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Dark Moans - Episode 83 & 84




Dark Moans - Episode 83 & 84

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


Are those........b👀bs?!!!!!!

Daniel's eyes still remained widened,he couldn't breathe for like a minute,Holland opened her eyes and bashed her lashes,she was in tears. 

"What....what....what ......" Daniel stopped,he couldn't even find the right word. 

It was at the moment the door opened and Stanley entered,Holland didn't move. 

"What the h**k" Stanley turned immediately he saw Holland's chest. 

She immediately wrapped her shirt around herself. 

Stanley faced them,he looked at Holland and then Daniel. 

"Did you tear her clothes?" He asked and Daniel looked at Stanley. 

"Her....her....shirt..?? Did you just called him.....her?" Daniel stammered crazily. 

"Am I supposed to keep calling him after you saw what you saw?" Stanley asked. 

Holland blinked. 

"Why the heck are you sounding unbothered? What's going on?" Daniel asked. 

Stanley looked at Holland and sighed out. 

"Gosh" He mumbled and pulled off his shirt,he covered her properly with it and faced Daniel back. 

"You should take it easy dude...."

"Take what easy?! How did you find out? How!" Daniel shouted and touched his head,it was like he would be going crazy any moment from now,the way his head was banging so loudly. 

"You told him?" He asked Holland. 

Holland said nothing. 

"I just f**king asked you a damn question!!" Daniel yelled and Holland flinched. 

"Stop shouting at her....."

"I hate the sound of her!" Daniel snapped. 

The tears in Holland's eyes kept rolling down helplessly. 

"She didn't tell me any sh*t okay? I just found out somehow" Stanley said. 

"How? How come I never suspected anything? How did you find out?" Daniel asked. 



Stanley entered the house and it was  quite empty,he had left home with Daniel few minutes ago for an event but Holland insisted on staying home because he wasn't feeling good. 

Stanley forgot something at home so he came back for it. 

"Holland?" He called when he climbed the stairs but no answer. 

"Is he dead?" Stanley cracked and laughed at his own joke. 

After he got what he came back for,he knocked on Holland's door,still no response. 

He opened the door and entered,no one in the room,he heard the shower working and he was about turning back to leave the room when he heard something strange. 

He heard someone chuckle,but it sounded just too feminine to think it's Holland. 

"Did that idiot finally brought a girl home?" He chuckled,but then thinking about it,why would Holland lie just because of a girl. 

"Gosh,this feels so good. I can finally breathe well" Stanley heard the voice clearly. 

"That's......." His eyes widened first and he didn't think twice before walking to the door,thankfully the door was slightly opened,he peeped through and his eyes widened when he saw the feminine body bathing under the shower. 

The hair was Holland's,the face was Holland's,but totally different in a way,it's the first time he ever noticed,those eyes,those lips,the brows,can all those really belong to a boy? He tried his best to control himself not to look down but he just couldn't help the shock.

He stares down to her b👀bs too and he shook his head like it was a dream. 

Holland chuckled again,allowing the water fall all over her body. 

Stanley immediately walked out of the room. 



"One...year ago? That was....my dad's birthday,I remember that day clearly" Daniel said and Stanley nodded. 

"And you choose to keep it from me?" Daniel asked. 

"You don't expect me to tell you what Holland doesn't want you to know,I knew by mistake too" Stanley muttered. 

"We've been friends for ten years....we've been living together for almost four years and I have no f**king idea?" Daniel asked. 

"I was shocked too" Stanley said. 

"Damn" Daniel looked at Holland again. 

"Stop looking at me that way.....you're scaring me" Holland mumbled. 

"You think I care!" Daniel snapped. 

"Can't believe I almost thought I've turned gay because of you! F*+*k off!" Daniel yelled and stormed out of the room. 

Holland sniffs in and Stanley sighed out. 

"Hey,stop crying......"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Holland cut in. 

"You really don't think I would have confronted you about it right? That I saw you in the bathroom??"

"You should have told me,maybe I would have summoned courage to explain why and he wouldn't be so mad at me" Holland said in tears and bent down,she continue crying silently. 

"He's just too dumb,he should have found out just by these tears of yours" Stanley mumbled,only to his hearing. 

"And....he mentioned something about gay. Did that bastard fell in love with you?" Stanley joked. 

"I'm not smiling with you,leave me alone" Holland snapped. 

"Hey,I should be angry with you but I choose not to,do you know how hurt it is that you still keep secret after ten years of friendship? How does that even sound? What if someone else found out first before us?" Stanley asked. 

Holland wiped her tears. 

"I'm sorry" She muttered. 

Stanley sighed and bent in front of her. 

"I don't care if you're a girl or a boy or even transgender,the ten years I've spent with you two are the best moments of my life,because of you two I know what it means to have brothers....I mean brother and sister.." Holland pushed him away. 

Stanley chuckled and continued. 

"So even if you turn out to be another gender,it won't change anything,I love you two so much and I don't care what you are. So next time,trust us and tell us anything,I'm sure Daniel feels so betrayed and left out right now,he will get over it though" Stanley said and stroke her hair. 

"Acting serious and mature doesn't suit you,f*+*k off" Holland mumbled. 

"You should get dressed and come downstairs,your crushes are looking for you already,I wonder what will happen when they find out their Almighty Holland is a girl with perfect shape......"

"I hate you!! Go to hell!!! Pervert!! Die!!!!!!!!" Holland screamed. 

Stanley laughed out before running out of the room. 

Holland stood up and took off Stanley's shirt,she remembered the way Daniel torn everything she was wearing and swallowed. 

"What do I do?......he look so angry" She bite her lips and went back into the bathroom. 



Winnie was sitting on one of the seats in the swimming pool area,watching everyone in the pool having fun,she was already undressed also,just leaving her in her pants and bra,while holding a glass of wine. 

"Hey" Lennon sat down on the seat next to her and she looked at him. 

"Hey dude" She smiled. 

"Why are you here alone?" Lennon asked. 

"I can ask you the same also" Winnie muttered and sipped from her wine. 

"I don't feel like touching water" Lennon replied. 

"Me too" Winnie smiled. 

"So have you finally gotten over my friend?" She asked. 

"Maybe" Lennon muttered. 

"Maybe?" Winnie asked.

"I have,as long as she's happy" Lennon replied. 

"Congratulations then" Winnie chuckled. 

"Thanks" Lennon replied. 

Inside the pool,Juliette and some of the girls were having fun throwing balls. 

"Me!!" Mina screamed and Juliette threw the ball for her,she caught it and then threw to Goldie. 

"Gosh!!" The girls laughed when the ball hit Minnie's face instead,thank God it's soft. 

"Sorry" Goldie said and Minnie smiled. 

Juliette looked around and couldn't find Stanley. 

"I will be back girls" She excuse herself and went to look for Stanley. 

She saw Autumn and Georgiana on her way,she wanted to ignore them. 

"That swimsuit looks sexy" Autumn said and Juliette looked at her surprised. 

"Thanks" She muttered. 

Autumn smiled and they left. 

"What just happened?" Juliette asked no one in particular


Minnie walked in a zigzag manner as she found her way to the restroom,she entered and threw up excessively,after washing her mouth,she sighed out loudly. 

"Feels better" she mumbled and went out. She bumped into someone and again turns out to be Cortez. 

"Oh...it's you again" Cortez said and Minnie smiled. 

"Yeah" She said. 

"You're drunk" Cortez said. 

"No I'm not" Minnie shook her head and finger,she staggered as she tried walking sway and Cortez immediately caught her. 

"Let's find you water,come on" He took her away. 

They entered the house and he dropped her on the couch,he walked to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of water. He opened it for her. 

"Thanks" Minnie mumbled and drank half of it. 

She groaned out. 

"Gosh,I never wanted to get drunk,I'm sorry" she said. 

"It's fine" Cortez smiled. 

Minnie bite her lips awkwardly. 

"We can go back now if you want" Cortez said. 

"No,few more minutes please" Minnie immediately said. 


Holland got to the pool side,she was busy searching for Daniel and when she found him,he was among some group of girls flirting with him. 

Holland bit her lips and immediately turned,as soon as she turned Daniel saw her. 

He gulped down the alcohol in his glass,one of the girls immediately poured more for him. 

He wasn't even feeling them,his mind was far away but at that moment he wanted nothing than to forget what just happened. 

His eyes moved back to Holland who couldn't move from where she was standing because of the girls over her. 

Daniel scoffed. 

"Now it's making sense" He mumbled and continue drinking,thinking back,now he know the reason why he never saw her privately with a girl. 

"You're so focused somewhere else,I'm so sad" The girl by his right cupped his cheeks and slammed her lips on his own. 

Holland turned again and their eyes met,She swallowed and didn't think twice before walking away. 

On the other side of the pool side,Goldie and Ryan were busy making out. 

"Get a room you two!!" Finn screamed. 

Goldie raised her middle finger up without breaking the kiss. 

"Screw you two!" Finn spat and left their side. 

Mina and Graham walked past them together and Mina shook her head. 

"She's wild" she chuckled. 

"Do you wanna do that too??"

"No" Mina immediately said and Graham laughed. 

"I was pulling your legs" He said. 

"I know" Mina muttered. 

"Baby!" Juliette screamed when she finally saw Stanley. 

She ran to him and jumped on him,he caught and carry her at once. 

"You missed me?" Stanley asked,kissing her face all over. 

"I missed you badly" She pouted and he kissed her lips too. 

"I'm sleepy" Stanley said. 

"I want ice cream" Juliette pouted. 

"What? Ice cream in the middle of a party?" Stanley looked at her. 

"I just want it" Juliette muttered and hugged him. 

"Who bought you ice cream while I was gone?" He asked. 

"I wasn't craving ice cream then,I was craving something else" Juliette replied. 

"And what is that?"

"You" She said and Stanley chuckled. 

"Gosh,I love you insanely" He said and began kissing her again. 

"Ice cream" Juliette groaned. 

"I will call someone to bring it for you" Stanley said and resumed kissing her. 



"Stressful" Mr Brocks said as the guards opened the car door for him,he just finished up with a business dinner and now on his way home. 

But whenever he remember that the house is empty,he feels too sad to control. 

"I think I will manage an hotel for tonight" He said. 

"Yes boss" The driver said and started the car,another car followed from the back. 

"Did Micah went home?" Mr Brocks asked the guard sitting at the back with him. 

"Yes boss,he got home already" The guard replied. 

Mr Brocks sighed out. 

His eyes out of the car,staring at everything. 

"I've checked for any available best suite,Crescent Resort is the best for now" The guard said. 

"I will use that then" Mr Brocks replied. 

"To crescent resort" The guard told the driver. 

The drive was silent after that,they got into a little traffic, Mr Brocks was looking out of the car when suddenly he saw a familiar face. It's a  lady,she was coming out of a supermarket. 

"Kristina" Mr Brocks called with wide eyes. 

"Stop the car! Stop that car!" He said immediately. 



The party was over about thirty minutes ago and everyone left already,but Juliette didn't leave,she's spending the night with Stanley. 

Daniel was just coming out of the dressing room,he was ready to climb on the bed when he heard a knock on the door. 

He walked to the door and opened only to find Holland,he frowned and shut the door on her face. 

"Daniel please let's talk" He heard the voice. 

"A she?.?? What a crazy revelation" Daniel scoffed and went to climb the bed.

"Daniel please,just five minutes. You don't really want to know why I was hiding all these while? This isn't fair,I'm sorry" Holland said. 

Daniel scoffed and took his phone. 

"Daniel" She kept on knocking. 

Daniel groaned and went to open the door. 

"I don't want to listen to whatever you have to say,why can't I sleep in peace......."

"I'm sorry...."

"Don't you get?! I don't want to listen to you! I hate thinking about it!" Daniel yelled and she flinched. 

"Go" Daniel said. 

"Can you just stop shouting at me! It hurts!!" Holland cried out. 

Daniel sighed and roughed his hair. 

"I was a fool honestly,a big one" He muttered,staring at Holland who was already in tears. 

"I'm sorry...." She said and immediately wiped her tears. 

Daniel stared at her,she was dressing normally as the boy she claimed to be,but the memory of the way her b👀bs were standing earlier haven't left Daniel's head. 

"Just five minutes and....."

"Go" Daniel said and slammed the door again,he locked it and Holland sighed out. 

She turned and walked to her room.



Stanley and Juliette were both on the bed,cuddling while watching Netflix on the tv in the room.

"No popcorn" Juliette pouted. 

"You just finished a big bowl of ice cream and Pizza Peach,come on" Stanley said. 

Juliette sighed and moved into him more closer. 

Stanley wrapped his arm around her,she shifted closer again. 

"Why does it feel like we are not still close enough?" Juliette asked and climbed on him. 

"What the heck Peach,I can't even breathe at this point" Stanley complained. 

"You mean I should get lost?" Juliette asked. 

"I would never say that,but don't you think we are too close? I can't breathe" Stanley said 

"I love it this way" Juliette mumbled

Stanley chuckled. 

He was about focusing back on the movie when Juliette rushed out of bed and ran into the bathroom. 

"Peach?" Stanley called. 

He got down from the bed and entered the bathroom. 

"Juliette" He stopped walking when he saw her throwing up. 


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