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Dark Moans - Episode 87 & 88




Dark Moans - Episode 87 & 88

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



It was around midnight when nine years old Linda woke up,the previous night she had played with the twins,Lennox and Lennon until late,her aunt came for her but she refused to go home. 

She had to sleep over in another room,but that night she was finding it hard to sleep so she got down from the bed and left the room. 

Linda wanted to stop in Lennon's room at first but almost immediately she changed her mind and continue walking till she got to Lennox's door. 

She opened quietly and entered. 

"Lennox ?" She called in a really low voice as she passed the small lounge meant for playing and approached the bedroom,the bedroom door was opened,gladly thinking in her mind that Lennox was awake,she almost ran in until she heard some faint cries and an adult's voice.

She stopped walking and quietly stood by the entrance,she saw Rosemary,though she was naive and have no idea what she was doing but Lennox was in fears,which only means she was hurting him.

Then she saw her closely,he was touching his little man with smiles on her face while little Lennox cries.  

"You wouldn't want anyone to find out or you're in trouble" Rosemary said to him.

Without thinking twice,Linda entered. 

"Why are you making him cry?" Linda asked and Rose immediately moved back. 

"Lennox,are you okay?" Linda asked.

Lennox shook his head,he was sweating but immediately he looked at Rosemary's eyes,he wiped his tears. 

"I'm fine" he saud. 

"But,you were crying" Linda said. 

"Hey little one,that was because he hurt himself and I helped with  massage" Rosemary smiled. 

"You got hurt?!" Linda asked loudly and Lennox nodded. 

Rosemary walked out of the room. 

"Can I see where you got hurt?" Linda asked,wiping his tears. 

Lennox hugged her. 

"Should I tell your mom tomorrow so she will massage you softly? Aunt Mary was so harsh,right?" Linda asked 

"Why are you here?" Lennox asked.

"I couldn't sleep" Linda pouted and sat down on the bed. 

"We can sleep together then" Lennox smiled. 

"Yeah!! Will you hug me in my sleep? So I can sleep well?" Linda asked and Lennox nodded. 


"She saw me! That little witch saw me!" Rosemary said on phone,she was pacing around her room.. 

"We need to take care of them right away,that little witch won't close her mouth,never" She said restlessly and hung up. 



Lennox and Linda were walking together with some toys in their hands,on their way home. 

"I'm going to give Lennon two of these,because I'm sure he will get jealous if he find out we left without him" Linda laughed loudly. 

"Shhh,you can't let mom find out either,she warned me not to leave the house remember?" Lennox whispered. 

Linda blinked twice. 

"What if she punish you? I'm scared" She said. 

"Hey hey don't cry,don't worry I'm super strong" Lennox said. 

"I don't like it whenever she punish you" She shook her head.

"Then let's hurry up and go before she gets back home" Lennon grabbed her hand and was about running when a giant stranger in mask crossed them and they both fell back on the ground. 

He carried them both at once,Linda screamed and broke into tears,Lennox was trying to make her stop crying but she didn't stop.

Hours later,they were in a secret building. Linda was already sleeping on the floor. The masked man pacing and smoking. 

Lennox was awake but laying right beside Linda,anyone would actually think he was asleep. 

Just a minute after that,Rosemary came in with about two other men. 

"I told you to get rid of them at once,why are you waiting for me?!" She yelled. 

"Pay me my balance first" The one in mask said,puffing out the smoke coming from his weed. 

"Seriously...check your phone,I sent it" Rosemary said. 

"Then consider your work done" 

Lennox kept his eyes closed as they carried him and Linda,into the car and the moment the car started. 

"Make sure you leave no traces" He heard Rose's voice. 

"Where are you taking us to?" He got up immediately the driver drove off,it's not the same masked man who kidnapped them,probably one of his boys

"Where are you taking us to! Please don't hurt us,she's my aunt,please take us home" Lennox cried. 

The guy said no word,he just continue driving,it was already getting dark outside. 

"Uncle please take us home" Lennox kept crying,he rushed to Linda and wanted to wake her up but then changed his mind,it's better she doesn't know what's going on. 

He returned back to his crying and begging 

Until the car stopped in the middle of a hill. The guy came down and dragged them down 

"This is not our house...." Lennox said in tears. 

The man removed a flash drive from his pocket and put it in Lennox's palm.

"Try to survive this,but I still have to do my job,or I'm not safe either,He's going to kill me if I don't do what he was paid for" He said and without thinking twice,He pushed the sleeping Linda down the hill. 

"Noooo!!!! Linda!!" Lennox screamed and jumped in by himself. 

The guy didn't wait,he got into the car and immediately dialed a number......Mr Benjamin's number. How he got it?? It's a misery. 



By the time Lennox finished up his story,Mrs Lucas was in tears,Lennon was trying to make her stop crying but he was in tears too. 

Holland hugged her dad,hiding her already teary red eyes. 

Stanley and Daniel were next to each other,quiet. 

"Do you have any evidence!! You don't!! How dare you accuse me!" Rosemary yelled. She was brought by the cops as soon as Mr Benjamin went to report the case. 

"It's like you didn't follow my story" Lennox smirked and raised the flash drive in his hand. 

"He told me I should survive....because of this and you think I wouldn't? You're not that smart aunty" Lennox smiled,handing the drive to the cops. 

Immediately the connected it,it's all filled up with more young boys,aside Lennox she molested. 

"That's not me!!" Rosemary screamed. 

👥 Is she a Psychopath?

👥 Scary to watch

👥 Oh my Lennox

There are countless clips of the murders she committed also,including the day she had ordered for Linda and Lennox to be killed. 

Mrs Lucas stood up and rushed to Rose,she slapped her and bite her . 

"Ahh!!" Rose screamed,she was dragged away roughly. 

"I've been living with a devil for years!" She shouted in tears,almost falling on the floor. 

Lennon and Lennox held her immediately. 

She was crying bitterly. 

"My son,please forgive me" She faced Lennon.

"I'm such a bad mother,I blamed you for everything,forgive me" She cried. 

Lennon bite his lips,trying hard to prevent the tears rolling down his but he couldn't stop.

"Forgive me" Mrs Lucas kept whimpering in tears. 

After minutes of family moment,Mrs Lucas moved closer to Mr Benjamin. 

"Thank you,I don't know how to appreciate you,I don't..."

"Don't mention,please" Mr Ben said. 

Lennox went to hug Holland.

"Thanks for surviving,I thought I lost you forever" he said. 

"I should thank you for surviving" Holland said. 

Lennox broke the hug and wiped her tears. 

"Don't cry,everything is settled now,it's all over" be said. 

Holland nodded. 



It was already late at night when the boys arrived him together with Holland. 

"It was such a long day" Stanley groaned,pulling off his shirt at once. 

"Yeah" Daniel muttered and went upstairs. 

Stanley faced Holland.

"Congratulations,getting your memories back now" he said 

Holland smiled and went hug him.

"I love you two so much" She said. 

Stanley chuckled and they broke the hug. 

"I'm starving,can you order some food to eat?" He asked. 

"Of course" Holland said. 

Stanley went upstairs also. 



The family are busy having dinner together. 

"I still can't believe my eyes,seeing my two sons this way is like a dream" Mrs Lucas said. 

"But it's annoying that he still got my face" Lennox scoffed.

Lennon smiled.

"Let's remain this way for a long time,I don't want this to end,never again" Mrs Lucas said,touching their hair. 

"Don't worry mom,this reality has come to stay,not going anywhere" Lennox replied. 

After dinner,Lennox met Lennon at the balcony,alone. 

"Hey brother" Lennox sat down with him. 

"Hey" Lennon muttered. 

"You don't look so happy to see me" Lennox said. 

"Of course I'm happy,I'm just too happy that I don't know how to react,I don't know how to talk to you,I'm just....."

"Just follow the flow,we are twins" Lennox smiled and hugged him. 

"Honestly,I missed you. But I had to wait for the perfect time,which is now" Lennox said. 

"You're welcome back" Lennon muttered. 



Holland went downstairs after looking for Daniel in his room and he's not there,she found him in the cellar,drinking. 

"Dan" Holland called and sat down beside him.

Daniel said nothing.

"Why are you drinking?" Holland asked. 

Daniel looked at her. 

"Must there be a reason to drink?" He asked. 

"Yes of course" Holland replied. 

"You must really love Lennox alot,and he loves you too. Childhood lovers are always amazing to witness" Daniel muttered. 

Holland took the glass from his hand. 

"You're acting like a dummy right now" She said. 

"Acting like a dummy?! You've been all over him since he appeared! You hug him every minute,he even kissed your neck!" Daniel shouted. 

"It's been eleven years since we lost each other...."

"So what?! Do you allow any random guy touch you just like that?" Daniel asked

"The last time I checked,you were still mad at me,so why are you suddenly interested in another guy hugging me? " Holland asked. 

Daniel said nothing and kept on drinking. 

"Daniel...stop drinking..."

"Don't stop me,I'm here trying so hard to control the urge of kissing you" Daniel said bluntly. 

Holland sighed. 

"Stop proving to be stubborn!" She screamed. 

Daniel grabbed her hand and pulled her on his laps before slamming his lips on her own and almost immediately,he fell asleep.

"Gosh" Holland groaned. 



Winnie and Goldie were both in the waiting room,sitting down. Stanley was leaning on the wall since he arrived. They actually called him. 

According to them,they were shopping with Juliette,it's just two days to the end of session party and Juliette passed out while in the mall. 

The Doctor finally came out and they all stood up. 

"She's fine,Will be awake soon" The Doctor said. 

"Thank goodness" Winnie and Goldie sighed. 

"Mr Stanley? Are you her guardian?" 

"Yeah" Stanley replied. 

"Come with me" The Doctor said and they both entered into the ward where Juliette was,sleeping on the bed. 

Stanley sat on the seat beside the bed and sighed. 

"I'm sorry I wasn't there" He muttered,touching her hair. 

"Who are you to her?" The Doctor asked. 

"I'm her boyfriend" Stanley replied without looking up. 

"I don't know if this is supposed to be a good News but...."

Stanley looked up. 

"She's seven weeks pregnant" The Doctor uttered and Stanley's eyes widened. 

"Se.....ven?" He asked. 


"That's not me Right?" Juliette opened her eyes. 

"Oh miss,you're awake..."

"Who's pregnant?" Juliette asked and Stanley took his lips in. 

"You of course" The Doctor smiled. 

Juliette faced Stanley with a glare. 

"I swear it wasn't my fault" Stanley immediately said. 

"Whose fault!!! I told you I can't get pregnant now...."

"Stop shouting Juliette,we will sort things out" Stanley said. 

The Doctor walked out. 

"How? What do I do now? I'm not ready for this yet..."

"But I am ready okay? I'm going to do everything to make you comfortable and...." 

Juliette twisted his mouth with her hand. 

"Shut up!!!" She screamed. 

"I'm sorry" Stanley muttered. 

Juliette covered her face with the duvet. 

"Babe,I'm sorry. Let's just put the whole blame on me then,it's all my fault that you got pregnant and I will take full responsibility I promise,so don't be mad at me" He said. 

Meanwhile,he was grinning secretly and only needed a moment alone for him to scream out loudly. 


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