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Dear Ave - Episode 11&12




Dear Ave - Episode 11&12

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B


"Chill. I got you, princess" his voice came in a whisper.

Her ears recognized it immediately.

'Gray?' she thought, staying still in his hold. His rose scent bloomed. 

"Stay here, no sound" he whispered, slowly taking his hand away from her mouth before getting out of the dark.

He's wearing a tight designer shirt, hugging his biceps and giving out his runny veins, black ripped p+nts and boots....

Even in the dark, his ruggedness smells.

"Doll! You really want this the hard way right?" S+xtus's rant came again when he got to that corner.

His eyes caught Grayson's shadow in the dark.

"And who the hell are you?" He demanded.

He got no answer, so he walked fast to him and grabbed him by the arm, taking him to a spot where the moonlight shone.

"I asked who you are" He demanded again. 

Grayson looked at the arm he's holding, then back to his face.

"Just a nobody, I came here to pee" he replied calmly.

Ava tried her best not to make any sound, fidgeting so bad as she watched the scene from the dark.

"Did you see a girl come this way?"  S+xtus asked.

"Yeah, she jumped the fence to the other side" Grayson replied.

"That b**ch!" S+xtus spat, bolting away immediately.

Grayson could hear him calling his gang to search everywhere for her as his footsteps faded.

He released a light sigh, looking at his arm S+xtus held, and a sharp glint appeared in his eyes.

"Gray?" Ava's voice made him turn around.

She's already out of the dark, looking at him with teary eyes.

He remained mute as she walked to him and hugged him, making his brows thicken into each other.

"Thanks for saving me... I dunno what he'd have done to me if you didn't come" she sobbed like a kid.

"Stop the tears, princess. You owe me again" he replied, not hugging her back.

"I'll pay you back for everything" she said without breaking the hug.

"Are you sure you'll be able to do what I'd ask?" He replied.

"You won't ask for my life though" she replied, and a small smile appeared on his face.

He was about to wrap his arms on her too when Alex ran into the corner with Oscar.

There are new cuts on Alex's face cos he fought with every member of S+xtus's gang he met till he got here...

He stopped on his tracks when he saw the scene, his jaw dropped.

"Alex" Ava broke the hug, and he came closer.

"What are you doing here?" He questioned Grayson.

"Oscar left a ticket on my bedstand, didn't want it to waste away" he replied simply, and Alex faced Oscar angrily.

"You give the tickets to everyone you see now?"

"Grayson ain't my enemy" Oscar replied.

"He saved me, so stop being extra" Ava said.

"Extra? S+xtus's gang members did this to my face all because I was searching for you! I told you to stay back but you were being stubborn, and now I'm being extra?" His eyes glimmered.

"I'm sorry... let's go home I'll treat the face for you ok?" She said and suddenly gasped.

"Octavia and Demi!"

"We found them, they're waiting in Demi's car" Oscar replied, and Alex took Ava's hand.

"Let's go" he said, shooting Grayson an hateful glare before starting to take her away with Oscar.

She looked back at Grayson who remained standing till they were out of the corner.

Grayson got his phone immediately, dialling the chief guard at the mansion.

"Young master!" His voice came.

"Gather five of the guards, I need you all to capture someone" Grayson said.



Monica returned from the tarmac a while ago, and she entered the bathroom for a shower immediately.

The ruckus of the tarmac is worth washing away.

She came out after a while in her white robe, humming as she walked to her dressing table.

"Moni?" Grandpa Joe's voice came from the door.

"Yes?" She replied, and the old man peeped in.

"You seem to be in a good mood tonight" he said.

"I saw Sky at the tarmac, he's sure doing his job well" she replied, and he came in totally.


"Yeah...but grandpa... aren't you a spawn of the devil? The two tenants are the hidden heirs of the two biggest conglomerates in this country.... How did this even happen?" She said curiously.

"I dunno, but I do know that they hate each other just like their fathers hate each other... Maybe some bloodshed should be expected" Grandpa Joe replied, and Monica clicked her tongue.

"I seriously can't wait for where this is going"



Demi and Octavia left the tarmac together in Demi's car, so only Ava came home with the guys.

Oscar is currently lying on the couch, clicking away on his phone while Alex is in Ava's room, receiving treatment for his wounded face.

He's sitting on her dressing chair, and she's standing between his legs, showering care and attention on his face.

She was blowing air from her mouth to his face as she applied the ointments, and he wasn't moving, just staring at her pretty face.

Seeing her hugging Grayson earlier made him so mad, and he doesn't even know why, but it's surely something good.

She's now with him...that's what matters.

He could see through her teeth as she blew air, and he concluded immediately that she has the cutest set of teeth ever...

He blinked it away as his mind went to her nightmare yesterday...

"Why do you get nightmares?" He asked.

"Huh?" She blinked, stopping the application to look at him.

"Nevermind" he replied.

"You always resort to violence, and  you always get hurt. You should have stayed calm like Gray" she said.

"Stay calm when I couldn't find you in that crazy tarmac? And who told you Gray is calm?" He scoffed.

"What do you mean?" She blinked.

"Gray is darkly dangerous, but he keeps his dark side only to himself. You can't see it unless he wants you to, but I was lucky to see it once" Alex said before he could stop himself.

"Shit, that shouldn't have come out" he muttered and stood.

"Did you two know each other from somewhere? Why did you guys even fight the other time? What's your true identities? And what do you mean by Gray is dangerous?" Ava asked all at once, and he looked back.

"Calm down, don't seek answers, they'll come to you when it's time" he said.

"I'm not done treating your face" she replied.

"I'm good. Goodnight, angel" he smiled handsomely before leaving the room.

Ava closed the kit and climbed her bad immediately, staring at the ceiling.

"They know each other somewhere, I'm sure" she muttered, then she brought her left arm to her face.

There are eight bracelets on her wrist, both beads and jewels... they're all gifts from her late dad, a man she loves a lot.

She kissed the wrist deeply, then her eyes darted to his picture on her bedstand, and she smiled.

"Please...I don't want another nightmare tonight.... protect me" she muttered, closing her eyes.


Alex joined Oscar in the living room when he left Ava's room, and Oscar sat upright...

"Dude I'm sorry about the tickets for the girls...

"It's fine, it has happened anyways" Alex interrupted.

"So what are you gonna do about Sèxtus?" Oscar asked.

"I'll treat his f*+*k during the next race, but for now I'll just focus on getting jobs" he replied, picking his phone from the table.

Grayson came in that moment, looking so moody.

"Dude, you good?" Oscar asked.

"Sure" he replied. 

"Of course he's good. Who'd dare cross the dark devil" Alex said meaningfully, and Grayson faced him

They shared hateful stares before Grayson left for his room.

"What was that?" Oscar asked.

"Only the two of us understand" Alex smiled.



Ava was rushing as she came out of the room, dressed for the campus.

Thanks to last night's struggle, she woke up late and now she's f*+*king late!

Demi and Octavia are in the same situation, and now they have to find their ways to campus individually.

"Gawd, Mrs. Colour will have a good time scolding me!" She said.

"Your earring" Grayson's voice said behind, and she turned to see him holding the fallen earring.

"Oh..." She walked back to him, but instead of giving it to her, he gently pulled her hair behind her ear, and Ava's breath hitched when she felt her finger on her ear.

He wore her the earring, and she stepped back.

"Goodmorning" she said awkwardly.

They haven't seen since she left tarmac last night.

"Goodmorning, runner" he smiled slightly.

"I can give you a ride... My destination is near the campus" Alex said, coming out of his room.

"Thanks so much Alex! Mhua!" Ava blew him a kiss, following him immediately.

Grayson gritted his jaws as his phone rang.

It's a call from his dad.



Demi's car stopped in front of the house, and she met Ethan waiting already... she rushed out of the car

She actually gave him a call to wait so she'd drive him.

"Demi?" He said when he felt her presence.

"Did you wait long?" She asked, taking the walking stick from him to hold his arm.

"No, at all" he replied, and Amy came out of the house.

"Thanks for befriending my brother... Your niceness is rare" she said gratefully.

"That's Amy, my big sis" Ethan introduced, and Demi's eyes went to her burnt leg...

Pity appeared in her eyes immediately, but she smiled.

"It's ok, am I allowed to come pick Ethan every morning?" She asked.

"I wouldn't ask for more... thanks Demi" Amy smiled.

Demi guided Ethan to her car, waving at Amy before driving off.



Just like Ethan knows the directions in his street, he knows the directions in the campus too, so Demi left him to go to his locker room.

She changed in the females and made her way to class 5.

Ava and Octavia were already present with the others, and Mrs. Colour the trainer is in too.

"You're late by one minute, Demi Lovato" She said strictly.

"I'm so sorry!" Demi replied, sitting beside her friends.

"How did you guys make it so fast?" She whispered.

"Alex dropped me" Ava whispered back.

"I rode a taxi" Octavia whispered.

"The next award night is approaching fast, and this time, the dance theme is Flaminco" Mrs. Colour said.

* Yes! I've always wanted that!

* I can't wait!

Trainees started murmuring, and Ethan came in that moment.

"Ethan Cruz, three minutes late... you're getting punished" Mrs. Colour said.

"Leave him to me. I'll give him the right punishment" Monica said.

"As you wish, Miss Monica" Mrs. Colour said.

"Monica is not touching Ethan" Demi spoke up, and everyone turned to her as she walked to him.

"We came together, can't you forgive three minutes of lateness? Mrs. Colour" she said, covering him.

"How dare you interrupt!" Felicia spat.

"And I wasn't talking to you! C+nt!" Demi fired.

"She's crazy" Sandra muttered.

"What did Demi eat this morning?" Octavia muttered.

"I have no idea" Ava grinned.

Monica was about to speak when screams from outside the class interrupted them.

* Alex Chambers?

* It's Alex!

* Oh my gawd! My crush!!!

Sandra was the first to rush out of the class, and others followed.

 Truly he's in the campus, walking beside the cafeteria butler and smiling.

Girls are going crazy over him as usual, and some that were in the locker rooms came out in their panties and bra just to see him.

"The f+çk is that goat doing here?" Octavia muttered.

"He's full of surprises" Demi smiled, holding Ethan's hand.

"What's he planning?" Ava mumbled.

"From now on, Alex is our top server in the cafeteria" the butler announced.

* Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!

* I'll die at the cafeteria!!!!

Trainees began screaming again, and Alex winked at Ava whose mouth refused to close.

"He's insane" she muttered.



The building is three majestic skyscrapers facing each other in a circle, and even though it's early morning, the exterior is glowing.

A Porsche rolled into a stop in front of it, and the door was opened for Yolanda who came out proudly.

Her jacket and bag was taken from her by her guards, and she was escorted in, her heels making rich contacts with the ground.

Staffs at the ground floor bowed their heads completely as she walked past.

A whiff of her perfume made them choke on their morning coffee.

She's the wicked heiress anyways, everyone had a taste of her cruelty already.

She rode the elevator alone to the topmost floor and entered her dad's office.

"What the hell did you do?" Chairman Harper questioned immediately.

"I simply fired the manager on Friday for his improper dressing" she replied nonchalantly.

"Without informing me?" He angrily said.

"Felt like I should start making decisions for the company too since I'll soon be taking over anyways" she replied.

"And this is why Gray will forever be better than you!" Chairman Harper spat.


"At least he doesn't place himself above others, and if you continue like this, I can't handover this company to you, never!" He shot.

That instant, Grayson came in masked, but he removed his mask straight, and chairman Harper smiled.

"Welcome, son"

"You're the worse...dad" Yolanda muttered, shedding a tear as she walked out of the office angrily.

"Why did you invite me?" Grayson asked, and chairman came to him.

"Have breakfast with me" he said.

"Seriously?" Grayson raised his brows.

"Yeah, seriously" chairman Harper replied, and he smiled.

"And don't worry... I'll soon remove your mask and introduce you to the world as my heir, just a lil bit" chairman patted him.



It was already raining when Ava came out of the campus.

She had to do files assessment with Mrs. Colour since she's the class representative, and it took so long that her friends had to leave.

They finished up just now, but the rain is f*+*king things up.

"I won't be able to find a taxi" she muttered, getting her phone to dial Alex's line, but he didn't pick.

He texted too but still same.

"Shit" she muttered, dialling Grayson next.



Grayson came out of his Mercedes just now, and the chief guard came to him, bowing respectfully.

"He's in" he reported, giving him a gun.

Grayson took the gun and went in immediately. 

He turned on the lights, and S+xtus came to view.

His face is almost unrecognizable as a result of the beatings he received from the guards.

They thrashed him real mad after capturing him according to Grayson's order.

He was tied to a metal pole, and he couldn't even move his neck to look up. He's as good as dead.

Grayson's neck veins revealed when he remembered how scared Ava was last night.

How she was shaking in his hold when he held her, how she was trembling...

Everything made his blood boil, and when he remembered how he touched his arm, his darkest demons came out, and he raised the gun.

He was looking so soulless as he targeted S+xtus's head.

"Adios (bye)" he said in Spanish, pulling the trigger.

The bullet rammed into S+xtus's head, and his blood sprinkled all-over Grayson's face and shirt.

His eyes shone with new thrill, but the ringing of his phone interrupted.

He fished it out, and his right eye twitched when he saw it's Ava.



"Gray?" Ava said when he picked.

"Yes, princess" he replied calmly.

"Can you come pick me up at the campus? I'm...

Her voice started cracking at this point, and the call got cut on its own.

"Network? I can't believe this!" She stumped her foot and was about to dial again when Alex's car drove in.

"Alex!" She said happily.

"Are you ok?" He rushed to her.

"Yeah, just tired" she pouted.

"Stop that. Sorry I couldn't pick your calls, I was at work in my second shift" he said.

"It's fine, you're here now" she smiled, and he took her bag.

"Let's go" he took off his jacket and covered their heads with it.

"You still have explanation to do on why you chose to work here" she said.

"As you wish" he replied, leading her to the car.

They got in together, and immediately Alex drove off, Grayson drove in.

He cleaned up already, wearing a new shirt.

He recognized Alex's car and stopped immediately, figuring it out....

Alex definitely came for her.

He turned his car around and went back, driving his way home, but he couldn't concentrate.

Ava in Alex's car? 

That thought messed with his head as he controlled the wheel, and he lost concentration.

He almost jammed another car, but he directed his car out of the road, jamming a street light Instead.

His head hit on the steering, and he smiled psychotically, resting back on his seat as his blood wet his face.


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