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Dark Moans - Finale




Dark Moans - Episode 91 & 92

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



Daniel sighed out loudly,He's been waiting in the living room for almost an hour. He was supposed to go out with Holland for dinner and now she's taking so long. 

"Did something happened to her?" He thought worriedly. 

But it was short lived when he started hearing some clicking sounds on the staircase which made him turn at once. 

The image appeared,wearing a dress,heels,the hair was styled,maybe she was wearing a wig because the hair look long and...wait...

Daniel's eyes widened and the phone in his hand fell on the floor as he watched Linda climbing down the stairs carefully,his mouth also wide opened until she stood right in front of him. 

"Dan?" Linda called. 

Daniel blinked. 

"Is that you? Lin....da?"

She nodded. 

"F*+*k" Daniel mumbled and turned dramatically then came back. 

He stared at her,from her hair,to her face. 

"I don't know how to do the makeup,sorry I only used lip gloss" Linda mumbled. 

"Who said you need make up?" Daniel asked and she smiled.

He continue checking her out with so much affections in on his face,he couldn't stop staring,he just couldn't. 

The girl standing in front of him is a complete goddess,she was pretty as a guy but now bringing out her feminine side is just too s+xy and hot.

"Daniel?" Linda called when he refused to make any move. 

"I can stare at you all day without getting tired,you're so f*+*king pretty,words can't describe....."

Linda moved closer and pecked his lips. 

"Let's go eat,I'm starving" She said,bashing her long lashes. 

"How come I never noticed all these? I must really be a fool" Daniel mumbled,staring at her as she walked but then she suddenly turned. 

"Can I wear my sneakers please? I'm dying in this heels" She blinked 

Daniel swallowed,trying hard not to laugh. 

"Of course,I don't mind being the only one seeing you this way,you can wear joggers and hoodie,I don't mind,as long as you're mine" Daniel said. 

"Infact,I'm gonna order food,let's have our date here" Daniel said and went to carry her. 

"Daniel!!" Linda screamed out. 

"It's a sin if any other guy see you this way,trust me" Daniel said. 

"You're so petty!" Linda laughed. 

"I know" Daniel said and she kept on laughing,her wig fell from her head. 



"She had to scream to inform her mom about her being pregnant,and guess her mom's reply" Stanley said as everyone listened curiously. 

He was telling them how their trip went. He actually spent a week in Florida with Juliette while his parents returned that same day. 

"Let me guess,she slapped you?" Lennon asked. 

"Opposite" Stanley smirked. 

"She was like...Congratulations Daughter" Stanley said in Mrs Lucas's voice and everyone burst into laughter. 

"What?!" Winnie laughed even more loudly. 

"That's unexpected,I wanted her to hit you at least" Cortez said. 

"She was calling me son all through our stay there,and I finally found out where Juliette learnt how to cook so well,she's a very good cook. I even followed her dad out and ate alot of weird food I've never tried,it was so fun" Stanley said proudly. 

"And I am really going to fulfill my promise to God" Stanley said. 

"What promise?"

Stanley told them how he prayed and made a promise.

"You're so crazy" They laughed. 

Juliette was just staring at them without saying a word. 

"I'm so glad your trip went well,I even thought you won't be coming back again" Linda mumbled. 

"So you missed me?" Stanley asked and she nodded. 

"With me here? You can't be serious" Daniel scoffed. 

"Dude,you don't have to be jealous" Stanley said. 

"I'm so glad we are back here,I missed everyone honestly" Juliette finally spoke up. 

"Let's lock that with a glass of wine each" Daniel stood up and left for the cellar. 

Linda followed him. 

"Goldie why are you restless?" Minnie asked. 

"Ryan isn't here yet" she mumbled but almost immediately they heard the door bell and she immediately rushed to the door. 

"Gosh,those two are addicted to each other" Mina shook her head.

"Don't forget you have a date with Graham,check the time" Winnie said. 

Mina gasped. 

"Oh my gosh,I need to go" She stood up and immediately ran out. 

Linda and Daniel returned with the wines and glasses. 

Daniel poured for everyone. 

"Let's cheer to....what again?" Stanley asked. 

"Lennon and Stanley becoming friends,never knew a day like this would come,honestly" Juliette said. 

"Me too" Lennon chuckled. 

"I have a confession" Cortez spoke up 

"What's that?"

"I think I fell in love at first sight" Cortez said. 


"Minnie" Cortez completed. 

"I knew it!!!!" Goldie and Winnie screamed. 

Minnie's cheeks turned red. 

"Don't worry,He's kind of romantic too,but he definitely can't beat me in that aspect,I don't mind teaching him some of my tips so don't reject him" Stanley told Minnie. 

"Are you crazy?" Cortez laughed. 

"Let's hear from Minnie" Linda said. 

"I like him too" She mumbled shyly. 

"Woooooowwwww!!!!!" Everyone screamed. 

"Cheers everyone" Juliette said. 


They all clinked their glasses together and all drank from it at once. 



A car drove into the company and immediately the guards ran over towards it,the back door was opened and a red fancy heel dropped on the ground first,then Juliette came out fully with her three years old baby girl. 

* Welcome Ma'am

* Good day ma'am

As she walked in,heads were bowing and the greetings were getting double every second that along the line she had to ignore them. 

They finally entered the elevator leading to CEO's office. 

The company was handed over to Stanley two years ago the moment he finished school. 

Cortez was given the motor company also and they are both managing the companies well,the rest of the companies are handled by paid managers. 

Juliette's sister,Petal was sent abroad to finish her education and she met her fiance there,they are getting married in few months. 

Juliette's parents aren't left out either,they were given enough to start up big businesses for themselves. 

During Stanley and Juliette's wedding two years ago,it was a boom all over the city and country. 

The wedding of the youngest multi billionaire's son. Even uninvited ones came to witness. 

"Hey daddy" Juliette called as they entered the office. 

"Jewel" Stanley stood up immediately he saw his child. He took her from Juliette's immediately and the little one giggled happily too. 

"What brought you here?" He asked and peck Juliette's lips. 

He dropped Jewel on the floor. 

"Daddy!" She teared up almost immediately. 

"You know she won't let you go anymore" Juliette laughed. 

"I know,but I missed you" Stanley chuckled,he carried Jewel back. 

"Do you miss daddy that much?" He asked. 

"I missed you" Jewel pouted. 

"Why is your hair looking so rough? Did you cry?" Stanley asked,placing her on his desk. 

"I'm just coming from the kindergarten,I met her hair that way,I didn't redo it so you could see I was not lying when I told she plays alot" Juliette said. 

"I didn't play" Jewel shook her head. 

"So how come your hair is like this?" Stanley asked. 

"I don't know" Jewel replied. 

Stanley and Juliette exchanged glances and laughed. 

"She took after you" Juliette said. 

"I won't deny that and you know" Stanley chuckled and pecked Jewel's lips. 

"Next time,don't play too roughly or you will get daddy worried,okay?" He said as he helped her pack her hair. 

Jewel nodded. 

"She's so smart,just like me" Stanley smiled. 

"I'm smart too dude,what do you mean?" Juliette scoffed. 

"I thought we both agreed she took after me" Stanley said. 

"Some parts,not all. Come on Chipmunk..."

"Shut up!" Stanley screamed and Juliette laughed. 

"Can you stop calling me that? I'm a father now,please" Stanley groaned. 

"I will think about it" Juliette muttered. 

Stanley faced Jewel who was already busy playing with his hair. 

"What do you want daddy to get you?" He asked. 

"Ice cream" Jewel said sharply. 

"That's the mini Juliette right there,I'm gonna get someone to bring ice cream" Stanley said. 

They suddenly heard a knock. 

"Come in" Juliette said. 

The door opened and a familiar face came in. 

"Gwen?" Stanley called. 

"Mrs Brocks asked to bring Jewel" Gwen said. 

Stanley's phone started ringing,he answered and put it in a loud speaker. 

* Son! Can you bring my princess for me? It's almost ten hours since I saw that Jewel*

Stanley looked at Juliette. 

*Of course mother,she will be right there* Juliette replied her. 

*Oh thank you daughter,I should have called you not him,I miss my baby a lot* 

Stanley hung up and Juliette frowned. 

"You should ask Jewel first If she want to go" Stanley said. 

"Of course she would love to,trust me" Juliette said. 

"Is that true?" Stanley asked Jewel. 

She nodded. 

"Oh wow,I thought she missed me" Stanley mumbled. 

Juliette chuckled. 

"It's granny we are talking about,come on" She said. 

"Can you get her ice cream on your way going?" Stanley asked Gwen. 

"Yes sir"

"Tell the driver to drive safely or I'm going to slaughter......"

"Language young man please,Jewel is here" Juliette snapped. 

Stanley smiled and kissed Jewel before looking at Gwen.

"I understand sir"

"Say bye to mommy and daddy"

"Bye mommy,bye daddy" Jewel waved

"I love you sweetie" Juliette kissed her cheek,Stanley also did and Gwen took her away. 

"Now it's us alone,what are your plans for tonight?" Stanley asked,going back to sit down. 

"Wanna have dinner in a ship and make love on the sea" Juliette said nonchalantly. 

"Let's do that then" Stanley said. 

"What?! That was a joke!" Juliette said. 

"Your wishes are no jokes to me,we are doing that" Stanley saud. 

"It's treason if two Stanley Brocks exit,you're only mine alone" Juliette said and sat down on his laps. 

Stanley smiled.

"Daniel and Linda will be back tomorrow tonight" He said. 

"Those two!!!!" Juliette screamed. 

"You saw the video right? I can't believe Daniel proposed already,so soon! I'm so happy for them" Juliette said. 

"My two best friends getting married" Stanley inhaled.

"I can feel your pain" Juliette laughed and kissed him. 

"Do that again" Stanley mumbled and she locked their lips again.



"Baby!!!" Juliette screamed with wide eyes when Stanley removed her blindfold. 

She turned and jumped on him. 

"I love you!!" She screamed. 

"I'm living to make you happy peach" Stanley said. 

Juliette walked around the decorated lounge,it was covered with red roses of flowers,with romance smelling in the air. It felt like their early days in love,bringing back those sweet and unforgettable feelings and moments. 

The table at the center was covered with different food delicacies,they entered the bedroom and the bed was covered with beautiful petals also. 

"You said you want to make love....I want you to enjoy every bit of it" Stanley said 

Tears rolled down Juliette's eyes. 

"I suddenly remembered the first time I talked to you....you were on a tree" She faced him. 

Stanley smiled and wiped her tears. 

"I was on a tree and I saw an everlasting petal of flowers which I don't even want to let go,until the day I leave this world,never" He said and cupped her cheeks. 

"I bless the day I talked to you Stanley" Juliette said. 

"I'm mad at myself for not finding you sooner" Stanley said. 

"But for those years I missed in your life,I will triple the love everyday,if I ever hurt you,then I want to get hurt ten times more" He added.

"For you and Jewel,I can do anything to protect you two. And I won't ever stop,never" He said and kissed her forehead. 

"You're my WORLD Stanley Brocks...only you" Juliette mumbled. 

"And you're my UNIVERSE, Juliette Brocks" Stanley said. 

And their lips locked the everlasting love between them. 


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