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Dear Ave - Episode 15&16




Dear Ave - Episode 15&16

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"Gray!" She gasped and pushed his head away but who's she's kidding?

He was so strong that his head didn't even budge. He kept his lips on the tat, and she pulled at his hair, but that was another fruitless attempt.

"Gray...stop!" She said loudly, and it almost sounded like a plead.

Slowly, he lifted his lips from the flesh, letting go of her thigh to stand.

She opened the door, and her slippers slipped as she was about to run out.

The left one slipped out of her foot, and she didn't even stop to take it before waltzing away.

A gorgeous predatory smile appeared on Grayson's face, and he kept it up, rubbing his thumb on his lips as he walked to the bed.

He sat and got his phone, clicking on gallery to go see her pictures.

 They're more than hundred, thanks to Noah who did the job for him when he was still in Italy.

He's not the type to get hooked by any girl no matter how pretty or clean... Not after what he experienced as a kid.

He was only interested in watching strippers display their naked bodies or paying sluts for strip dances, but it all went under the rug the moment he saw her picture as the owner of the house he was gonna rent.

There's no explanation or reason, but he immediately started wanting to claim her, and that's why he ordered Noah to do the research and stalking.

She'd probably faint if she finds out the things he knows about her...even things she doesn't know about herself.

He smiled again at the thought, but it doesn't matter... He'll protect her from all eyes. 

Killing because of her was only just the start.... he'd do worse.

His mood brightened ... Obviously because his lips made contact with her tattoo.

He had always wanted to kiss the rose since the first time he saw it in one of her beach pictures.

His gaze shifted to her slipper in front of the door, and he chuckled.


Ava shut the door and stayed behind it when she got to her room.

She was breathing hard, so she placed an hand on her chest while the other one stayed on the door body as she tried to balance her breaths.

She stayed there for minutes, and when she finally moved her body, she hiccupped.

How did he know about her tattoo? No one knows that except her friends cos she only leaves it open whenever they visit the beach.

Then the surgical scar on her chest... Only her friends know she had a heart surgery, and she has been hiding the scar with skin plaster so it doesn't show except when she's in the bathroom.

Then how come that psycho knows about it? Has he been peeping secretly at her in the bathroom?

She gasped and threw her arms around herself, eyes so wide.

"He stalked me too, that's why he found out I love mint flavor and hate pineapple juice...how could..."

She dropped her arms from her body and smirked.

"That snake, I should have seen it in his eyes when he received video call from a naked lady" she muttered.

"Ava?" Alex's voice came from the doorstep, and she lifted her body from the door, arranging herself before opening up.

"Hey!" She said awkwardly.

"You good?" He asked suspiciously, sweat shining on his brows.

"I'm fine" she smiled, stepping out to him.

"Ice cream is here" he said.

"Let's go, but you're sweating so much" she replied, pulling him by the hand.

He followed her with a large smile, and she was surprised to see Grayson in the living room already.

He's currently playing video games with Oscar on a TV channel, and Oscar's screams filled the whole room cos he started winning over him right from the first minute.

Octavia and Demi are the cheerleaders while Ethan just sat blankly. They're all eating from their ice cream plates already.

"Gray is here Ava! Get your ice cream and join the fun" Octavia waved at her.

She shook her head and eventually entered the kitchen with Alex who has been silent.

"Here, your ice cream" Alex handed over the plate, and she took it with delight.

"Why mint though? It's literally toothpaste" he made funny faces, and she hit his chest playfully.

"Don't tell this to anyone and don't laugh" she said, pulling him closer 

"What?" He asked curiously, feeling heat on his skin cos of the spot she's holding.

"When i was young, I loved toothpaste so much that i licked it in secret. Toothpaste didn't last in our house, and my dad was thinking it's some spirit, but i was the spirit..." She said, and he bursted into an amusing laughter.

"I told you not to laugh, traitor" she hit his chest again.

"Ouch! Sorry were you caught?" He asked as his laughter died down.

"Yeah. Dad caught me one day, and he started buying me mint flavoured ice cream to replace it. I grew to love the ice cream more than toothpaste" she replied.

"You haven't talked about your dad till now" he said.

"Cos he's dead" she replied, and sympathy flashed in his eyes shortly.

"What about your mum?"

"She's alive, but she's dead to me... She's a bîtch" she replied hatefully, stabbing the ice cream plate repeatedly with the small spoon.

Alex placed a hand on the small of her back, patting it softly.

"Sorry about all that" he said in a low tone, and she faced him 

"It's fine, so what about you? Your mum? Dad?..." She asked, and he bit his lip.

"Mum is dead, but dad is alive and rich. He believes an heir should learn independence before taking over, and that's why he sent me on a mission to make my own money. If I make enough money to satisfy him, he'll handover the company" he explained, and she smiled.

"Your dad is a caveman"

"I know, right?" He replied and they both laughed.

"I wish I can know what Gray's mission is too" she said 

"Don't bother to ask him... He's not the type to speak up easily, and don't try to understand him, he'll drive you crazy" he replied seriously, and she came closer.

"So ... You both know each other" she narrowed her eyes.

"Can we not talk about him anymore?" He replied and returned to the cooking he was doing.

Ava watched him from behind, and she smiled before she knew it 

"You're not bad when you're not being a jerk" she said, and he turned with a seductive smile.

"So...am i starting to get under your skin?" He asked, and she threw an empty bottle at him which he caught, laughing loudly.

"Come here" he smiled eventually, and she walked to stand beside him.

She put on her apron, and he tied the ropes for her.

They did the cooking together, and within an hour, they filled the dinning table with delicious meals 

"They say food from your enemy tastes the best!" Octavia said as she settled down to eat with the others.

"Careful though, you might get choked by a bone" Alex replied, and everyone laughed as she gave him the middle finger.

"Hmm!" Oscar's eyes widened when he tasted the pasta 

"It's delicious! Ava tell me the truth, Alex didn't touch anything in the kitchen did he?" He said shockingly.

"Gawd! It's sumptuous! Ava please tell me Alex didn't participate" Octavia said after tasting too.

"He cooked the pasta actually, I only supervised and did the salad" Ava replied 

"What!" Octavia and Oscar chorused, and Alex smirked proudly.

"I've always known you had it in you" Oscar said.

"Screw you" Alex said, and he laughed.

"Do you need me to feed you Ethan?" Demi asked him.

"No, just place my right hand on the side of the dish then give me the fork" he replied gently, and she did.

He started eating slowly, making her smile.

"Dude! You should eat too!" Oscar called out to Grayson in the living room.

Ava expected him to turn him down, but he stood and walked up to them, but there's no more cutlery, so he went to the kitchen to get them

"Excuse me!" Ava said, entering with him.

Something flashed in Alex's eyes immediately, but he continued eating nevertheless.



Grayson got a fork from the cutlery hanger, and when he turned to leave, a knife blocked his neck, and he frowned when he saw it's Ava holding it with a glare.

"That's too poor, princess. I can easily snap that knife out of your hand" he said.

"Tell me, you've been secretly peeping at me in the bathroom right? Otherwise you wouldn't know I have a tattoo or surgical scar" she breathed.

"I love ladies n+kedness and will pay dollars to see them in Italian clubs, so why the f+çk would i peep at you when I can just easily offer you a huge sum to strip for me" he replied with a straight face.


"Yeah, but you're not a slut so I would never do that. You'll show me your n+kedness without me asking when it's time" he said confidently, and she brought the knife closer to his throat, pinning him tighter.

She's being so cautious so she won't mistakenly cut him, and he smiled tauntingly.

She can't hurt a fly anyways...

"You think I'm joking here huh? How did you know about the mint and my hate for pineapple?" She demanded, her breathing climbing higher.

"I'm trying to think that you're not trying to seduce me right now, but it's hard to believe" he replied, staring straight at her chest.

Ava's eyes went there, and she gasped when she saw the two first buttons of her top is undone, showing off her black br@ and the popping top of her B-cup br+àsts.

"F+çk!" She quickly let him go, turning her back on him.

"Nice b👀bs right there" he said, walking out of the kitchen.

"That jerk!" She quickly did the buttons, dropping the knife.

She left the kitchen to join them in the dinning, and she met him eating beside Octavia.

She kept standing on her spot, wishing she could pour some acid on his handsome face...

"Why are you standing there?" Demi asked.

"She's probably shy cos I saw her bo...

Ava was already with Grayson before she could finish the statement, and she covered his mouth tightly with her palm.

"Shut it down, or I'll really kill you" she gritted, and he maintained his poker face as everyone stared at them.

"Ok what happened when you both were in the kitchen?" Octavia said suspiciously.

"Nothing happened" Ava quickly said.

Meanwhile, Alex is scowling on his seat...why the f+çk are they so close?

"Thanks for inviting me, I enjoyed the food" Ethan's voice interrupted the awkwardness.

"Feel free to come anytime, Ethan. You're one of us now" Ava said, and he smiled.

He later left with Demi and Octavia at 7.

Demi dropped Octavia at her place first before driving to his street to drop him.

She helped him out of the car, and she suddenly raised her hand to his burnt right cheek, touching the burnt skin gently.

He stood still, allowing her.

"I wish to know the story behind this burn and how you got blind" she muttered.

"I'll tell you someday" he replied, and she nodded.

"Will you be fine alone at home?" She asked, removing her hand.

"Sure, and thanks for standing up for me with your friends. I'll pay you back someday too" he said, and she smiled.

"Don't bother, just feel at peace from now on... I'll be beside you" 

He returned the smile before walking inside with his stick.

She saw the door close before driving off.

She head home straight and rolled the car smoothly into the big mansion after a ten minutes drive.

Her personal maid was already waiting for her.

"Welcome Miss" the young girl took her bag, and Demi smiled at her as she led her in.

Her parents were already eating dinner at the dinning, surrounded by servers and maids.

"You're always coming in late these days. Are these wretched friends of yours important than us?" Mr. Lovato said, taking a cup of wine.

"My friends aren't wretched" Demi defended.

"Then what are they? Octavia Walter, the daughter of a mechanic, and Ava Huang whose father was a painter before his death, what are they?" Mr. Lovato sneered.

Demi started climbing the stairs without replying.

"Luciano will be returning to Spain soon. You should get ready to meet your childhood sweetheart" Mrs. Lovato said, but that didn't stop her.

She climbed up completely, and Mr. Lovato huffed.



It's another Sunday, another day to visit the tarmac for the race.

Felicia and Sandra didn't have to drag Monica this time, she was ready to go when they arrived.

"Strange, do you have plans?" Felicia asked,but she didn't reply.

She kept staring at her reflection in the mirror.

Felicia exchanged glances with Sandra, and they ignored her.

"Am I the only one who badly wanna kill Ava?" Felicia said.

"Demi is the one who fought you" Sandra replied.

"But Ava is the one whose waist was held by Alex" Felicia said.

"I knew it. Why are you so obsessed with that guy?" Sandra laughed.

"Stop talking like you don't have a crush on him too" Felicia rolled eyes.

"I did, but I stopped when i realized your crush is bigger" Sandra replied, and Felicia popped raspberries.

"Any chance I get, she's going down before the Awards Ceremony" Felicia muttered, and Monica finally faced them.

"Are you done?" They asked at once.

"Before we go to the tarmac, I have somewhere important to be" she replied expressionlessly.



Ava was rarely at home throughout the just completed week.

After the dinner they had together, things got hectic in the campus cos of the upcoming awards ceremony, and she always came home tired.

Alex did most of the cooking with Oscar. The only conversations she had with Grayson was when they met in the kitchen.

He's like obsessed with bottled water, so they met at times by the freezer, and their conversations are always cut short cos he always mentioned b👀bs to tease her.

He never holds back before talking dirty.

The incident of last Sunday made her decide to stay back and watch 'The Vampire Diaries' with Octavia and Demi.

Alex wouldn't allow them to go to the tarmac anyways, so they did the honours themselves.

He left with Oscar already, and Grayson is probably inside his room, so it's just the girls in the living room.

They all have their popcorn bowls, munching along.

They're so invested in the show that they didn't realize when Grayson came out of his room.

He's in his black hood, and it's covering his head as he made his way to the living room.

He spared the girls a quick glance, but when his eyes got to Ava, they darkened.

One of the popcorn she's eating fell between her b👀bs, and she dipped her hand into her br@, taking it out...

If only she knew how s+xy that looked, or if she knew his eyes are on her, she'd probably coil in embarrassment.

He tilted his head, smirking at his own thoughts before walking out of the house.

He was about to enter his car when he saw a unfamiliar car across the street.

It wasn't there earlier, so he wondered who owns it.

The red colour shone under the moonlight, and he gave it a better look, but he brushed it off and was about to open his car door when he heard footsteps behind.

He turned back immediately, and a frown settled on his fine face when he saw her...

Monica,... she's smiling like a creep, stopping right in front of him.

A chilly night air blew, taking his hoodie away from his head to reveal his face completely.

Her smile grew wider, and his frown deepened too.

"We need to talk... Sky" Monica said.


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