafeteria.

Grayson has no interest in his face as he sat quietly on his seat, staring out of the class window.

The wind is blowing his tousled hair, and his full brows stood out as usual. He's so handsome even as a kid.

His expensive lunch pack is in front of him, but he's just not interested, he always leaves his lunch untouched.

He's antisocial, never talks to anyone except Alex, his friend.

"Gray! You aren't eating lunch again?" Alex appeared with his gummy smile.

"I'm not interested" Gray replied blankly.

"Grayson Harper! Miss Riley wants you in her office!" A pupil announced.

Gray left the class immediately, and Alex bit his lip hard 

Miss Riley is his favorite teacher, and he does his best to answer questions in her classes. Why is she always calling Grayson to her office instead of him?

He lost his appetite immediately.

Meanwhile, Grayson entered Miss Riley's office and met her waiting by the door.

She smiled and locked the door behind, then she activated soundproof.

"Take off your shorts, pretty boy" she ordered, but he kept looking at her.

She dropped on her knees in front of him and pulled it down herself, taking his small p+nis in her hand.

"Aren't you so cute? Pretty boy" she smiled at him as she rubbed it.

"Don't touch me that way" he sniffled tearfully.

"Don't worry, I'll make you forget everything" she replied, pinning him to the door before taking him in her mouth.

"Miss Riley,stop! Mummy!!!"


Hot blood was already flowing through Grayson's system, and his anger boosted in an animalistic way.

He charged forward to just kill Alex, but Ava entered the pool and got between them, pushing him away from Alex.

She covered Alex, looking at Grayson hatefully.

"You're worse than I can comprehend. Every revelation about you creeps me out!" She shouted, and Gray's jaws clenched.

"Don't come near, else I'll call the cops on you" she said coldly and took Alex's hand.

"Let's go" she said, pulling him out of the pool.

She took him out of the place, and Gray punched the water.


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