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Dark Moans - Episode 89 & 90




Dark Moans - Episode 89 & 90

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



It's the end of the session event party,though it was almost coming to an end because moment for awards started about five minutes ago and all the students were curious. 

"Have you seen Stanley?" Juliette asked Holland the moment she saw  her

"I think he left,he didn't tell you anything?" Holland asked 

"Maybe I should check" Juliette checked her phone,Stanley already texted her. 

"He's got an important meeting with his dad" She told Holland who nodded slightly. 

"I was expecting you to put on a sexy dress today anyway" Juliette whispered. 

"Shut up,I wouldn't do that" Holland scoffed and she laughed. 

"Come on,even if you don't wanna show anyone,what about Daniel?" Juliette winked. 

"What are you talking about? Why should I do that?" Holland asked. 

"Come on,you can't lie. I know you like him and......" 

Holland covered her mouth. 

"Hey,you know I'm pregnant" Juliette mumbled. 

"That's why you need to keep your mouth shut little miss preggie" Holland snapped and pushed her away slightly. 

Juliette cleared her throat. 

"I'm thinking about how to tell my friends about it,they will scream" She said. 

"Then don't tell them" Holland said. 

"That won't be nice" Juliette pouted. 

🎙 Award for the best actors goes to...

Holland and Juliette immediately turned. 

🎙 Stanley Brocks and Lennon Lucas

👥 Woooooooooooww

"I knew my cutie would win that" Juliette smiled. 

"You should go get the award for him since he's absent" Holland said.

"That's right" Juliette smiled and immediately left for the stage,she also got the award for the best actress. 

Daniel went to meet Holland where she was. 

"Let's go home" He whispered. 

"But the party.....what about the after party?" Holland asked. 

"Do you wanna stay?"

"No" Holland muttered. 

"Let's go then" Daniel said and they both left at once.



"Welcome Sir"

Stanley responded to the guards and walked in,he was thinking and wondering why his dad suddenly called for his attention that evening. 

He met Cortez coming from Upstairs. 

"Finally you're here,do you see joy in keeping people waiting?" Cortez asked. 

"You don't expect me not to attend my school party right? I left in the middle of everything,where's dad?" Stanley asked. 


"Any idea about what's going on?" Stanley cut in. 

" a surprise" Cortez mumbled and they both walked to the dinning hall. 

Mr Brocks was right there with a strange lady he was talking to,Stanley's eyes were on the lady waiting for her to turn so he could see her face. 

"Son,you're here" Mr Brocks said and immediately the lady turned. 

Stanley's eyes widened almost immediately. 

".....Mom....mom???" He called.

"My child" Kristina stood up tearfully,Stanley stood on the same spot,hoping that moment wasn't a dream. 

"Is that...really her? Dad?" He asked. 

Mr Brocks nodded. 

"I found her....I know you want her,I know it's almost too late but...."

"No...it's not late. It's not" Stanley shook his head like a child. 

Kristina ran to him and hugged him tightly,her tears came rolling down. 

"I'm so sorry my son....I'm sorry" She cried. 

"Mom" Stanley called,wrapping his arms around her tightly. 

"I finally got you..tell me you're not leaving again,tell me that" he mumbled. 

"She's not going anywhere Stanley,I will make sure of that" Mr Brocks said. 

Stanley inhaled her lovely scent and closed his eyes. She still looks so young and pretty like he saw in the pictures,he was so curious about her age at that very moment,how old was she when she met his dad? How did it happen? But he choose to keep those questions to himself. 

Mother and Son broke the hug and finally settled down around the table. 

"You look so handsome,more than the pictures" Kristina said. 

"You saw my pictures?"

"I've seen more than a lot.....but each time...my dream is to be able to appear confidently in front of you" Kristina said. 

"I waited for you,I've been waiting and I never stopped waiting" Stanley smiled. 

Kristina placed her hand on his own. 

"I am here now" she said. 

They've started eating in silence when Stanley broke it. 

"I also have something to tell you dad" he said and Mr Brocks looked up. 

"What is it?" He asked. 

"Juliette......got pregnant" He muttered. 

Cortez choked and started coughing. 

"Here" Kristina handed him a glass of water. 


"Who's Juliette?" Kristy asked. 

"My girlfriend" Stanley answered. 

"So....who got her pregnant?" Mr Brocks asked. 

"Who else? Me of course,you are going to be a granny very soon" Stanley grinned. 

"Are you crazy?!!" Mr Brocks yelled. 

Cortez and Stanley flinched. 

"How can you be saying such with smiles on your face?! You're still in school for heaven sake..."

"It doesn't really matter...."

"It might not matter to you,but what about her?! What would her parents think?!" Mr Brocks yelled. 

"That's why I'm telling you because you will find a solution....."

"Deal with it yourself son,I don't have strength for whatever you put yourself into" He snapped. 

"But dad,help me. At least talk to her parents,,I don't want them to be disappointed or think she's.....just help me,you know what to do" Stanley pleaded. 

"But isn't there a way you two should have prevented it from happening?" Kristina asked. 

"She must have tried,but I want a baby badly" Stanley replied. 

"What?! What do you need a baby for!!" Mr Brocks yelled. 

"I don't know either" Stanley mumbled innocently. 

"Oh goodness,my son is insane. So you think it's easy to raise a child? You're just twenty! A kid.. "

"Going to twenty one soon,I'm not a kid anymore" Stanley smiled. 

"Stop smiling!" Mr Brocks screamed. 

Cortez coughed,trying not to laugh. 

"I'm sorry dad" Stanley muttered. 

"Where does her parents stay? We need to meet them first" Kristina asked. 

"Florida" Stanley replied. 



By the time Daniel and Holland arrived home,they met Lennox's car outside the gate which made them park outside also. Holland got down first,Lennox was leaning on his car. 

"Lennox" Holland called 

"Linda" Lennox smiled and went to hug him,the hug lasted for about two minutes before he broke it. 

Daniel was also out already. 

"Why are you here? Let's go in...."

"No" Lennox immediately said and Holland looked at him.

"I need to leave" Lennox said. 

"What....what?? Leave to where?" 

"I need to go back to school Linda,,I have a lot of unfinished project to work on,and I can't transfer here,I'm going into my final year next session,same as you guys so...I can't be here with you. I was supposed to use up to two weeks more but suddenly got a call from school,I'm so sad right now....." Holland immediately hugged him. 

"I'm going to miss you...a lot" She said. 

"Me too,I'm already missing you. I will make sure I come visit from time to time,I promise" Lennox said. 

They broke the hug. 

"When are you leaving?" Holland asked. 

"Tomorrow,I'm sorry it came as an emergency,I want to spend more time with you" Lennox said,caressing her cheeks. 

"Me too,but at least we have each other's number now,let's talk a lot on phone" She said and Lennox nodded. 

He looked at Daniel. 

"Make sure you take care of her or else...you will hear from me" He said  and Holland hit him. 

"I don't think you need to tell me that" Daniel said. 

"Hey dude,take it or leave it,I met her before you. I'm only letting her go because I pity you,you might die if I decide to fight for love" Lennox said. 

"Stop it" Holland pushed him and he laughed. 

"But I'm serious,I don't want to put you in a dilemma where you have to choose,so I'm going to give up,but if he treats you bad,I'm going to kill him and take you back,I promise" Lennox said. 

"Don't worry...Daniel and I have come a long way too...he won't hurt me" Holland said. 

"That better be true....I'm going to miss you so much Lin" Lennox said. 

"Don't make me cry" Holland sniffs. 

Lennox wiped her tears. 

"If you cry,I might just loose it and stay back" He said. 

Holland immediately wuped her tears. 

"You need to go to school,don't worry about me. I will be fine here as always,I promise. You too..be fine,stay healthy" She said. 

"I promise" Lennox smiled and hugged her one last time. 

"Bye,I will call you tomorrow" 

He entered the car and drove off. 

Holland turned to Daniel who already drove in the car,she entered too. 

She hugged Daniel from the back as soon as they entered the living room. 

"Why are you quiet?" She asked,resting her head on his back. 

"I'm not a second option to you right?" Daniel asked. 


"If I am......then I don't want to be. I don't mind letting you go,I don't want to be your second option,I love you too much to force you to feel the same for me,I won't do that,I want you to be happy and...."

Linda went on her toes slightly and kissed him. 

"Who said you're a second option?" She asked. 

"Just....you and Lennox are....."

"We liked each other back then,but we were just kids Daniel. I was a child,same as him. But I've spent my teenage years with you..I've lived with you. Do you even know how long I've been crushing on you without your notice?" Linda asked. 

"You.....crushing on....me?" Daniel was surprised. 

"Of course you never found out....how jealous I always get whenever you talk about a girl....it became worse when you got close to Winnie..I thought you finally wanted a girlfriend and I wasn't myself for days..."

"That was why.....you were mad at me and gave me the silent treatment?" Daniel's eyes widened and she nodded. 

"What I feel for you is different from whatever I had with Lennox back then,so...you're never a second option. I would choose you over and over again,so......"

Before she could finish,Daniel grabbed her waist and slammed his lips on her own in an hungry kiss. 



"Girl! You said you have something to tell us and you've remained quiet for hours" Winnie groaned. 

"I'm dying of curiosity already please" Minnie sighed. 

"Is it a secret?" Mina asked. 

"Tell us!!" Goldie screamed. 

"I'm pregnant" Juliette muttered. 

Winnie and Goldie fainted. 

Minnie and Mina opened their eyes wide with nothing coming out of their mouth. 

"How did you get so careless?" Minnie asked. 

"I swear I tried,I don't know how it happened" Juliette said. 

"Did you tell Stanley?" Winnie asked. 

"He found out first" 

"So,what was his reaction?" Goldie also woke up. 

"He's desperate for a baby" Juliette said and they all sighed. 

"At least that's good,but still. What about school? How are you gonna cope?" Mina asked. 

"We are still going to figure that out,soon" Juliette said. 

"So you're having a baby,I'm gonna become a godmother!!!" Winnie screamed. 

"Stop it" Juliette chuckled. 



Stanley held Juliette's hand tightly as they walked behind Mr Brocks and Kristina into the family private jet,they are on their way to Florida to meet Juliette's parents. 

Juliette was feeling so nervous but it might be unbelievable to know that Stanley is more nervous and scared than her at that moment. 

They all entered the jet and Stanley got them a separate space. 

"Don't think about it,dad will handle everything" Stanley assured Juliette and she nodded. 

"I'm going to trust you and as well,I'm ready to face whatever happens,so don't worry about me" Juliette muttered. 



"I Can perceive that delicious aroma from here" Graham shook his head. 

"Whenever Minnie is in that kitchen,just know it's magic" Goldie said,she was on Ryan's laps watching some videos with him. 

"Finn is a good cook too" Ryan said. 

"Get out of here!!!" 

They heard Minnie screaming at Finn and they all exchanged glances when Finn came out with his face covered with flour. 

"What the heck happened?" Lennon and Dylan asked at a time. 

"Someone else should join her,she's a maniac!" Finn screamed like he was gonna cry.

"Blame Lennon for calling an unprepared house party" Winnie said. 

"This isn't house party,you mean house breakfast?" Ryan asked and they all laughed. 

"Of course it's a party" Lennon snapped. 

"I will join her in the kitchen" Mina stood up. 

"Me too" Graham also stood up. 

"Seriously?" Winnie scoffed as they two of them left the living room 

"Graham is actually a goner" Dylan said. 

"I'm waiting for them to start dating" Ryan said. 

Finn was busy cleaning up himself. 

"Did she turn you into bread or what?" Lennon mocked. 

"Just let me be please" Finn said and they laughed. 

They suddenly heard the door bell and everyone was quiet. 

"I invited another person" Lennon smiled. 

"What's the purpose of this gathering?" Goldie asked. 

"To pray for Juliette and Stanley so Juliette's parents won't kill them" Lennon replied as he stood up and everyone laughed. 

"Did you invite Holland and Daniel?" Winnie asked. 

"They said they won't be able to show up" Lennon replied.

He opened the door and Cortez came in. 

"It's Cortez!!!" Winnie and Goldie screamed. 

"Hi" He smiled,giving Lennon the gift he brought. 

"What's that?" Winnie immediately asked. 

"Just some...cheap wine" Cortez smiled. 

"Cheap?!!" Lennon and Ryan shouted when Lennon removed the wines from the box 

"You call these wines cheap? Shall I look for the price...."

"No" Cortez immediately said. 

"I understand,so don't talk guys" Winnie chuckled. 

"Minnie! Your young bullionaire us here!!" Goldie screamed. 

Almost immediately Minnie rushed in but the moment she saw Cortex she ran off again making them laugh. 

About an hour later,Winnie and Lennon were in the kitchen doing the dishes after they all ate. 

"You don't have anything to say?" Winnie asked Lennon after the long silence. 

"Your new hair style is pretty" Lennon said and Winnie choked on nothing 

"Are you okay?" He immediately asked and rushed to the fridge,he got water and gave her. 

Winnie drank half of it and sighed out. 

"What did you....say?" She asked. 

"Never mind,you might choke again" Lennon muttered. 

"Tell me" Winnie stood in front of Vin. 

"I like your hair" Lennon repeated and she sighed.

"Thanks" She mumbled. 

Lennon chuckled and touched her hair before he continue his work. 

Winnie tapped her red cheeks and exhaled loudly. 

'Focus Winnie' she told herself. 

"Focus?" Lennon asked beside her and she flinched. 

"Did I....said that out?" She asked.

"Yes,am I making you loose focus?" Lennon asked. 

"Never!!!" Winnie screamed 

"The f**k,i was just joking" Lennon said 

"Gosh" Winnie bite her lips. 

Lennon chuckled and shook his head. 

"Such a drama queen" He mumbled. 



Everyone got down from the car. 

"So are we going in?" Mr Brocks asked Juliette and she nodded fearfully. 

How would her parents react? 

Juliette led the way,Mr Brocks and Kristina followed. 

Meanwhile,Stanley was at the back praying endlessly. 

"If this moment can pass me by without me dying a quick death,I won't stop giving to the poor and to churches,I will change for good and better dear Lord....."

"Stanley!" Mr Brocks called and he immediately ran closer. 

Juliette hit the door bell and a minute later,it opened..it was Petal who opened. 

"Juliette!" She called. 

"Sis" Juliette smiled and they hugged each other,that was when Petal saw Mr Brocks,she froze on Juliette's body. 

"Sis?" Juliette called and broke the hug.

"Who.....who...are they?" Petal asked. 

"Oh they are...."

"He's not.....Mr Brocks right? The popular billionaire...." She haven't finished when her eyes fell on Stanley. 

"Mommy!!!!!" She screamed and ran in. 

Juliette bite her lips in embarrassment. 

"Please come in" She mumbled,leading the family inside. 

Mr Brocks entered with Kristina and then Stanley. 

Petal returned with Mrs Smith whose eyes grew wide the moment she saw the guests in her house. 

"These are......."

"Mom,it's me" Juliette went to hug her.

"Good day mom" Stanley smiled nervously and bowed but Mrs Smith wasn't having it. 

"They are the one mom,I'm so sure" Petal whispered into her ear.

"Juliette,how come they are with you?"

"Meet Stanley mom...He's my boyfriend" Juliette replied. 

The moment she said that,Mrs Smith walked past her and moved closer to Mr Brocks. 

"Please take a nice seat sir,what should I offer you? You must be so tired....." She faced Stanley. 

"Son,take a seat."

'Son??' Stanley repeated that word in his head. 

"Please take a seat" Petal grinned. 

"Thank you" Mr Brocks and Kristina smiled and sat down,but Stanley didn't. 

Juliette on the other word was confused,why are they acting so nice without knowing what was happening. 

"Mom" She called. 

Mrs Smith didn't even look at her. 

"Mom I'm pregnant!" She screamed. 

"Congratulations daughter" Mrs Smith said. 

Juliette and Stanley's eyes widened at once. 



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