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Dear Ave - Episode 1&2




Dear Ave - Episode 1&2

Theme: (Stealing•Her•Innocence)

By Naomi Cindy B



The hallway is so busy, trainees mingling and chatting, and some are making their ways to their next classes.

Some are playing music, dancing in groups and rating their abilities.

The door of a class opened, and two black sneakers stepped out, making heads turn.

It's holding straight fresh legs which belongs to Ava. 

She's wearing a white pleated skirt which stopped mid-thighs then black cropped singlet, showing off the roundness of her B-cup b👀bs.

Her long hair is in a ponytail, and sweat covered her really pretty face...she just finished her last dancing class for the day, and she just can't wait to get home.

There's envy in the eyes of girls who're staring at her, but who cares?

They dare not throw it at her face, she'd show them their place.

She turned to another hallway which led to the locker room, and her phone suddenly chimed.

She checked it, and she sighed sadly when she saw it's a text from the housing agent.

• Still no hope.

She needs to rent out the two rooms in her house soon, else she'll really go broke, but there's still no one showing interest.

The house was left to her by her late dad, so she's practically the owner.

She quickly texted the agent back.

• No problem,.. I'll wait.

She batted her lids when she got to the locker room and saw it locked.

"What the hell is going on? I need to change" she said.

"I'm afraid you can't. Monica is in, and till she's done, no one can enter" a voice said behind her, and she turned to see Monica's lapdogs... Felicia and Sandra.

"Excuse me?" She frowned.

"Monica is in and no one can go in!" Felicia fired.

"What's going on?" Octavia appeared with Demi.... they're Ava's friends.

"Look at this b+tch! telling me I can't go in cos Monica is in" Ava replied.

"Seriously?" Demi smirked.

Octavia immediately gave the door a hard kick.

"Monica Hawk! Come out here!" She shouted crazily.

"It's Monica Hawkins" Sandra glared, and that was the mistake she made.

Octavia hates corrections, she's the crazy one in the crew.

"I said Monica Hawk, are you gonna beat me?" She glared back at Sandra, pushing her chest.

"Can this just f+çking end already? It's a general locker room, not for Monica alone" Demi said.

Ava made to kick the door this time, and that was when Monica opened the door from inside.

The kick landed on Monica's tummy instead, and, and they both  went down together.

Ava accidentally grabbed Monica's hair in the process, and Monica yelped painfully.


"Monica!!" Felicia and Sandra shouted.

Ava quickly stood from her, and surprisingly, some of Monica's hair plucked on her palm.

"Ain't gonna say sorry, you deserve it... C+nt" Ava walked past her to her locker.

Octavia and Demi followed her while Sandra and Felicia helped Monica up.

They watched as the girls got changed, and Ava was the first to start walking out, but Monica suddenly grabbed her.

"What do you want!" Ava glared, roughly taking her arm from her 

"Apologize" Monica demanded with a blank expression, and Ava smirked.

"Why would I? It was wrong of you to lock the door in the first place" she replied and walked out.

"Bye Monica Hawk!" Octavia waved mockingly, leaving with Demi too.

Monica continued standing there, her whole body shaking with anger as her fists folded.

There are many group of girls watching from the hallway, and they all saw it..they all saw Ava's disdain towards her.

She folded her fists tighter as her anger tripled, and her nails cut into her tender palm in the process.

Blood erupted.

"You're bleeding, Monica!" Sandra gasped, taking the hand.

"Why didn't you order us to beat them up? We'd have done anything you said" Felicia said.

Monica roughly took her hand from Sandra, and Sandra staggered as she stormed out of the place.

"I hate her rage, gawd! I hate Ava and her bîtches more!" Sandra stumped her foot.

"Let's go to the lounge, she'd come back when she's fine" Felicia replied, taking out her phone.

Sandra walked beside her, and when she saw a picture, she snatched the phone from her.

"Who's this devastatingly handsome guy? He's hot as hell!" She gasped, kissing him repeatedly on screen.

"You dunno Alex Chambers?" Felicia replied surprisingly.

"Alex Chambers? Who's he? Tell me already!" Sandra said impatiently.


Ava got to the park with her friends and they all hopped into Demi's car.

Demi is the rich one among them while Octavia's dad is a mechanic.

Demi drove them out of the campus premises, and Octavia started laughing.

"I'm sure you're laughing about Monica's fall" Demi grinned from the front.

"Why else? It was so funny! I was ready to punch that ugly face of hers but then Ava's kick did the magic. I'd pay dollars to see the look on that coward's face again" Octavia replied, playing with Ava's hair.

"I can never get used to her and her lapdogs, headache!" Demi said.

"Believe me ... Ava why are you silent?" Octavia faced her.

"I'm gonna remain this way till I find tenants" she replied, resting her head on Octavia's shoulder.

"Stop pouting, give it enough time babe" Demi said.

"Let's branch at a snack cafe, I'm starving" Octavia replied, stroking Ava's hair.

"Copy that" Demi clicked her tongue.


 Monica was still breathing hard as she walked to the rooftop and dialled her Grandpa Joe's line.

It only rang once before he picked up.

"What's up Moni?" The crooked voice came, and Monica rolled her eyes.

"Someone pulled out my hair"

"What! Give me the name right now!" He snapped.

"You'll get it, and you need to make the investigation clear. I want her ruined" she replied calmly.

"What do you want exactly? Tell me" Grandpa Joe asked.

"She's the cleanest in her crew, I'm gonna hit her where it'll hurt" she muttered.



Grandpa Joe was holding a cup of wine in his right hand and a brown envelope in the second hand as he climbed the stairs.

He's a sturdy old man with grey hair allover his head and recommended glasses.

He got to a door and punched in the password.

The door opened, and he stepped into the secret room where a big screen is.

He sat on a chair and picked the remote, resting back before putting on the screen.

Members of the society started appearing on screen one by one for the online meeting, and in five minutes, the screen got filled.

Gemini Secret Society is led by Grandpa Joe himself, a society containing rich personalities all-over the world.

Heirs, Billionaires, CEOs, business men and women...and so on.

They came together with the aim of getting what they want by helping each other, and whoever the society is up against is surely as good as dead.

Grandpa Joe brought out the content of the brown envelope... it's a picture of Ava.

"Investigation shows she has never dated all her life. No nightstands and no flings, meaning she's still intact" he said.

"What exactly do you want with her?" A member asked from the screen.

"I want her ruined. I don't care how many months it'll take to win her heart, but i want her pride on a white bedspread as evidence. Deceive her with fake love, shatter her heart and she'll end up killing herself" Grandpa Joe replied.

"And what's the catch?" A deep voiced member asked.

"Anyone who's able to carry out the mission gets to lead this society for a year" Grandpa Joe replied, and the members went silent.

"Sounds fun, I'm all in" the deep voice came again.

"Sky?" Grandpa Joe smiled.

"I got this" Sky replied.

"You'll get her full details soon, good luck" Grandpa Joe said, putting off the screen before drinking his wine.

"You messed with the wrong person, Ava Huang" He smiled meanly.



The sounds of gun firing could be heard as paper targets flew out of a compartment.

The shooter hit the targets each time, and he didn't miss a hit throughout the six shots.

His arm muscles flexed as he took off his earmuffs and protective spectacles, making his handsome face come to view...

Alex Chambers!

"You rocked as usual" a lady in g-strings came over with an handkerchief which she started wiping his sweat with.

She picked a cup of whiskey from the table and handed it to him, but instead of drinking it, his naughty self poured it on her boobies, then he pulled off the thin elastic covering her tits, revealing the full flesh to his eyes.

"C'mon suck" she lifted the large breàsts with her hands, pointing the nîpples at him.

"Nah, I only love watching" he replied with a sèxy lip bite .

Alex is the heir to one of the largest conglomerate in this country called Orbit Group, owned by Chambers family.

Orbit Group would have been the largest, but they have a competitor called Famoux Group.

Famoux is owned by the Harper family, and they have a heir too.

The two families (Harper and Chambers) could pass as worse enemies, they're fire and water.

Alex was still watching the lady playing with her wet b👀bies when Oscar came in... His friend.

"You have a mission starting tommorow yunno?" Oscar said from the door.

"Unfortunately" Alex made uneasy faces and dropped the gun before walking out of the range.



Ava got a reminder from her period app some minutes ago...

 This month period will start tommorow, and she's out of pads at home, so she came to get them.

She was walking out of the shop when her phone dinged, and she gasped when she saw it's a message from the housing agent.

She found tenants already!

"Yes!" She jumping up happily, bumping into someone in the process.

Thanks to the person's quick hold on her waist, she'd have fallen.

She quickly disengaged herself and looked up to see a devastatingly handsome guy smiling at her.

"Careful next time, angel" he said charmingly, and she blinked.


"Alex!" Oscar called from the Lamborghini truck, and he stepped back, biting his lip before joining Oscar in the car.

They drove off, but he kept smiling at her through the window till they went out of sight.

"Strange" Ava muttered, adjusting her jacket before walking to the roadside.

She started looking for a taxi, but then raindrops fell on her arm.

Before she could look up,, the real rain began falling.

"What the hell" She muttered and was about to rush to hide when a Mercedes S-class stopped in beside her 

She turned back automatically, and the tinted car window went down, revealing another utterly handsome dude.

'Why am I meeting handsome dudes this night?' she thought.

"Hop in, princess. I'll give you a ride" he smiled, and she'd have declined, but the rain decided to get heavier that moment.

She quickly opened the door and stepped in, meeting herself in an entirely different universe.

How could a car be so paradisiac? It's like a mansion on its own, and the blue lights are just so beautiful with the soft music playing, then the heartwarming rose scent.

The driver is driving in the front, and she's sitting beside the guy at the back, but it took a while before she could comport herself.

She couldn't stop herself from gaping around the car, and when she finally looked at him, she found him staring.


She quickly looked away, and his full brows thickened.

"It's street Munay, house 19" she quickly said.

"I'm Grayson Harper, Gray if you like" he said, but she kept quiet.

"What's your name, princess?" He asked, and she rubbed her wrists nervously.

"Ava, Ava Huang" she said in a low tone, and he rested back on his seat.

"Are you shy?" He asked.

"I'm not shy! Why would I be?" She flared up defensively, and he chuckled.

Ava closed her eyes, regretting how she just shouted 

She's not the type to get nervous even with a guy, but this guy is a complete stranger..

Ok point of correction, Ava... a RICH@SS stranger

Gray was about to talk again when his phone rang, and he swiped green.

It's a video call, and Ava's eyes widened when she saw the screen.

It's a naked lady, and she quickly looked away.

"Like what you see?" The lady's voice came.

"I'm back in this country on a mission, and calling on video nakedly like this could be distracting" he replied.

"But you love my nakedness" the lady said seductively, and Ava smirked.

Seriously? Why does she have to enter the car of a motherfûking pervert... Gawd! 

How could a lady display her nakedness to a guy on a video call when it's obvious she's not his girlfriend?

"Yeah I love your nakedness, but can we do this later?" Gray replied and clicked red, dropping the phone..

"Where are the muffins?" He asked the driver, and the man passed a package to him from the front.

"Here, young master"

Gray took it and picked one to eat, but immediately he took a bite, he spit it out.

"Tell me they're not strawberry muffins" he said terrifically.

"Geez! I'm so sorry master, I was...

The driver hasn't finished speaking when Gray began taking off his jacket.

He started sweating despite the cold weather, and Ava's eyes widened when she saw his skin reddening.

Allergy! He must be allergic to strawberries.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"No I'm not, shit!" He spat, proceeding to take off his shirt.

Ava gulped, and she quickly looked away from him, feeling so much heat at that she just saw.

"I swear to gawd you're not getting away with this" Grayson told the driver, still panicking a lot.

"I'm so sorry master" the manager to begged sincerely.

Gray started calming down, and his body redness began reducing bit by bit as he received air.

Ava was tempted to look at him again, and she stylishly turned...

Her eyes met those packs first, his darn packs!

She gulped again, and a warm sweat fell from her chin to her cleavage, making her fold.

"We're at my place!" She quickly said when she sighted her house, and the driver halted.

She literally jumped out of the car even though it's still raining.

Gray quickly put on his shirt, getting an umbrella before stepping out too.

He opened the umbrella and pulled her back by the arm.

Her hair swirled as she faced him...

He covered her with the umbrella, then he placed it in her hand.

"You can have it" he said.

"Thank you" she replied awkwardly, then he asked the unexpected question....

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Huh?" She looked at his eyes, and he came closer....she shifted back.

The sound of the rain as it fell on the umbrella was so loud.

"Boyfriend, do you have?" He repeated the question, looking at her intently.

"Oh...sure! Yes I have a boyfriend" she lied, and he frowned cutely.

"That's bad, now we'll have to find him a new girlfriend" he said.

"Why?" She muttered, holding the umbrella handle tightly.

"I want you, princess" he replied.


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