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Dear Ave - Episode 19&20




Dear Ave - Episode 19&20

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"It's ok. Angels don't cry" he whispered, rubbing her neck.

Octavia came closer to pat her back gently.

"You only need some sleep, babe. Now stop the tears" she said, and her sobs started decreasing.

Oscar stood rooted by the door without moving an inch cos everything is still dreamy.

He liked Grayson since the first day he met him.

Even though he appears weirdly cold, there's still something about him.

He had plans to make Alex and Grayson become friends again so they'd be a trio, but this had to happen.

Grayson fu+çking killed because of a girl, a girl he's suspecting Alex likes too...

He knows where this is heading to, and he's so not ready for the war.


Alex eventually took Ava in while he settled in the living room with Octavia.

"It's weird that you haven't said a thing" he said.

"Quiet down. I'm still in shock from what happened. S+xtus deserved to die but I didn't expect Gray to call the shots" she replied with her palms on her face.

"Me too" Oscar muttered, laying on the couch.



Ava is already in bed, duvet piled on her body and her eyes closed.

She received the greatest shock obviously. She took in a killer, and he killed because of her.

Bile grows in her throat each time she thinks about that truth, and she feels nauseous.

"Are you finally calm?" Alex asked, and her pretty eyes opened slowly.

He's sitting beside her in bed, staring at her with concern.

"It's better" she replied, and he smiled, touching her shoulder to give it a gentle squeeze together with the duvet.

"This is what you were talking about when you said he's dangerous" she muttered.

"I thought he changed. I assumed the past years changed him, but I was wrong" he replied.

"You said you witnessed his dark side once. Does that mean he has killed someone before?" She asked, and he sighed.

"You should get some sleep, angel" he replied, avoiding the question.

"Alex please...I need to know more about...

"You don't need to know anything about him. He's gone now so just relax, ok?" He said, and she nodded once.

"Cool" he stood after giving her midnight-dark hair a gentle stroke.

"Goodnight" he smiled.

"Same here" she smiled back, and he walked out.

 Octavia came in immediately.

"Come here fast" Ava said from the bed.

"You can't do without me" Octavia grinned, going to the wardrobe to get one of Ava's PJs.

She put it on before joining her. They cuddled close under the duvet, sleeping off at once.



Grayson's expression still remained straight as he came out of his car, waltzing in. 

Luckily, he met Yolanda and chairman Harper in the living room, sorting some files together.

"Son?" Chairman stood surprisingly.

"Here, the file you told me to work on" Grayson said , throwing it on the table.

He started walking out afterwards...

"Gray! What's with the attitude?" Chairman called after him.

"Maybe he got chased out of his new house" Yolanda said, not hiding the mockery in her voice.

Grayson stopped on his spot immediately.

"Gray, is that true?" Chairman asked, removing his glasses.

Grayson turned back slowly...

If there's something colder than ice, it's the look ok his face right now. He already tore Yolanda to bits in his mind.

"Why didn't you tell me you found a girl you're interested in" chairman asked.

"You found her already so quit the act. You forced Noah to tell you everything and that snake beside you found out, and she's perfectly ruining my plans" he replied, and this time he couldn't hide the anger in his voice.

"Gray... Yola...you both..." Chairman tried to calm them, but both are too heated to be calmed.

"Did you just call me a snake? Well this snake made you lose the person you want most in the world, so I deserve the medal! Remember when I told you I won't let you have anything you want? She's now part of it" Yolanda fired.

"You think?" Grayson smiled the haunting smile, and she recoiled.

"If you're gonna beat me then you might wanna do better, cos she's still coming back to me" he said with an air of confidence before walking out the door.

"To hell with you Gray!!" Yolanda screamed after him.

"Aren't you seriously ashamed of yourself?" Chairman said, and she turned to him .

"Seriously? You started this shit dad! You placed him on top of us since he was a kid!" 

"I wouldn't have done that if you didn't hate him! You hate him cos even though you're his senior, he was and is still better than you in everything! Don't try to blame me cos you brought it all upon yourself!" He yelled.

"Really? What will the public think when they know the truth about his mental health? Should I tell the whole of Spain that your heir is a sick maniac who once tried killing me?" She shouted hotly, and a smack landed on her face from him.

"Dad!" She gasped, holding the stinging red cheek shockingly.

"Nothing is his fault, so mind the words you say" he said sternly before going upstairs.

"You'll continue siding with him till death, Huh?" Yolanda seethed, fisting her own hair in two places like horns.

"Let's see how that goes" she said, getting her phone to dial a number.

It's Sylvester from the tarmac. She made sure she met him earlier today, and she's gonna be using him as much as she can.

So far Grayson stuffers, she doesn't even care who she uses.

Sylvester picked at the first ring.

"Yolanda?" His husky voice said.

"Don't you wanna make Ava pay for S+xtus's death? How about we do something tommorow" she said.



Though it's been over ten years since Grayson visited the place, it still looks clean and sparkly cos maids from the mansion come to clean everyday at the chairman's orders.

It's a gift from Grayson's late mother. A birthday gift.

He drove in smoothly, and the smell of woods and petals  surrounded him immediately he stepped out of the car.

The building is surrounded by trees and flowers... He's not a lover of both, but his mother was obsessed with them.

He gave the surroundings a good look, but he's barely even concentrating on the details.

Ava chased him away cos she found out about his kill.. what'd happen if she finds out about his dark past and secrets too?

She'd just hate him more and his plan to claim her will fall apart...

 Alex will be the better man and that thought is making his fists fold.

The tears on her face and the disappointing look in her eyes from earlier pricked his head, and his fists folded completely.

She hates him.

What was he expecting anyways? Not like she'd jump into his arms after hearing about his kill, but he wasn't prepared for it.

It caught him off guard, and it's crushing him.

He spent months staring at her pictures in Italy, and now that he's back to stay beside her, things had to get fussy...

His thoughts was clouded with her as he stepped in.


Thirty minutes later, he already had a warm shower, changed into woolens and black pants brought by Noah.

He made a cup of coffee for himself and was walking back to the living room when his phone dinged.

It's an email from his dad.

• I truly planned to chase the girl away from Spain, but it's for your own good. You're deeply into her and if she continues triggering you, it won't end well.

He pocketed his phone and pulled his brows.

He expected this anyways... Chairman makes extra efforts to please him.

He settled on the couch, and Alex's words from earlier hit him.


Her name was Miss Riley, he could still remember her ugly face. It's embedded his memory, and her favorite words to him....


Her voice echoed in his head in a whisper, and his fingers tightened madly on the coffee mug, almost crushing it.



Monica came downstairs with Amy behind her, carrying her bag.

It's Monday, another boring campus day, but that's not the problem right now.

The problem is Ava, the problem is that her Grandpa Joe is keeping the truth about Sky from her, and it's infuriating.

She sat down at the dinning table, and Amy started serving her food.

"Stop, I'm not gonna eat" she interrupted, and Amy stopped.

"Come closer" Monica said emptily, and she gasped in fear.

She went closer nevertheless 

Amy immediately picked the cup of warm water, pouring it all on her face.

Amy gasped, staggering back as the water soaked her.

"What did i say about roll on?" Monica glared.

"You said it's a must to use it before coming closer to you, and I used it, I...

"You did? And the smell from your armpit is reaching my nose?" Monica glared.


Amy was still talking when Grandpa Joe came downstairs.

"Are you ok Moni?" He asked. 

Without replying, Monica stood and got her bag then walked out of the house.

"Moni!" He rushed after her and caught up by the garage.

"You can get back at Ava at the upcoming awards ceremony by using this" he said, handing her a green bottle of liquid.

"What's the use?" She asked with a glare.

"Make sure you get it into her drink or something. Her face will become the habitat of boils and mighty red pimples throughout that day. She'll surely be humiliated in the hall" he explained, and she smiled at the bottle.



"Remember the rules. You must not leave the spotlight while performing your dance that night, and your dress must match your makeup theme. There'll be bonus points for those" Mrs. Colour addressed the trainees who stood in front of her.

Everyone looks tired cos they've been practicing since morning.

The school hosts the award ceremony every month, and there's always three awards to be won...

Gold, silver and bronze.

The highest the number of awards you get, the highest your chance to enter a popular dance band, and that's why everyone goes out of their way just to make sure they win something that night especially the gold.

The trainees left the class after hearing the last word from Mrs. Colour, and they head to the cafeteria for lunch.

Demi held Ethan's hand throughout, and Monica's eyes stayed on them as she walked with her lapdogs.

"Eew!, I wanna vomit!" Sandra held her throat, and Felicia laughed.

"You haven't been talking Monica, do you have a plan?" Felicia asked as they entered the cafeteria.

"Demi has a childhood sweetheart according to research. His name is Luciano, and he's returning to Spain soon. I chatted him up on IG and we became friends . The exciting thing is that he's a control freak, so Ethan is as good as dead when he returns" Monica replied.

"Yes!" Felicia and Sandra stuck hands.

"I can't wait!" Felicia said.

"I'm so happy! I wish there's a plan for Ava too" Sandra squealed.

"There is, and that one is more exciting" Monica replied.

"Yes!!" Sandra shouted as they took their seats.

"I love you Moni!" Felicia gushed .

They settled to eat, and a server came to get their preferences, but then Alex walked in with a troll of food, and girls began drooling on him as he pushed it to Ava's table.

* My man!

"If I don't f+çk this guy soon, I might die" Felicia muttered.

Her face turned sour when he got to Ava's table and stroked Ava's hair fondly.

Ava was smiling at him as he stroked, and he was smiling back like they're lovers.

Felicia stood and left the cafeteria angrily.

"Enjoy your meal" Alex told Ava, finally taking his hand away from her dark hair.

"Sure, see you later!" She replied, and he left.

The girls around threw devilish glances at Ava, but she doesn't care anyways.

"I smell something fishy though. It's like you both grew closer since Gray's issue yesterday" Demi narrowed her eyes.

"I miss Gray" Octavia muttered.

"Don't say that again....dude is a killer" Demi said.

"Can we not talk about him anymore? I returned his cash so please..." Ava said, and they all dived into their meals.



Alex is still not back from his last shift, and Oscar isn't around too.

Demi and Octavia aren't sleeping over tonight, so it's just Ava at home, and thanks to the campus dance stress, she fell asleep early.

The night air is so cold, and it's obviously gonna rain soon.

Faint drops of rain started hitting the roof, and Ava found herself in a dark cold lake, struggling to stay afloat and get breaths into her failing lungs.

"Help! Someone help!...help me!!!"

She was screaming as she struggled in the darkness of the lake, and it's like something is pulling her underwater, locking her inside.

The lake turned colder, and her breaths started stopping, her lungs are surely frozen by now. 

"Help!!! Help!!!!" She screamed with the remaining energy in her, and then a man came running.

Her dad!

He jumped into the dark lake without waiting, and he started swimming towards her fast.

"I'll save you...baby, don't worry" he was saying as he swam.

He got to her and pushed her forward.

Whatever is holding her leg underwater let go of her, and she swam to the shore, but when she looked at the dark lake again, her dad is nowhere to be found. The lake swallowed him already.

"No! No daddy!!! Daddy!!!!!"

Ava woke up with a loud scream, it's the nightmare again, and it got worse cos all the lights in the house are off, and the rain got big already.

She woke up into darkness, and her heart jumped as she started shaking immediately.

She fears darkness more than anything...it reminds her of the dark lake everytime.

Her heart was slamming too hard on her chest as she stretched her hand to the bedstand to put on the lamp, but none is available.

The lamp is gone! And it's like she's not the only one in this room.

 A sweat fell from her brow.

"What's... what's happening" she muttered, and her chest started pounding.

She stayed in bed fearfully, wrapping the duvet on herself,but someone suddenly pushed her, and she fell from the bed to the ground.

"Wha... whatt .... What the hell is happening!!!" She started crying immediately as the darkness drowned her more.

"Someone... put on the lights... Put on the lights!!!" She cried out horrifically, bringing her hand to the skin plaster on her chest.

She removed it, revealing her surgical scar which she started rubbing to calm herself down, but it's not working.

Thunder sounded in the sky, and lightening came in through the window, making her heart jump to her mouth.

"Help!!! Someone please!!!" She cried out, crawling on the ground as the darkness choked her.



Working at home from the laptop became Grayson's daily routine already, and even though it's late, he's still on it.

If he wants to take his mind away from Ava, then he needs it.

He used his protective glasses as he worked, and his phone buzzed on the table.

He spared it a glance, and he frowned when he saw it's a text from Yolanda.

He took the phone, and his eyes twitched when he saw the text.

• Heard she has nyctophobia.  I'm sure she's drowning in darkness right now. I decided to play with her a little bit, let's hope she won't die. I sent this to your rival too, I mean Alex. Let's see who gets to save her, this will be fun!!!

"I swear to gawd Yolanda..." He was raging as he pushed the laptop away from the table.

He rushed out of the house to his car, but the car won't start.

"What in the actual f(ck!" He spat, trying the ignition again but it's still same.

Is this Yolanda's deed too?

He came down from the car, running out of the penthouse. 



Ava tried to stand despite the darkness weighing her down, but it has drained her energy so much that she fell back on the ground weakly.

Her bracelets met with the bedstand, and two of it got cut, scattering the beads around the room.

"Dad!... Please save me it's so dark...I'm so scared...I'm scared to death!!!" She cried out again.

The scar on her chest is starting to swell up, and her face reddened completely already.

Her mind drifted to the tarmac incident when she hid in the dark from Sèxtus... how she heard Grayson's voice and how he saved her that night.

Another tear came out of her eyes...

"Gray... Please save me again" she whispered.

Her eyes began closing, and she surrendered to darkness.


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