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Dark Moans - Episode 85 & 86




Dark Moans - Episode 85 & 86

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


"Juliette" He stopped walking when he saw her throwing up. 


"Wait...are you throwing up?" Stanley asked with a sigh of smile playing on his lips. 

Juliette finished up and washed her mouth before facing him. 

"Yeah,maybe indigestion? Or something else...."

"Something else!" Stanley said. 

Juliette gave him a suspicious look. 

"It's like you want it to be something else badly,what are you thinking of?"  Juliette frowned. 

"I'm just thinking......maybe you...know...like might need a Doctor for test or check up" Stanley muttered,itching his hair. 

"No need for that,I will be fine" Juliette rolled her eyes and pushed him out of the way. 

"Babe,you're harsh right now,I'm just worried" Stanley groaned childishly and followed her. 

"Whatever you're thinking,quit thinking about it coz it won't happen" Juliette snapped and fell on the bed. 

"That's quite unfair" Stanley sighed. 

"It's unfair to me too! I'm not even in my finals yet!!" Juliette yelled. 

"You know I'm rich right? You can just study from home and still get the best result ever,and besides I'm a husband material,I will do anything you want. I'm going to move out and we can stay together,you can act like a baby,I will take it all,I don't care,even if you want me to bathe you,ion mind,I just want....." 

Juliette threw a pillow at him. 

"You're saying rubbish chipmunk,it won't happen! Not now!" She yelled. 

"I think you should reduce your voice,please don't stress yourself....."

"I hate you!!!!" Juliette screamed and Stanley laughed. 

"Fine let's say nothing happened for now,but trust me soon it would,nothing can stop me baby" Stanley climbed on the bed and wrapped his arms around her. 

"Until the test" he whispered. 

"One word from you again,I will go and sleep with Daniel or Holland" Juliette said. 

"Are you crazy?" Stanley asked and she laughed. 

"You're making me go crazy"

"Dummy" Stanley chuckled and pushed her head. 

"You're a poop" Juliette said. 

"That's disgusting! Eww!" 

Juliette laughed. 

"That's what you get for messing with me" She stuck her tongue out and turned her back on him. 

"You're so cute Peach" Stanley kissed her neck. 

"Goodnight" Juliette smiled. 



Holland was already downstairs,dressed for school. She was munching on some toast when Stanley and Juliette appeared. 

"Is that toast?!" Juliette screamed and rushed to her. 

"So?" Holland asked. 

"I want...." Holland ran from her before she could finish. 

"Don't be stingy,I'm starving" Juliette ran after her. 

"I'm starving too,go meet your boyfriend" Holland said and kept running. 

"Hey,don't make her run too much,I don't like it" Stanley said. 

Holland stopped. 

"What's going on? Is it what I'm thinking?" She asked. 

"If you think again I will kill you" Juliette threatened. 

"Okay fine fine,you can have it" Holland hand over the only piece remaining in her hand.

"I love you" Juliette said softly. 

"My foot" Holland scoffed. 

Juliette laughed. 

Daniel came downstairs,his eyes met with Holland's own,he looked away. 

"Let's go to school guys" Juliette said. 

"I'm going with Juliette,Holland and Daniel....."

"I'm going to school alone" Daniel mumbled. 

"Huh? Why?" Juliette asked. 

"It's fine,I will drive to school alone" Holland said,watching as Daniel walked out of the house. 

"Is something going on with Daniel?" Juliette asked. 

"Nothing" Stanley shook his head. 



"Stay here please,they will be here soon" The officer told Cortez. 

"Thank you" Cortez muttered,looking at the glass window separating the two rooms,Soon Opal,Easton and Alex were brought out,they sat down. 

"So you finally decided to show up" Alexander rolled his eyes. 

Cortez sighed and looked at Opal who was already looking so unkept. 

"You know I can't do anything to help" He said. 

"So why are you here?" Opal snapped. 

"You should talk to dad yourself,he's the only one who can put an end to these,but I'm not even sure he's ready to help" Cortez sighed. 

"Why are you acting like you are on our side....."

"I'm not on your side,I will never be on your side,I don't support murder" Cortez cut in immediately. 

"And mom,your offenses are just too much to over look...."

"Officer! Please take us back! I'm not ready to talk to him! He's a stranger!" Opal shouted. 

"Stranger? Mom you need to know what you did was wrong! Admit it!" Cortez yelled. 

"We are sorry sir" 

They took the three of them away. 

Cortez sighed and stood up,he walked away. 



Lennon entered the class,Only Stanley and Holland were present. 

"Finally you're here" Holland said. 

"Why am I here? Is there a problem?" Lennon raised his brows. 

"Do you have any pictures of your twin brother?" Holland asked. 

"Why should I tell you that?" Lennon asked. 

"Because I think we were both involved in the same accident,I have the memory of your aunt,but I kinda lost most of my past memories so I can't remember all,but I think I've been seeing Lennox in my memories too,what else could that mean? We were close,and I really want to know what really happened" Holland said. 

"You have a memory of....Aunt Mary?" Lennon asked in disbelief. 

"Yeah,so please help me,just this once" Holland said. 

"You don't have to beg him,this might lead you to find out what happened to your brother too,are you in or not?" Stanley snapped. 

"Be nice" Holland tapped him. 

"I have a lot of pictures in my place,my brother's stuffs are all in my place,let's go" Lennon said and left the class. 

"That was kinda harsh....."

"You don't have to make it obvious to everyone that you're a girl" Stanley said and Holland blinked. 

"I didn't act like a girl,I was just....."

"Let's go" Stanley said. 

"Allow me finish!!" Holland screamed. 

"The f*+*k" Stanley laughed. 

Holland rolled her eyes and walked out of the class,Stanley followed.

"I should call Daniel,where the h*+*k is he?" Stanley muttered and dialed Daniel's number. 

*Where are you?*

*Is something wrong?* Daniel asied. 

*We are going to Lennon's place to check out his brother's stuffs,are you coming?* 

*Yeah,I will meet you at the school park* 

Stanley hung up and sent a text message to Juliette,he might not return back to school. 

Daniel met them in the school parking lot,They all got into their cars and left the school together. 


Juliette saw Stanley's message and a smile escaped her lips. 

"Stanley left,He's got something to do" She muttered. 

"Yeah!!! We can have fun!!!" Winnie screamed. 

"No fun,we are going to my place to study" Juliette said 

"What?!" Winnie groaned. 

"Exams are close,I'm sure our time table will be out soon" Mina muttered. 

"Having brilliant friends is annoying" Winnie shook her head. 

"Be serious for once,we can't bomb that exam,never" Goldie shook her head. 

"Winnie and I will stop to get some groceries,we need to eat alot at least" Juliette said. 

"Hope your house is neat,I can't clean" Goldie said. 

"Just the kitchen...."

"F*+*k!!!!" Minnie screamed. 

"You know I love you girls" Juliette winked and Mina chuckled. 

"Fine,you better buy a lot,I'm gonna eat so much" Goldie said. 

"I gat you,Stanley gave me his card" Juliette said. 

"Wowww!!!!!!!" They exclaimed. 



"Here they are" Lennon dropped the box on the table and Holland immediately opened it. She stopped and looked closely. 

"What,do you remember anything?" Lennon asked. 

"They look too familiar to be a lie" Holland said and Lennon's eyes widened. 

"Do you know my brother?" He grabbed her arm. 

Stanley and Daniel pushed Lennon away from Holland. 

"Don't touch her that way" They said at once. 

Lennon blinked 

"Her?" He asked. 

"I mean...."

"I'm a girl" Holland said before Stanley could talk. 

"What?!" Lennon screamed. 

"How could you tell him like that?!" Daniel snapped. 

"This has to do with my childhood and memories,I need to come clean so it can help if he remembers anything" Holland said and faced Lennon who was still looking shocked. 

"A girl? Are you guys f**king with me! Who's a girl" Lennon asked. 

"Me...so does your brother have a friend back then? A girl?" Holland asked. 

"How do you expect me to remember what happened eleven years ago?" Lennon scoffed and brought out a picture of Lennox. 

"Here's my brother,we looked the same back then,I wonder If it's still the same now..that's if he's somewhere alive" Lennon muttered. 

Stanley took it from him and gave it to Holland. 

"Do you remember the face?" Stanley asked. 

Holland's eyes widened as some memories flashed through his brain. 

"It was him! Stanley" She grabbed Stanley with her shaking hands. 

"Hey...calm down" Stanley said. 

"It's scary" Holland mumbled,closing her eyes as the memories kept coming.

"He's the boy in my dream,it was him. It was him" She said and opened her eyes,she was already in tears. 

"You mean...the boy Lennon's aunt was touching?" Daniel asked and Holland nodded. 

"Aunt....Rosemary?" Lennon asked. 

Holland nodded and took her time to explain her dream to Lennon. 

Stanley was busy searching through the box. 

"But...how come you know about it? Who are you?" 

"I don't know,there must be something. I must be close to....."

"Isn't this....Holland?" Stanley suddenly asked and everyone looked at him. 

He was holding a picture of a girl standing in between Lennox and Lennon. 

"No,that was an old friend" Lennon said. 

Stanley and Daniel exchanged glances. 

"It's me" Holland mumbled in tears. 

"That was.....you??" Lennon asked with wide eyes and Holland nodded. 

"Her name was....."

"Linda" Holland completed. 

Lennon gasped even more shockingly. 

"It's really you?! It's you?! You don't remember me? We were best friends,but you were closer with my brother,you both liked each other since much and....."

"We promised to date each other when we grow up" Holland said in tears. 

"That's right!!" 

They both stood up and hugged each other tightly,Lennon carrying her in the process. 

Daniel scoffed and rolled his eyes. 

Stanley was also looking at them with some crazy eyes until they broke the hug. 

"Are your memories back now?" Stanley asked. 

"Not all" Holland said,she was still holding hands with Lennon. 

"What else are we doing now?" Daniel stood up and walked past their middle,separating their hands stylishly. 

"We should go see my dad,he was the one who saved me that night" Holland suggested. 

"Then let's go" Lennon smiled. 

Daniel and Stanley walked to the door,Lennon and Holland kept talking non stop. 

Daniel and Stanley scoffed jealously at the same time. 

Holland came to them,grinning. 

"I'm so happy,I really remember I was close with them,this picture says a lot,I can't wait to know what happened to Lennox" Holland said excitedly. 

Daniel and Stanley said nothing and went out. 

"What's with them?" Holland mumbled,she turned to Lennon almost immediately and they left together also. 



Mr Ben sighed out after the boys and Holland told him everything,including the pictures they showed him. 

"All these aren't coincidental dad,it's obvious,I was close with them,you said I went for a vacation,I stayed with your sister right? Maybe they were neighbors or something,please tell me dad please" Holland pleaded. 

Mr Ben's phone rang and he answered immediately. 

*Where are you?*

*I'm almost there dad* 

He hung up and everyone was confused until he spoke up. 

"Holland,I told you the reason why I raised you as a boy was because... I was warned to hide you,for your safety" He said and Holland nodded. .

"Actually,that night,I didn't save you alone" He said. 

"What?!" Everyone gasped. 

"You were together with a boy....in a pit" Mr Ben said. 

Lennon and Holland gasped. 

Almost immediately,the door opened and someone walked in. 

Everyone's eyes grew wide,having the same face as Lennon means just one thing right??


"Hey dad" Lennox went to hug Mr Benjamin.

"Dad?" Lennon blinked. 

"He's been raising me for eleven years,what do you expect?" Lennox asked,smiling at Lennon who was still looking shocked. 

"It's...my face" Lennon muttered,still not believing his eyes. 

"Le.....nnox?" He stuttered. 

"It's me bro" Lennox said,pulling him into a hug. 

"Do you remember everything? Do you know what happened to you? I'm curious to know what that witch did to you!" Lennon said in tears. 

"Don't worry brother,I have a whole lot of evidence" Lennox smiled and turned to Holland. 

"Girlfriend" He called. 

Daniel frowned almost immediately. 

"Girl what?" He asked,only Stanley heard him. 

"She lost her memories" Lennon muttered. 

"I will make her remember...you and  I used to call each other,boyfriend and girlfriend,and we liked each others so......" He haven't finished when Holland jumped on him,hugging him. 

Lennox held her waist. 

Daniel swallowed,he was dying inwardly at the sight of that. 

"I remember,I remember you,if not all but I remember a lot" Holland said,sniffing. 

"You're still a cry baby,I missed you" Lennox said and kissed her neck. 

Daniel inhaled...a very long one. 

"Should I call an ambulance?" Stanley asked him.  


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