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Dear Ave - Episode 13&14




Dear Ave - Episode 13&14

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


His head hit on the steering, and he smiled psychotically, resting back on his seat as his blood wet his face.

Within the blink of an eye, road officials appeared... Three of them.

"Are you ok sir?" The female among them asked, knocking at the tinted window.

Grayson winded down , and they gasped when they saw his bloody face.

"You need to get to the hospital as fast as possible, we can take you"

"I don't do that shit" he replied, staring into space.

"Were you drunk driving?" The third one asked, but he remained unfazed, so they got the breathalyzer and he blew into it without arguing.

"No alcohol in his system" the one holding the machine said.

"Sir,you really need to...

"I said I'm not going! You want money for the damaged light? I'mma give you shitty notes! You wanna lock me up? Just do any damn thing!" He yelled, and they flinched obviously.

Another car stopped beside the road, and Yolanda stepped out of it, rushing to them 

"Miss Yolanda Harper!" The officials recognized her immediately.

"He's a distant cousin. Can you let him go for my sake? I'll shoulder everything" she smiled sweetly.

"Sure, but keep a good eye on him... He seems depressed" the female one said.

"Sure... thanks" she smiled, and they left after she gave them her business card.

"Get out" she ordered, and Grayson grinned.

"You really think I'll do that for you?"

"I don't really know what you're thinking or what you're doing here in Spain but don't just cross the line" she said, and he finally came out.

"I know you send spies after me everyday. You really wanna find out my new location but too bad you'll never get it" he said, and Yolanda smiled hauntingly, coming closer to dust his shoulder.

She looked at his face afterwards.

"Little brother, you act all tall and mighty like you're not scared of anyone in the world, but we both know you fear one person, and just a phonecall will bring him back to Spain" she said, and he smirked.

"Why don't you get your f+çking phone and give him a call. Tell him to come to me, and I'll end him, permanently" he replied boldly.

"Look who got bold...did your demons wake up again? I can see it in your eyes... they're back" she whispered, and he smiled lethally.

"Then you might wanna stay away from me cos I won't bat a lash before pulling a trigger at you" he whispered back.

"No. I'll remain on your throat till you go back to Italy, and you'll never get known by the public as the heir of Famoux. I'll make sure I end you before that day comes... Watch out, Dark Devil" she gave him a creepy smile before walking back to her car 

She drove off, and Grayson's body rested on his car as he sighed out.

Thanks to the rain, the bangs in his hair covered a part of his face, and his shirt covered all of his arms.

He covered his face with the arms, feeling so out.



"Dude, you're sleeping here again tonight?" Alex said, joining Oscar in the living room after changing into comfy wears.

He arrived with Ava ten minutes ago.

"Aren't we Tom and Jerry? I'll stick like glue" Oscar winked, and Alex threw a pillow at him which he caught playfully.

"So how's it with Ava?" Oscar asked.

"What do you mean?" Alex's brows raised.

"C'mon...you decided to work at the campus cos of her ... eh" Oscar winked.

"They pay so well, and I have to make enough money to convince my rich dad, so... " Alex replied.

"I won't buy that excuse" Oscar smiled.

"Stop poking your sticky nose all-over" Alex rolled eyes, and he laughed.

"I seriously can't cook anymore this night" Ava said, yawning as she came out in a sweater and long jean.

"I'll just order" Alex got his phone as she settled with them on the same couch.

"Spaghetti!" Oscar and Ava chorused, and they stuck hands afterwards.

"Are you both buddies now?" Alex chuckled as he made the order on his phone.

"Order for four... Gray too" Ava said.

"He can order for himself when he arrives" Alex replied, and Grayson came in immediately.

"Dude!" Oscar gasped when he saw his forehead wound.

"Gray what happened to you?" Ava stood and rushed to him.

She held his arms as she stared at the wound.

Alex rolled eyes.

"How did this happen? You should have visited the hospital" she said.

"Ion need it" he replied, shaking her hands off.

"Then I can help you treat the...

He was already walking in before she could finish.

"He's an @sshole, never changes" Alex muttered.

"Dude, someone got hurt here!" Oscar scolded.

"And that's not my cup of tea!" Alex snapped back, and Oscar threw his head back.

Ava continued standing on her spot, looking so worried.


Grayson didn't bother to have a bath as he entered his room.

The blood he lost made him weak as f+çk, so he only took off his wet shirt and started walking to bed 

He was halfway through the journey when Yolanda's words resounded in his head.


He stopped on his tracks, regurgitating over and over till those words choked him.

It's like all the noise in the world is entering his head, and the panic attack hit his chest.

He quickly went on his knees, holding the chest tightly as his face became red, and his body shook.

The room was spinning, and his heart was slamming so hard .

"Breath in...breath out... you'll be ok my darling" His late mother's voice rang in his head, and he started breathing in and out repeatedly.

Doing it for three minutes made him come back, and he sat on the ground, backing the wall.

He slept off like that, in the dark room.



The five guards came back together with the chief guard (Noah) just now.

Surprisingly, chairman Harper was waiting at the garage when they arrived, and they froze.

"Where did you all go?" Chairman questioned.

"The gym...we went for exercise" Noah said.

"The gym instructor told me none of my guards came over, how dare you lie to me!" He yelled, and Noah quickly went on his knees with the other five.

Yolanda was watching from the top balcony, holding a cup of wine over the rails.

"It was...it was young master...he ordered us" Noah confessed.

"Grayson ordered you? You better tell me everything" chairman said, and Noah swallowed.


Three minutes later, Noah was already in the study with the chairman.

He's standing in front of him, trembling.

"Speak" chairman ordered.

"When he was still in Italy...he called me and told me he won't be staying at this mansion when he returns. He said he wanted to live a low profile life and he needed a middle class apartment. I found him one and he liked it" Noah explained.


"Immediately he saw the picture of the house owner...his interest doubled, and he started asking me to find out things about her" Noah said.

"Her? A female? And all these happened when he was still in Italy?" Chairman asked.

"Yes sir, and I obeyed him. I made deep research on everything about her, and I was reporting to him. I even followed her secretly a lot of times just to get pictures of her to send to him, he was....

"Wait...  Gray is interested in a girl?" Chairman Harper said unbelievably.

"It's more than that...I think he's deeply into her and...and that's why he told us to capture a guy who messed with her"


"He killed him, and we dumped his body in a reservoir" Noah replied.

"What!" Chairman spranged up.

"I'm so sorry i should have told you first" Noah shifted back in fear.

"Not again...he killed again?... His dark side is overtaking again...no" chairman panicked, falling back on the chair.

"Get me everything you know about the girl before daybreak, I'll drive her out of the country if it's the only way to stop him before he loses his mind again" he muttered.

"Yes sir!" Noah replied.

Meanwhile, Yolanda is by the door listening to everything.

"I knew it, dark Gray is coming back... Good for me" she smiled.



A Spanish song is playing loudly on the wall speakers, booming in the room as the trainees danced in sync.

They're under the supervision of Mrs. Colour who's watching from the front and nodding.

It didn't take long before the song ended, and the scores of everyone appeared on the flat screen.

Ethan got the highest score, then Ava... Monica is the third...

"How come Ethan is first? He's blind!" Monica shouted.

"I didn't grade you guys, the cameras did" Mrs. Colour replied.

"Damn the cameras!" Monica took off her sneakers and threw them.

"I won't allow a blind bat to keep thwarting me in here! Ethan needs to leave this campus!" She breathed.

"I don't wanna leave" Ethan replied.

"How dare you even speak!" Monica took Felicia's sneaker and threw it at him.

It hit his chest and he fell.

"Ethan!" Demi quickly helped him up, then she faced Monica.

"Bîtch, you need to be brought down" she muttered and rushed to her.

Eyes widened when she slapped Monica soundly in the face.

* Damn it!

Monica's hair covered her face in the process, but she threw her head back before returning the slap to Demi's cheek.

Ava stepped in immediately, slapping Monica back.

"You think you're the queen cos everyone bows for you? Come down from your high!" Ava shouted angrily.

"Ava!!!" Felicia went after her immediately, pulling her hair from behind.

Ava wriggled out and faced her, locking her singlet in the front.

Sandra faced Demi too while Monica walked out of the class.

"Why is no one fighting me" Octavia muttered 

Mrs. Colour failed at several attempts to stop the fight, but then Alex rushed in, looking so fine in his serving uniform and face cap.

He successfully pulled the four away from each other, and they started panting.

Felicia's singlet is tattered, and Ava's hair is scattered.

Demi and Sandra have fingernails signs all-over their skins 

"It's enough" Alex said, holding Ava by the waist.

She looked at him, and he nodded, taking her out.

Merely seeing his arm on Ava's waist made Felicia boil more.

She was seething as she left with Sandra too.

Demi went to take Ethan, leaving with Octavia.



* I think she's Alex girlfriend

* He held her waist earlier!

* The video is on the blog!

* Alex Chambers and Ava Huang? Unbelievable!

The trainees wouldn't stop rambling about it as Ava sat with her friends at the cafeteria.

Ethan is with them this time, slurping gently on milkshake.

"It's all because of me...I'm sorry" he muttered.

"Don't you dare feel guilty" Demi said.

"So now everyone thinks you're a girlfriend to the jerk, great" Octavia said sarcastically with a sour face.

"Is it bad?" Alex said as he arrived at their table with a tray of burgers.

"You're not a good person so seeing rumours about you and my friend is making my stomach turn" Octavia sneered.

"Get a life, baby" Alex replied, and everyone laughed, making her roll eyes 

"Enjoy your lunch" Alex winked at Ava, and she choked on her drink.

* Did you see that?

* He winked at her!

* Gawd!

"Alex!" Ava rolled eyes, and he smiled as he walked away.



Grandpa Joe wasn't around when Monica arrived.

She had to cut the rest of the classes.

"Welcome back miss!" Amy greeted in the living room, but she ignored and climbed the stairs.

She was imagining the victorious look on Ava's place when she slapped her earlier, and it's making her sick

Demi slapped her too but her slap is not even a bother, all she's seeing is AVA.

She stood in front of the mirror, breathing hard and heavy.

"You don't know what's coming for you..." she muttered, punching the mirror.



"Am I really welcome here?" Ethan asked as he came out of Demi's car with the girls.

Demi invited him actually, and he agreed immediately.

"Don't worry, I'm hospitable" Ava said, and he smiled as he was led in.

Surprisingly, Alex and Oscar were already in..

"You didn't work your second shift today?" Ava asked.

"Got off early" Alex replied.

He's by the kitchen door, wearing an apron.

"You're cooking?" Demi said surprisingly.

"I need one of you girls to join him in the kitchen before he burns down this place" Oscar said.

"Definitely not me" Octavia fell on the couch.

"I don't want you either" Alex rolled eyes.

"I'll change and join you!" Ava offered.

"Waiting" Alex smiled, and she rushed in.

"Oh Alex and Oscar... this is Ethan...our co-trainee" Demi introduced.

"Sorry about your eyes and face" Alex said.

"Its fine" Ethan replied.

"You good?" Oscar asked.

"Sure" he smiled.

"And where's Gray? Seems he's my only buddy in this house" Octavia said.

"Haven't seen his face since the day broke" Oscar replied.

"Seriously?" Octavia dropped her phone.

"Maybe he's out or something" Demi said.

Ava came out in shorts and a free top, finally joining Alex in the kitchen.

He's busy slicing and mincing fruits for salad when she arrived, and she jumped on his back.

"Jesus! I could have injured myself with the knife!" He laughed.

"But you didn't! Continue and take this as your punishment for making the whole campus think I'm your girl" she said.

"So if I ask you to be my girl, you'll say no?" He teased, and she adjusted on his back before talking.

"Why would I date a playboy"

He laughed afterwards, and she continued watching him over his shoulder as he chopped the cabbage.

"Are you gonna cook pasta to go with it?" She asked.

"Of course, but I'm thinking of ordering ice cream as appetizer" he replied.

"Sure!" She gushed 

He immediately got his phone to make the order...

"Demi and Octavia loves chocolate flavor" Ava said.

"Oscar hates ice cream so he's out, what about Ethan?" Alex asked.

"Ethan, your favorite ice cream flavor!!" Ava shouted.

"He said vanilla!" Demi shouted back.

"Ok...what about you? What do you like angel?" Alex asked.

"Mint" another voice replied, and they both turned to see Grayson.

Ava came down from Alex's back immediately.

Grayson's forehead is treated already, but he's looking so sick.

"Mint...she likes mint" he repeated.

"How did you know?" Ava asked shockingly.

"I just know" he replied, taking bottled water from the freezer before walking out.

Alex clenched his jaws, and Ava made to go after Grayson but he held her.

"Where are you going?"

"He looked sick, I'll be right back" she replied, leaving immediately.

Alex bit his lip hard.



Gray went to his window when he arrived.

He drank from the water already, and he's currently with his phone.

There are dozens of calls from his dad, and he figured out Noah told him about S+xtus already, so he's not ready to pick.

He activated flight mode and threw the phone on the bed, then Ava came in.

He faced her slowly, and she cleared her throat...

"Hey I was just wondering if you're ok...your face looks pale" she said, playing with her nails.

"I'm fine" he said simply, and she nodded.

"Ok...but how did you know I love mint flavor...

"You should leave" he turned his back, staring out the window.

"You don't get to cut this conversation again.. Gray. I'm getting an answer right now" she replied stubbornly.

He continued backing her...

"I'm talking to you" she said.

He suddenly turned and walked fast to her.

She started shifting back at each of his steps, and her breaths hitched when her back met the door.

"I know you hate pineapple juice,  and i know you have a tattoo" he said hoarsely, and her eyes widened.

Before she could process it, he pulled up her shorts from her left thigh, revealing her rose tattoo.

"Here...your tattoo" he whispered, and her face turned white as his fingertips pressed on her skin. 

"How... how did...

"You want me to tell you how many lashes are on your two eyes? You want me to tell you your period dates or the surgical scar on your chest? Or how many breaths you take per hour? " He said all at once, his eyes sparkling non-stop as he said each word.

"Who exactly are you?" Ava asked, looking whiter than before as their eyes hooked.

"Why don't we do this first?" He smiled slightly, and before she knew it, he dropped on his knees in front of her.

"What are you...

He wrapped his palms warmly on her left thigh, attaching his lips deeply to the rose tattoo.

"Gray!" Ava gasped.


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