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Dear Ave - Episode 21&22




Dear Ave - Episode 21&22

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


Her eyes began closing, and she surrendered to darkness.

Almost immediately, the door opened with a violent force, and a pair of fluffy male slippers ran in, dripping with rain water. 

His hand went to the switch, and he turned on the lights, revealing his face... Grayson.

"F+çk! Ava!" He half-screamed when he saw her laying helplessly on the ground, and he rushed to kneel beside her.

He tilted her up, gently holding her face.

"Hey, princess. Wake the f+çk up" he panicked as he shook her, but he calmed down when he saw her pulse moving.

He felt her heartbeat too,, and  h inhaled in relief before picking her up.

Gently, he dropped her in bed and covered her well. She only needs to rest, and she'll be fine.

"Dad...dad" she said from her slumber, and he paused, staring at her face.

Though she's unconscious, the pain in her face is so obvious.

"Dad" she mumbled again, and he  brought his hand to her chest, placing it directly on her scar.

"Don't panic, princess. I'm here with you" he whispered, and her mumblings stopped.

He shifted his hand to the mole below her left eye and caressed it slowly.

"I told you you'd regret it. It came this way" he whispered again, and his eyes caught the bracelets on her wrist.

He knows there are eight, but right now it's only six.

He looked over to the floor and saw the beads and two holding bands scattered on the ground.

He left the bed and started gathering the beads one by one without missing anyone.

After gathering, he started inserting them back into the holding bands.

It took almost an hour cos the beads are so tiny, but he fixed the two anyways.

He brought them back to bed and wore it with the others on her wrist, completing the eight.

A gorgeous smile appeared on his face at the beauty. Her wrist is to die for.

The bracelets are all same combination of colours except one that's totally colour red.

He rubbed that one for so long like he owns it..

He brought her wrist to his lips and kissed it, then he dropped it gently and stood, staring at her with so much possessiveness in his stormy eyes.

He didn't blink, and he's controlling himself by folding his fists till he turned back swiftly, walking out of the room.

He put on the other lights in the house before leaving the house too, but he only drove his car to the base of a tree not far from the house.

He stayed there, watching over the house from there, and that's when he remembered Yolanda mentioned Alex in the text.

If she truly texted Alex, Alex would be here by now. She only said that to make him lose his mind, and it worked.

He nearly got panic attack as he ran out of the penthouse earlier, but luckily for him, Noah was coming to see him that moment.

He didn't even wait for what he had to say, he snatched the car from him and drove here madly.

He rested back on his seat, staring at Ava's house as Yolanda's face lingered in his head 

She surely didn't do this alone... someone definitely came to the house to turn off the lights, and there's a guess.



Apart from the run road for races, there are small houses like ghettos at the back of the place, and the thugs live there.

Yolanda showed up from afar, her head covered with a thick body cover cos the rain is still pouring.

She got closer, and Sylvester came out to her.

"How was it?" She asked in a whisper.

"It went well, but her fear of darkness is worse than I expected, you should have seen how the bîtch was screaming and crying" he laughed, and Yolanda grinned.


"Who's this Grayson and why are you so obsessed with making him suffer?" Sylvester asked curiously.

"Don't ask questions, just stay safe too. He's not a easy pie cos once he suspects you, he'll come for you" she replied.

"Did you seriously just say that?  I'm a thug and I live in this tarmac with my guys, I'll destroy hundreds of him" Sylvester said.

"Let's see about that" Yolanda smiled and dropped a envelope on his palm before leaving.

He opened it, and he grinned when he saw money.



The sky was blessed with early sunshine obviously because of last night's rain.

A slice of it slipped in through Ava's open window, shinning mildly on her pretty face.

Her lids moved slightly, and her eyes finally opened.

She looked around like she's in a daze for a moment, but immediately she remembered what happened last night, she spranged up, holding her head.

"How did I get to the bed?" She muttered with wide eyes.

She remembered the part where she fainted after calling Gray's name, and she remembered that some of her bracelets got cut.

She quickly checked her wrist, and she gasped when she saw the eight is complete.

She jumped down from the bed, gulping repeatedly.

"Calm down, Ava. You can do this. I had the nightmare, it rained, I woke into darkness,fell from the bed and fainted...then...then... F+çk I can't remember anything!!" She scolded herself, but then her nose caught a whiff of something.

She calmed down and sniffed the air...the smell of rose!

"No... impossible" she muttered, rushing out of her room.

She went to Gray's room, and the scent hit her so hard immediately she opened the door.

She shut it back, looking more shocked.

"He was here...he came" she muttered, biting her lip hard.

How did he know? Did someone really messed with the lights? Or maybe the lights had issues cos of the rain.

No...that can't be true cos she felt an hand pushing her... maybe she imagined that too... everything is just confusing!

She's still thinking when the smell of fried eggs hit her nose.

She was sniffing hard as she rushed to the kitchen where Octavia and Demi preparing breakfast already.

"You guys are here already!! My girls!!!" She said in a baby tone, hugging them at once.

"Why did you wake up already? It was supposed to be breakfast in bed" Octavia said.

"For me?" Ava pouted.

"Of course, surprise surprise! Our first class got shifted to 10 so there's a lot of time" Demi said.

"I'm so glad" Ava said and dished some eggs with the spoon, eating hungrily.

"Wait for the bread and milk at least!" Octavia spanked her butt.

"I can't! I'm f+çking hungry!" She said as she ate.

"Goodmorning, sleepyhead" Alex said behind her, and she turned to him with bulging cheeks full of egg.

"Goodmorning" she said cutely, her voice barely coming out.

"Cute morning. You were already fast asleep when I came back last night. The rain held me down at my last shift and I couldn't come home till 11" he said.

"Really? Were the lights off when you arrived?" She asked.

"No, the lights were fine" he replied, and she nodded.

"Why?" He asked.

"Nothing!" She replied, getting more eggs to eat.

"Morning here!" Oscar came in.

"Morning Gray...oh Oscar" Octavia said senselessly.

"Did you miss him that much to mistake my voice for his? Gray's voice is deeper, and also... Gray would never say goodmorning" Oscar said.

"He'd walk to the freezer straight and pick his bottled water, then he'd walk out without speaking to anyone" Demi said, and Ava bit the side of her mouth.

"I miss him" Octavia said.

"Me too" Oscar replied.

"Can we have the breakfast already?" Alex said, looking bored as he took the fresh loaves out of the oven.

They started taking the meals to the dinning..

"Guys, any idea of what to buy for a guy on his birthday?" Demi asked.

"Wait... Ethan's birthday?" Ava asked.

"Yeah, it's in three days. I saw it written discreetly on the wall when I visited him" Demi replied.

"Not to sound rude, but Ethan needs a lot. Maybe you should just take him out for shopping" Ava said.

"I was just about to say that" Octavia added.

"Noted" Demi smiled, and they left the kitchen, but Ava remembered there's no water jug on the dinning.

She opened the freezer to pick one, and Grayson's face appeared in her head.


His words played in her head, and she remembered last night ... Maybe she regretted it already, but why did he come to save her again?

 Her eyes scanned the numerous bottled water in the freezer,no one has touched them since he left...

"Ava?" Alex called from the door.

"Huh?" She turned to him.

"Breakfast" he said.

"Coming" she closed the freezer and left the kitchen.



Grayson arrived just now. He spent the night under the tree in his car, watching Ava's house till dawn.

 He didn't sleep a wink, but he's used to it, he rarely sleeps at nights.

"Young master!" Noah rushed to him from the door.

A new car is already waiting at the garage, the old one is gone.

"You're still here?" He said.

"You left in such a hurry last night inside that heavy rain. I was worried" Noah replied.

"I'm fine" Gray said shortly and started walking in.

"Actually I came to tell you that I saw Miss Yolanda meeting with a guy from the tarmac. You told me to follow her everywhere and I've been doing that" Noah said.

"I knew it" Gray smirked.

"His name is Sylvester, S+xtus's deputy. Here are his pictures" Noah handed an envelope to him.

"You should rest. Your eyes are red, looks like you didn't sleep" Noah continued.

Gray didn't say anything else before going in.

He could hear Noah driving away as he entered his room.

He had his bath immediately, he can't be caught sleeping right now.

He left for the mansion after dressing up.

The new car is faster than the old, so he arrived fast.

Both chairman and Yolanda aren't at home, and it's a bonus.

He climbed the stairs up to Yolanda's room and looked around like he's trying to figure out something.

There are four framed pictures of Yolanda in the room, so he started removing them one by one till the last one.

Instead of coming off, that one rolled like a wheel, and a locker opened on the wall.

Gray walked there, and a sadistic smirk appeared on his face as he stared at her stack of money.

Yolanda has trust issues, and it's so intense that she doesn't even trust the bank, so she has no bank account.

All her life savings is here, including the ones she stole from the company, then gold bars.

In twenty minutes, Grayson already packed everything in three big bags.

He called the maids, and they carried them to his car trunk.

He drove out, and Yolanda drove in as if planned.

She rushed out of her car and met the maids by the door.

"What did Gray come to do?" She asked suspiciously.

"He filled three bags in your room and took them" they replied, and she rushed upstairs immediately.

"No" her throat dried up when she opened the door and saw her money locker empty.

"Gray!!!" She screamed, pulling off her shoes.

She ran out of the house barefoot, driving out to start chasing after Gray.

She was able to keep up for some minutes, but she lost him at a point.

She stopped her car in the middle of the road, hitting her fist on the wheel.

"Shit! Gray I'll kill you!!!" She yelled madly, and her phone dinged.

• Come to the ocean.

It's a text from Gray, and she didn't drop the phone before driving there.

Grayson's hands are inside his pockets, and he's staring soullessly at a burning pile.

She jumped out of the car, and she almost fainted when she saw it's her money getting burnt.

"Billions... billions...my money" she muttered, but he wasn't even looking at her.

He shifted his gaze to the ocean where he already dumped the gold bars, and she felt herself choking.

"I'll kill you!!!!!" She yelled, rushing to him, but before she could grab him, he left the spot, and she fell beside the burning pile heavily.

"Yes I'm a maniac, and my brain works two times faster than a normal human, so don't you ever pull this shitty stunt again. Deal with me if you have a problem, but if you f+cking go near her again, I'll be burning you in this same location" he muttered and walked to his car.

He zoomed off, and Yolanda started crying.




The building is full to the brim with ladies who're standing in line.

Everyone wants the golden boy Alex to attend to them.

He works his first shift here as a lashtech and second one at the campus, third one at a Walmart.

The ladies are gushing at his face as he came out to the reception to meet Oscar.

"Ladies are willing to die for you anywhere you go, lucky" Oscar said as he settled beside him.

"Blame this handsome face and sèxy slim body" Alex replied.

"Cocky" Oscar laughed.

"Any news?" Alex asked.

"You should tell Ava how you feel about her" Oscar replied.

"You've gotta be kidding me"

"For real... It might be too late before you...

"After just two weeks of meeting her? I'm not even sure about my feelings yet"  Alex said.

"What if Gray is...

"Gray only killed cos he's obsessed with blood, not because of her" Alex interrupted.

"Why? Because he killed Miss Riley your favorite teacher? How sure are you that she didn't do anything to deserve that" Oscar said.

"You know I'm starting to doubt if you're really my bestie. Stop siding with Gray it's effing annoying!" Alex snapped.

"Fine" Oscar sat back.



Ava came out of the washroom looking refreshed, but she stopped when she met Monica waiting in front of it.

They exchanged hateful stares, then she started leaving.

"Your tears will soon arrive, and I can't wait" Monica said, making her stop.

She turned around with a sneer.

"Quit trying, I won't give you my attention" she said and walked away.

She was about to enter the cafeteria to join her friends when her phone rang.

She fished it out, and she gasped when she saw it's Gray.

She didn't delete his number? How could she forget to do that after she sent him his money back?

Anyways she needs explanation about last night so she picked but said nothing.

"Cat's got your tongue? Princess" his voice came.

"You came to my house last night and...

"Why don't we talk about it face to face" he interrupted.

"I'm not gonna meet you" she replied firmly.

"Then good thing I'm right behind you. I'll have to kidnap you then" he said, and she turned fast.

Her eyes widened when she saw he's truly behind her, holding his phone stylishly to his ear and smirking keenly at her.

"What the f+çk" she muttered as he walked in, and the girls at the cafeteria has their airflows restricted immediately.

* He's so hottt!

* Gosh! Who's he?

* I'm dripping!

* F+çking ten over ten!

* I wanna touch his brows!

* My boyfriend!!!

Sandra's fork fell from her, it was love at first sight for her.

Demi couldn't believe her eyes, but Octavia smiled despite the shock.

Alex is in too. He's currently serving Felicia's table, but he stopped already, looking at him unbelievably.

The f+çk is Gray doing here?

"What are you doing here?" Ava asked in a gritted whisper as she faced him, and he smiled trickily.

"To kidnap you" he said.

"Are you crazy?" She glared 

"You might have chased me out of your house, but you can't eliminate me from your life too, princess" he said seriously, and before she could talk again, he lifted her off the ground, to his shoulder.

* Oh my f+çking gawd!

* What the hell!

" Gray put me down!" Ava struggled on his broad shoulder.

Alex dropped the tray with him and was about to walk angrily to him when Felicia blocked him.

"Let her be, she's not worth you" she said shamelessly.

"F+çk the hell off" he glared, and she staggered out of the way.

He rushed out of the cafeteria cos Gray took Ava away already.

He ran till he got to the parking lot, but Gray's car is gone, so he stopped running, breathing so hard and sweaty.

He pulled out his phone to text Ava immediately.

• Where did that dysfunctional bastard take you to? It's not safe with him. Come back please, i'm waiting at the park.


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